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EL CHAPO GIVES CLINTON , PELOSI , SCHIFF & MORE AWAY AT HIS SENTENCING – YouTube The U.N. now controls, via the OSCE, our ability as Americans to travel. All U.N. partners signed…including the U.S.Our travel information is shared with all U.N. members and they deem who can fly and who is detained.This includes DOMESTIC travel. Greyerz – This Man’s Predictions For The World Are Absolutely Terrifying | King World News-“Deus ex Machina…from the old Greek plays when god was lowered down on the stage in a little machine or basket and solved all the problems”-Sounds more like antichrist. When he says peace, then comes sudden destruction.

FLASHBACK-THE UN IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!Just as Christians are looking for the coming of Jesus Christ, those involved with the occult or new age beliefs are anxiously awaiting the coming of a system of world government led by the one Christianity will call An Matthew 24:29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: Matthew 24:30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.. Vatican makes history: Pope allows Islamic prayers, Koran readings – Washington Times SQ;CAN IT BE ANY CLEARER -HE HAS CONVERTED TO ISLAM AS HE WATCHES THE SLAUGHTER OF CHRISTIANS WORLD WIDE,EMBRACING THE BEHEADERS BLADES! The Pope’s Stubborn Silence on the Persecution of Christians-Pope Francis now faces the potential risk of a Christian world physically swallowed by the Muslim crescent — as on the Vatican logo chosen for the Pope’s upcoming trip to Morocco. 10 Common Bonds Between Catholicism and Islam:SQ-WHEN THIS MERGER TAKES PLACE.BELIEVING ,TRUE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS WILL BE SEEN AS ENEMIES TO BE DESTROYED UNDER THE RULE OF THE ANTICHRIST!

A Stolen Life: The Ronald da Silva Story – YouTube NIRP (WHERE BANKS CHARGE YOU TO KEEP YOUR MONE WITH THEM), Cash Bans and Wealth Taxes Are Coming to the US

Luke 10:18 So He said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. Daniel 8:25 Through his craft and by his hand, he will cause deceit to prosper, and in his own mind he will make himself great. In a time of peace he will destroy many, and he will even stand against the Prince of princes. Yet he will be broken off, but not by human hands. Daniel 8:11 It magnified itself, even to the Prince of the host; it removed His daily sacrifice and overthrew the place of His sanctuary. Daniel 11:36 Then the king will do as he pleases and will exalt and magnify himself above every god, and he will speak monstrous things against the God of gods. He will be successful until the time of wrath is completed, for what has been decreed must be accomplished. Daniel 11:21 In his place a despicable person will arise; royal honors will not be given to him, but he will come in a time of peace and seize the kingdom by intrigue. Daniel 11:36 Then the king will do as he pleases and will exalt and magnify himself above every god, and he will speak monstrous things against the God of gods. He will be successful until the time of wrath is completed, for what has been decreed must be accomplished. 2 Thessalonians 2 KJV 2 Thessalonians 2:4 He will oppose and exalt himself above every so-called god or object of worship. So he will seat himself in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God.

Man Jailed After Police Find 3D Printed Gun And US Lawmaker Kill List-‘HOW CONVENIENT THE DAY AFTER AURORA SHOOTINGS-.ANOTHER AI PLANNED AND MK DIRECTED VERY TARGETED ARREST FOR A VERY SPECIFIC GUN CONTROL EASIER TAKE AWAY’.-HAWK Hundreds stranded after sudden airline bankruptcy Flybmi said all flights would be cancelled, advising passengers to rebook on other airlines and seek refunds from credit card or insurance companies. Complicated by Brexit » Missing girl: 2 brothers charged with murder Strange reason Trump was nominated for peace prize Illinois shooting: Man who killed five co-workers was domestic abuser banned from legally owning guns

The Glastonbury Giant: Who Did the Mystery Bones of A Nine Foot Skeleton Belong To SQ:KING ARTHUR?-WHAT FEW CONSIDER IS THE ARTHUR’S FULL NAME WAS ‘ARTHUR PEN DRAGON’-MEANING ‘SON OF THE DRAGON’-FALLEN ANGEL SIRED! Vatican Ex-Doctrine Chief Pens Manifesto Of Pope Francis (Petrus Romanus?) As ‘THE FRAUD OF THE ANTI-CHRIST’ Australia PM adviser says climate change is ‘UN-led ruse to establish new world order’ Tony Abbott’s business adviser says global warming a fallacy supported by United Nations to ‘create a new authoritarian world order under its control’ DAILY MAIL:Ex-FBI lawyer says two Trump cabinet officials were ‘ready to support’ efforts to REMOVE the president by invoking the 25th Amendment IT’S REALLY HAPPENING: NANCY PELOSI THREATENS GUN CONFISCATION AMID NATIONAL EMERGENCY Even the NYT says it’s time to repeal the Second Amendment -THEY WHO TAKE YOUR GUNS WILL TAKE YOUR LIVES

Limbaugh: Immigration Is an Emergency — Our ‘Culture’ at Risk from ‘Parade of Illegal People Who Are Uneducated’ | ‘We Will Displace You ..’": Persecution of Christians, December 2018 :Saudi Arabia, America’s close friend and ally, failed to live up to its promise to eliminate extremist content Another skeleton crawls out of Ilhan Omar’s close :tArguing to shield ISIS terrorists – those famous ‘Minnesota Men’ and now condoning forced payouts from insurance companies to terrorist relatives who nutured these terrorists into suicide attacks FINANCIAL TYRANNY-> Chase Bank Shuts Down Personal Account of Vocal Trump-Supporting US Army Combat Vet Jared Kushner To Begin Pushing Mideast ‘Peace Plan’ (Connected With Dan 9:27; 1 Thess 5:3; Dan 8:25?) SQ;SEE MY NOTE ON 666 PARK AVENUE – GETTING PRETTY OBVIOUS FOR ALL WITH EYES TO SEE!

Greyerz Questions Whether The US Has Any Gold Left Ahead Of Global Financial Collapse And Monetary Reset | King World News DAILY MAIL:Robots are a ‘grave threat to humanity’ and should be outlawed, experts tell the world’s largest gathering of scientists in Washington DC 2015:Brutal Warning to America From Egyptian Woman: Wake Up or Be Wiped Out If you listen to the cries of the Copts of Egypt, the Christians of Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan and all the other Muslim countries, hear the descriptions of the horrors of Islam How I Cured My High Blood Pressure Naturally:Inaccurate blood pressure readings at the doctor’s office UNITED NATIONS Continues Push For All Nations To Gather Against Israel (See Zech 14:2), Prep For Antichrist’s Arrival—Disavow History, Jewish Ties To Jerusalem, Temple Mount SQ-TOM HORN AND I WILL BE ON HAGMANN’S DISCUSSION THIS TUESDAY NIGHT

Greyerz – Western Gold Maginot Line To Fall In 2019 Triggering Panic, Plus One Of The Most Shocking Stories You Will Ever Read | King World News Rick Rule – The Time To Buy Gold | King World News BIG MONEY Watching Gold & Commodities As Price Of Silver Prepares To Launch | King World News Metals Set For A Massive Price Spike As Bear Market Rally Ends | King World News WARNING: A Word From The Wise | King World News

ALERT: Gerald Celente Just Warned Governments Preparing To Further Inflate $250 Trillion Global Debt Bubble | King World News Paul Tudor Jones, Gold, Silver, Miners And More | King World News Firm Gold Price Above $1,300, And Why One Of The Greats Says, “I Remain A Bear On The US Dollar” | King World News US DOLLAR IS ON A TEAR: A Look At A Strong US Dollar’s Impact On Gold | King World News “It’s Not The End Of The World” | King World News

MASS FEAR: James Dines Says US Dollar Getting Replaced By Gold, Hopefully Not A Sign Of War | King World News John Hussman – Economic And Financial Trouble Headed Our Way | King World News Gold Breakout Targets $1850 And Beyond | King World News MAJOR ALERT: Celente – China’s “Go Out And Spend Money” Campaign, Gold Demand To Dramatically Increase | King World News The Final Warnings And Thoughts Richard Russell Shared With His Subscribers | King World News

Andrew Maguire | King World News Rick Rule | King World News Andrew Maguire – This Is What Is Happening Behind The Scenes In The Gold Market | King World News Andrew Maguire: Gold & Silver 2011 Coiling Action Continues – Will Send Gold Vaulting Above $1,400 | King World News Warren Buffett’s Partner Charlie Munger Says He’s Surprised At What Central Banks Have Done | King World News Investing legend Charlie Munger on investing, the buyback debate and much more Things Are Tough All Over | King World News

Russian Military to Develop Arms Based on New Physical Principles:The Russian Armed Forces are reportedly in the midst of an extensive overhaul, including a gradual transition to an all-volunteer cadre, restructuring and modernization of weaponry. Soldiers of Odin Declare Hunt for Rapists, Paedophiles Amid Finland Sex Attacks;SQ;WATCH WHAT HAPPENS AS THE SPIRIT OF THE VIKINGS ARISE ,AS PAYBACK WILL BE BRUTAL Russia takes steps to survive global internet shutdown with its own web – MPs 4 Remarkable Charts Plus A Look At Gold | King World News ON THE EDGE OF SOMETHING HISTORIC: Gold, Silver And The Mining Shares Are The Place To Be | King World News

Frigid Temps, Blizzard Kill 1,600 Dairy Cows in Wash. State: ‘Absolutely heart-breaking’ Planned Parenthood Kept Babies Alive in order to Harvest Brain & Heart | The Washington Pundit Four in five Vatican priests are gay, book claims | World news | The Guardian EX-GOOGLE ENGINEER HAILS YOUTUBE CENSORSHIP AS “HISTORIC VICTORY,” NOW LOOKING INTO JORDAN PETERSON VIDEOS Whoever controls the algorithm, controls reality SQ; LET THIS STATEMENT SINK IN OR CONTROLS UN-REALITY DAILY MAIL:Make El Chapo pay for the wall’: Ted Cruz urges Senate to pass bill so that $14billion in ill-gotten gains that once belonged to convicted Mexican drugs baron is used to finance border security

Pentagon releases blueprint for accelerating artificial intelligence SQ;IF YOU KNEW wHERE AI WAS ,REALLY AT– VERSUS WATCHING NEWS BYTES ,IT WOULD ASTONISH,BEWILDER AND SHAKE YOU TO YOUR VERY CORE! SUPERNATURALLY POSSESSED Rats, Public Defecation And Open Drug Use: Our Major Western Cities Are Becoming Uninhabitable Hellholes:Officials at Los Angeles’ City Hall are considering ripping all of the building’s carpets up, as ‘rats and fleas are said to be running riot in its ha THE CHINESE AND MAGINOT GOLD LINES The Chinese learnt the hard way that money earned shouldn’t just be spent on consumer items but also saved for a rainy day. And this is why a great number of Chinese buy gold regularly with the intent to hold it long ter Cleveland Muslim who planned July 4th jihad terror attack indicted for threatening to kill Trump and family Trafficker of child sex-slaves admits to killing hundreds of children

