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Rick Rule | King World News-BINGO! 

We Are Now Only Months Away From The Worst Global Crisis In History | King World News-“anyone hoping to get their money back will soon learn that they can’t. “ China Is About To Shock The World With Its Next Move | King World News-“China Now Poised To Control Eastern Oil Markets” Dr. Stephen Leeb | King World News Audio Message – Prepare for the Coming Crash & Collapse – by Nathan Leal | Watchmans Cry Perseid meteor shower illuminates the night skies around the world | Daily Mail Online

Dr. Jim Willie: Japan is on the Verge of Total Economic Collapse (Audio) Financial Asset Party Around The Globe Continues, Plus Morgan Stanley Notes An Opportunity In The Gold Sector | King World News Central Bank Fantasyland And What May Finally End The Party | King World News James Turk – Don’t Believe The Propaganda, Here Is The Harsh Reality Of What Is Really Unfolding | King World News WARNING: A Shocking Story About How One Man Lost $83 Million, Plus China, Gold And U.S. Dollar | King World News Top Analyst Says The Price Of Gold Is Set To Soar 71% Within 2 Years! | King World News Rick Rule – After Gold’s Biggest Surge In 36 Years, People Should Do This Right Now | King World News Money Is Now Pouring Into Gold & Silver Mining Stocks | King World News

Truth is treason in an empire of lies. SHTF Arrives Early, Now What?The MSM is thrashing around as they slowly die of lost legitimacy WOW! BREAKING=> Julian Assange Suggests Seth Rich – Who Was MURDERED in DC – Was Wikileaks DNC Source! How Scientists Plan To Grow Cities Out Of Living Organisms: We have built tools of creation that increasingly have the power to literally code any kind of world we imagine Entering Perfect Storm of Every Facet of our Lives-Bill Holter ,”we are going to have a reset of the system. All currencies, all bonds, all interest rates, stocks, commodities, gold, silver, etcetera. This is a very,very dangerous time Reports of gunshots in bustling mall: chaos, people running More and more women are now dying in childbirth, but only in America

Lack of Shipping Demand Sends Big Ships to Scrap Heap (Trucking Next!) | MishTalk The Obama administration has approved the release of 15 detainees from the prison camps at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the United Arab Emirates, a move derided Monday night by a leading member of Congress as reckless. Media Silent As Persecution Of Christians Escalates Cleansing of Christians in America? Wait Till Hillary Gets In Office:If you have not been paying attention, just look; America is beginning to be ‘cleansed’ of everything God, Jesus, His Word and His children – aka – bible believing Christians. Faith Money and the Coming Collapse (FULL)

Wal-Mart exec calls credit card upgrade a ‘joke’ – Apr. 3, 2015 The Coming Global Silver Production Collapse & Skyrocketing Silver Value: As I mentioned, new information and data point to a rapid ‘Thermodynamic collapse of the U.S. and Global Energy Industries. EXCLUSIVE: Gerald Celente – Sneak Peek At The Remarkable Top Trends For 2017 & How You Can Profit | King World News Gerald Celente | King World News Chart of the century! There has never been a more dangerous time financially than today in all of history. This, at the same time gold has never been cheaper in relation to the amount of dollars outstanding The Worst Global Crisis In History Will Be Triggered In The Next Few Months | King World News-hyperinflationary spiral

IRS Increases ‘Marriage Penalty,’ Unmarried Cohabitants To Get Twice The Mortgage Interest Deduction Signs That Martial Law May Soon be Coming to America & Prepare Now or Never: For the first time in American history, a sitting president has just signed an executive order authorizing US military to use violence to kill US citizens. Amazon Echo is the ultimate spy device that records everything you say New security flaw in credit card chip system revealed What Happens When Rampant Asset Inflation Ends?:The collapse of asset inflation will implode all the fiscal and financial promises based on ever-inflating assets.

Neocons, Warmongers, and Globalists Abandon GOP for Hillary American Woman Killed in London Knife Attack: Cops Woman calls 911 because she was afraid of police officer, then violent arrest follows | Miami Herald Rick Rule – I Have Only Seen The Stunning Event That Has Just Taken Place Twice In My Lifetime | King World News Machete-wielding man attacks Belgian police Here Is The Craziest Thing One Market Veteran Has Ever Seen In His Lifetime | King World News Bill Fleckenstein | King World News

Brain Hacking: Companies, Governments, Police, and Hackers Will Soon Access Your Brainwaves, Thoughts, and Reactions IMPORTANT:Cognitive Infiltration: refer to the use of government and third party ‘cognitive’ provocateurs and front groups to ‘infiltrate’ social networks, other online groups, and ‘real life’ groups built around conspiracy theories.’ Agent provocateur – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia German intelligence head warns of ISIS ‘hit squads’ disguised as refugees MUSLIMS SLAUGHTER 13 CHRISTIANS, RUN HUNDREDS OFF THEIR LAND Massacre comes amid reports of U.S. news blackout of Christian ‘genocide’ Marine who was court-martialed after putting up Bible verse at her desk loses First Amendment appeal in ‘outrageous’ federal court decision: EACH TIME THE MILITARY PUNISHES CHRISTIANS AND OR MAKES WAR ON GOD -SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS TO THEM

