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Trump reads “The Snake” poem – YouTube

Artificial Intelligence: it will kill us | Jay Tuck | TEDxHamburgSalon-‘Evolution without us – Will AI kill us’ he researched at US drone bases, the Pentagon, intelligence agencies and AI research institutions

Liberty Under Assault: Kaitlin Bennett’s Kent State Open Carry Walk – YouTube

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VIDEO:How Smartphones Sabotage Your Brain’s Ability to Focus

Every year, more than 3.2 million children in America are sex-trafficked, abused, abandoned, or neglected. Children as young as 9 years old are being bought and sold for sex in America with the average age of young girls being 13. I

Incredible video shows how people with six fingers are better at daily tasks than those with five – and scientists say robots of the future should be built with an extra digit ;SQ PONDER THE SOFT SELLING OF THE RETURN OF THE 6 FINGERED ONES! As Democrat-Run Big Cities Descend Into Cesspools Of Filth & Disease And Exploding Violence, Deadly Outbreaks Of Medieval Diseases There Could Spread Across America – Our Big Cities Have Become The Breeding Grounds For Pestilence & Plague Putin tests ‘world’s fastest missile capable of reaching 9,000mph’ to stop Western attacks LISA HAVEN:MARKET BLOODBATH: IN POSITION TO CRASH! GLOBAL PLUNGE! MORGAN STANLEY MAKES TERRIFYING PREDICTION… Alarm as Ebola outbreak reaches 2,000 cases, picks up speedSQ;STILL NO INDICATION THAT THIS IS EBOLA ZAIRE,MARBURG OR RESTON VIRGINIA STRAIN OF EBOLA-THIS IS NOT BEHAVING AS ‘FILO VIRUSES’, HAVE IN PAST-BIO-WEAPON IN MY OPINION

KILL SWITCH ENGAGED!? Tech ‘BlackOut’ Indicates U.S. TOTALITARIAN TESTING May NOW Be ACTIVE! AMAZON DEVICE TO ANALYZE YOUR SOUL, ‘READ HUMAN EMOTIONS’ With Amazon’s humble bookseller beginnings far in the rearview mirror, the internet retail giant is working on a wrist-worn, voice-activated device that supposedly can read human emotions Economic Chaos Erupts! – Global Manufacturing Plunges, The Trade War Expands And The Nasdaq Enters Correction Territory Indiana salmon hatchery to raise nation’s first genetically modified animal cleared for human consumption D.MAIL-Texas couple mysteriously die after falling ill on dream vacation in Fiji hours before they were set to fly home to their two-year-old son

China’s Internet Lockdown Intensifies Ahead Of Tiananmen Anniversary:While Beijing already employs highly restrictive controls over their internet, Chinese censors typically intensify their efforts ahead of the June 4 anniversary of the bloody student pro Tech giants now pushing ANTI-knowledge to keep humanity dumbed down and trapped in mental prisons Edward Snowden: With Technology, Institutions Have Made ‘Most Effective Means of Social Control in the History of Our Species’ NSA whistleblower says "new platforms and algorithms" can have direct effect on human behavior How George Soros Controls The Media: Invests $250 Million to Save Struggling Utah: WHITE Driver Runs Down 11yo WHITE Girl Because She Was WHITE–maybe it is the liberal brainwashing that teaches white people in this country to hate themselves. Ever think of that?

Ebola has hit Texas thanks to our open borders. Right now, there are 9 and possibly up to 15 people sitting on the US/ Mexico border in quarantine who are from Congo, Africa. ‘Mayhem Rules’ Right Now And Gold May Rise Very Rapidly Because Of It:It’s Always Dumbest Before the Dawn Vatican Embraces Mark of the Beast Currency and Technology!–CATHOLIC CHURCH JUMPS HEAD FIRST INTO BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY AND CRYPTOCURRENCY D.MAIL-Instagram crashes for users around the world, leaving them unable to log in or refresh their feed Unseasonal and extreme hailstorm buries Puglia, southern Italy in 6 inches of ice

LINDSEY GRAHAM: OBAMA OFFICIALS WORRIED ABOUT BEING ‘EXPOSED’ BY DECLASSIFICATION Anti-Trump Judge Suspended for Attacking President in Court & on Social Media The state Supreme Court concluded Judge Michael Kwan undermined public confidence American Soil Is Being Globalized: Nearly 30 Million Acres Of U.S. Farmland Is Now Owned By Foreigners Multiple ‘rapid-fire’ tornadoes hit Ohio city leaving buildings ‘cut in half’, people trapped and millions without power as rescuers use snow plows to clear the debris SQ;WEATHER WEAPONS AIMED AT U.S.,FROM ANTARCTICA IT APPERS ‘SKY HIGH’ PILES OF TRASH MAKING DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES UNLIVABLE So far, in 2019, more than 50 cases of typhus have been reported

5G is an untested application of a technology that we know is harmful – In academics this is called human subjects research:We have evidence of DNA damage, cardiomyopathy, which is the precursor of congestive heart failure, neuropsychiatric effects… Microsoft’s ElectionGuard a Trojan Horse for a Military-Industrial Takeover of US Elections :The fact that we are handing over the keys of American democracy to the military-industrial complex, it’s like giving the keys to the henhouse to a fox ‘A Big Wake Up Call’: Chinese Bond Market Roiled By First Ever Bank Failure D.MAIL China considers banning ‘rare earth’ minerals being exported to the U.S. in trade war move which would hit cost of everything from LED lightbulbs to hospital scanners SQ-THIS IS A BIG DEAL Globalists Only Need One More Major Event To Finish Sabotaging The Economy:The bottom line is that China will ultimately dictate global trade terms as they possess the largest manufacturing base, they decide what currency they will accept,