THE AI TEXT GENERATOR THAT’S TOO DANGEROUS TO MAKE PUBLIC Worldwide Effort To Restrict Everyone’s Right To Travel Is Close To A Reality: Giving a private organization the ability to control the right to travel of nearly 8 billion people is horrifying. DAILY MAIL:Criminals will soon be caught using just pictures of their HANDS as scientists develop database to identify a person by their veins, creases, scars, tattoos and pigmentation DAILY MAIL:Incredible dinosaur footprints are found perfectly preserved after almost 100 million years in a creek bed in Australia’s rugged Outback DAILY MAIL:Satellite images reveal Bali’s two volcanoes are CONNECTED and share the same ‘plumbing system’ despite being more than ten miles apart (and it could explain the devastating eruption that killed 1,600 people in 1963)

‘Biggest Drop In More Than Nine Years’: America’s Retail Apocalypse Is Greatly Accelerating In The Early Stages Of 2019 SQ;THINK CENTRAL GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED STORES WHERE YOU CAN ONLY BUY BASED ON YOUR SOCIAL CREDIT SCORES I Have Been Attacked By Pakistan For Blasphemous Content And They Want It Removed Facebook, Facing Lawmaker Questions, Says It May Remove Anti-Vaccine Recommendations A Country That Won’t Hesitate to Murder Babies, Will Not Hesitate to Take Everything You Own and Murder You DAILY MAIL:Killer robots should be banned to prevent them wiping out humanity, scientists warn:Such robots would represent the ‘third revolution’ in warfare after gunpowder and nuclear weapons

Geologists Discover ‘Sign Of Jesus Christ’s Second Coming’’-Strangely, geologists have discovered a geometric fault line running east to west right through the Mount Olives. Zechariah 14:4 On that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives will be split in two from east to west, forming a great valley, with half the mountain moving to the north and half to the south. 5 simultaneous wildfires going out-of-control in Chile (URBAN AREAS) – curfew imposed-ARSON SUSPECTED Leftism Is Like the Cult of Cthulhu:’The modern Left has no use for the past, except as a whipping boy, a scapegoat upon which can be laden all the sins of the Western world, and then sacrificed to appease their angry green gods’. Aynaz Anni Cyrus Video: Why Are Muslims Raping Non-Muslim Women in Europe?

Hungary is encouraging its citizens to get married and have larger families through policies that have drawn the praise of television host Tucker Carlson. RIVER SWELLS 37 MILES BOMBSHELL WHAT THERE NOT TELLING YOU ABOUT THE WEATHER Drinking just two cans of sugar-free diet drinks a day increases your chance of heart attack or stroke by a THIRD SQ;HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED EXTREMELY FAT PEOPLE SEEM TO CRAVE DIET SOFT DRINKS,ITS BECAUSE THEY ARE EXCITO TOXINS,HIT PLEASURE CENTER PART TWO—SHOCKING NEW ONLINE SERIES To Probe Trump Administration, Rabbis, And Top-Secret Plan To Build Third Temple SQ-FOR THE JEWS TO RECEIVE THE ANTICHRIST AS THEIR MESSIAH , UNTIL GOD TAKES THE SCALES OFF THEIR EYES WILL BE THE ULTIMATE INSULT Why The United States Should Not Pay For 79 Percent Of South Korea’s National Defense

DAILY MAIL:World Health Organization scaling up efforts to contain ‘fast escalating’ Lassa fever outbreak in West Africa as it continues to battle Ebola which has killed 517 Can ‘Zombie Deer’ Disease Kill Humans? Research Suggests It ALREADY HAS MOST DANGEROUS WEAPON IN THE U.S. REQUIRES NO PERMIT TO USE OR TRAINING TO HANDLE!Facebook has become one of the most dangerous weapons the world has ever know and the reality behind how and can steer partisan agendas and global conflicts. DAILY MAIL:Chinese state media warn of a ‘high-tech Cold War’ amid fears of an AI arms race after Trump ordered Washington to prioritise artificial intelligence APPLE NOW DOMINATED BY SATANIC INFLUENCE TO SILENCE ALL THAT IS TRUE The globalist-run tech giant is playing a major role in the war on humanity THEIR LOGO SAYS IT ALL!

They Were Sacrificing Babies, Then and Now. The aggressive takeover by Islam in so many countries. Now we even see it in the US Congress with four Muslims elected to have full security clearance, so there goes the security of the US Climate Extremes, Geoengineering And Winter Weather Whiplash:The geoengineers are manufacturing winter weather scenarios on a scale that can scarcely be comprehended, what will it take to wake populations to this fact? Trump Pledges to ‘Take Care of ICE,’ Then Signs Bill Crippling Agency’s Power to Deport Illegal Aliens Alien BOMBSHELL: Martian species went extinct as the males IGNORED females – shock claim! Ancient Martian species went extinct because of a nuclear war on the Red Planet.SQ-THE PLANET RAHAB, BETWEEN MARS AND JUPITER ,LUCIFERS PLANET WAS DESTROYED DOOMER DOUG :STATE’S RIGHTS AND CIVIL WAR TWO 2-15-2019– Various states are now PREEMPTING FEDERAL IMMIGRATION POLICY, AT LEAST BY THE MARXIST DEMOCRATS, AND TAKING INDEPENDENT AND ANTI FEDERAL ACTIONS.

DAILY MAIL:Payless ShoeSource to shutter all of its remaining 2,100 US stores but plans to still keep its 1,400 in Latin America open;SQ-MAIN STREET IS DEAD ,THE MIDDLE CLASS NO LONGER EXISTS AND AMERICA IS FLOODED WITH IMMIGRANTS -SEE THE PICTURE? D.MAIL-EXCLUSIVE: Just who ARE the two brothers who were arrested over Jussie Smollett attack? Nigerian bodybuilders who work out in Empire star’s gym have rap sheets including an ATTEMPTED MURDER charge SQ-NOTE NO MSM RETRACTIONS? Natural antibiotics to stockpile now: 13 herbs and foods that kill superbugs SQ-PRINT OUT AND COMMIT TO MEMORY- Erratic and unprecedented weather is radically increasing all over the world. Though there are countless forms of human activity affecting the equation, the global climate engineering assault is by far the single greatest and most destructive factor. Tolerating Republican Betrayals on Guns Only Encourages More Turncoats SQ;HAVE YOU NOTED THAT AS MORE GANGS,TERRORISTS AND PREPOSITIONED FOREIGN TROOPS ARE BEING SEEN THAT GUN CONTROL RISES TO THE FOREFRONT?

HILLSONG CHURCH AFFIRMS FULL PRO-LGBTQ POSITION AS THEY HOLD THEIR ONE WORLD RELIGION ALPHA CONFERENCE FEATURING A ROMAN CATHOLIC MASS Swedish actor – ‘Sweden is starting to resemble Africa’- Whoever holds the power in Africa tends to become despotic and prioritise power over the well-being of the country and its people. Bracken: Covington Gives a Glimpse of Civil War Two :I am instead observing that before every notorious genocide, the same pattern of marginalizing and demonizing a designated scapegoat population has occurred.Now it’s white Males! LOS ANGELES CITY COUNCIL CREATES REPUBLICAN CONTRACTORS BLACKLIST-In a unanimous decision, the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday passed an ordinance that requires companies who do work with the city to disclose if they have any ties to the NRA Sweden Prosecuting Pensioners, Welcoming ISIS: One might add that a culture that respects the human rights of returning ISIS fighters more than that of the elderly women who are afraid of them, is all but done.

Amazon’s 2018 profit? $11,200,000,000. Taxes? $0. Amazon avoids paying federal tax – for the second year in a row, according to a new report. How is that possible? » Death toll in Aurora shooting hits 5 as police ID suspect This Guy Pretended He Got Stood up at Outback Steakhouse on Valentine’s Day so Strangers Would Pay His Bill A ‘SMALL’ swarm can eat the same amount of food as 35,000 PEOPLE IN 1 DAY! UN alarmed at locust outbreak in northeast Africa and Saudi Arabia India and Iran to beat Pakistan? – Drawings of simultaneous air attacks:The climate is shattering between India and Pakistan following the massive Kashmir bombing in India, which resulted in the deaths of 44 Indian soldiers.

News from the Wall – An Analysis of an EMP Attack on America – Part 1 Nathan Leal – YouTube “Piano Lessons” Comedy By Chonda Pierce – YouTube Americans that Tolerate Corrupt Politicians to Sow Seeds-The Nation Will Reap –Virginia Democrat Wants to Allow the Murder of Babies Even up to the Day They are Born No Escaping Chinese Debt Collectors:The Chinese are building a totalitarian police state with socioeconomic controls the likes of which the world has never seen. Liberals fume as President Trump endorses efforts by legislators in several states to allow public schools to offer Bible classes-SQ-WHY IF JESUS ISN’T REAL DO THE LIBS HATE HIM SO MUCH AND WHY DOES ‘THE BIBLE’ SCARE THEM?

T h e r e a l p u r p o s e o f R u s s i a ’ s 1 0 0 – m e g a t o n u n d e r w a t e r n u c l e a r d o o m s d a y d e v i c e POSEIDON—In short, WHILE MOST NUCLEAR WEAPONS CAND END A CITY, RUSSIA’S POSEIDON COULD END A CONTINENT. UNCATEGORIZED Pelosi’s Brother-In-Law’s Company Received $737,000,000 From Obama’s Energy Dept As ‘Loan Guarantee’ White House Confirms Donald Trump Has Signed Government Funding Bill | Breitbart GLOBAL RESET NEWS: This is WHY Central Banks Are Now HOARDING GOLD – YouTube Sen. Ted Cruz Proposes Unique Border Wall Solution: Make EL CHAPO Pay For It | Daily Wire

A Government of Socialists:Brace for the most bizarre government that Congress has ever seen in your lifetime.The Democrats installed untested novices bent on adopting a socialist utopia.The House of Representatives has become a chamber of horrors The Real Threat To America Comes From Cyber Attack : No Bombs. No Bullets. No Swordfights. Just A Few Keystrokes On The Computer. And We’re Done How ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘The Running Man’ predicted 2019 — decades ago-‘I call science fiction ‘reality ahead of schedule,’’ Syd Mead, the celebrated designer behind’Blade Runner,’ Hugo de Garis_ He claimed that this approach would enable the creation of what he terms ‘artificial brains’ which would quickly surpass human levels of intelligence resulting in billions of deaths, is almost inevitable before the end of the 21st century ‘Superhuman’ robots will outstrip mankind within 50 years, warns AI expert SQ-FALSE DATE -WITHIN 5-7 YEARS IS MORE ACCURATE,BASED ON HUGO DE GARIS ,AUTHOR OF THE ARTILECT WAR

Totalitarian Collectivism We’re led to believe everybody opposes it and disagrees with political correctness, but yet everybody’s scared to death of it. So who is it? Well, it’s the power structure wherever you happen to be ‘Comedian’ Sarah Silverman says Pro-Life Law ‘Makes Me Want To Eat An Aborted Fetus’ SQ;LOOK AT THE HTARED, BUT NOTE THE CONTEXT,OBVIOUSLY SHE IS AWARE OF THOSE WHO DO EAT THE ABORTED BODIES OF THE INNOCENTS- Breaking! US Government Legalizes Lying To The American People Migrants pushed three 16-year-old Germans in front of train – mainstream media covered up the murders How Do We Respond As Tom Horn’s BLOOD ON THE ALTAR VISION Plays Out And Skeptics Escalate A Clinically Insane ‘Christianity Is Dangerous’ Meme?