Behind the Curtain–Black Magic and Satanists Rule the World, Not Politicians, Bankers or Military Heads! Obama To Let UN Troops Use Force On US Citizens; LOOK AT THE RAMP UP IN U.N. STATEMENTS AS A DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST GUN OWNERS AND CHRISTIANS-ANY RELIGION BUT CHRISTIANITY IS OK-DEVIL YES –‘JESUS NO IS THEIR MANTRA’! Obama Administration and UN Announce ‘GLOBAL POLICE FORCE’ to Fight ‘Extremism’ IN US CITIES; YOU ALL NEED TO ORDER ‘AMERIGEDDON’ NOW AVAILABLE FROM ALEX JONES WEBSITE TO GET AREAL PICTURE OF WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU! The Greatest Threat to Our Freedoms: A Government of Scoundrels, Spies, Thieves, Ruffians, Rapists and Killers:’There is nothing more dangerous than a government of the many controlled by the few.’—Lawrence Lessig, Harvard law professor 1-10 Destroyed in Louisiana, Over 30 in of Rain have fallen as the gulf storm moves northeast.

One Of The Greats Warns We Are Now Having To Deal With Events Never Seen Before In History | King World News With Global Gold Reserves Nearly Exhausted, Can Anyone Spell Weimar? | King World News Expect To See A Panic Into Gold | King World News ALERT: Alasdair Mcleod Just Issued A Terrifying Warning | King World News BREAKING: Obama And Sadiq Khan Just Passed Online Sharia Law:Currently, a ‘partnership’ is being established between all of the major online companies. Companies included in this partnership include Google, YouTube, Bing, Microsoft, Yahoo, Twitter, and Fa

New York Times Tells Truth About US Gov’t ISIS Connection:The truth is becoming so obvious that even the New York Times was forced to come out and show how the US government created ISIS while trying to destabilize Syria. Woman and Dog Rescued From Sinking Car in Louisiana Floods – Yahoo Pain Drugs in Pregnancy Tied to Behavior Issues in Kids Devastating New Details About the Women Who Were in the Same Boat as the Water Slide Victim Challenging judges in Olympic gymnastics costs real money

Two Killed, Another Injured at Martin County Home Where Man Found Eating Victim’s Face SNOWDEN: EXPOSURE OF ALLEGED NSA TOOLS MAY BE WARNING TO US China steals FBI surveillance secrets through veteran who worked inside as spy:A Chinese penetration agent operated secretly within the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and passed valuable intelligence to Beijing for at least 10 years without being de China launches first-ever quantum communication satellite :Any attempt to interfere with its transmissions will leave a mark, disrupt the communication and result in parties involved being warned The Illiberal Left and Political Islam How did the marriage of political Islam and the Left come to be? Look first to the West’s progressive media, academics and agenda-driven elites — the standard coterie of cultural engineers who oppose free speech, U.N. Peacekeepers, U.S. Embassy Stand Down As American Aid Workers Beaten, Raped In Sudan;UN PEACEKEEPERS? -WHAT ABUNCH OF HORSE MANURE-WANNA GUESS WHO GAVE THE ORDER?

Legal Alliance To Stop Weather Geoengineering (Chemtrails) Lawsuit Update Orwellian CA Bill: Reporters Can’t Post Undercover Videos :This one is big. It adds to California’s growing reputation as Police State Central. Russia deploys bombers to Iranian air base :It is thought to be the first time that Russia has struck targets inside Syria from Iran since it launched a bombing campaign to support Syrian President Bashar Assad in September last year. Thailand Is the Next Syria-The TPP Will Lead to World War III :Complete with U.S./NATO Military Intervention.The TPP Is About Establishing Corporate Control Over the Drug, Gun and Child Sex Trafficking Industry

