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Are We Eating Our Children? Did you know that ‘artificial flavors’ are often the result of aborted baby tissue?SQ;’MOLECH’S MEDICINE CHEST ‘ CANNIBALS IN THE MAKING!BABY PARTS FOR THE TAKING DOBSON: N.Y. ADOPTS ‘PURE BARBARISM RARELY SEEN SINCE MIDDLE AGES’ Abortion-until-birth standard kills those ‘preordained by God himself’ DAILY MAIL:Trump says ‘all options are on the table’ as he recognizes Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido as country’s ‘interim president’ after masses take to the street to oust Maduro Two More Gold Mega-Mergers?…As Emergency Monetary Policies Remain In Place | King World News Michael Oliver Update: Watch For Bullish Multi-Year Buy Signal For Gold | King World News

Extended video footage shows that clash between MAGA hat-wearing teens and a Native American in a whole new light: New video shows a group of black Hebrew Israelites — a religious sect — hurling insults at the teenagers. Mohammad Most Popular Name in Norwegian Capital for 11 Straight Years SQ;WHERE ARE RAGNAR LOTHBROK’S DESCENDANTS,WHEN YOU NEED THEM,SUGGEST NORWAY UNDERTAKE GENETIC HUNT AND FIND THEM QUICKLY!-Somehow they have convinced actual Norwegians to delay or not have children. Convenient. UK: Muslims plied lonely 14-year-old girl with drink and drugs before raping her when she was comatose:’HORRID CREATURES OF THE NIGHT,WHERE ARE THE MEN WHO WILL STAND AND FIGHT SWEDEN BOMBING CRISIS: Four Explosions in 24 Hours SQ;’FROM VIKINGS TO VICTIMS,FROM WARRIOR TO WOOSES’! Cannibals at the Gate-When we view the America of today, we see a people and a culture that has evolved into a socially cannibalistic mob.Our government is a ruse, it is smoke and mirrors. It has long ago traded legitimacy for convenience

Hackers watched, taunted family through home security cameras: ‘We were really vulnerable’ Army vet dress coded at gym for wearing ‘racist’ Trump shirt: ‘It’s 2019, get the hell over it’ 5-year-old Delaware boy left on freezing school bus for several hours after multiple safeguards fail Woman Streams Alleged Sex Assault on Nightclub Dance Floor on Facebook Live: ‘Help Me!’ Walmart hiring hundreds more truck drivers – and it’s paying nearly $90,000

New York condo sells for record $238 million Family removed from plane after fellow passengers allegedly complained about body odor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez votes against a bill to end the partial government shutdown due to ICE funding Boeing’s flying car lifts off in race to revolutionize urban travel Thunderous Applause: We Can Kill Our Children at Nine Months:SQ-PRAY THAT GOD ANSWES THIS HEINOUS AND MONSTROUS MURDER BILL WITH HIS OWN THUNDER,AND LIGHTNING AND TAKE THEM AWAY

Watchdog Sounds Alert Over Chemicals In Diapers Syria To “Strike Tel Aviv Airport” Unless UN Does Something About Israeli Aggression Planned Parenthood Annual Report Disproves Its Own Narrative | National Review Venezuela Erupts Against Dictator Maduro as His Socialist Regime Starts to Completely Collapse Showdown in Venezuela: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warns the US will take ‘appropriate action’ if Nicolas Maduro tries to remove any American diplomats, as clashes break out after Trump recognizes the opposition leader as president

GOP Senator Facing Allegation Of Affair With Soldier Under Her Command · Venezuela Gives US Diplomats 72 Hours To Leave, Severs Diplomatic Relations Another Blood Pressure Medication Recalled Over Cancer Risk 2019 Venezuelan presidential crisis – Wikipedia Senate rejects bills to end government shutdown

Ben Stein: Ocasio-Cortez Is Promising ‘The Same Kinds Of Things’ As Hitler Man charged with kidnapping after missing woman found in his apartment Woman Known as the ‘Bikini Climber’ Freezes to Death After 65-Foot Fall Down Mountain Witness implicates El Chapo’s wife in the alleged drug lord’s most daring prison escape Lawyer Representing Covington Kids Receives Bomb Threat After Giving Celebs and Journalists 48 Hour Notice to Retract or Face Lawsuits