DIABOLICALLY WICKED:Female genital mutilation (FGM) is increasingly being performed on babies and infants in the UK, the Victoria Derbyshire programme has been told.In one report, in Yorkshire, a victim was just one month old. Beware of ‘Can you hear me’ phone scam There is a phone scam that you need to know.Then you’ll get another phone call demanding payment for the purchase of some goods or service, using your voice saying ‘yes’ as proof that you had made that purchase. Former UFC fighter mourns death of son who was KILLED by MMR vaccine :Wake up people,” he warned. “Don’t let it happen to you. It’s disgusting what’s going on. So much corruption and lies. All they care about is money. Free E-Book: Murder by Injection, by Eustace Mullins:Sheep Pee! Real Americans defend the Constitution! Sheep pee on it! Fox News now demanding the criminalization and ARREST of’anti-vaxxers’ … we warned you this was coming SQ;SHOT IN THE ARM ,SHOT IN THE HEAD THE GLOBALIST’S WANT US ALL DEAD! READ ‘MURDER BY INJECTION’ -EUSTACE MULLINS

Starving, sold to paedophiles or simply abandoned: How Venezuela’s children are paying a terrible price for their country’s failed socialist experiment SQ;THE FAILED FACES OF SOCIALISM,AND THE WESTS BLIND EYE TO THE WAR ON LITTLE ONES! Food Startup Takes Microbes From the Volcano to the Table Sustainable Bioproducts raises $33 million in Series A capital to develop food products based on data about Yellowstone microbes SQ:YNP’S MICROBES ,CHANGING THE WORLD ,IN UNIMAGINABLE WAYS! Proof that Facebook is going down — despite its big earnings :Facebook has been paying users between the ages of 13 and 35 to install a VPN, or virtual private network, on their phones. The users get $20 a month; Facebook gets access to everything Kamala Harris’ Top Five Gun Controls ,her gun control history presents a would-be presidential candidate at war with Second Amendment in the same way that Hillary Clinton warred against it in 2016. Bokhari: A Left-Wing Journalist Mafia Now Runs Silicon Valley

SATANISTS, DEMOCRATS, & SOCIALISTS A CANCER ON AMERICAN MORALITY Faith in God and ‘good morals the only solid foundations of public liberty and happiness…’ wrote Benjamin Franklin Life After Losing the Electric Grid :’The Congressional EMP Commission on which I served calculated that within a year of a blackout that knocks out the national grid, we would lose up to 90% Americans through starvation, disease, and social collapse NEW ERA OF THE MODERN PRECIOUS METALS INVESTOR: The Coming Pension Fund Disaster—According to one study, Millennials preferred cash (30%) as their largest investment over stocks (23%) US Special Ops suicides triple in 2018, as military confronts the issue SQ; THIS SOUNDS HIGHLY SUSPECT AS THE NUMBERS ARE WAY BEYOND NORM-THE REAL QUESTION IS WERE THEY SUICIDED FOR THEIR POLITICAL BELIEFS OR PERCEIVED THREAT? New York is Truly Becoming the Empire State, Democrat Gun Banners Rape NY Rights

Shocking Future of America (2019): SQ;THE GLOBALIST PLAN,THE DESTRUCTION OF THE MIDDLE CLASS , IS ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED! 20,000 homes at risk in Australia floods as crocodiles, snakes wash up SQ;ALL-TIME RECORDS ARE BEINGS SET AND BROKEN WORLD WIDE, AS THE FRUIT OF GEO- ENGINEERING PRODUCES THE DESIRED UPHEAVALS ,AND DESTRUCTION! FIRST SHOTS FIRED IN THE TECH COLD (OR) CODE WAR! THE REAL AGENDA BEHIND THE DECEPTION!The focus is on Google’s URL change they are working on that would allow them, for all purposes, to control all the internet Infanticide Is The Historical Hallmark Of A Pagan Culture Judeo-Christian principles helped to form our culture, and Christianity is deeply pro-life. Until now, restraining evil as Christianity defines it bound Americans together with a common creed. THE ROBOTS HAVE TAKEN OVER — THE SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS Way way too many robot commercials.If one were to judge solely by the 2019 Super Bowl ad selection, one might assume that the robot overlords have already taken over.

Refusal to hand over Venezuelan gold means end of Britain as a financial center – Prof. Wolff Neuroscientists Just Found a Way to Image the Brain 1,000 Times Faster Than Ever Before Sheila’s Must Watch exposé exposing the EVIL HALAL AGENDA Feb 4, 2019. HALAL SLAUGHTER VIDEO: **WARNING VERY GRAPHIC** Dennis Prager: ‘We Are in a Dark Age’ Because Left Controls Silicon Valley : Left-wing axioms, premises, and narratives are increasingly accepted as articles of faith within a progressively censorious society, warned Prager. Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib Registered To Vote From False Address – Represented State House District She Didn’t Live In

MELBOURNE RESIDENTS are taking their security into their own hands by hiring private armed security guards to protect their families and property from the African (mainly) Muslim gangs that are intimidating, robbing, and violently assaulting Australian ci Why Are We Seeing So Many Bare Shelves at Grocery Stores Across the Country? SQ:NOTE RECALLS ON MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF FOOD,RE-DIRECTION TO UNDERGROUND BASES FOR THE ELITE,AND THE WEATHER DRIVEN PRECURSORS TO FAMINE! Nearly half of French and Germans say Islam ‘clashes with their values,’ along with more than a third of Americans and Britons, poll finds FILIN: RUSSIAN NAVY UNVEILS NEW WEAPON THAT MAKES ENEMY HALLUCINATE, VOMIT Pope Francis’ Fake ‘Interreligious Dialogue’with the Muslim World,when it comes to confronting Islam with honesty and sincerity, and standing up for the faith, Pope Francis woefully fails to live up to the brave friar whose name he appropriated.

CANADA: Muslim students can’t seem to understand why Canadian Spy Agency has singled them out for enhanced surveillance and questioning,especially in light of who their Prime Minister is? Are modern telecommunications fueling a global infertility crisis? SQ-THE BIG REASON FOR MALE INFERTILITY,ESTROGENS IN WATER BOTH THROUGH ‘XENO-ESTROGENIC LEACHING’ FROM PLASTIC BOTTLES AND EXCRETED DRUGS INTO MUNICIPAL WATER SUPPLIES CHILLING VIDEO: AMERICAN ANARCHIST SHOT DEAD In Acapulco, Mexico After Claiming City Is ‘Safer Than Chicago’ SQ;DARWINIAN POSTER CHILD,’CHICAGAPULCO’ OUT OF THE FRYING PAN 7INTO THE FIRE! Global alert as North Korea revealed to be pursuing biological weapons that could exterminate humanity SQ;EVERYBODY WHO WANTS TO DESTROY HUMANITY SHOULD TRY THEIR NEWER WEAPONS ON THEM SELVES,GUESS WHAT, HUMANITY THRIVES! Why are Democrats NEVER indicted? ‘Justice’ has become a twisted contradiction of truth

THIS WEEK, AMERICA LEARNS WHERE ITS LEADERS STAND ON LIFE AND ABORTION SQ;IS GOD WITH HOLDING HIS JUDGMENT, UNTIL THE FINAL VOTES ARE CAST AND THE MURDERERS ARE IDENTIFIED ALONG WITH THEIR PACIFIST ENABLERS? CHINESE AGGRESSION AGAINST THE U.S.A. Far more than trade is involved. The ‘Green Nazi’s’ Plans For America: The Herding Of ‘The Masses’ Into Concentration-Camp-Like ‘Human Access Zones’ Is Spelled Out In The UN’s Agendas :Far Too Many Environmentalists Are ‘Watermelons’, Green On The Outside, Pink On The Inside How to Destroy the Bill of Rights: Start with the 9th and 10th Amendments: Freedom of speech and ‘the right of the people to keep and bear Arms’ are in their crosshairs – along with the Electoral College and much else besides – and they mean business. Pagan Progressivism, cultural Marxism, unconscious Satanism, Nimrod’s tower, spirit of Antichrist: Ties that bind

Gold is one asset that history has proven, without a doubt, can retain its value regardless of the mayhem and financial disorder caused by governments.’Gold is the alternative asset to a bubble ridden financial system that is driven by the central banks.’ Today we will be looking at this New Weather Weapon by Russia & China! Plus Dutch recorded a New Anomaly They just Won’t be happy until they have Completely Destroyed Our World Here’s How YOU Can Be Profiled Even If You’ve NEVER Used Social Media :, according to an alarming new study that, according to one report, ‘shows that privacy on social media is like second-hand smoke. It’s controlled by the people around you’ Here’s how the Soviet Union’s ‘Dead Hand’ nuclear doomsday system actually worked Iran is threatening to retaliate if Israel continues to target their assets in Syria. This was stated by Iran’s National Security Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani the highest ranking official to make such a threat to date.

Pope kisses, hugs Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmad Al-Tayyeb who calls for murder of those who leave Islam:The Pope presents a graver threat to his own people than declared enemies.SQ;ISLAM AND PART OF CATHOLICISM WILL MERGE,CAUSING,ACTUAL WAR WITHIN Pope admits clerical abuse of nuns including sexual slavery :Just days ago the Vatican’s women’s magazine, Women Church World, condemned the abuse, saying in some cases nuns were forced to abort priests’ children – something Catholicism forbids. Congressman Demands CFTC Explain Its Failure to Find Silver Market Manipulation Where DOJ Did GERMANY: Muslim bullying of German students in schools has become so bad, students are committing suicide An Inactivated Rabies Virus–Based Ebola Vaccine, FILORAB1, Adjuvanted With Glucopyranosyl Lipid A in Stable Emulsion Confers Complete Protection in Nonhuman Primate Challenge Models SQ;UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES IN THE CONGO?SOMETHINGS WRONG

Ebola’s lost blood: row over samples flown out of Africa as ‘big pharma’ set to cash in DAILY MAIL:Macedonia set to become NATO’s 30th member in move that will infuriate Russia REVEALED: Pilot who died when his small plane crashed into a California home and killed four had FAKE cop credentials on him and had posted a series of cryptic Facebook messages in the days before the tragedy:LINKED TO LAS VEGAS MASSACRE SHOOTER EXPOSED! WATCH BEFORE YOU SUPPORT THIS CANDIDATE’S AGENDA: THE DARK TRUTH REVEALED! Justus,draws the exact comparisons to illustrate how our Country is on a collision course with Progressive Socialism – Communism – the end of America. Patient being tested for Ebola at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania SQ; DECEASED INTEL GUY,20 YRS AGO, TOLD ME THEY CALLED THE OBLIVIOUS AMERICANS ‘THE WALKING DEAD’ LATER THE TERM ‘ZOMBIES’ USED TO DESCRIBE EVERYONE LEFT AFTER VIRUS RELEASE

Islamic Takeover: Silence in American Pulpits While the USA Celebrates ‘NATIONAL HIJAB DAY’-HELL DAY IN THE USA.’NO BLEEPING WAY’-IF YOUR PASTOR DOES NOT SEE THIS AS AN ATTACK ON THE GOD OF HEAVEN AND JESUS ,THAN FLEE ‘THE HERESY PALACES’! Robert F. Kennedy Jr Explains How Big Pharma Completely Owns Congress ‘THE VALUE OF THE DOLLAR HAS NO GUARANTEE WHATSOEVER’-We will see a much lower dollar, collapsing stock and bond markets and much higher gold and silver prices,Time to get out of dollars before the US implements exchange controls. American Center For Law And Justice Demands Documents Outlining How Baby Body Parts ARE BEING HARVESTED AND USED TO BUILD HUMAN-ANIMAL CHIMERAS IN FRANKENSTEIN EXPERIMENTS Ten Plagues: Sign of Jonah Illuminates the Darkness: WONDERFUL LIFE ILLUSTRATION!