‘Manimals’: The next’ frontier in scientific research? SQ-‘GENETIC ARMAGEDDON’ AND XENOGENESIS’ HAS ARRIVED ,DAYS OF NOAH AND ITS ATTENDANT JUDGMENT LOOM-SUGGEST YOU ORDER MY BOOK ‘XENOGENESIS’ AVAILABLE ONLINE ON MY BOOK PAGE The coming age of the chimera Science wants to break down the fence between man and beast Truck Shipment Deterioration in Chart Form;STORE CLOSINGS,RESTAURANT CHAINS AND THE DEATH OF THE SHOPPING MALLS, COUPLED WITH RETAIL IN GENERAL HAVE COLLAPSED BECAUSE OF THE LOSS OF JOBS AND THE ELITES WAR ON THE MIDDLE CLASS Bassam Tibi: Euro-Islam Doesn’t Have a Chance:Is there any connection between the attacks on New Year’s Eve in Cologne and the situation in Syria? The answer is: Yes, there is a connection and the common denominator is violence against women. German President Booed, Attacked; Claims ‘The People Are The Problem, Not The Elites’SQ-THIS GUYS STATEMENTS SUMMARIZE THEIR DEPOPULATION AND OVERTHROW OF NATIONS PERFECTLY-

Same Chemicals Causing Infertility Problems In Humans Now Found In Dogs : XENO-ESTROGENS IN PLASTICS COUPLED WITH EXCRETED PHARMACEUTICALS, SUCH AS BIRTH CONTROL HORMONES IN WATER, ARE A FORM OF POPULATION CONTROL ,FOR HUMANS AND CANINES! Female Belgian sailor becomes first Olympic athlete to contract severe stomach infection after racing in Rio’s sewage-filled waters: SQ :LOOKS LIKE THE OLYMPIC STEERING COMMISSION HAS PROMOTED OPEN SEWER RACES-CHANGE NAME TO OPEN SEWER COMMITTEE Georgia Police Officer Shot and Killed, Suspect on the Run; :SQ WATCH THE POLICE AND CITIZEN SHOOTING INCREASE ALMOST DAILY AS THE ‘AGENT PROVOCATEURS’ SEEK TO ESCALATE DIVIDE AND CONQUER PLANS, PRIOR TO THE ELECTION! German far-right party wants to expel migrants to islands as Merkel tells companies to hire refugees Donald Trump Rally Breaks Elton John’s Attendance Record At River City Arena

Introducing The Robot Baby Project: Amsterdam Researchers Have Decided To Make Robots That Can Mate And Reproduce;SQ -WATCH AS THESE ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCTS BECOME ‘DEMON POSSESSED’! Aggressive Hospital Vaccine Policies: Get Vaccinated Or Lose Your Job! You thought the heat was bad… here come the flying cockroaches: Heat wave may cause the bugs to take flight The most dangerous nuclear bomb ever? US finishes testing ‘smart’ precision-guided nuke that experts says is so accurate presidents will be tempted to use it Milwaukee burns: Four buildings and a police car are set on fire as violent protests erupt after cops shoot and kill armed man during chase

Attorney Jonathan Emord — An Open Letter to Donald Trump Goodbye Europe; It was Nice Knowing You:The Europeans have never figured out that government is inherently evil, only one flash away from tyranny and that the only true bulwark against big government is an armed population. EXCLUSIVE – New Black Panther Leader on Milwaukee: This Is A War The American economy is living on borrowed time through the infusion of massive amounts of ‘printed out of thin air’ cash being printed by the Federal Reserve. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that the inevitable economic crash is looming VIDEO: ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ RIOTERS TARGET WHITES FOR BEAT DOWNS ‘They beating up all the white people’ SQ ‘SURVIVAL RULE’- BE WHERE EVERYONE ELSE ISN’T AND STAY AWAY WHEN VIOLENCE ESCALATES IN YOUR AREA BREAKING: #Milwaukee Man Shot By Police Blood Gangbanger & Cousin Calling For’Gallon Of Blood’ From Every Cop? -Milwaukee Uprising -Black Lives Matter

How Close Are We to Biometric Credit Cards? Closer Than You Think, Whether You Want Them or Not Fingerprint-based credit cards have long been part of the ‘future’ discussion of financial payments. But is that future right now? Surviving the Collapse – The Best Emergency Food Methods For Keeping Your Family Alive–Lessons passed down by expert preppers on storing up emergency food on a budget… Caskets float down the street in devastating Louisiana floods: Grim scenes as 500-year storm leaves up to 10,000 people homeless A second night of violence erupts in Milwaukee: One person is shot and a cop is wounded as crowd clashes with police after officer shot armed man! IT’S OFFICIAL: OBAMA TO SEND TPP TO CONGRESS Jeff Sessions: ‘He arrogantly thinks he knows best’.The 5,554-page accord, disguised as a simple trade agreement, commits the American people to an international commission with the power to act around Congres

THE US POLICE STATE: RISE OF A THIRD WORLD NATION:A key factor is the lack of a middle class — with impoverished millions in a vast lower economic class and a very small élite upper class controlling the country’s wealth and resources 7 Million Americans Flat Out Refuse To Pay Back Student Loans Why the South China Sea is on the Verge of an Environmental Disaster:Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most diverse global marine bio-systems, hosting 76 percent of the world’s coral species and 37 percent of reef-fish species Funny Money Accounting—-Why Social Security Will Be Bankrupt In 10 Years Conservative Leaders Call on Media to Report on Genocide of Christians-‘Islamic terrorists have tortured, beheaded, crucified or burned alive priests, nuns and worshippers alike. Families are routinely broken up and women are forced into sexual slavery.’