Vigilant Citizen :Tremendous expose of the illuminati one eyed sign: Samuel Jackson, Iggy Azalea, David Beckham, Travis Scott and irrefutable proof that the occult elite controls mass media. Celente – The Global Economic Slowdown Won’t Crash Markets…This Will | King World News Nurse arrested after disabled patient gives birth Phoenix police revealed that a nurse has been charged with sexual assault following an incident involving an intellectually disabled woman in a care home. Victim has been incapacitated since age 3 » At least 5 people dead after shooting inside bank Pelosi blocks Trump’s SOTU speech until govt. reopens

THE DEVIL’S DIVIDE: HORRIFIC EVIDENCE OF THE THE GLOBALIST’S DEMONIC ATTACK ON AMERICA’S YOUTH! ‘Globalists are the existential enemy of American sovereignty, independence, and they are desperately trying to destroy America’…The Four Horns Attack-economic, religious, education, politics New York legislature votes to legalize abortion up to birth, let non-doctors commit abortions SQ;LORD ARISE AND JUDGE, AND LET THE CANARY IN THE ‘CUMBRE VIEJA CAGE’, START TO SING,OPEN YOUR PEOPLES EYES TO THIS GREAT WICKEDNESS! DIRE,DEADLY AND DISGUSTING-MUST READ!Uncle Sam Wants Your DNA: The FBI’s Diabolical Plan to Create a Nation of Suspects World War 3: ‘Rapid military escalation’ occurring between Iran and Israel TENSIONS between Iran and Israel are ‘escalating and intensifying’ after Israel struck Iranian targets this week, a former Pentagon official has warned. After Mom of Newborn Twins Goes Missing, Scammers Seeking Ransom Money Target Worried Family

Debt, Not Trade War, Is China’s Biggest Problem – Forbes The Collapse has started !! | Pastor Lindsey Williams Blog A meteor hit the moon during the lunar eclipse. Here’s what we know. In what may be a first-of-its-kind event, a flash of light seen during totality has astronomers on the hunt for a new crater on the moon. Merkel, Macron Sign France-Germany Treaty, Boast of Coming ‘European Army’ French-German leaders unite by signing pact that to build ‘common military culture’ Syria To ‘Strike Tel Aviv Airport’ Unless UN Does Something About Israeli Aggression SQ;WHEN THIS HAPPENS MAY BE TOO LATE TO FLEE AS WW# WILL BE ACCELERATING BEYOND THE MIDDLE EAST!

EXPOSED! TRUMP’S SHOCKING 5G SECRET; IT’S NOT WHAT HE DID, IT’S WHAT HE UNDID… When it comes to 5G it is an all-out war on good verse evil; this battle knows no party lines. NATIVE AMERICAN ACTIVIST WHO CLAIMED ‘HARASSMENT’ BY TEENS ACTUALLY LEFTIST OPERATIVE Nathan Phillips exposed as far-left provocateur Bible site where ‘God met Moses’ to be BULLDOZED for ‘super city’ by Saudi Arabia New Pentagon chief says focus is on ‘China, China, China’ Pat Shanahan tells staff he is committed to strategy developed under departing secretary Jim Mattis, which emphasizes great power competition US Army buys Israel’s Iron Dome for tactical missile defense Iron Dome was developed by Israel, in partnership with US firm Raytheon, to deal with short-range rockets, mortars and artillery rounds

UFOs, warp drives, stargates: Freedom of Information query reveals secret list of Pentagon research projects These bizarre experiments and programs are the stuff of conspiracy theory. But now it’s been revealed it was true the entire time. Supreme Court Lets Trump’s Transgender Military Ban Take Effect Definitive Proof There Really Is a War Against Christianity–If we turn our backs and look the other way while anyone is being persecuted, we are in great danger of being persecuted ourselves Russia’s nuclear-capable underwater drone to be deployed Skeptics play down the threat posed by Moscow’s latest weapon, which is set to be used in the Pacific It’s not over yet! Tens of millions shiver as wind chill temperatures in the Midwest and Northeast plunge as low as minus 40 causing 500 flight cancellations and SEVEN deaths – with another blast of Arctic air due on Friday