OUTTA SPACE Nasa’s real ‘Wall-E’ mysteriously disappears after Mars fly-by – and sister spacecraft ‘Eve’ is missing too New MARS IMAGE shows river delta that once carried WATER;SQ-REMEMBER WHEN THE SCIENTISTS MOCKED THAT THERE WAS EVER WATER ON MARS-YOU OUGHT TO SEE WHAT’S IN THE GRAND CANYON OF MARS-‘VALLES MARINERIS’-2500 MILES LONG ,4 MILES DEEP! World War 3 WARNING: Russia, US and France launch nuclear missiles HOURS APART :RUSSIA, the United States and France have test-launched nuclear-capable missiles within hours of one another as fears rise of a return to a Cold War-era arms race Luciferianism: A Secular Look At A Destructive Globalist Belief System:Transhumanism and genetic tampering carry all the hallmarks of the luciferian ideal. Regardless of one’s religious affiliations, it is hard to find anything of value in their system. MUTANT MICE Aborted babies’ BODY PARTS fused with mice to ‘humanise’ them for grim ‘Frankenstein’ experiments in US labs SQ;LORD GOD OF HEAVEN–LET YOUR JUDGMENT FALL ON THESE MONSTERS,WHO DESTROY YOUR HERITAGE-PS.94:16

America needs to truly understand Islam’s mission of world domination :Muslims never deviate and never stop pursuing their goal of world domination. They place their primary focus on non-Islamic lands,in this case, Europe and the United States. NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Defends Radical Abortion Law: ‘I Am a Former Altar Boy’ SQ;WHOSE ALTAR? THAT WILL CERTAINLY NOT IMPRESS GOD! HIS WILL OVER GODS WILL, HIS CHOICE OVER GODS COMMANDMENT,THOU SHALL NOT MURDER.’MILLSTONE MADNESS’ THEY Were Hiding It.. Discoveries That Could Rewrite History! (2019-2020):Arcane accounts from Egypt, Greece, Rome and Sumeria tell startling similar stories of the oceanic destruction of advanced civilizations which vanished into the world’s oceans Deadly drug-resistant TB a ‘blinking red’ global threat-Tuberculosis — now the world’s most deadly infectious disease, killing some 1.3 million people each year (not including HIV co-infections) — caused about 20 percent fewer deaths in 2016 than in 2 The Pope And Islam’s Most Important Imam Just Signed A Covenant That Pushes Us Much Closer To A One World Religion

New Mexico Passes Law to Execute Babies at Birth; SQ:IN MY OPINION, THESE ‘BASTARDS & HARPIES’, NEED TO BE ARRESTED AND INDICTED FOR CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT MURDER,RISE UP OH MEN OF GOD,LET NOT THESE BEAUTIFUL LITTLE ONES BE DESTROYED! 7 MIN.VIDEO-Watch Live As The Left Defends Infanticide and Human/Animal Chimeras-INFOWARS-02-07-19 Testing Complete! China’s System Coming Here! w/ Patrick Wood (1of2) BREAKING: Russia demands US destroy Tomahawk missile launchpads & attack drones to comply with nuclear treaty Flesh-Rotting ‘Zombie’ Drug Stronger Than Heroin Claims UK Victims (VIDEO) Desomorphine (dihydrodesoxymorphine), also known as ‘Krokodil’, is an opiate drug that comes as a white powder that can be swallowed or injected.

Indonesia stays alert as lava, gas flow out of Anak Krakatoa Why Indonesia’s Anak Krakatoa volcano still poses a threat to coastal communities. Your mega church is useless!Killing babies after birth & your church does nothing! What Kind of World (What Have I Done) :This is a song from the unborn baby’s perspective. The full CD is available at HYPOCRITES :Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon make no mention of the blackface scandal on their shows as both hosts and a myriad of celebs including Billy Crystal, Judy Garland, Ted Danson and Joy Behar participated in the(BLACK FACE) racist practice DAILY MAIL:Deadly disease that turns deer into ZOMBIES has spread to 26 states, new report warns – amid fears it could one day be transmitted to humans:SQ;SO MUCH FOR LIVING OFF THE LAND

FARMER BANKRUPTCIES SWELL TO DECADE HIGH IN FARM BELT SQ;LITTLE BY LITTLE AMERICAS STAFF OF LIFE, FOOD PRODUCTION IS DISAPPEARING.FOOD RECALL’S,PENDING GOV’T SHUTDOWNS ,TRANSPORTATION INTERRUPTIONS AND THE GROIM REAPERS PHOTO COMES INTO VIEW MORE CLEARLY Rand Paul Calls for Senate Hearings on FBI Methods and Selective Prosecution of Trump Officials: he proceeded to blast the Senate for allowing perjurers like James Clapper to get off scot-free while aggressively pursuing anyone associated with President T SOCOM needs to step up its propaganda game, Pentagon deputy say ithas been developing new capabilities ‘that allow us to evaluate the social media space, evaluate the cyber domain, see trend analysis, where opinion is moving, Will Government Shutdown Return As The Trade War Expands? This is why it is important to take the shutdown into account, as a trigger event as well as a mass distraction from central bank activity. Combat shopping’: Mayhem at Seattle stores as shoppers clear shelves pre-snow storm SQ-MOST EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT PANIC GROCERY SHOPPING,SO FEW EVER CONSIDER RE-SUPPLY LINE INTERRUPTIONS,TAKING EVERYTHING FOR GRANTED

Starving Venezuelans’ Warnings To The U.S.: ‘Socialism Is A Big Lie!’ SQ;NOTICE WHEN THE HUNGER FOR EMPIRICAL AND HISTORICAL TRUTH ENDS -PHYSICAL STARVATION ENSUES! Pope: ‘Christian and Islamic worlds protect common values: life, family, religious sense, honor for the elderly’ SQ;THIS IS THE BIGGEST LIE (BATCH OF CRAP) IN THE WORLD-ISLAM TAKES THEIR OWN CHILDRENS LIVES AS WELL AS OTHER INNOCENTS AND INFIDELS Ten Plagues: Two Witnesses Piercing the Tribulation Darkness SQ;MY POSITION ON THE TWO WITNESSES, WHO WILL BE MARTYRED, DURING THE PERSON OF THE ANTICHRIST’S REIGN OF42 MONTHS,IS ENOCH AND ELIJAH Postludes & Preludes: The Show Goes On :Undeniably, the U.S. Intelligence community’s operation against Trump is still going strong. DAILY MAIL:Venezuela’s soldiers ‘are starving, just like their population’, US admiral says as America warns its military is prepared to protect diplomatic facilities in the country

Really? You Sure You’re Prepared For The Inevitable -Faith doesn’t procrastinate or panic – it prepares. LEFTISM – NOT JUST WRONG, BUT EVIL We cannot afford a lack of moral clarity in our political civil war.The Democrat Party is the face of Moloch, the Canaanite god whom Milton called the ‘horrid King besmear’d with blood / Of human sacrifice’. POISON IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL-Yale editor chillingly urges fellow Yalies to act as a ‘Stasi’ to monitor white males -The records on P.C. transgressions will be made, the records will be kept, and the records pulled out at the convenient times Robot Love: Why romance with machines is a foregone conclusion Sex robots are sold for physical pleasure, but emotionally fulfilling relationships with machines is closer than you may think.SQ;EXTINCTION OF THE ME TOO MOVEMENT! ALERT: Twitter blocks all Natural News / Health Ranger channels after Adams comments on the Jack Dorsey / Joe Rogan Bitcoin fraud

The U.S. Faces A Catastrophic Food Supply Crisis In America As Farmers Struggle Tom Brady Says Superstitious Gisele Bundchen Has Him Using ‘Protection Stones’ -And It Works SQ;THE WHOLE WORLD IS GIVEN OVER TO WITCH CRAFT,YET THE CHURCH HAS A FORM OF GODLINESS BUT DENIES THE POWER THEREOF-THE HOLY SPIRIT! FBI seeking to covertly create national DNA database that turns everyone into a suspect … and you help create it if you use DNA analysis services Trudeau Liberals pledge multimillion dollar fund to push homosexuality worldwide Day Of Mourning-Join us February 23rd for ‘A National Day of Mourning.’ – WEAR BLACK – DON’T SHOP – CLOSE BUSINESSES – REPENT FOR ABORTION TIME TO STAND BRETHREN AND SUPPORT!

Jim Caviezel Says Mel Gibson’s Sequel to ‘Passion of the Christ’ Will Be ‘Biggest Film in History’ Jim Caviezel is reprising his role as Jesus Christ Going On In Downtown LA?’: Army War Drills Continue Across Los Angeles :One thing that is obvious: the Army is preparing for more conflict, whether with a foreign adversary or, more troubling, social unrest on the streets of America New Photos Show Russia’s First Hypersonic Space Drone OAHU:Officials urge preparedness as ‘unusually strong’ storm nears, threatening monster surf and high winds:He said those on Oahu’s North Shore should be ready to evacuate if waves inundate coastal communities. CIVIL UNREST:You can feel it in the air. We are heading into the collapse of government and a violent civil war because hatred is rising dramatically. The government is no longer capable of even functioning

6-TIME SUPER BOWL WINNER TOM BRADY ATTRIBUTES HIS INCREDIBLE SUCCESS TO WITCHCRAFT, PAGAN ALTARS AND ‘PROTECTION STONES’ FROM HIS WITCH WIFE China deploys 100 ships to disputed waters amid US buildup: Report … Yellow Vest activist’s HAND is torn off amid horrific scenes of violence between police and protesters in Paris – after France’s President of the National Assembly’s country home is firebombed GOD BLESS–Owen Shroyer Goes Off On City Council After They Refuse Female Speaker:Owen goes off on the city for their treatment of constituents and their fiscally irresponsible deal of letting Planned Parenthood rent taxpayer owned property for just $1 a Wikileaks Releases Vatican Secrets, Internal Conflicts Surrounding Petrous Romanus,the release represented the first time Wikileaks has turned its spotlight on the often-acrimonious internal affairs of the (UN) Holy See,

ZOOKEEPER THREATENS TO PUSH CONSERVATIVE WOMAN INTO ALLIGATOR PIT Employee was promptly fired and escorted off zoo by police IN THE UK, ‘Diversity is our strength’,SQ;WHO ARE THEY TRYING TO CONVINCE ? SLAUGHTERBOTS China is unleashing killer robots and stealth drones that carry out targeted airstrikes without a human pressing the fire button The killer weaponised drones and pilotless aircraft fitted with AK-47 rifles are being exported to Asia, Africa Pope Francis Leading His Flock to the Slaughter?SQ,FORGET THE B.S. RHETORIC AND SEE THE MURDEROUS RESULTS! Boy, 6, beheaded in front of screaming mum in Saudi Arabia ‘for being wrong religion’