Sister of man shot by Milwaukee police calls for agitators to ‘burn down’ suburbs:Sylville Smith’s sister Sherelle challenged the agitators not to burn down their own community — but instead, someone else’s. A new governing aristocracy made public deception acceptable:Within the ruling ‘aristocracy,’ loyalty to the ruling class supersedes right and wrong, and even loyalty to the country is only, at best, second New York Muslims Blame Donald Trump for Imam Shooting (But Shooter is ‘Dark Skinned Man’) WORKING WITH A SPOUSE WHO IS NOT LIKE-MINDED:Many people are resistant to even entertaining controversial topics for fear of taking a position outside the safety of the mainstream. Mystery object lurking past Neptune is baffling astronomers:NAMED ‘NIKU’,has been observed exhibiting some unusual behavior; while planets in this solar system rotate around the sun along a similar plane, this one is moving upwards above it. U.S. AG Lynch Announces Global Police Force Partnership With UN:This is such an attack on our Constitution. This is such an attack on the sovereignty of our states’, she added.’This will eliminate the rights of the people and our Constitution!

Russian Leader Vladimir Putin’s Hand Is About To Get Much Stronger | King World News Minnesota farmers turn to bankruptcy as low prices continue Sheriff David Clarke Holds Press Conference on Milwaukee Mayhem – 98% of Catholic Relief Services’ contributions go to pro-abort politicians :50 of the 52 (i.e., 96.16%) CRS employees had donated to openly pro-abortion politicians, accounting for 187 or 98% of the total 191 contributions. ‘Methuselah Stars’ –Oldest Stars in the Universe Found at Milky Way Center: ‘Date from Before Its Birth’

Muslim Father Killed Daughter and Threw Her Down a Well, But Jesus Caught Her and Restored Her Life Can we predict who will turn to crime? ‘Minority Report’ computers may soon mark out children as ‘likely criminals’:We would no longer consider people to be innocent until proven guilty, but would instead see them as guilty by reason of destiny. Shock: Americans’ Wages Dropping Fast in 2016 We should nationalise German banks’ Warning Deutsche Bank teetering on edge of CRISIS Was Flydubai jet crash that killed 62 people a SUICIDE? Black box reveals captain – who’d quit ‘unbearable’ job – ignored co-pilot’s fears that he was flying dangerously

Air Force warns it is SEVEN HUNDRED fighter pilots short amid three air wars against Islamic State terrorists in Iraq, Syria and Libya Seattle judge upholds ATF’s decision banning ammo designed for AK-47s :The decision came in a lawsuit brought by Redmond-based P.W. Arms Inc., which obtained permits to import more than 100 million rounds of the Russian- and made ammunition Obama Admin Forced ICE to Free More Than 5,000 Illegals Jailed for ‘Terrorist Threats,’ Drunk Driving, Sexual Assaults, Gun Possession… This is political theater. The Neutered American Pastors :It is time we identify these cowards, call them out, leave their churches, and point out their lack of testicular fortitude. After all that is exactly what Jesus and the Apostles did was it not? Why Most Americans Are Sitting Ducks – Nation Descends Into ‘Death Spiral’ – Deadly Toxins Found In The Water Supply Of Millions Of Americans

Four Ways the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ Twists Christianity :God’s absolute holiness, His sovereign majesty, coupled with our sin (yes, SIN!) are conspicuously absent in the self-esteem manuals and pep talks of the Prosperity Gospel. Something is Very Wrong :I believe that what we are seeing and experiencing the process of exposure of the globalist agenda, who are busily battling the revelations of their nefarious wiles, their agenda of Socialist-to-Communist enslavement of the masses Back to School Shots: How Your Child is Being Programmed :The costs of vaccine injuries, including developmental delays, symptoms of autism, seizures, and more, are too great and long-lasting to justify vaccination, especially in pursuit of a trivial priz Princeton Professor Shows How Easy it Is to Hack an Election in Just 7 Minutes :’But the threat, the cyber experts say, starts with the machines that tally the votes and crucially keep a record of them — or, in some cases, don’t.’ Leaked e-mail shows Soros urged Clinton to intervene in Albania civil unrest: More leaked e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State prove that she was taking foreign policy advice from left-wing billionaire activist George Soros. Christians Forced to Hide Bibles Amid Migrant Muslim Death Threats