Covington Catholic students release video detailing shooting, bombing threats made against them Apostasy: Church Kicks Out Pro-Lifers – Welcomes Planned Parenthood :Eldred kicked out the pro-lifers and eerily told reporter Kaitlin Bennett that he was okay with his church being an arm in their propaganda to kill babies. MAJOR WARNING: “The Seeds Of The Next Financial Crisis” Have Already Been Sown | King World News Shock Interview: Veteran FBI Terry Turchie Demonstrates Why FBI Shouldn’t Exist – The Washington Standard ALERT: Major Economic Warnings From China To Europe! | King World News

Soccer star was on missing plane, no survivors expected Emiliano Sala, 28, was signed by Cardiff City less than a week ago for over $19 million, a club record. Last seen over the English Channel » Fox News anchor involved in ‘major car crash’ Marriott getting crushed due to shutdown 27-year-old man, citing virginity and constant rejections, threatened to kill ‘as many girls as I see’: Police Passenger Confronts GOP Congressman Over Flying First Class During Shutdown

Greyerz – Gold Continues To Hemorrhage Out Of Western Central Bank Vaults | King World News James Turk – What To Expect Next After Central Banks Intervene In Gold & Silver Markets, Halting Rise | King World News James Dines – Gold’s Super Major Upwave III Will Have Its Day | King World News News – Missed the Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse? Watch it here! – The Weather Network Will Globalists Sacrifice The Dollar To Get Their ‘New World Order’?

Many Americans Are Not Prepared To Deal With Depression Level Living… How Will You Cope With A Lower Standard Of Living? Personal responsibility is a dirty phrase in today’s entitlement society. one only has to look at the collapse of Venezuela FABULOUS PHOTOS! Life under the ocean wave: Stunning photos show humpback whales, rays and squid in all their amazing glory Over the moon! Thrilled stargazers around the world are treated to a stunning Super Blood Wolf Moon as it turns RED for AN HOUR following a total lunar eclipse D.MAIL -Only go outside if it’s absolutely necessary’: Governor Andrew Cuomo urges New Yorkers to stay INDOORS as Arctic blast savages the East Coast with temperatures dipping to -40 degrees with wind chill Egon von Greyerz – On The Cusp Of The Biggest Financial And Economic Collapse In History | King World News

World War 3 Alert: Iranian Forces Fire Rockets Into Israel, And The IDF Responds With ‘Waves Of Guided Missiles’ FBI ‘CAN NEITHER CONFIRM NOR DENY’ IT WATCHES YOU DOING THIS! BTW: IT’S ALREADY BEEN CONFIRMED, NO RECORDS, NO TRACE!What is even more shocking is the fact they’ve admitted it a 100 times over and now declare they can’t decide. The Unvarnished Truth About Illegal Immigration:WONDERFULLY RESEARCHED AND DOCUMENTED FACTS-This border wall fight that President Trump is waging is for nothing less than the preservation of our country. Believe it! AI IN OUR FACE:: QANONSENSE W/ QUINN MICHAELS :For all we know Q could be a very important CIA experiment or an experiment from DARPA–and there is really no way of knowing who contributes to its huge library of knowledge. Thousands of caravan migrants trek and hitch-hike across Mexico after hundreds were allowed in with no border checks and are now headed for the US

Focus sharpens on Mexico fuel theft plan after blast kills 79 As health experts predict a vaping ban, what do e-cigarettes really do to the body? DAILY MAIL:’There’s no place to hide’: Shocking study reveals how Twitter and Facebook learn private information about you – even if you DON’T have an account FRANCE:The REAL reason behind the 10th week of Yellow Vest protests finally comes out in a townhall meeting with Macron—France’s MASS MUSLIM MIGRATION, much of it illegal. 5G apocalypse: Scientists, environmental groups, doctors and citizens around the world say STOP THIS EXPERIMENT ON SOCIETY!