The BORG!-The Zombification Of America Accelerates – 45% Of Teens Are Online’Almost Constantly’ SATANISM has Infiltrated The Catholic Church all the way to the POPE! Germany: Dreams of ‘Refugee Work Force’ Vanish as 95% of Nonwhite Invaders Remain on Welfare Canada begins fast-tracking asylum claims from Muslim countries including jihadi hotspots Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan and Yemen;SQ-WE ARE BEING FLANKED BY FOREIGN ARMIES OF TERRORISTS! Ten Plagues: Victory of Being Alive over Death

All the vaccines in the world can’t stop the Los Angeles TYPHUS epidemic that’s exploding due to third-world socialist conditions NYC accused man accused of stabbing pregnant girlfriend gets a pass on baby’s murder because of new abortion law Intense Hawaii Storm Churns Surf; One Man Dies, Seven People Rescued Gallup: Five Million Latin Americans Coming to U.S. in Next 12 Months Forty-two million seekers of citizenship or asylum are watching to determine exactly when and how is the best time to make the move. Federal judge tells traders they can combine cases accusing JP Morgan of rigging metals market

Pentagon Researching Bioelectric Implants To Help Troops Heal From Catastrophic Wounds Another State Wants EVERY Gun Owner to Hand Over Their Social Media Accounts and Internet Search History Hungarian women offered tax breaks, loans to marry and have more kids;SQ. GOD BLESS VICTOR ORBAN-HE’S STANDING AGAINST. THE DESTRUCTION OFTHE GLOBALIST’S AND THE END OF EUROPEAN HISTORY. ‘SHOW OF FORCE’: 100 VEHICLES LINE ONE MILE OF TEXAS BORDER TO DETER CARAVAN Comes as several Central American caravans approach U.S. border from Mexico Revealed! SUPER BOWL OCCULT, Maroon 5 MASONIC Magic & Tom Brady’s DARK SECRET!

The Awful Truth: Cognitive Dissonance Will Be Our Destruction NJ Voters Furious As Governor Murphy Prepares To Sign ‘Rain Tax’ Into Law IMF warns of global economic ‘storm’ as growth undershoots This Russian Oil Giant Is Driving Putin Toward Showdown With Trump In Venezuela US Accuses China Of Preparing For World War III-‘You’re talking to our allies over there and you wonder whose side they’re going to be on.’

Homosexuals Persecuting Christians in America-Do You Feel The Walls Closing In?Christians researched the history of the LGBT movement in other countries, finding that legalization is always followed by the government-sponsored persecution of Christians Liberal Lunacy: Grocery Store Sparks Outrage With Weekly Advert ‘Heaven Has A Wall… Hell Has Open Borders’ GOOGLE AND MICROSOFT WARN THAT AI MAY DO DUMB THINGS;Companies must use the risk factors portion of their annual filings to disclose foreseeable troubles to investors SQ:WAIT TILL AI STARTS WRITING THEIR OWN DISCLOSURES! Italy Calls to Eliminate Central Bank and Jail Bankers Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini declares ‘prison time for fraudsters’ ‘Historic’ storm hurls huge waves and 191-mph winds at Hawaii; rare snow hits Maui;SQ-‘SAY GOOD BYE TO ALL THAT WAS NORM, AS EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED AND SO MANY CAN ONLY SCORN’!

DAILY MAIL:Washington state sheriffs in a dozen counties refuse to enforce sweeping new gun laws approved by voters Plummeting insect numbers ‘threaten collapse of nature’ Exclusive: Insects could vanish within a century at current rate of decline, says global review SQ;PESTICIDES TURNING TO PEOPLECIDES! Likely probes await Waters for inciting violence on Trump Cabinet-Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) could likely be the target of Ethics and United States Secret Service probes for inciting violence and assaults on President Donald Trump’s Cabinet members. U.S. Congressman Introduces Bill to Remove Income Taxation from Gold and Silver Unprecedented Gun Confiscation Hits US as Thousands Of Guns Seized from Innocent Citizens

Global LGBTQ2 and Abortion Colonization: Trudeau Liberals Pledge $Millions to Push Homosexuality and Abortion Worldwide YouTube Advances Artificial Intelligence For More Censoring Of Ideas Ex ICE Director: Dems Doing PR for Cartels, Illegals Boycott these 60 companies that donate money to fund the systematic murder of unborn human babies BOMBSHELL: Apple demands Natural News stop writing about abortions or Satanism; threatens to block Natural News app from all Apple devices

Police are searching for a mother who’s allegedly harassing college women to date her son Winter storm bears down on upper Midwest and Northeast, cancelling 2,000 flights and leaving at least 100,000 without power A record 7 million Americans are 3 months behind on their car payments, a red flag for the economy Designated Terrorist Group CAIR sues Dept. of Homeland Security for having ‘too many Muslims’ on its watch list 2ND AMENDMENT ENFORCERS: YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHO JUST STOOD AGAINST NEW ‘GUN LAWS’!

Richard Gere becomes a dad again at age 69 2 major winter storm systems to move through U.S. Mom says teacher hit 5-year-old daughter in the eye with a ruler Ilhan Omar: Democrat congresswoman accused of antisemitism over Israel tweets Snow-way: Las Vegas hit with snow and strong winds

Presidential Proclamation on Religious Freedom Day, 2019 | The … Will Globalists Sacrifice The Dollar To Get Their ‘New World Order’? Mount St. Helens molten rock is not rising 5 meters a day, USGS … News from the Wall – An Analysis of an EMP Attack on America – Part 1 | Watchmans Cry Female college student kidnapped at gunpoint “Someone just kidnapped a girl on campus with a gun,” a frantic woman tells a 911 dispatcher. “They’re already gone.” Victim allegedly knows suspect »

‘Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy’: Grocery store riles up shoppers with ad Abduction of Woman From Miami Tire Store Caught on Security Footage Trump Supporters Form Human ‘Wall’ Along U.S.-Mexico Border South Korea signs deal to pay more for U.S. troops after Trump demand Religious Freedom Day

Prophetic Vision of an EMP Attack on America | Watchmans Cry War is Coming – It’s time to Seek the Lord – A Sermon by Nathan Leal – YouTube War is Coming – It’s time to Seek the Lord – A Sermon – with Youtube Link | Watchmans Cry Singer wears ‘Build the Wall’ gown to the Grammys Democrats Come For Susan Collins After Brett Kavanaugh Backs Anti-Abortion Law

Top Saudi official: Barack Obama lied, set Middle East back 20 years – Arab-Israeli Conflict – Jerusalem Post Mueller preparing endgame for Russia probe DOJ Study: Gun Control Laws Won’t Work Because Criminals Get Their Guns Illegally | Zero Hedge Bible Search: in the dark day Ezekiel 34:12 As a shepherd looks for his scattered sheep when he is among the flock, so I will look for My flock. I will rescue them from all the places to which they have been scattered on a day of clouds and darkness.

Central African Republic, 14 armed groups reach peace deal New Jersey signs bill requiring schools to teach LGBT and disability-inclusive material – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale IS ANYONE SURPRISED? SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL’S CONNECTION TO SATANISM AND THE OCCULT…. – YouTube Baby’s Cells Can Manipulate Mom’s Body for Decades | Science | Smithsonian Maine city, overwhelmed by asylum-seekers, debates immigrant …

WaPo’s Super Bowl Ad Once Again Shows That The Liberal News Media Is Anti-Trump And Totally Tone-Deaf Canadian basic income recipients suing to stop program’s cancellation MyPillow CEO Thanks Jesus for Freeing Him from Cocaine and Alcohol, Funds Pro-Life Film YouTube star Austin Jones pleads guilty to child porn charge In Attempt To Change Gun Culture, Toy Gun Buyback Programs Hit The Streets – Rally for our Rights

‘Unprecedented’ U.S. sanctions are pressuring Iran: Khamenei … New Oregon Bill Would Allow For In-Home Surveillance of Newborn … Dems to strike ‘so help you God’ from oath taken in front of key … SUPER BOWL 53 MAROON 5 HALFTIME SHOW ILLUMINATI EXPOSED… – YouTube FORUM: Shepherd’s Chapel YouTube – Christian Forum

Gerald Celente | King World News CELENTE AUDIO RELEASED: Central Banks Buying More Gold Than They Have In Half A Century! | King World News Here Are Two Of The Most Stunning Charts In Early 2019 | King World News ALERT: Gerald Celente Issues Major Trend Forecast To Kickoff February | King World News We’re Flash Crashing to Hell – Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter-Sinclair warns, ‘If Bill and I were standing on a street corner as preachers, our sign would read not ‘the end is near.’ Our sign would read, ‘it ended.’

Science FACT: Mind-Reading Technology Is Now Reality: Can you imagine the ramifications if law enforcement used this kind of technology? Or workplaces? Or courts of law? What about interrogations of prisoners or enemy combatants? A Teenager Tried To Warn Apple About It’s Facetime Security Flaw, But Appears To Have Been Ignored Ten Plagues: Countdown to Cannibalism with Plague of Locust : In those conditions, it will only take seven days for people to begin cannibalizing their own flesh and that of their offspring. MUST READ:The Most Interesting Man in the World: Two Faces on the Same Coin :Nevertheless, there does remain the possibility the reach and power of the Matrix has been vastly underestimated. SHEILA ZILINSKY INTERVIEWS,STEVE QUAYLE as You’ve NEVER Heard Him: His Astonishing UNTOLD STORY

Washington Resurrected the Arms Race :In the nuclear era, it is reckless for a government to replace diplomacy with threats and coercion. Washington’s recklessness is the most dangerous threat that the world faces. TED BROER:Were WW1 and WW2 planned long in advance to rebuild Solomon’s temple for the appearance of the Antichrist? Thought provoking must listen broadcast! A sudden shortage of one of the safest anti-anxiety drugs on the market has spread alarm among people who rely on the medication, buspirone, to get through the day without debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. SQ-NOTE THE WORD SUDDEN? Niagara Falls partially freezes as deadly polar vortex hits the Northeast after blasting the Midwest with record-breaking -30F temperatures and leaving at least 21 dead Central Banks Buy More Gold In 2018 Than Any Year Since 1967- Central banks buy gold in largest buying spree in a half century

American Socialists Move Forward With Economy Destroying Agenda Khan’s London: No Prison for Teenager Who Left Former U.S. Ambassador with ‘Horrific Injuries’-Bloody UK is doomed. The idea that the excuse of ‘a momentary lapse of judgment’ can be used for anything, for murder even. What To Do When Gun Control Gets Really Bad- We Need to Prepare For The Worst And Always Ready to Resist:If we can’t toss the anti-freedom and anti-gun bastards out of federal offices we can at least elect the right people at the local and state level Tampa Bay school security ‘officer’ arrested for blindfolding and sexually assaulting 6-year-old girl SOUND IDEA Lasers could beam messages directly to a listener’s ear ‘like whispering secret from afar’, scientists say SQ;ALREADY DONE, AS THIS TECHNOLOGY, IS IN ACTIVE USE NOW!