JOHN CLEESE: ‘I PREFER CULTURES THAT DO NOT TOLERATE FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION’ ‘Will this be considered racist’? SQ;IM SURE ALL THE HOLLYWOOD LEFT WOMEN AREN’T LINING UP, TO GET BUTCHERED! It’s Time! The world seems to be waiting on a war in the Middle East to kick off and ignite a global anti-Semitic war against the Jews and Christians. There is no logic to this insanity. It is evil straight out of the pit of hell! SQ-JERRY IS RIGHT! When will it end? Record snow, record rain, record flooding, record tornado season and record heat: Extreme weather continues to batter the US SQ;WEATHER WARS ARE UNDERWAY,AGAINST THE U.S.-200 WEATHER CONTROL PATENTS, ASK THE QUESTION WHO? THIS IS NOT NORMAL! 500 Tornadoes & Massive Flooding Within 30 Days… Judgment, Weather Warfare? The Democratic Party Could Be Completely Destroyed If All Americans Knew This: ‘Planned Parenthood’ Is ‘Black Genocide’ – ‘Planned Murderhood’ Founder Wrote: ‘We don’t want the word to go out we want to exterminate the Negro population’ (Source 1) (Sou-Margaret Sanger

Google Has a Creepy Secret Page That Tracks Your (Online and Offline) Shopping History WARNING! CALIFORNIA TO LET MURDERERS GO FREE All they have to do is show mental-health issue involved, get ‘treatment’ SQ:MUST READ CALIFORNIA’S LAW MAKERS HAVE GONE TOTALLY INSANE IN MY OPINION -‘DEMONOCRACY’ Elon Musk warns A.I. could create an ‘immortal dictator from which we can never escape’ SQ;WHAT HE’S NOT SAYING IS THAT HUMANITY WILL BE DEAD HUMANS MERGING WITH AI,WILL MEAN THE EXTINCTION OF HUMAN BEINGS-WE CREATE MONSTERS AND BECOME THEM! Two Cardinals Break Ranks With Pope Francis And Warn The Death Of Western Civilization Is Ahead While Also Claiming ‘Mass Immigration’ Really Is An ‘Islamic Invasion’ – It’s Not ‘Hate’ To Call Out The Barbaric & Oppressive Politics Of ‘Islam’ GIANT 2.6-meter-long sarcophagus unearthed in Egypt :Measuring a whopping 2.65 meters (8.7 feet) in length, the discovery is the largest granite sarcophagus ever found in the area, which is renowned for its ancient relics.

GROUP INVITES WHITE WOMEN TO VOLUNTARILY ATTEND RACE SHAMING DINNERS ‘Race To Dinner’ offers white guilt experiences to ‘set aside white women tears.’ANY WOMEN WHO GO TO THIS, ARE ‘FREAKING INSANE’! Gold Jumps to Highest Level in About 7 Weeks on Fresh Tariff Tensions — MarketWatch Lots of Data Collected on People – Including You – Using ‘Smart’ Roads and Public Transportation Systems Children under five dying at higher rate in Congo Ebola epidemic – WHO SQ;THIS TELLS ME THAT CERTAIN GENETIC MARKERS HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED WITH THIS WEAPONIZED EBOLA VIRUS,TARGETED AT THE KIDS!IN MY OPINION! Ancient rock structure discovered under the ice of East and West Antarctica is controlling the flow of ocean water under the Ross Ice Shelf and may affect rate of future melting;SQ;NAZI SUBMARINERS NAVIGATED THESE CANYONS TO ESTABLISH THEIR SECRET RETRE

White Peoples and Their Achievements Are Headed for the Trash Bin of History—But no one is as demonized as white people, and the curious thing is that it is self-demonization—whites demonizing whites. China CHECKMATE!?! This ‘Rare KILL SWITCH’ Would HALT U.S. MILITARY, Defense, Phones & Computers In SECONDS! The Growing Use Of Technology Is Becoming Very Unhealthy And Making People Look And Behave ‘Like Zombies’ People with pallid, emotionless faces, staring down at small screens while completely unaware of their surroundings. Judge frees SEAL Gallagher from all pre-trial confinement after Navy prosecutor spies on defense emails :Gallagher’s defense team has said is gross prosecutorial misconduct, including a recent attempt to spy on defense attorneys and the media. Why Venezuela’s Economy Is Worse Than That of a War-Torn Country:Bartering has become a way of life.

Canada’s state broadcaster uses Snapchat to introduce kids to sex, drugs, polygamy Dutch populist Geert Wilders blocked by Twitter–Wilders was blocked over a tweet linking the Dutch left-wing to Islamist honor killings. His party recently lost all its seats in the European Parliament. CHUCK CANTERBURY TO BE NOMINATED BY PRESIDENT TRUMP TO HEAD ATF: Two gun owner member groups, Gun Owners of America and the National Association of Gun Rights. Describing the possible nominee as ‘anti-gun’ Biden Declares War On Second Amendment Rights, Pushes Semi-Auto Ban Former Vice President vows to war on guns as part of his ‘education’ plan D.MAIL-Twelve dead and six injured in shooting at Virginia Beach municipal center: Long-time city worker opens fire ‘at random’ near to his office before cops return fire and kill him

D.MAIL-Trade off: Trump vows to impose 5% tariff on all goods imported from Mexico – and increase it EVERY month to 25% in October unless illegal migrants stop crossing the border into the U.S. Iraqi Christian survives being burned alive by ISIS 3 times: ‘[Jesus] spoke to me’ | Fox News MODERN ‘WITCHES OF ENDOR’ (SEE 1 SAMUEL 28) WELCOMED TO JOIN CHURCH LEADERSHIP AS PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIANS SAY ‘COMMUNICATING WITH THE DEAD IS PART OF THE GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT’:SQ:SHEER BLASPHEMY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! Footage reveals hydrogen-powered 120mph ‘drone’ that’s a cross between an aircraft and SUV that its creators say will form a ‘fleet’ of flying taxis, cargo carriers and ambulances First Humans On Mars Will Evolve Into An Entirely New Species Quickly, Says Evolutionary Biologist

‘Collapse of a city that’s lost control’: Shocking new pictures from downtown LA capture the huge problem it faces with trash and rats amid fear of typhoid fever outbreak among LAPD SQ;ALL THESE CITIES HAVE GONE TO THE ‘DEMO-RATS’-‘TYPHOID TOWNS’ Another Way the Government Can Take Anything From You Without Due Process— Part 3 Temperatures passed 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit) in northern India as an unrelenting heatwave triggered warnings of water shortages and heatstroke. SECRETARY OF STATE MIKE POMPEO AND JARED KUSHNER HEAD TO BILDERBERG 2019 TO DISCUSS THE COMING ‘NEW STRATEGIC ORDER’ WITH THE GLOBAL ELITES ‘I beheaded one of them”: Muslim ringleader of jihadi terror cell admits his part in slaughter of young female Scandinavian tourists SQ;POLITICAL LIES AND THESE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS DIE-THIS IS THE FACE OF AMERICAS FUTURE UNLESS STOPPED NOW!