TRUMP becomes KING! Immortalized with CYRUS on TEMPLE Shekel at Lunar New Year – YouTube University fires scientist who gene-edited babies Florida police run over couple lying in the road to watch lunar eclipse Democrats now are the ones prolonging the shutdown Video shows Florida toddler walking towards police with hands up during her father’s arrest

Egon von Greyerz | King World News Fake Washington Post editions declare Trump resigned – CBS News Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “OUR GREAT COUNTRY MUST HAVE BORDER SECURITY!… “ This Problem Is 10,000 Times Bigger Than The Border Wall | Zero Hedge Jerusalem’s iconic Wailing Wall and Dome of the Rock covered in SNOW as 6C temperatures bring Middle Eastern city to a standstill

Total lunar eclipse meets supermoon Sunday night Massive blizzard impacting California mountains, Up to 100 inches of snow possible Will bring rain to Virginia this weekend LATEST NEWSGillette’s Ad About ‘Toxic Masculinity’: When Marketing Mixes With Social Engineering, marks a new era of marketing where advertisement is mixed with aggressive social engineering. Here’s a look at the deep absurdity of this ad campaign. DAILY MAIL:Double trouble! Two winter storms set to hammer Midwest and Northeast and snarl travel over long weekend before polar vortex brings brutal cold to 200 million Where’s the Investigation into Senator Feinstein’s Chinese Spy? Senator Feinstein quietly covered up that her driver and San Francisco office director of 20 years had been spying for the Chinese government, while she and her husband made millions from Chi

Commie NYC Mayor Announces Plans To Steal Private Property:’This is extreme even for Mayor de Blasio because we know that he has socialist leanings, but this is straight communism and I think it’s very scary to America-loving, democracy-loving people.’ Doctors have no business asking about gun ownership Keep docs’ gun questions off the charts WHY TRUMP’S RIGHT. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BORDER NOW Exclusive: Joseph Farah calls shutdown battle ‘our last chance to save America’ Norway Readies ‘Big Brother’ GPS-Based Taxation Per Mile-Driven:The growth rate of government has started to explode. Instead of looking at the problem objectively, they are simply looking from paycheck to paycheck on how to meet the next payroll ElliQ is a friendly, intelligent, inquisitive presence in your daily life – there for you, in your corner, offering tips and advice, responding to your questions, surprising you with suggestions – a dedicated sidekick on your journey through this remarkab

Tokyo earthquake:5.8-5.0 ‘Crazy’ quake rattles Japan’s capital – Ring of Fire on alert TOKYO has been rattled by a strong earthquake, with residents reporting shaking in the Japanese capital. RAND PAUL SUGGESTS CUTTING PELOSI OUT OF STATE OF THE UNION ‘I propose we move it to the Senate and make it happen!’ District Court Fines Austin, TX, $9M for Refusing Carry of Handguns at City Hall :City of Austin, Texas, violated the law by barring handguns in City Hall and assessed a nine million dollar penalty against the city for the violation. Troubling Signs for Uncle Sam as Demand for US Treasuries Sags:Meanwhile, the three biggest holders of US Treasuries – China, Japan and the Federal Reserve – are dumping bonds, not buying. Migrants Kidnap Belgian Woman, Hold Her as Sex Slave for MonthsI :talian authorities are investigating claims of a 32-year-old Belgian woman who says she was kidnapped by six migrants and forced into sexual slavery for two months.

Retail Silver In Tight Supply?, then watch this video to learn everything you need to know about Retail Silver In Tight Supply? TWO OF AMERICAS LARGEST PRECIOUS METALS,REFINERS HAVE SHUTTERED-NO ONE HAS FILLED THE VOID! ‘DEMONBOT’ Armageddon? The Rise of the ‘Demon’ Machines How U.S. surveillance technology is propping up authoritarian regimes DAILY MAIL:CERN reveals plan for $10 billion next-generation particle accelerator FOUR TIMES the size of the Large Hadron Collider – and says it could be completed by 2040 FACEBOOK INVESTOR BREAKS SILENCE AND DISCLOSES DARK TRUTH ON WHY ‘PLATFORM IS A THREAT!’Generation Z are all but slaves to the control of its mechanisms; Democracy is all but lost one the control is handed over to them.