US Revives Cold War ‘Arms Race’ With Russia And China After Abandoning INF Treaty Extinction Event Health Alert! Will Fire and Ice Shake Us from our Stupor?As America convulses between frigid and hot weather the MIT geo-engineering experiment injecting calcium chloride into our atmosphere is underway to cool down our planet! Unrest in France: No End in Sight:When Macron lowered the taxes of the wealthiest but increased the taxes of these ‘peripherals’ by means of a fuel tax, it was seen as the last straw — in addition to his arrogant condescension. With the finger on the trigger" Venezuela & Colombia – Developing forces at the border – US ‘Ushmos’ (Agrees) for intervention- The reason for the rapid escalation of the two countries’ relations was the arrival of 5,000 US soldiers in Bogota! ‘Illiberal Democracy’: Why Viktor Orban’s Fan Base Keeps Growing in Europe Orban hated Hungary being dictated to by Moscow during Communism and hates it being dedicated to from BrusselsSQ;BOTTOM LINE HE’A CHRISTIAN AND WON’T CAPITULATE TO GLOBALISTS!

Price Of Gold Only $60 From Hitting 5-Year High As Baltic Dry (Shipping) Index Collapses | King World News GOLD BULL UNLEASHED: One Of The Greats Just Flashed This Major Alert On Gold | King World News Will This Send Gold & Silver Surging Even Higher Tomorrow? | King World News James Turk – This Breakout Move In Gold & Silver Is Real, Enjoy The Ride | King World News “God Help Us When This Bubble Begins To Deflate In Earnest!” | King World News

Japan facing major risk of recession this year The latest numbers indicate a serious downturn in Northeast Asia trade, and headaches for Abe SQ-NOTE HAND SIGN OF BANK OF JAPAN GOVERNOR New York’s Gruesome, ‘To Term’ Abortion Bill Now Will Allow Actual Baby Parts To Be Sold On Black Market FLASHBACK:Did Jesus Prophesy of an Alien Invasion?:I suppose the answers has more to do with what Aliens really are rather than what we think they are. Jesus (Yeshua) defines the events that happened pre-flood would repeat again Tucker Carlson Interview Reveals The Spirit Of Evil That Compels The Push For ‘Post-Birth Abortions’ JAW-DROPPING: You Won’t Believe These Stunning Charts Hitting All-Time Highs | King World News

‘5,000 Troops To Colombia’ To Quell Venezuela Crisis? John Bolton Flashes Notepad Contents At Briefing China releases footage of ‘Guam killer’ DF-26 ballistic missile in ‘clear message to the US’:Analyst says it’s a bid ‘to reinforce the notion that the PLA has the capability to sink US carriers and inflict unacceptable damage on American forces’ Canada’s resettlement of (mainly Muslim) refugees (and many just pretending to be) is now the highest in the world for first time in 72 years:SQ-‘THE LUCIFERIANS’,ARE MAKING THEIR FULL COURT PRESS NOW,PLACING THE U.S. BETWEEN MEXICO AND CANADA Half of U.S. physicians are considering quitting because of insurance hassles SQ;THATS BEEN THE GLOBALIST PLAN ALL ALONG,CUT OFF HEALTH CARE FOM THE PEOPLE AFTER RAPING THEM ON PAYMENTS,FOR INSURANCE UNTIL THEY PULL THE PLUG! Someone is Falsely Telling Conservatives That They Are ‘BANNED’ From Their Favorite Websites (Updated)

WATCH LIVE: FOX SAYS ‘CRIMINALLY PROSECUTE’ ANTI-VAXXERS, PLUS POLAR VORTEX SLAMS INTO NORTHEAST As crises flare up from the Middle East to Venezuela, the world is on the brink of all-out chaos and it’s never been more important to share this link The Delegitimization of the White Male-We know that the white male has been delegitimized. Women’s studies, black studies, Latino studies, and Identity Politics have been demonizing, and teaching hatered of, white males since the 1980s. Killer vortex: Dangerous ‘life-threatening’ subzero temperatures that can kill in minutes are set to strike the Midwest and Northeast this week with over a foot of snow forecast in some parts YOUTUBE DE-LISTS ALL ‘CONSPIRACY’ VIDEOS, EFFECTIVELY SILENCES ALL NON-MSM SOURCES Internet giants leading charge to end the First Amendment MAIN CORE: GOVT. ‘THREAT LIST’ NAMES AT LEAST 8 MILLION AMERICANS WHO WILL BE DETAINED WHEN MARTIAL LAW IS IMPOSED: There exists a database of Americans, who, often for the slightest and most trivial reason, are considered unfriendly,

FEMA DIRECTOR CALLS CITIZENS ‘CATTLE:’Long told colleagues that agents must not hesitate to use discreet, lethal force if citizens defy FEMA’s authority, and reminded them that powers granted by the Patriot Act absolve agents of criminal maleficence Artificial Intelligence Is Already Sending People To Jail — And Getting It WrongI-n an age when the data industry has become entirely financialized, Big Data-driven policing has become a lucrative business. EXTERMINATING WHITEY The end game of identity politics. In America as well as elsewhere in the Western world, the oppressor is seen as the Christian white male, and all other identities belong to one or more categories of the oppressed. Iran Ayatollah says Muslims will take over the White House :Iranian Ayatollah: ‘Until we turn the White House into a Shiite Islamic center, we’ll all shout: Death to America!’ SQ;THEY ALREADY DID UNDER OBAMA,NOW CONGRESS! SHEILA Z- Keeping It Cool: Welcome to the Idle-Free Zone:Imagine the horror of a blonde Canadian idling her vehicle in cold weather, a 5-minute-long cloud of exhaust in her wake. Oh, the atrocity!Idling is ILLEGAL in Vancouver and comes with a hefty fine

WARNING ISSUED! WORLD’S MOST NOTORIOUS GLOBALIST BOOGIE MAN IS TERRIFIED BY THIS…AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO!They are spinning a web of control so large and so total that no one will be able to escape. DAILY MAIL:Gmail has CRASHED: Users around the world have been left with dreaded ‘Error 404’ message when trying to access their accounts YOUR NOT ALONE! STATE OF CONFUSION…THE PLAN TO DIVIDE & CONQUER VIA INFORMATION OVERLOAD! SQ: ALINSKY’S RULES FOR RADICALS PLAYING OUT BY THE MSM VOMIT BROKERS,DAILY IN THE HEADLINES AND HALLS OF TREASON,I MEAN CONGRESS China, Other Regimes Developing EMP Bombs That Can Wipe Out 90 Percent of Populations The REAL Resistance: Sheriffs in Washington State REFUSE to Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws

The same people who just legalized infanticide in New York are going to attempt the mass murder of white people next, do you really think they won’t murder Christians and Trump supporters next? ‘This is jackboots in the morning. This is an American nightmare that they would arrest somebody like this’—Judge Andrew Napolitano, Rest assured, these same practices can and will be used against you when the government decides to set its sights on you. Texas Bills Threaten To Ban Christianity And Biblical Teachings ANYWHERE Outside A Church Building SQ;FLOOD THE TEXAS AG’S OFFICE WITH COMPLAINTS -BAN CHRISTIANS PROMOTE ISLAM ON STATE LEVEL NEXT! Ice Age Farmer Report: ‘Fatal Cold’ incoming – Your food is under attack – Major shortages Is Nancy Pelosi Helping to Coordinate a Red Dawn Incursion On Our Southern Border?Mexican authorities sent warning to FBI that Los Zetas terror teams are receiving Cuban arms like mortars, explosives, long range sniper rifles,& tripod mounted machine guns

O-UTRAGE: Democrats Remove’So Help Me God’ From Key Congressional Oath:SQ-MAY GOD NOT HELP THEM, WHEN GOD’S JUDGMENT COMES FURIOUSLY UPON CALIFORNIA! THEY WILL BLAME HIM AFTER DENYING HIM! SPANISH POPULIST PARTY LEADER SLAMS CONSERVATIVES WHO KEEP CAVING TO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS Says ‘cowardly right start whimpering’ at the first sign of criticism ASTONISHING!One of the coldest spells in HISTORY wreaks havoc across the Midwest where rail tracks are set alight to keep trains moving and people are warned to ‘avoid taking deep breaths’ in -70 wind chill Why Was Stone Arrested Instead of Being Asked to Surrender? The illegitimate purpose of the arrest was to intimidate the potential witness — namely Stone — into not invoking his constitutional right to remain silent, rather than to testify as a governm California Wants to Teach Kindergartners There are 15 Genders:Parents will not be notified and are not allowed to opt their children out of the indoctrination sessions.

Merkel: We Must ‘Stand up’ to ‘Excessive Populism and Nationalism-“The Franco-German partnership has an obligation not to let the world fall into chaos and to lead Europe to peace.’SQ;PAECE UNDER GLOBALIST DICTATOR KNOWN AS THE ANTI-CHRIST Martial Law Is Unacceptable Under Any President:It seems to me that the fight between left and right is being driven beyond the information wars and beyond activism into a realm that could include actual civil war. As Midwest Freezes, Aussie Heatwave Reaches Record Highs :While Midwest America hunkers down for the coldest temperatures in a generation,records have also tumbled across South Australia, with the city of Adelaide experiencing its hottest day on record. Is Saudi Arabia About to Build A Mega City Atop Mount Sinai? The plans for the city are ambitious indeed: at a cost of $500 billion, Neom will be 17 times the size of London and ’33’ times the size of Manhattan SQ:NOTE THE ILLUMINATI 33 SIGNATURE Global Collapse Accelerating Buy Gold Now – Chris Martenson-This is the ‘Everything Bubble.’ What happens when it bursts? We don’t know. So, gold, to me, is the thing I want to own and hold when you have a systemic crisis.”

MICRO DUST WEAPONRY,BEYOND GEO ENGINEERING!–Ten Plagues: Our Spiritual Condition is Reflected in the Plague of Boils Breaking: Top Defense Official Testifies Trump Does Not Need Congress or National Emergency to Build Border Wall (VIDEO) What if everything you were seeing wasn’t real; that is now more a reality than ever. Lies, lies, lies for profit, profit, profit…and the cost is the freedom of America-TECH TITAN WHISTLEBLOWER JUST EXPOSED THE GLOBALIST GAME PLAN! CBS ’60 Minutes’ Segment about Company Sending Small Satellites Into Space to Take Pictures to Sell to Whoever Wants Them For Whatever Reason. SICK: VIRGINIA DEMS INTRODUCE BILL TO ALLOW ABORTION RIGHT BEFORE WOMAN IS GIVING BIRTH This is basically infanticide SQ-INFANTICIDE IS GENOCIDE !!!!!!’MURDEROUS BLOOD THIRSTY BASTARDS’IN MY OPINION

Armed Services Committee Chairman Warns US And China ‘Headed For World War III’ :The days of absolute military dominance in the South China Sea have ended, Inhofe said. But strangely, many Americans don’t seem to understand the magnitude of this shift – Is this the dawn of Skynet-style machines? Robot that can ‘imagine itself’ and became self-aware is built by scientists Chaos Erupts Inside Facebook HQ As Employees Blocked From Opening Apps On Their iPhones:Apple’s ban reportedly unleashed chaos inside FB HQ as employees suddenly found it impossible to open the company’s internal apps on their iPhones Scientists invent ‘self-aware’ robot that operates ON ITS OWN and able to REPAIR ITSELF SCIENTISTS have created a self-aware robot capable of operating on its own without any instructions, in a major scientific breakthrough. Ten Plagues: The Exodus with Great Balls of Fire: The role of microorganisms in meteorological phenomena and in atmospheric processes has implications for human and veterinary medicine, agriculture, and the effect of the biosphere on climate change.