Sharpsburg man charged with racially motivated attack at Downtown T station SQ;TRIED TO KILL A MAN BECAUSE HE WAS WHITE,THIS IS THE FRUIT OF JEREMIAH WRIGHT/OBAMA REGIME-SEE SUSAN DUCLOS ARTICLE ON MY SITE! China is Demanding Global Control Over Artificial Intelligence China’s state-run Global Times says country should formulate global governance over A.I. ROBERT SPENCER’S NEW BOOKLET: ‘THE HISTORY OF MUSLIM PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS’ Anti-Christian atrocities go all the way back to the time of Muhammad. Mother Cries Foul As Cops Claim Teen Shot Herself In Mouth While Hands Cuffed Behind Her Back SQ;ALL THESE QUESTIONABLE DEATHS AT THE HAND S OF LEO’S |NAEED TO BE INVESTIGATED-COMMON DENOMINATOR OF LIES ARE ACCElERATING Beaten with bull hooks and starved so they perform: Inside Thailand’s heartbreaking elephant ‘entertainment’ industry – and how tourists can help new sanctuaries to stop their pain:SQ- HAS TO STOP!MY NEW FILM ON MAGNIFICENCE OF ELEPHANTS COMING SOON!

Shock as flotilla of three Chinese warships arrive for ‘secret’ visit to Sydney – just days after it emerged Beijing’s navy confronted Australian vessel in South China Sea SQ;THE CROWN WILL SURRENDER TO THE DRAGON IN THE YEARS TO COME’ — PROPHECY Domino #2: Chinese Bank With $105 BN In Assets On Verge Of Collapse Did The Government Just Test The Internet Kill Switch?:At 3pmET, it appears that Google Cloud (affecting Gmail, YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram, and Facebook among others) mysteriously (and almost unprecedently) went offline. Salesforce Latest to Institute Corporate Gun Control Business software company attempts to strong-arm customers to ban sales of AR-15s, ammo magazines US/CHINA TRADE WAR: China Preparing To Launch A New Monetary System Centered Around Gold;SQ-THIS WILL KILL THE USA RESERVE STATUS INSTANTLY WHEN THEY ANNOUNCE,THE GOLD YOU COULD HAVE,AND SHOULD HAVE PURCHASED WILL EXPLODE IN PRICE

US Is Dependent On China For Almost 80% Of Its Medicine :Experts are warning that the U.S. has become way too reliant on China for all our medicine, our pain killers, antibiotics, vitamins, aspirin and many cancer treatment medicines. Amazon Installing Alexa in Apartments and Hotel Rooms. They Say 24/7 Data Collection Will Help Property Managers Better Manage and Serve Tenants. Epidemiologist killed in Southeast Alaska floatplane crash was traveling to see patients. Liberal Media Blackout: Bill de Blasio’s Wife Cannot Account for $850 Million Collected from Taxpayers:PUT IN SIMPLE TERMS EVERYONE ON A NEW YORK CITY PENSION SHOULD BE FURIOUS-3/4 OF BILLION DOLLARS STOLEN- It’s NOT Just Central/South Americans — 157 Terrorists Who Were Caught Trying to Enter America Illegally:As you read through this article, it is important to ask yourself one very important question… How many have made it through?

VIDEO-Farmed Norwegian Salmon World’s Most Toxic Food ALL YOU SALMON AFICIONADOS MUST WATCH! 666 UPDATE: NYC Mayor De Blasio Tells Citizens ‘We Own Your Bodies’ And We Can Force All, Both Small And Great, Rich And Poor TO BE INJECTED WITH ANYTHING We Want Anytime We Want ‘Fascists Using Children as Front’: Former Greenpeace Activist Compares Student Climate Strikes to Hitler Youth-A former Greenpeace activist has sensationally compared student climate change strikes to the Hitler Youth. After a $354 Billion U.S. Bailout, Germany’s Deutsche Bank Still Has $49 Trillion in Derivatives ;SQ;KEEP YOUR EYES ON DEUTSCHE BANK STOCK-BELOW$ 6.00 A SHARE AND GLOBAL DERIVATIVES COLLAPSE MAY ENSUE ! Comet Inspires Chemistry for Making Breathable Oxygen on Mars :The paper describing the team’s findings, titled ‘Direct dioxygen evolution in collisions of carbon dioxide with surfaces,’

Nova Publishing BLOODBATH LOOKS IMMINENT – FULL DEFENSIVE MODE…is the order of the day. SQ-NOTE THE MAJOR RISE IN GOLD AND PLATINUM TODAY!The impending crash will be much more severe and have much more serious consequences James Turk – We Are Now Witnessing A Mini-Rocket Launch In London’s Physical Gold Market…Expecting One In Silver As Well It’s the wettest planting season American farmers can remember – And the flood season isn’t coming close to an end with Colorado’s snowpack being 437% of normal:SQ-FOOD,FOOD,FOOD,FOOD.FOOD IS YOUR NUMBER 1 PRIORITY! Catholic schoolgirls are being taught that God is GENDER-NEUTRAL and are banned from using the words ‘Lord’, ‘Father’ and ‘Son’ in prayers