This Cloak Makes Russian Military Invisible to Enemy: ‘For First Time, These Weapons Do Exist’ US Nuclear-Bomber Triad in Pacific for First Time as China Reaches Boiling Point ,the Obama Administration adds fuel to the fire by dispatching enough nuclear weaponry to kill everyone in the region. FLASHBACK: OBAMA ADMITS ‘WE’RE TRAINING ISIL’ ‘We’re speeding up training of ISIL forces’ ‘Expert’Says Rising Rapes In Sweden Due To Global Warming Not Soaring Muslim Immigration:SQ THIS GUY HAS HAD A’ BULLS REAR END GRAFTED INTO HIS BRAIN’ FOR SUCH BOVINE LOGIC TO EVEN BE MOUTHED–NEW DIAGNOSIS- ‘CEREBRAL-BOWEL BOVINE BREAKDOWN SYNDROME’ FSS World News Update – Russian_War – Thailand_Attacks – Military_Curfews – Parasite_Outbreak

Shadow Government: WikiLeaks Exposes George Soros Controlling Clinton Meet The Real Lords Of War: How The World Goes Shopping For Death Physicist who foresees global cooling says other scientists tried to ‘silence’ her:WITHE EXTREME VOLCANIC ACTIVITY TAKING PLACE, SHE WILL BE PROVEN RIGHT! 2012 PENTAGON REPORT WARNED OBAMA WAS CREATING ISIS Predicted current policies would lead to Islamic state in Syria Obama puts Congress on notice: TPP is coming:Friday’s move is the clearest indication yet that the White House is serious about getting Obama’s legacy trade deal The mysterious death of famed herbalist Dr. Sebi while in police custody sparks rumors the naturalist may have been murdered Gorka: ‘When Obama Took Office There Was No ISIS, Now They Have 80K Fighters

Judge Jeanine: ‘Clinton Foundation a Money Laundering Op, Not a Charity’:Judge Jeanine Pirro went off this morning, calling the Clinton Foundation nothing more than a ‘money laundering operation used as a slush fund.’ Remote control of the brain is coming: how will we use it? ‘Stranger Things’: The Secret CIA Programs That Inspired Hit Series Breaking down how the Duffer brothers used real-life government programs like MKUltra and Stargate Project in their hit show New Study: Mental Clarity During Near-Death Experiences Suggests Bible Correct:’Mind'(Soul) Exists Apart From Brain Abortion is the leading cause of death in U.S.:The abortion death rate for Blacks is 5.9 times that of Whites and 2.1 times that of Hispanics.:And yet 90+% of Blacks support Hillary Clinton

Firefighters rescue 8 kittens from storm drain-duh mommy put them down there for safe keeping :p Julian Assange:’The World Will Now See Hillary’s Ties To Saudi ISIS. Here Are The Emails!’–Saudi Arabia Is The Leading Source Of Funding Terrorism AND Hillary Clinton Stores to customers: "Cash not welcome here"The Scandinavian country is largely a cashless society, with consumers relying on mobile phone payments or plastic. SQ-SIMPLE RESPONSE TO STORES, WE WILL BOYCOTT YOU! ‘BOVINE EFFLUENT PROPAGANDA’ At least three dead after apocalyptic rainfall ‘which occurs once every 500 years’ floods swathes of Louisiana and forces locals to wade through snake-infested water FSS World News Update – Caskets_Unearthed – Curfew_Martial_Law – Unsafe_Water – Bacterial_Warning

BRAVE NEW WORLD SHOULD BE AN ELECTION ISSUE :With so much humanity-altering power being developed, where are the democratic debates about whether we should permit human beings to be designed, manufactured, and subjected to methods of quality control? 45 times Clinton publicly supported the TPP-YET DENYING IT ON NUMEROUS TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stunning Video! Napolitano and Wikileaks Charge Hillary with Corruption! Family Of Murdered DNC Staffer Demand Answers From Clinton Leading Faith-Based University Embraces Obama Admin’s ‘Transgender’ Mandate-Pepperdine University BREAK-IN AT AMERICAN WEAPONS CACHE IN GERMANY ‘May be linked to the Islamic terrorists who have infiltrated’ Russian drone invaded Israeli airspace, IDF failed to destroy it (THREE TIMES)

HIGH CRIME AND MIS-DEMEANORS-Obama’s Cash Payment to Iran Was More Than a Ransom — It Broke Criminal Law In Venezuela 90% of the population can’t afford food! And here is why. — Steemit BILL CLINTON GOT MILLIONS FROM SHARIA EDUCATION NETWORK Microsoft’s Mind-Reading Software to be Used Against Americans :Facial recognition has gone to a whole new level. It is entirely possible to tell what a person is thinking if they have access to a new generation of facial recognition software. Who is behi PUTIN warns U.S. about the NEW WORLD ORDER 2016!! All need to see this!! Elites Plan to Crash World Economy