Deepfakes 2.0: The terrifying future of AI and fake news-Imagine seeing yourself in a video saying things you’ve never said before, controversial things, the sort of stuff that could cost you your job or alienate you from family and friends Jennifer Buscemi is the deepfake that should seriously frighten you: A now-banned community on Reddit known as ‘r/deepfakeservice’ was found to be selling such content in early 2018 to anyone willing to provide at least two minutes of source video. DAILY MAIL:Elizabeth Warren tries to BAN Trump and his successors from launching a nuclear first strike saying it would cut the risk of accidental conflagration Virginia governor comes under fire for endorsing ‘post-birth abortion’ amid furious backlash after lawmaker proposed bill allowing termination during labor SQ;GOOD FOR VIRGINIA CITIZENS ,NOW IMPEACH AND REMOVE HIM! TECHNOLOGY: DISTRACTING, DISTURBING, DECEIVING & DELUDING OURSELVES TO DEATH-‘Television is altering the meaning of ‘being informed’ by creating a species of information that might properly be called disinformation’.

77 below zero? Polar vortex yields deadly cold as thousands endure power cuts, travel issues mount in Midwest SQ; THE WORD NORMAL,AS I STATED DURING THE TRUE LEGENDS CONFERENCE, WILL CEASE TO EXIST IN ALL REALMS!RECORD BREAKING-LIFE TAKING SEN. SASSE: ‘IF YOU CAN’T SAY IT’S WRONG TO LEAVE BABIES TO DIE AFTER BIRTH, GET THE HELL OUT OF PUBLIC OFFICE’ ‘This is morally repugnant.’ Astonishing moment Russian jet ‘pushes’ US F-15 by banking across it ‘during NATO patrol over Baltic Sea’ SQ-GET OUT OF THE WAY AMERICA ,WERE OVERTAKING YOU,IS THE MESSAGE SENT The Collapse of Everything Is Nigh- ‘If our research is right, Americans will have to make some tough choices on how they’ll go about surviving when basic necessities become nearly unaffordable and the economy becomes dangerously unstable. U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Sales Jump In January -According to the U.S. Mint’s most recent update, Silver Eagle sales totaled 4,017,500 versus 3,235,000 last year:

More than half of Russians believe threat of war is real, most place faith in army – poll Legend Connected In China At The Highest Levels Says Expect $100-$200 A Day Spikes In Gold Price:SQ-EXPECT PLATINUM WHICH NOW TRADES 500.00 BELOW GOLD PER OZ ,TO GO BACK TO HISTORIC PRICES TRADING HIGHER THAN GOLD! FSS Grid Down Short Film – The Unprepared: We know well that the scared and the unprepared will be led toward actions that as of this moment, they would never think themselves capable of performing ‘SO HELP YOU GOD’ TO BE REMOVED! THE ATTACK ON GOD TAKES ON NEW DEMONIC AGGRESSORS! SQ;IM SURE THE INFESTATION IN WASHINGTON DC, WOULD PREFER HAIL SATAN, AS THAT DAY WILL SURELY COME Forsaking God: Liberals Try To Legalize Murder Of Infants Just About To Be Born, Remove God From Oath & Teaching Kindergartners There Are ’15 Genders’ Without Parental Approval

Japan earthquake, tsunami fears heighten after oarfish sightings but scientists say it’s not a bad omen Legend has it that when oarfish rise to shallow waters, disaster is near. But scientists say there has been no reports of increased seismic activity i 20,000 5G satellites to be launched sending DANGEROUS BEAMS of intense microwave radiation ACROSS THE WORLD Apocalyptic Debt Crisis In America: 63 Of America’s Largest 75 Cities Are COMPLETELY BROKE-Most of the debt is due to unfunded retiree benefits such as pension and health care costs. That means those depending on that money, likely won’t see a dime of it. Judge Napolitano: Mueller Deep State Is Keeping Evidence from Roger Stone :Mueller Deep State Charged Roger Stone with Lying But Won’t Allow Him to See Transcript The Lies Of Islam Have Come To US Congress: Taqiyya Allows Muslims To Lie To ‘Gain The Upper-Hand Over An Enemy’Say NO To The Islamification Of America! It’s Incompatible With Freedom And American Values :

Police officer who ‘shot female colleague dead during game of Russian roulette’ charged with her killing The Latest: US issues new warning to Maduro in Venezuela Dakota Theriot, suspect in 5 killings in Louisiana, arrested at gunpoint in Virginia Ten Plagues: Flashes of Prophecy and News Dancing Amidst the Hai:lLife in the clouds: Over 3,000 compounds and seven species of bacteria found in HAILSTONES (so it’s probably not a good idea to eat snow) SQ-VERY INTERESTING INFO! Governor Who Endorsed Infanticide Received $2 Million From Planned ParenthoodSQ;’BLOOD MONEY NORTHAM’,HAVE YOU NO SHAME -AH FOLLOW THE MONEY,LEFT A BLOOD TRAIL RIGHT TO YOUR NAME!

Doomsday ‘Experts’ Warn Of Civilization-Ending Information Wars Daniel 5:27 TEKEL means that you have been weighed on the scales and found deficient. Daniel 5 KJV Dam collapse: 40 dead, hundreds still missing Rescuers are digging through mud and debris in a desperate search for the nearly 300 people still missing in the wake of a dam collapse at a Brazilian mine. Cause of the tragedy still unknown » US and Canadian jet fighters scrambled to escort Russian bombers off American coast

New York State has just become a Massive Altar for Child Sacrifice and Sexual Perversion!Just like AHAB, Andrew Coumo has Reared up an Altar, a High Place and a Grove to Baal and Moloch which has made New York State a HOUSE OF BAAL! Fed Will Crash Markets & Dollar, Gold Protects – ‘This is a very dangerous time both domestically and globally’ Maybe this is why gold and silver prices keep steadily climbing higher, there is going to be a flight from the dollar into other currencies and Maduro Stymied in Bid to Pull $1.2 Billion of Gold From U.K.:The U.S. officials are trying to steer Venezuela’s overseas assets to Guaido to help bolster his chances of effectively taking control of the governmen AI Finds Traces of a Lost Species in Human DNA: SQ: THE FALLEN ANGELS LOOKING FOR THEIR GENETIC OFF SPRING! LUCIFERS LINEAGE Greyerz – Sources Close To De Gaulle Have Informed Me That De Gaulle Was Certain The US Had No Gold Left | King World News

20 Killed & Dozens Injured In Twin Blast Targeting Catholic Cathedral:SQ-WHERE ARE THE POPES REBUKES OF ALL THESE EVENTS TARGETING CATHOLICS BY MUSLIMS,ABU SAYEF ,WHICH THIS DEFINITELY WAS! Muslim photographer raped & killed a non-Muslim model for saying no to sex :Rape and sex slavery is sanctioned under Islam. As I have explained numerous times, it is sanctioned and rewarded under Islam. The global elite meeting in Davos, Switzerland, are relying on walls and armed guards to protect them, hinting at their effectiveness; meanwhile, Democratic lawmakers refuse to fund President Trump’s proposed border wall. -The Army wants armed AI to return fire if US soldiers come under attack The Rise Of Satanism In America: Why Spawn Of THE SECOND COMING OF THE NEW AGE Are Growing Exponentially:SQ-REVELATION 18;2 COMES INTO FOCUS, AS NEW YORK’S NEW CHILD SACRIFICE LAWS,SEAL ITS FATE,AS MYSTERY BABYLON RISES

Rep. Ilhan Omar facing new scrutiny over past effort to win leniency for 9 men accused of trying to join ISIS’-I was not going there to pass out medical kits or food.I was going strictly to fight and kill on behalf of the Islamic State’ ‘We Will Teach You a Lesson’: Extremist Persecution of Christians, November 2018–The Murder and Persecution of Muslim Converts to Christianity Guns and God: Growing number of churches want armed security SQ-HALLELUJAH ,SHEEP WAKING UP TO THE WOLVES! THESE ARE PASTORS WHO GENUINELY CARE FOR THE SHEEP IN THEIR CARE! Music legend Charlie Daniels blasts NY’s Dem governor over new abortion law: ‘Satan is smiling’ ‘Designated survivor’ chosen for presidential address, Jan. 27, 2010

Alysa Liu, 13, Just Became the Youngest Senior Ladies U.S. Figure Skating Champion DAILY MAIL:Life-threatening wind chills as low as -50F will sweep the Midwest as polar vortex blasts in on Tuesday – amid warnings exposed skin could FREEZE IN TEN MINUTES Half of Germany’s potential army recruits unfit, lack motivation or have no citizenship – reports;SQ-THEY WILL RESORT TO HIRING MERCENARIES IN THE NEAR FUTURE RANDY CONWAY:THE DATA COULD BE OUR DEMISE :Social engineering and the collection of data could soon govern every aspect of our lives. Randy Conway looks at the Orwellian features of data collection in this short video poem Mount St Helens lava dome is rising at 5 meters a day, preparing the next eruption- It’s now taller than the Empire State building. It’s coming up at five metres a day, more than 200 metres wide and it’s right here in our back yard.“

Woman Who Left Infant Strapped in Car Seat For Days Sentenced for His Death Trudeau sacks Canadian envoy to China after Huawei controversy Abortion: A Rebellious Young Woman’s Choice comes Full Circle:The news of the Evil, Wicked Bastards (Hebrews 12:8) in N.Y. State passing a law that allows for the Murder of a baby right up to the time of birth proves how far the Luciferian Reprobates are Police investigating after video shows an apparently bullied boy begging to stay on school bus 911 dispatcher hailed as a hero for staying on the phone to help boy with his homework

2-year-old boy who fell into 360-foot hole found dead Sheriff’s office: 1 employee escaped Florida bank massacre Fight during funeral turns into fatal shooting outside Compton church, witness says Facebook Used Games to Bilk Millions of Dollars From Children, Rejected Internal Solutions Venezuela Wants $1.2 Billion in Gold Back From Bank of England

White House announces 51 judicial picks, including two … – Fox News Mount St Helens WARNING: Scientist reveals molten rock ‘rising … Mount St. Helens face in the smoke rising BRAZIL DAM BREAKS : Hundreds Missing In Brazil After Vale Tailings Dam Breaks , Area Evacuated – News 5 dead in Louisiana shooting, suspect at large Louisiana police are searching for a 21-year-old man who they say may have fatally shot 5 people in 2 neighboring parishes. Victims identified »