Overcomer Movie – Official Trailer (HD) – YouTube Mexican President Gives In To Trump, Says He’s Ready To Deal With Border Crisis Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador caves to President to avoid tariff hikes Authorities To Arrest Canadian Father If He Refers To Trans Child As Her Real Sex MEDIA MELTDOWN over President Trump’s warm welcome to the White House of Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, who has banned virtually all Muslim immigration to HungarySQ;ORBAN PUTS HIS FINGER IN THE EYE OF THE EU GLOBALIST CYCLOPS -LUV THIS GUY! Science deniers: ABC News claims an unborn baby’s heartbeat is just a ‘belief,’not a fact;SQ NOW THOSE ‘HELL SPAWN BASTARDS’IN MY OPINION,ARE JUSTIFYING MURDER,THE MOST INNOCENT OF HUMAN BEINGS-PRAY PEOPLE OF GOD IMPRECATORY PRAYER AGAINST ABC

Teen hacked Apple hoping the company would offer him a job Mega Church Pastor Wouldn’t Change His Difficult Past | Pressing On | Watchmans Cry Patient dies as hospital battles disease outbreak

FULL SPEECH: President Trump speaks at National Realtors conference – YouTube DeGeneres reveals she was sexually assaulted as a teen Privately funded border wall built at El Paso: ‘Why wouldn’t we allow it?’ land owner asks Maui Hiker Who Went Missing For Weeks Details Harrowing Survival Story Grandfather of 6 who had just retired killed in shark attack off Maui coast

82 Arrested in Multi-State Child Exploitation Operation Named “Operation Southern Impact III” | Georgia Bureau of Investigation Rand Paul: Americans Will Be ‘Shocked’ to Know What Biden’s Son Was Up To | Breitbart US sends assault ship, missiles to Mideast amid Iran ‘threat’ Commonwealth meeting: Queen hopes Prince Charles will succeed her – BBC News Illinois votes to teach ‘LGBT history’ to schoolchildren, Republicans furious — RT USA News

Baby Dies Because Doctors Were Told His Pregnant Mother Was A Man Trump Unexpectedly Invites Fallen Police Officer’s Family on Stage – YouTube Military Mom Interrupts Trump’s Speech to Say ‘Thank You’ – YouTube ‘Gender-Inclusive Puberty’ Is The Latest Myth Peddled By Trans Activists Israeli Newspaper Leaks Terms Of Trump’s “Deal Of The Century” Middle-East Peace Plan | Zero Hedge

Global Elites Started The Russia Nonsense | Zero Hedge What Is Causing Extremely Bizarre Weather Patterns To Hammer The Middle Of The U.S. Over And Over Again? Obama Appointees in the Communist Orbit TMR 140 : David Haggith : Cashless Phoenix of the Epocalypse Rand Corp.: ‘How To Destroy Russia’ | Zero Hedge

How To Effectively Prepare Your Family For Power Grid Failure: What would it really be like to have no running water, electricity, sewer, newspaper or Internet? No supermarket or fire department close at hand? POPE FRANCIS CALLS FOR GLOBAL GOVERNANCE TO FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE Demands new powers be transferred to international authority that ‘manages’ interests of nations:SQ-CALLS FOR THE ANTICHRIST TO COME FORTH,IN MY OPINION Spain: Surge in Migrant Crimei-llegal immigrants, far from facing the threat of deportation, are now secure in the knowledge that their violent actions have empowered them effectively to take control of an entire neighborhood of a major European capital. REASON #12 YOU SHOULD HELP SKYWATCH AND WHISPERING PONIES RANCH HEAL ABUSED CHILDREN: Child Sex Trafficking through Child “Protection” Services Exposed – Kidnapping Children For Sex Is BIG BUSINESS NGO WARNS: We Are On The Verge Of A “NO-WIN ARMS RACE AGAINST KILLER ROBOTS”

Investors, autos to fuel platinum deficit in 2019 –Meanwhile, the gap between palladium demand and supply will jump to 809,000 ounces. The deficit was 121,000 ounces last year, and 875,000 ounces in 2017, JM said. Full Show – What Is Your Breaking Point, Your Line In The Sand? – 05/20/2019-The globalists have long promoted a cashless society, but more than ever a cashless system is being pushed by Big Tech worldwide LIBERALS ARE PRESSING HARD TO MAKE PEDOPHILIA LEGAL IN PREPARATION OF SHARIA LAW IN AMERICA SQ;INCREDIBLY DISGUSTING ,HOW HEINOUS AND VOMITOUS! 5G, AI, IOT, EMF: Without Nature Intelligence, The Information Age is a Dark Age :Telecommunications and technology increasingly eliminates natural boundaries regarding activity, action, inaction, and rest. SPLC on Life-Support: Former Staffer Quits, Calls Organization a Scam in Tell-All Article-According to a former member, the Southern Poverty Law Center both scammed and defamed many people and was rewarded by ‘dumbs**t donors’ with $500 million dollars.

Google and Big Tech Are Already Implementing Their Chinese-Tested Blacklists on US Conservatives:SQ;THE HIGHEST PRIORITY ON THEIR ALGORITHM KILL LIST,ARE CHRISTIANS AND GUN OWNERS,CONSTITUTIONALISTS,AND CONSERVATIVES Christians Need To Stop Being So Naive About Muslim Immigration Many Christians have been lulled into a childish view of the world and think that deep down Muslims are not too different from them. BUG-OUT BAG GUIDE AND CHECKLIST-WELL THOUGHT OUT ARTICLE! ‘Unplanned’ film banned in Canada for its life-affirming content SQ:CANADA’S LEADERSHIP HAS BOUGHT INTO THE CULT OF DEATH,AS ‘THE SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS’ ,GOES ON UNABATED-DEATH PERMEATES THE CONTINENT! Even Before The Recession Has Officially Begun, Some Large U.S. Firms Are Laying Off Thousands Of Workers

Aspirin can cause brain bleed.The Delphi control technique is being used repeatedly against the USA population.Bilderberg wants a virtual passport to control internet usage.America is being set up for a civil war. A Warning Message For Everyone Listening: You’re In Unusual Danger and About To Be Removed…Literally!-Events are about to unfold and crisis’ of unprecedented proportions are coming. Things will happen suddenly and without warning. ‘Deep Spiritual Crisis’: Scandinavian Women Expose the West’s Root Problems the current ‘anti-Christian ideology in the West, as ‘the second coming of Marxism”—says in the video, “A weak Christianity means a strong Islam.’ When 1776 Meets 1941-Are You Prepared for the End of ‘Amerika’?The next part of this series will deal with the treason, betrayal and infiltration of America and the role that they will play in contributing to the demise of ‘Amerika’ Burkina Faso: The New Land of Islamic Jihad and Christian Slaughter-30 armed Islamic terrorists stormed a Catholic church, slaughtered at least six Christian worshippers — including the officiating priest — then burned the church to the ground.