Pakistan suicide bomb attack leaves at least 63 dead in ‘one of worst attacks in country’s history’ ‘THE RELIGION OF PIECES( AS IN BODY PARTS)-STRIKES AGAIN’ The Clinton Death Squads; The Growing List of Dead Political Enemies :The trail of bodies have continued to grow at every stop of Bill and Hillary’s rise to power. These ‘accidents’ can no longer be explained away as mere coincidences. Judge Jeanine: Clinton lied to the public and the FBI Japan orders military to be ready for North Korea missile launch at any time Air passengers face hours of delays as ALL Delta flights around the world are grounded thanks to a power cut at the airline’s headquarters which made its computer systems crash COMMUNIST PARTY UNITES BEHIND HILLARY Rave ‘coverage’ of Democrat convention puts MSNBC to shame AUSTRIA-Far-right chief compares coup against Turkey’s Erdogan to Hitler’s Reichstag fire in Nazi Germany which Adolf Hitler used to consolidate his power base.

How Hackers Could Get Inside Your Head With ‘Brain Malware’Researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle say that we need to act fast to implement a privacy and security framework to prevent our brain signals from being used against us Donald Trump vs. the National Security Establishment:The Establishment could care less about the average American. They care about one thing and one thing only, the financial gravy train that delivers on schedule to their bank accounts Churches take new security measures in face of terror threats Bad Economy is Why Trump GOP Nominee-John Williams: Once you start to see a panic decline in the dollar, I’d be real cautious because it can happen quickly. You will see a decline in the dollar first, and the likely trigger for the selloff in the dollar Before America Wanted To Eradicate Them, The U.S. Military Was Weaponizing The Zika Mosquito Pamela Geller: Shocking New Details Emerge in Idaho Muslim Migrant Rape Case

Texas Links Infant’s Death to Zika-Related Birth Defect – Yahoo Fertility Rates Drop to Lowest Level Measured in the US, Says the CDC – ABC News The New 5G Network Is Deadly–The other obvious reason for the employment of something so obviously dangerous and lethal speaks to the fact that this is a depopulation scheme. WikiLeaks CONFIRMS Hillary Sold Weapons to ISIS… Then Drops Another BOMBSHELL! Breaking News-Now, he’s announcing that ‘Hillary Clinton and her State Department was actively arming Islamic jihadists, which includes the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria’. No Longer Fiction: Tiny BORG Implant Could Connect Humans And Machines Like Never Before :A tiny implant the size of a grain of sand has been created that can connect computers to the human body without the need for wires or batteries,

ANOTHER MYSTERIOUS DEATH=> Activist and Sanders Supporter Who Served Papers to DNC on Fraud Case Found Dead ISIS Kill List Names 15,000 Christian Americans Targeted for Death: ,Circa News reports that the FBI did not notify American Christians who are on the ISIS “Kill Lists.” On its website it states:SQ THIS IS THE ULTIMATE WAKE UP CALL! Bat Creek Stone | A lamp stand Bat Creek Stone! – Friends N Christ Mom Who Sued Hospital for Traumatic Birth Wins $16 Million Ascarid (also Roundworm, also Toxocara) | CAPC Vet

We’re Out of Time – Prophetic Warnings of the Past are Playing Out – Steve Quayle Tonight on The Hagmann Report IDI, a year-old company in the so-called data-fusion business, is the first to centralize and weaponize all that information for its customers.-This Company Has Built a Profile on Every American Adult Every move you make. Every click you take. Every game you play. Every place you stay. They’ll be watching you. U.S. Navy to name ship after homosexual child-predator Harvey Milk: A 16-year-old boy is a minor, which means Secretary of Navy Ray Mabus and the U.S. Navy under Barack Obama deem it appropriate to name a ship after a homosexual predator of children. Hospital: Fukushima radiation may be eating holes in people’s brains — Report: Military brought in to hide true radiation levels — Experts: Officials covering up dire consequences of crisis.Worry over high number of cancers being detected,Public suffers

Mutant ‘Super Lice’ Outbreak Has Now Spread to Nearly Every State The WHOLE TRUTH about Whole Foods: Shocking new mini-documentary excoriates this deceptive, fraudulent corporation for becoming the Monsanto of food retailing-ONCE AGAIN KUDOS TO MIKE ADAMS! Pro Vaccine Studies Used by Media and Government Have Conflict of Interest and are Easily Debunked Tom Bauerle: Can Satellites Reprogram Voting Machines Clinton Adds +5 to Body Count in 6 Weeks Totaling 67 Dead Associates (Video)

Beijing sends bombers, fighter jets on combat patrols over contested S. China Sea Treason: Iran Videotapes Obama’s Cash-Drop Plane During January Prisoner Swap (Video) One Ohio Mosque Has Been at the Center of SIX Terror Cases ‘Invasion from Mars’: 1953 MOVIE THAT WAS FIRST TO DEAL WITH ALIEN IMPLANTS THAT TOOK CONTROL OF HUMANS -MOVIE MADE 6 YEARS AFTER ROSWELL ‘It Came From Outer Space’ –NASA Identifies Eight Potentially Hazardous Near-Earth Objects for 2016: ‘Major Impact Could Cause Evolutionary Change’