PROJECT BLUE BOOK: THE STUNNING TRUE CASES BEHIND HISTORY’S NEW UFO SHOW – SQ;AS HOLLYWOOD LEADS IN PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING,THE TIMING OF THE RELEASE ,OF THIS SERIES PERFECTLY COINCIDES WITH FULL DISCLOSURE! DAILY MAIL:Return of the polar vortex: Icy blast brings ‘the coldest air in five years’ causing temperatures to plummet to MINUS 45F as US gears up for bitterly cold weekend and forecasters warn there is worse to come Russian Long-Range Bombers Intercepted In Canadian Air Identification Zone By NORAD Jets SQ-REPORTS OF 5 RUSSIAN BOMBERS DISPATCHED TO VENEZUELA YESTERDAY ALSO-SERIOUS PRE-POSITIONING OF NUCLEAR ASSETS! Andrew Maguire | King World News Andrew Maguire Says We Have Never Seen So Much Liquidity Flow Into Physical Gold & Silver | King World News

People Are So Busy With Their Phones And Their Own Devices That They Forget To Look Up. Many People Seem To Be Under A Kind Of Satanic Apathy, Or Mind Control CANADA: One of Justin Trudeau’s pet Syrian Muslim refugees arrested in terrorist bombing plot; police refuse to give motive or name Microsoft now conspiring with pro-Monsanto front group “NewsGuard” to censor all anti-GMO news on mobile devices PEOPLE Calling For Nancy Pelosi To RESIGN After Sen Ted Cruz EXPOSED THIS(VIDEO)!!! Democrats vote to not pay federal workers and media hides it. Republicans had a plan to pay federal workers during the shutdown How America Just Built an Altar for Satanic Worship :Instead of sacrificing children on an altar to Molech, today, children are sacrificed on the altar to’self.’ Therefore, there truly is no way around calling abortion what it really is. It is satanic wor

MULEgate: Mueller is destroying the rule of law, Replacing it with the rule of the jungle :In other words,The Mule has the lead role in executing a slow-motion, soft coup against President Donald Trump.How’s that for sedition in a suit, treason with a tie Obama Regime Still Making Deals & Meeting World Leaders Like They Are Still In Charge SQ;WHO OKS’S AND PAYS FOR OBAMA’S EXTREME SECURITY DETAILS,EQUAL TO HIS FORMER PRESIDENCY? Dershowitz on Mueller move against Roger Stone: ‘Trump is the target’ :Robert Mueller is trying to force Roger Stone to "flip" and incriminate President Trump by indicting the veteran Republican operative on charges that leave him facing the prospect of d The Roger Stone Raid Is A Blatant Product Of FBI-Media Collusion :It cannot and should not be treated as anything other than the same antics, the arrests of critics, by the Erdogan regime in Turkey or the Maduro regime in Venezuela. New York celebrates child sacrifice with passage of extreme abortion law;SQ-ABORTION,CHILD SACRIFICE HAS LEAD TO HUMAN SACRIFICE AS GANGS AND THE ELITE PRACTICE THIS RITUAL,MORE OPENLY & PUBLICLY LIKE THE BUTCHERING OF CHRISTIANS IN THE MIDDLE EAST!

Trudeau warns fear-mongering over immigration will be part of election campaign :PM says there are people trying to create fear, intolerance and misinformation about immigration Globalist CFR: G9 Committee Must Save ‘World Order’ From Trump–Basically, the globalist screed complains that Trump refused to bow to CFR demands and defy the will of the American people. Now It’s William Barr: When Will Christians And Conservatives Stop Making Excuses For Donald Trump?If the nomination of William Barr as America’s next ‘Top Cop’ doesn’t awaken the ‘Always Trumpers,’ there is absolutely no hope for them. Prominent Democrats dress up as the Devil :This post — on the curious penchant of prominent Democrats to dress themselves up as the Devil — provides yet another example of why I call them Demonrats.SQ: LOOK AT THE ROOTS, UNDERSTAND THEIR EVIL FRUITS! Geoengineered Winter, 2019 :Climate engineering operations continue to create winter weather chaos in parts of the US, Canada and Europe. Chemical ice nucleation elements are a core component of global geoengineering programs

Andrew Maguire – Gold & Silver Now In Massive Coiling Phase Similar To 2011 | King World News Look At What Is Happening With GLD (Gold ETF) | King World News Watch Live: Yellow Vests Rage For 11th Straight Week; Organizers Plan Night Rallies, Human Chain Of 50,000 ‘The Left Tries to Ban Christianity in Texas’: Sudden Spate of Bills Exalts LGBTQ Ideology Over Rights of Christians SQ; FOR THOSE ‘CHRISTIAN CLAIMANTS’ WHO DENIED PERSECUTION WOULD COME,HERE IT IS IN PLAIN SIGHT EU nations give Venezuela’s Maduro eight-day ultimatum Spain, France, Germany and the UK to recognise Guaido as Venezuela’s president unless Maduro calls elections. SQ;I DON’T THINK PUTIN CARES ONE BIT!

Islamic State video shows doctor from Canada urging ‘jihad :’The understanding of Islam and jihad is the same, and it is the motive, the incitement to this monstrous war on the West and and the East and all points in between. America Is Headed For Planned Obsolescence By A Shortsighted, Uneducated And Careless Society That Values The Enjoyment Of Cheap Trinkets And Quick Fixes Rather Than The Solid Value Of Time Tested Products And Customs CATHOLICS DEMAND GOVERNOR CUOMO’S EXCOMMUNICATION OVER NY ABORTION LAW ‘Below 1%’: The Monarch Butterfly Is Approaching Total and Irreversible Extinction Celebrated Democrat ‘Beto’ O’Rourke outed wearing ‘Devil goat’ costume; left-wing media tries to spin narrative away from Satanism-Left-wing media trying to play it off as a prank in order to hide the deeper, darker truth about Democrats and Devil worship

China, Russia Building Super-EMP Bombs for ‘Blackout Warfare’ Report reveals electromagnetic war scenarios Feminism Is A Disease – And Masculinity Is The Cure:Masculinity can be independent, unruly and aggressive.A society in which masculinity thrives is a society that is harder to rule.A society that has made masculinity a taboo would be easier to dominate The vast majority of the population is unprepared for any serious national crisis Nazi blueprint for North American Holocaust acquired by Canada archive German researcher’s 1944 book, once owned by Adolf Hitler, lists Jewish residents of US and Canada David Horowitz: ‘White Privilege’ Is a Racist Idea:Here’s my politically incorrect answer: White privilege is the gift of being the only racial/ethnic group on the planet which it is okay to single out for abuse.

Pope Heads To Caravan Country To Push Central American Migration:This Pope is a disgrace. He is selling out his people, condemning them to futures of unimaginable misery.Pope Francis is the most pro-Islamic, subjugated Pope in history. What Foods Have the Longest Shelf Life? [My Top 20 Checklist] UNITED SOCIALIST AMERICA…YOU READY FOR IT? THE 4 WAYS THEY ARE CHAINING UP OUR LIBERTY WHILE LAUGHING IN THE FACE OF OUR FREEDOM! THE DAVID KNIGHT SHOW: THOUGHTCRIME BECOMES REAL AS GLOBALISTS USE TECHNOLOGY AND LAW TO DESTROY DISSENTERS PC police investigate citizens who criticize transgenderism in UK DAILY MAIL:Federal agents with GUNS DRAWN shouting ‘FBI! Open the door!’ in dramatic pre-dawn raid following indictment in Mueller’s Russia probe on seven counts related to WikiLeaks hack of Democrats’ emails during 2016 election

Why Does Pope Francis’s New Morocco Logo Imply Submission To Islam?SQ; 20 YEARS AGO I STATED THAT ISLAM AND CATHOLICISM WOULD MERGE:NO ONE BELIEVED ME THEN-BUT NOW IT IS IN PLAY! THE POPE HAS CONVERTED,AND IS FACILITATING IT! D.MAIL-FAA orders a ground stop on flights at LaGuardia Airport and departure delays from Newark AND Philadelphia because of air traffic control staff shortage caused by government shutdown EXCLUSIVE FIRST STATEMENT FROM ROGER STONE AFTER HIS ARREST Stone slams Mueller as ‘rogue prosecutor,’ sent text message last night, ‘hey’re setting me up for the kill!’ GRETA VAN SUSTEREN SUGGESTS FBI TIPPED OFF CNN BEFORE RAIDING ROGER STONE Former Fox News host questions how news network obtained audio of FBI banging on Stone’s door France and Germany: ‘We Are Committed to the Emergence of a European Army’ SQ; EURO-AXIS ,WILL MAKE WAR AGAINST THE U.S. AT THE APPOINTED TIME- FORMER NATO COUNTRIES, WILL JOIN WITH RUSSIA TO FIGHT THE CHINESE IN THE YEARS AHEAD

IMPORTANT FLASHBACK:–The Occult Symbolism of Movie’Metropolis’ and its Importance in Pop Culture’ The New World Order’ has already taken been implemented and a select elite live in luxury while a dehumanized mass work and live in a highly monitored hell. NASA satellite images reveal shocking proof of climate engineering around the world : The ongoing climate engineering/climate/intervention/weather warfare is disrupting Earth’s atmosphere and life support systems is already beyond catastrophic Russia sends ‘around 400’ mercenaries to Venezuela to protect President Maduro as US diplomats and their families flee the country

Jeremiah 33:25 This is what the LORD says: If I have not established My covenant with the day and the night and the fixed laws of heaven and earth, Jeremiah 31:35 Thus says the LORD, who gives the sun for light by day and orders the moon and stars for light by night, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar–the LORD of Hosts is His name: Bible Search: set a watchman Isaiah 21:6 For this is what the Lord says to me: “Go, post a lookout to report what he sees. Ezekiel 33:2 “Son of man, speak to your people and tell them: ‘Suppose I bring the sword against a land, and the people of that land choose a man from among them, appointing him as their watchman,

Bible Search: will not cease Genesis 8:22 As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night shall never cease.” Psalm 74:17 You set all the boundaries of the earth; You made the summer and winter. Jeremiah 5:24 They have not said in their hearts, ‘Let us fear the LORD our God, who gives the rains, both autumn and spring, in season, who keeps for us the appointed weeks of harvest.’

2 Thessalonians 2:11 For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie, Bible Search: children of light 1 Thessalonians 5:5 For you are all sons of the light and sons of the day; we do not belong to the night or to the darkness. Luke 12 KJV

Bible Search: if the goodman Matthew 24:43 But understand this: If the homeowner had known in which watch of the night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. Luke 12:39 But understand this: If the homeowner had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have let his house be broken into.

Bible Search: tyrus Ezekiel 28:2 “Son of man, tell the ruler of Tyre that this is what the Lord GOD says: ‘Your heart is proud, and you have said, “I am a god; I sit in the seat of gods in the heart of the sea.” Yet you are a man and not a god, though you have regarded your heart as that of a god. Ezekiel 28 KJV-12Son of man, take up a lamentation upon the king of Tyrus, and say unto him, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty. 13Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created. 14Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. Ezekiel 28 KJV Ezekiel 28:14 You were anointed as a guardian cherub, for I had ordained you. You were on the holy mountain of God; you walked among the fiery stones. Isaiah 56 KJV

Isaiah 17:1 This is an oracle concerning Damascus: “Behold, Damascus is no longer a city; it has become a heap of ruins.


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