Ancient 10-Foot-Tall stone jars ‘MADE BY GIANTS’ stored human bodies in Laos;SQ;THERE IS NO WAY TO PUT THIS IN CONTEXT EXCEPT THE FALLEN ANGEL/HUMAN HYBRID,HISTORIC NARRATIVE OF GENESIS 6 ,AND IT’S BASIS FOR ALL MYTHS AND LEGENDS SOMALI TEENS ATTACK PEOPLE WITH HAMMERS IN MINNESOTA – MSM SILENT 8-10 juveniles hit citizens with hammers and metal pipes at a transit station If Deutsche Bank Breaks $6.40 World in Trouble – Charles Nenner :This is not a hyped prediction considering the IMF called DB the ‘most systemically dangerous bank’ in the world in 2016. If DB does break $6.40, do we get a daisy chain of default around th Record slow planting puts 2019 crop at risk:Late planting can have three impacts on production:Lost acreage-Lower yield potential and Increased abandonment. Leftists Rage After NYT Reports The ‘Happiest Of All Wives’ Are Religious Conservatives-‘Fully 73 percent of wives who hold conservative gender values and attend religious services regularly with their husbands have high-quality marriages.’

How China Uses High-Tech Surveillance to Subdue Minorities:Treating a city like a battlefield, the platform was designed to’apply the ideas of military cyber systems to civilian public security,’ Did CIA Director William Casey really say, ‘We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false?SQ;THIS STATEMENT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING, GOING ON IN AMERICAN MASS MIND CONTROL IMPLEMENTATION! US F-22 Jets Intercept Russian Bombers for a Second Day in a Row, NORAD Says SQ;VERY UNUSUAL 2 DAYS IN A ROW-THEY ARE ACQUIRING ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES OF RADAR AND PROBING OUR RESPONSE TIMES! Judicial Watch: Top Officials Discussed ‘Targeting’ Trump with Steele Dossier Documents show DOJ and State Department officials discussing plans Climate Change Hucksters–They have plenty of great ideas on how to fix the climate beginning with our complete and total subjugation to their initiatives and demands,while wealthy elites jet setting globally,while the dirt people eat petri dish chick-ain

Weaponizing 5G and Nanotechnology: Protecting Yourself from Nanotechnology and Frequency Radiation :As was explained, these two technologies can be combined to weaken our health, create illness, and control our minds. REVEALED: Facebook’s CIA Connections…Has the recent Facebook data scandal got you a little paranoid about sharing information on the internet? I don’t blame you. After all, Facebook has access to some of your most personal information. How the CIA made Google-Inside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war, and Skynet—NOTE THE BLUE D AND THE WORD EVIL=DEVIL FLASHBACK:CIA Tech Official Calls Amazon Cloud Project ‘Transformational’ Which Major West Coast City Is Being Overwhelmed By Rats, Drugs, Crime, Piles Of Garbage And Hordes Of Homeless People?

TECHNO-DICTATORSHIP: Apple bans Natural News for publishing true climate science stories that Apple claims are ‘rejected by the scientific community’ Secretive Israeli Company Uses WhatsApp Voice Calls To Install Spyware On Phones- NSO’s flagship product is Pegasus, a program that can turn on a phone’s microphone and camera, trawl through emails and messages and collect location data. It WAS sabotage: Iran ‘used EXPLOSIVES’ to blow holes in four ships, including two Saudi oil tankers, anchored in the Persian Gulf, , amid building tensions between the US and Iran Twitter Admits To ‘Inadvertently’ Collecting, Sharing Location Data Due To ‘Bug’ D.MAIL-ISIS fanatics depict Big Ben on fire as chilling posters warn of ‘London attacks soon’ and show knife-wielding suicide bomber in New York

Are You To Young To Remember? or, Am I To OLD TO FORGET?:Since the 1980’s I have watched throngs comprised of thousands and tens of thousands of Arabs screaming and shouting, ‘DEATH TO AMERICA’ REALITY CHECK READ AND SPEAK OUT:Numbers Don’t Lie – The Coming Immigration Apocalypse South Korea is developing nature-inspired military surveillance robots that mimic birds, snakes, and sealife in a bid to conquer every theatre of war It uses a technology known as ‘biomimetics’ to mimics animals in robot design D.MAIL-Explosive-laden drones attack oil pipelines in Saudi Arabia in ‘act of terrorism’: Iran-backed Yemen rebels target global oil supply two days after sabotage of tankers off UAE coast amid looming conflict in the Middle East Saudi oil tankers attacked! By who? Iran? Mossad? MI6? CIA? Be prepared! Is WW3 imminent? Is False flag possible in the USA to precipitate the invasion of Iran? Another 911? Is civil war imminent? 22 Jihad training camps in USA.

The Political Party Of Death–‘All they who hate me love death’ On every major issue that involves life, the Demoncrats are on the side of death. America Will Lose The Trade War Because That Is What Globalists Want To Happen:The US is being set up for a spectacular fall. Those that claim China would never make such a move don’t understand the Chinese economy Ramadan Rage 2019: Jihadis Kill 165, Wound 145 In First Week M 7.5 – 45km NE of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea Very unusual March-like storm to blast California with drenching rain, mountain snow and severe weather SQ;ALL THE GEO-ENGINEERING TO REFLECT SUNS RAYS IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE WEATHER ANOMALIES -SEE BRENNAN ARTICLE!