Austria has been rocked by the murders of four women over a span of eight days, with migrant suspects in three cases.SQ-WHEN ARE THE ‘FGM,EMBRACING ISLAMOPHILES’, GOING TO WAKE UP AND SEE THIS IS NO GAME! Get ready to watch the rare moment a total lunar eclipse crosses over with a supermoon on MONDAY (because it isn’t happening for another TEN YEARS) D. MAIL-Scientists find preserved animal carcasses in mysterious Antarctic lake ‘twice the size of Manhattan’ buried under 3,500 feet of ice–‘They even say life could still exist there’ SQ-THEY KNOW IT DOES! D.MAIL-Wild weather weekend: Nearly TWO THOUSAND flights canceled and TWO FEET of snow expected to fall in New England as winter storm that will affect 115 MILLION starts sweeping towards the Northeast Israel in the Crosshairs:Today there are over 10,000 Iranian troops poised on the Iraqi and Syrian border ready to move into Syria. That’s very bad news for Israel SQ;THOSE WHO KNOW BIBLE PROPHECY KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS-UNIMAGINABLE CONSEQUENCES!

Roads melt and animals drop dead as Australia suffers through its ‘most significant’ heatwave for 80 YEARS and temperatures top 120F=LOOK AT THE MELTED TIRE 7TH PIX DOWN! DRAIN THE SWAMPPetition To Remove Ilhan Abdullahi Omar From Congressional Position For Participating In Immigration Fraud Circulates The Web 40 Bizarre Home Remedies Our Grandparents Taught Us That Actually Work Extreme weather across the US: After dropping tons of snow and killing 6 in California, MAJOR Winter Storm Harper brings heavy snow, strong winds and freezing temperatures from Midwest to US East Coast and Quebec, Canada Ten Plagues: God’s Playbook Embedded Within the Judgment Plague of Wild Beasts

MSM Covers Up $21 Trillion Historic Government Fraud:Not only is Skidmore being refused access, but the entire federal budget has been turned into a national security issue.There is literally no more public access to what the government spends your tax mo The Ebola outbreak in Eastern Congo is moving toward a major city. That’s not good. With at least 680 cases, it’s already the second-largest Ebola outbreak in history. A LETTER FROM ZIMBABWE WHERE THE COUNTRY IS IN TOTAL SHUTDOWN.We are now in our third day of complete shutdown throughout the whole of Zimbabwe. Banks are closed, schools are closed, roads are closed in and out of the main towns Taiwan Holds Live-Fire Military Exercise Amid Fears Of China Invasion What Would It Really Be Like To Have No Running , Sewer, Newspaper Or Internet? No Supermarket Or Fire Department Close At Hand?

EXPOSED: Vaccine deep state plot to seize domain and criminalize all speech that questions vaccine propaganda:The real goal is to criminalize vaccine skepticism and shut down all online speech that’s critical of vaccine safety Iron dome intercepts Syrian missiles following claims of attack on Damascus University of Georgia teaching assistant: ‘Some white people may have to die’ Johns Hopkins, Bristol-Myers Face $1 Billion Suit For Infecting Guatemalan Hookers With Syphilis D.MAIL:The horrors Zimbabwe doesn’t want the world to see: Hundreds are beaten and killed in protest crackdown by Mugabe’s successors that has been hidden behind a news blackout

Indonesian woman, 44, mauled to death by 4.4m-long pet crocodile after falling into its enclosure Fred Hickey Comments On The Plunging Global Economy And Gold | King World News The Vatican Surrenders to China: Many, if not most, Chinese Catholics are likely to view this agreement as a cynical political betrayal by the Vatican rather than a faith-based decision. SQ-I’M NOT CATHOLIC, BUT THIS IS ABJECT BETRAYAL BY POPE! TSA calls in backup officers as absences of unpaid airport screeners rise;SQ-WHAT HAPPENS TO AIR TRAVEL IF ALL TSA WORKERS STRIKE OR FAIL TO SHOW-COMPLETE SHUTDOWN? Russia and Syria join forces to repel Israeli air strikes. Iron Dome downs Syrian missiles over Golan

The Globalist Cabal of the World Health Organization, has pointed the finger of blame squarely at ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ and added them to the list of biggest threats to World health; DANGER: Trump’s Attorney General Pick Wants Red Flag Laws[SQ-‘RED FLAG LAWS’, ARE NOTED FOR THE RED COMMUNIST ATTEMPTED TAKE OVER,CURRENTLY UNDERWAY,IN THE U.S. Surviving in a Venezuelan City: ‘You have no clue about how people really are when they are faced with hunger’ US Government Shutdown, Home Buyers Struggling, Trouble Brewing In Europe, Plus The Beef With China And Tariffs | King World News Trump cancels delegation’s trip to economic summit