Top Swedish Priest: Islamists Have Declared War on Christianity: ‘It’s time to wake up’ DHS grants Syrians temporary amnesty:Homeland Security granted a new temporary amnesty Monday to more than 8,000 Syrians living in the U.S. right now, saying they can remain for up to 18 months longer no matter what their legal status. Tim Kaine Promoted the Group Federal Prosecutors Call “the Overt Arm of the Muslim Brotherhood” From California to Nevada, wildfires burn in seven Western states Platinum, palladium prices are exploding:After underperforming gold in 2016, platinum has now overtaken the yellow metal with a year to date advance of a shade under 34%. Wells Fargo to Hogue Inc: (KNIFE MANUFACTURERS)- We won’t do business with weapons manufacturers.EVERYONE WHO DOES BUSINESS WITH WELLS FARGO SHOULD CLOSE ACCOUNTS AND SAY WE DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH DERIVATIVE WMD’S BANKS

Obamacare Death Planning:In the Obamacare documents is a section devoted to the useless eaters and life planning. In truth it is not life planning but our death plan.ASSASSINATION ALGORITHMS ARE NOW IN EFFECT-LEARN THE TERM -‘CURATIVE PROCESS’ EVERYTHING IS RIGGED: Medicine, science, elections, the media, money, education, search engines, social media… you are living in a fabricated fairy tale ‘Breaking the Cross’: Islamic State Magazine Mocks Christianity, Claims Jesus Is ‘a Slave of Allah’ AMERICAN CHURCHES WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE?TELL YOUR PARISHIONERS THE TRUTH- NOT LUKEWARM ‘VOMIT HURLS’ OF A PC SERMON!!! Islamic State Answers Pope Francis: Ours Is a Religious War and We Hate You FRANKLIN GRAHAM RIPS POPE OVER ISLAMIC TERROR ‘It’s a religion that calls on soldiers to shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ as they behead, rape’

Democratic Senators Outraged That The Air Force Moving Forward To Update Nuclear Missiles So They Don’t Go Obsolete Incoming commander for Army Space and Missile Defense Command dies:NOTE HIS AGE NOTE HIS POSITION-‘At this point we don’t have any indication of foul play,’ said Chris Grey a spokesman for Army Criminal Investigation Command. 31 Incredible Facts About Gold :No metal can claim a legacy comparable to gold. Wildfire near nuclear waste storage site is much bigger than thought:The estimated size of the fire that burned through Yakima and Benton counties toward the Hanford nuclear reservation has been more than doubled to 273 square miles. John Embry – Silver Is Now On The Cusp Of A Historic Upward Price Explosion | King World News

Turkey Sets Ultimatum for EU Migrant Deal ‘Erdoğan is openly pursuing the Islamization of Europe’ Rumblings Of Ezekiel 38? Turkey-Russia Pact Threatens New Order In Middle East Chemtrails are Greatest Threat to Life on Earth-Dane Wigington: To put this into the nutshell, the amount of destruction these programs have caused environmentally, it’s contaminated the entire web of life. Disney patent wants to stealthily track park visitors by their shoes;YOU CAN NOT GET INTO THE PARK ,THE HOTEL,ANY RESTAURANTS ON RIDES OR GO ANY WHERE WITH THESE ‘TELE-DEVILS’ PRESENCE-AND YOUR WRIST BAND- MIT creates video you can reach out and touch–viewers can reach out and ‘touch’ objects in videos, manipulating them directly to achieve effects similar to what you’d expect if you were actually touching the object live in the real world.

TWITTER STOCK PLUNGES AS CONSERVATIVES PURGED Social-networking site accused of serious bias–In February, Twitter unveiled a ‘Trust & Safety Council’ stacked with leftist activists to make sure ‘people feel safe expressing themselves on Twitter.’ Police to arrest people based on ‘Sentiment Analysis’ of their Tweets:It’s only a matter of time, before police use Emotive Analytics to arrest Americans. Citizens to be given ‘sentiment’ and ‘social disorder’ ratings Donald Trump Warns Americans To Get Out Of The Stock Market As The Dow Falls For A 7th Day In A Row Bitcoin Drops Over 10% Against Dollar Amid Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Hack Why We Might Only Be A Hack Away From Nuclear Disaster