Mad Scientists Experiment with Xenobiology: Engineer Dead Things and Strangers into Human DNA Does The NY Times Want Us All Dead? ‘Gray Lady’ Blames Russia For ‘5G Economic Warfare’ While Launching Massive Cover-up Of Proven 5G Health Dangers Socialism Leaves South Africa In The Dark-Nearly 150 years after electricity came to South Africa, the country is in the dark.The blackouts can strike at any time and then lights, hot water and even major industries vanish into the darkness Central banks are buying gold at the fastest pace in six years :This is pretty big news, and it says a LOT about the future of the dollar. BOMBSHELL: Bayer discovers ‘black ops’ division run by Monsanto, shuts it down, initiates internal investigation as law enforcement prepares criminal charges against the chemical giant

Both Comey And Brennan Voted Communist While Cold War Was Raging Total Catastrophe For U.S. Corn Production: Only 30% Of U.S. Corn Fields Have Been Planted – 5 Year Average Is 66% Credit Score in China aimed at the affluent. America will lose the global trade war is heres why. Almost everything you hear is a lie!South Africa update! Gardasil vaccine exposed!Are Statin drugs death drugs?Did Monsanto hire black op teams? Serial Killing and Sacrifice of Children is the Religion of the Communist Satanic Democrats – Pray for My Child White House Officially Joins The Battle Against Online Censorship, Asks Internet Users To Submit Evidence Of Social Media & Big Tech Silencing Them

Marxist Democrats Delete God From House Proceedings – News With Views COMING ECONOMIC COLLAPSE GUARANTEES SOCIALISM:How can a small clique of gold owners holding less than 0.5% of world financial assets be right? D.MAIL-Doctors fighting Ebola in the Congo are forced to wear disguises to avoid being SHOT by militiamen as the death toll of killer outbreak climbs to 1,161 D.MAIL-Dramatic moment the floodgate breaks on 90-year-old dam at Lake Dunlap in Texas spilling TONS of water ‘Big Tech Censorship Is Election Meddling and a Civil Rights Violation’

US food crisis: Spring’s record-late arrival in parts of the U.S. has catastrophic consequences for food industry – Food prices set to rise! Illegal alien from Kenya charged with murdering 12 elderly women in Texas ROBOT WARS China unveils terrifying new armoured truck which launches swarms of killer drones to attack its enemies based on a Russian Tigr vehicle,can direct the drones so they simultaneously converge on targets and detonate their explosive payloads Liquidity Stress Fractures Begin to Show in the Federal Reserve System With George Orwell’s 1984 Here Now, ‘Everywhere Will Turn Into China’ Tech Expert Warns – Is Orwellian ‘Big Tech Censorship’ The Prelude To A Massive ‘Event’?

The Hidden History Of Lyme Disease: Links To Biological Warfare Research China Slams ‘Barbaric’ US Behavior Toward Huawei as a Declaration of War’ Five Years in Prison for Offending Someone Online (And Other News From The Twilight Zone Miracles Happen! ‘Unplanned’ Movie is Causing Abortion Workers to Leave Their Jobs Eight Republicans Join Democrats to Pass All-Out Assault on Faith:’Christians will be forced to violate their beliefs if the Equality Act passes’ declared a headline on Christian Broadcasting Network.

America Totally Divided: Conservatives Should NEVER ACCEPT The Democrat’s ‘Religion’ Of ‘Child Sacrifice’ – The Mass Murder Of Unborn Children Is A Satanic Epidemic Herbal and Natural Therapies For Diabetes After The SHTF When The Pharmacies Won’t Be An Option SQ;WITH SO MANY DIABETICS AND LACK OF AVAILABILITY OF INSULIN IN CRISIS,PRINT THIS OUT AND BEGIN TESTING NOW,TO SEE WHAT WORKS. Mystery of the two-ton, 1,000 year old giant stone ‘jars of the dead’: Researchers find a hundred more prehistoric ‘burial urns’ that were moved miles to a remote forest in Laos by Iron Age civilization:SQ:THE DEAD ARE THE GIANT- REPHAIM IN HEBREW! On The Edge Of Disaster: 59 Percent Of Americans Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck Secretive Israeli firm behind WhatsApp spyware hack is sued by Amnesty International over ‘surveillance of its staff’

‘Serial Killer’ Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering At Least 12 Elderly Women Trump To Invoke Insurrection Act To Stop World Government Invasion Oroville Dam Crisis Worsens-Last Ditch Effort to Save the Dam Is Underway BREAKING NEWS: FIRE AT CHLORINE PLANT IN NEW JERSEY MAY HAVE BEEN IRANIAN TERROR ATTACK INTENDED TO KILL THOUSANDS!SQ;FALSE FLAGS INCREASING-NO WAY THEY COULD KNOW ORIGIN THIS FAST Panda sinks claws deep into Canada: New book details the extent to which Beijing is wielding influence in Canada, North America – and beyond :Chinese overseas investment and migration may not be benign

UN Calls For 600 Million Migrants To Invade U.S. DNA Tests Reveal 30% of Suspected Fraudulent Migrant Families Were Unre… “Treason!” – Barr Finds “Government Power Was Used To Spy On American Citizens” Democrats Unanimous As House Passes Bill Forcing Schools To Let Male Athletes Compete In Girls’ Sports Feminist Says Family Must Be “Abolished” to ‘Dismantle Capitalism’

‘Selfless’ student killed in UNC Charlotte shooting reportedly jumped on gunman to shield peers Woman says man kissed her, spit on her aboard flight: I could ‘feel his breath on me’ Guatemalan boy detained by US border agency dies at Texas hospital Watch – ALEX JONES Prison Planet TV It’s Happening! Trump To Declare Martial Law To Stop UN Invasion

New Ohio Bill to Outlaw Child Drag Shows for ‘Endangering Children’ The House Bill 180 was introduced by state Rep. Tim Schaffer earlier this month Shooting on Baltimore street leaves 1 dead, 6 wounded Seven people killed in string of rural Tennessee homicides, authorities confirm ‘Hero’ girl kept baby brother alive after parents’ apparent murder-suicide 15-month-old dies after being bitten by family friend’s Rottweiler

The Satanic Temple Has Evolved Into An Anti-Trump Movement, And Leftists Are Flocking To It MUST READ!-I Used to Work for Google. I Am a Conscientious Objector. American companies continue to build surveillance tools that are used to violate human rights. Workers who refuse to comply deserve protections. Fort Bragg cut power for thousands to test ‘real-world reactions’ to a cyber-attack Christian Stabbed By Migrant in Rome ‘for Wearing Crucifix Necklace’ North African immigrant arrested by Italian police for attempted murder LISA HAVEN-BEWARE! They’re Going To Bankrupt Our Nations & Destroy America! Here’s Who’s Doing It!