GOLD – THE ONLY SAFE PLACE FEW INVESTORS WORRY ABOUT COUNTERPARTY RISK Counterparty risk is the risk associated with the other party to a financial transaction not meeting its obligations. Who Owns the Money In Your Bank Account? The Answer Will Surprise You-Dave Hodges Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Picked For Finance Committee Demonstrates Unseriousness Of Democrats SQ-IF YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THE RED DEMO RATS AND RED REPUBLICONS ARE PUSHING FOR THE FINAL TAKEDOWN OF AMERICA,EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE Deadly California parade of storms is not over yet: Downpours and heavy snowfall in higher elevations, forced evacuations in several burn areas, mudslides, floods… And the worse is to come SQ;OVER 230 GEO-ENGINEERING,PATENTS ARE IN PLAY Outrage as Swedish TV Cuts Word ‘Islam’ From Saudi Refugee Girl Story

YIKES! DARPA Proposes Giving Life To An All-Seeing Artificial Intelligence ‘THAT CAN MONITOR THE ENTIRE WORLD’ The Rise Of The Antichrist And Modern Technology. All They Need Is The Right Conditions: A Totalitarian World Dictatorship To Put It Into Effect Zimbabweans dying of hunger after land grabs and killing of white farmers;SQ-THEY SHUT THE INTERNET AND PHONE LINES DOWN BEFORE THE GOVT WENT DOOR TO DOOR HAULING PEOPLE OUT AND SHOOTING THEM-TAKE NOTE, AMERICANS! SOUTH AFRICA; ANC Have Killed 500, 000 Citizens Since 94′, Document Shows ANC’s Plot To Kill All Boers And Seize Land Since 1993 MUST READ TWICE! Saul Alinsky – Rules for Radicals-In the beginning the organizer’s first job is to create the issues or problems.READ RULES 10-13 AND SEE WHAT THE ENEMIES OF FREEDOM ARE USING

Vaccines found to contain pig virus DNA and monkey kidney cells… the “dirty” little secret the vaccine industry doesn’t want you to know Mengla: the Ebola-like virus recently found in China SQ;NOTICE THE SIMILARITY OF THIS VIRUS ,TO JOSEPH MENGELE ,’THE INFAMOUS NAZI ANGEL OF DEATH’-IS THIS GLOBALIST MESSAGE TO THEIR FOLLOWERS ,GET READY FOR MASS PANDEMIC? Despite Overwhelming Evidence, Cognitive Dissonance Rules the Day: Cognitive dissonance is where an individual, despite overwhelming evidence refuses to believe how much danger they are in because to do so, would require embracing a new reality Google Employees Upset Over Company Usage of the Word ‘Family’ During Presentation Was It An Asteroid OR THE FALL OF LUCIFER That Killed The Dinosaurs And Caused Mile-High Tsunami Around The Earth

Trump cancels Pelosi trip to Brussels and Afghanistan after she suggests State of the Union delay Lawyer Claims Man Who Punched 11-Year-Old Girl Was Defending Himself Back Pay? No Way: U.S. Federal Contractors Losing $200 Million in Daily Revenue Due to Government Shutdown Twitter Sends Pamela Geller Notice to “Consult Legal” for Violating Pakistani Law — Pamela Geller to Twitter Legal: ‘Kiss my Free A**’ SQ-TAKE NOTE AMERICA-FIGHT WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH, WEALTH AND INDIGNATION-THEY ARE GOING AFTER MATT DRUDGE NOW! MUST READ TWICE! Big Tech’s China BETA Test For America: We’re Caught In An Electronic Prison Of Our Own Making – And Our Freedoms Were Betrayed Over To Lucifer For His Soul Taking! January 17, 2019 Big Tech’s China BETA Test For America: We’ Great danger: Divers spot the world’s largest ever recorded great white shark – 2.5 ton ‘Deep Blue’ – feasting on a dead whale in Hawaii and JUMP IN to take photos SQ;JUST IMAGINE THE RETURN OF ‘GENTIC REANIMATED MEGALODON OR BEHEMOTH’?


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