CHRISLAM RISING: French President Macron Says The Roman Catholic Notre Dame Cathedral In Paris Should Be Rebuilt With Muslim Minarets To ‘Reflect Diversity’ Of France FRENCH MASON INSTITUTING ALBERT PIKES 3RD WORLD WAR SCENARIO! ‘Attempted Coup- President Trump’s Extensive Interview to Sean Hannity…Trump used the terms ‘attempted coup’ and ‘overthrow’ to discuss the coordinated effort against his administration ,by James Clapper (ODNI), John Brennan (CIA), James Comey (FBI), Clinton Fundraiser Ticket Seller Arrested On Charges Of Distributing Child Porn – Total Media Blackout Be wary of robot emotions; ‘simulated love is never love’ University Of Chicago: CERN Stargate’s Higgs Boson Discovery Could Be Tied With ‘PORTAL TO THE DARK WORLD’

Weather Engineering Signatures in Cloud Formations GIANT RADIALS–North America has not had ‘normal’ weather since July 1976, and we are likely never to have ‘normal’ weather again.Tom Bearden MIND BOGGLING:5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them Measles quarantine order soars to more than 900 at L.A. universities DAILY MAIL:Sri Lanka’s ISIS bomb factory: Jihadists ‘blow themselves up’ as soldiers raid suicide vest factory and exchange fire with fanatics as they seize ISIS flags, 150 sticks of explosives and 100,000 ball-bearings Bad Credit Card Debt Is on the Rise: Red flags are flying in the credit-card industry after a key gauge of bad debt jumped to the highest level in almost seven years.SQ NOW COME THE BAD SEVEN YEARS!

Bible truth gay and a’Christian’? 3.6 million kids currently on ADD drugs;Teachers with guns?Who Weaponized Ebola? Forced Ebola vaccine? 18,000 cases of mumps in USA?..Poison bread listed.Judge sends Glyphosate trials to mediations. Can The U.S. Maintain Its Super Power Status?According to projections by Goldman Sachs, an investment bank, China will replace the United States as the world’s largest economy by 2050, with India following closely behind in third place. COLLEGE BIOLOGY COURSE COMPARES FETUS TO CANCER, ‘PARASITE’ Slide from university lecture claims fetus ‘a legitimate parasite’ SQ;THE ONLY PARASITE IS THE DEMON INFESTED AUTHOR OF THIS LECTURE-P.O.S.-IN MY OPINION D.MAIL-Human rights group alleges Google may be helping the U.S. government conduct warrantless searches in ‘massive file scanning program’ DAILY MAIL:All aboard the immigration train: Hundreds of Central American men, women and children risk their lives by riding on the roof to avoid cops on the roads as they head towards the border

President Trump, This Is Why It’s Time For A Full-Scale Purge Of The Intelligence Community: A ‘Red Thread’ Still Runs Through It – Deep state used ruthless tactics of a Soviet-style police state against President Trump Seminary President Admits She Doesn’t Believe in Heaven, Miracles or Christ’s Resurrection;SQ-THEN SHE SHOULD BE HONEST AND STEP DOWN FROM THE SEMINARY, OR IN HER CASE CEMETERY! Bat-Crap Crazy Liberal Feminist Wants To Literally Castrate Men, Save Their Sperm And Tax Them For It Until It Gets Used… To Prevent Abortion SQ;IN MY OPINION, THIS IS ENTITY DEFIES DESCRIPTION AS A HUMAN -SCI FI CREATURES UNITE! 5-time deported illegal alien arrested for kicking 4-month-old baby to death :But Demonrats continue to defy and violate federal immigration laws, as well as shield and protect ‘undocumented immigrants’ illegal aliens with ‘sanctuary’ cities and states. ‘SOYLENT GREEN’? STATE POISED TO LEGALIZE HUMAN COMPOSTING:Now,Washington is poised to be the first American state to test public reaction to turning human beings into compost that could provide nutrients for various food products

THE KING OF VATICAN CITY MOVES AGAINST THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AS POPE FRANCIS BEGINS PERSONALLY FUNDING 6 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CARAVANS IN MEXICO D.MAIL-Gunman, 19, in tactical vest opens fire in Poway synagogue, killing one and injuring multiple worshipers including Rabbi and children, before off-duty border patrol agent returned fire midway through Passover celebration on final day of holiday The LONGEST WINTER ever: US Farmers are struggling to get their seeds sown – Already two months planting delays – Food shortage ahead!? OOPS! NASA ‘ACCIDENTALLY’ DEBUNKS GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE…LISA HAVEN Americans Brace For Shock Surge In Everyday Food Prices

Muslim Dr. Mengeles: Doctor & Pharmacist Were Nazi-Style Torturers For Islamic State Inside the room where Facebook decides what 2.3bn people can and can’t say Ilhan Omar Allowed To Talk To Elementary Students Behind Closed Doors – Parents & Press Allegedly Not Allowed Annihilation of Christian Life and People: Where is the Outrage in the West? Meeting Catastrophe with Indifference D.MAIL-Is Iran SPYING on US aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf? Revolutionary Guard releases ‘surveillance video’ they claim was taken from a drone above the USS Dwight D Eisenhower

Steve Quayle- TERMINATED BOOK PROMO:SQ-BECAUSE THE SUBJECT MATTER OF GENETIC ENGINEERING AND THE ‘ROBO-APOCALYPSE IS ACCELERATION, WITH ROBOTS TAKING OVER OUR FUTURE; I’M OFFERING 10$ DISCOUNT OFF -IT’S GETTING DANGEROUS! Disqus Commenting Joins The Censorship Fray By Attacking Independent Media Readers By Suppressing Their Ability To Interact In Comment Sections -Disqus Does Allow Big Liberal Websites To Opt-Out Of Collapsing Replies In America? Rapper charged with terrorism over controversial lyrics critical of police:America is no longer America: Freedom of speech has been taken away. Cataclysmic Shift in Progress: Unraveling Evil Why is uncovering the deep truths in scripture necessary? It is a foundation that establishes the majesty of God, Who is to be feared with reverent awe. Trinity College Professor: ‘Whiteness Is Terrorism’ SQ;HORRID CREATURES OF THE NIGHT-PROVOKING VIOLENCE AS THEY HATE THE WHITES,VERY SOON THEY’LL HAVE THEIR WAR,AS THE FACE OF THIS COMMUNIST COUP COMES TO LIGHT!

“I Will Dispose Of It”: Trump Pulls Out Of UN Arms Trade Treaty Over 2nd Amendment Concerns Pelosi admits to using “wrap up smear?” – Bing video Nancy Pelosi explains how smear tactics are developed and sold to the public. – Bing video Still Here – Feature length documentary | Indiegogo Orwell Goes Retail: Stores Now Track Where You Shop… And Sleep,And yet one wonders just how much ‘trust’ shoppers would have if the stores were honest and forthcoming, and disclosed all the different ways they strip their clients of their last shred of

Pope Francis Sends Half a Million Dollars to Assist Migrants in Mexico Trying to Reach U.S. Man Detained & Multiple Injuries Reported After Shooting at San Diego Synagogue Swedish Artist’s Jail Term Extended After He Committed ‘Hate Crime’ of Saying Muslim Migrants Have Not Integrated Men’s Health Magazine Encourages Men To Allow Their Female Partners to ‘Peg’ Them With Strap-Ons Strzok-Page texts suggested using post-election briefing to gather information on Trump team

Ukraine Tapped By Obama Admin To Hurt Trump, Help Clinton And Protect Bidens Hundreds of migrants board ‘the Beast’ train in Mexico in risky move to get closer to US border Giuliani: Mueller May Have Tried to ‘Frame’ President Trump Media Silent On Homegrown Leftist Terror Saudi Savagery: Kingdom Beheads 16-Year-Old For Sending Whatsapp Message

Nancy Pelosi The ‘Wrap Up’ Smear | The Wrap Up Smear – Bing video nancy pelosi wrap up smear – Bing Ocasio-Cortez Uses Synagogue Shooting To Push Gun Control Bill 312,000 Jobs Added In December, Manufacturing Growing 714% Faster Under Trump Than Obama

TODAY IS ARMENIAN GENOCIDE DAY — AND HERE’S A PIECE COMMEMORATING IT, AND SHOWING THAT IT WAS MORE ABOUT RELIGIOUS — RATHER THAN ‘NATIONALIST’ — HOSTILITY Legend Connected In China At The Highest Levels Says Basel III Is Fueling Massive Central Bank Gold Buying | King World News WARNING: Global Slowdown Picking Up Steam | King World News Pelosi defends Hoyer’s comments in secret recording – POLITICO Pelosi to Dem Candidates: “Do Whatever You Have To Do, Just Win” | Video | RealClearPolitics

After abandoning Christians, powerful media corporations are now embracing Satanism,which is tolerant of everyone, unless you trust in Christ as your Savior. CDC admits HIV is exploding among transgender women… total silence from left-wing media, just like with the spread of anal cancer among homosexuals New Lifelike Biomaterial Self-Reproduces and Has a Metabolism:What if we could endow cold, static, lifeless robots with the gift of metabolism?THIS IS ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED- THEY WILL FUEL THEM WITH HUMAN FLESH-‘CANNIBOTS’ OR CANNIBAL ROBOTS! Hail apocalypse: 13 killed and over 100 injured as hailstorm ravages three villages in Uganda LGBT Is Out To Destroy Christianity, Forever:What can be the end except an utter war against the Holy Bible and the godly citizens that will not compromise with such sickness? America is on the precipice of complete sorrow and deceit.

TWITTER SHADOW BANS MICHAEL SAVAGE FOR QUESTIONING NOTRE DAME FIRE NARRATIVE Conservative host’may join the rebels in the shadows’. Over a Million Children Under the Age of Six Are Taking Psychiatric Drugs in America FBI Visits Coach Dave Daubenmire, No Joke :They visit my house because I fight for freedom…but they protect the felonious Hillary Clinton…actually guarding her from’terrorists’ like me.I want to protect and defend unborn babies while Hillary wants to kill NUKE KID ON THE BLOCK Leaked pics of China’s ‘secret 11,509mph HYPERSONIC rocket’ capable of beating US missile defences Images of the top secret Jia Geng No 1 rocket have emerged on Chinese media Russia to arm gigantic new submarine with Poseidon ‘nuclear doomsday torpedoes’

Welcome To NIGHTaMERICA! Are You Prepared To See What They Have Been Hiding From You?We are now NIGHTaMERICA! The Chinese Orwellian Hell System is here.We are not only meeting there horrific standards, we are preparing to surpass them Northern Europe is BURNING: Wildfires going out of control trigger massive evacuation emergencies in Norway, Sweden – Germany, and Scotland also in flames VERY COOL:Inside Amazon’s Spheres, the Biodome Office in Seattle The Spheres, Amazon’s giant biodomes in downtown Seattle, allow employees to escape the office to work and brainstorm surrounded by nature CHINA HOLDS THE GOLD AND WILL MAKE THE RULES:Gold is the ultimate insurance against a bankrupt financial system, a corrupt political system and a rotten monetary system. But official propaganda, combined with people’s greed, Business booming for Russia’s arms traders Moscow has overtaken Britain and become the number two weapons producer and trader in the world

Tribulation has arrived in the “Nathan Leal” House – A Disclosure – YouTube Woman falls to her death in Grand Canyon National Park NBA coach’s sexual assault accuser breaks silence New Sacramento Kings coach Luke Walton has been accused of sexual assault in a lawsuit by a former sports reporter, who held a press conference to address the allegations. ‘I thought he was going to rape me’ » Boy thrown off 40 foot balcony shocks physician WHAT?? Zuckerberg Hires ‘Patriot Act’ Defense Expert! Did The Left Just Push Their Golden Boy Too Far?! So why would Facebook secure the woman partially responsible for one of the most freedom violating laws ever put in place?


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