ISIL: DEATH TO AMERICANS :I believe the operational term here is: ‘Grey Terror. J.R. Nyquist provided an excellent summation of what Grey Terror is all about in a 2004 Financial Sense column: REAL TIME UPDATES OF ALL GLOBAL OUTBREAKS WORLD WIDE-‘I SUGGEST EVERYONE BOOKMARKS THIS PAGE’-SQ-AMAZING SEARCHABLE WEBSITE BY TYPE OF OUTBREAK OR LOCATION Allen B. West Website: What Newly-Leaked DNC Emails Reveal Should TERRIFY CHRISTIANS Syrian sex slaves ‘tortured on table set up like crucifix’ As many as 75 women forced into largest sex trafficking ring ever uncovered in Lebanon: WHERE ARE THE U.S. FEMALE HYPOCRITICAL WOMENS RIGHTS ADVOCATES ON THIS ? Putin’s revenge? Helicopter is seen dropping ‘chemical weapons’ on a Syrian town hours after a Russian chopper was shot down killing five on board- Local activists say a helicopter dropped toxic gas on nearby Saraqeb effecting 33 people hours after crash

BREAKING: Obama Commutes Sentences of 56 Federal Prisoners with Firearms-Related Convictions;LETS THEM GO FREE ,YET WANTS TO TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY-THIS IS SO OVER TOP ,THAT IT EVEN DEFY’S 4 LETTER WORDS! MORE GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS WITH GUNS THAN U.S. MARINES Revealing the Real Rate of Inflation Would Crash the System: Who’s being destroyed by 7+% real inflation? Everyone whose income has stagnated and everyone who depends on wages rather than assets to get by–in other words, the bottom 95%. China to launch unbreakable quantum spy satellite – and it could one day lead to a megascope the size of Earth that could ‘spot a license plate on Jupiter’s moons’ Enormous atomic (looking) stormcloud engulfs Phoenix, Arizona (video) The once in a 100-year torrential rainstorm pummeled the city and turned roads into rivers.

NASA Observatory Reveals a Dark Zone –‘Swarm of 10,000 Black Holes Have Migrated to Heart of the Milky Way’ Google DeepMind: The smart person’s guide :Deep learning is also used for fraud detection, spam detection, handwriting recognition, image search, speech recognition, Street View detection, and translation Who Runs America? The Truth About The Secret Government & Why Your Vote Doesn’t Matter Staged Zika pandemic was engineered by globalist governments to justify the aerial bombardment of awakening populations with toxic chemicals ‘Very Serious’: Wildfires burn close to US nuclear site — ‘Red Flag Warning’ issued — FEMA: “Fire threatened such destruction as would constitute a major disaster” — Largest wildfire in country (VIDEO)

These Government Rules Trap 65 Million Americans in Poverty Wearing ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ insignia could be punishable racial harassment Clinton Tied to ISIS-Absolute Proof! Sanctioned Use of Chemical Weapons:Everything Clinton touches, dies! This graph says it all — US 2016 Recession Already Here!:The recovery is entirely artificial and unsustainable– This is a zombie economy, and they are its priesthood.

Bank Of England Move Shocks Traders But Look At Who Is Really Getting Crushed | King World News Shocking Surprises In The Housing Market And How This Will Impact Gold & Silver Markets | King World News A Quick Note On The Silver Market, Plus Take A Look At How Crazy Things Have Gotten In The Stock Market | King World News Is A Ban On Gold Ownership Coming? | King World News Gerald Celente – Biggest Central Bank Gamble In History Fails As Gold Prepares To Skyrocket To $2,000 | King World News

The American Dream has imploded with the Homeownership rate hitting another low: Most Americans too broke to buy a Home. ‘We will come and kill you in your homes’: ISIS terrorists threaten Putin with new propaganda video saying Russia is the jihadi’s latest target Madame Clinton’s Coming War on the Blogosphere, And Your Countermeasures Julian Assange: Hacked Emails Include Info On Hillary’s Arming of Jihadists, Including ISIS, in Syria Expert to Rio athletes: ‘Don’t put your head under water’

Pope Francis defends Muslims and blasts ‘Islam is NOT terrorism’ ;THIS ‘EMISSARY OF SATAN’ SURE HAS SELECTIVE MEMORY RECALL, OF HISTORY-NO POPE HAS EVER DENIGRATED AND MOCKED JESUS LIKE THIS ENTITY HAS,EVEN TAKING A SHOT AT CATHOLIC BELIEVERS!-SteveQuayle Attack of the Globalists: Magazine Owned By Hillary Mega-Backer Urges Republicans To Vote Clinton What The Media Is Not Telling You About The Muslim Who Attacked Donald Trump: He Is A Muslim Brotherhood Agent Who Wants To Advance Sharia Law And Bring Muslims Into The United States Double Agent: Paul Ryan Races to Media to Join Hillary’s Attacks Against Trump Child Arrested, Thrown in Jail for Burping in Class, Court Rules this Police State Madness Justified 33 earthquakes in 30 days – the town that won’t stop trembling :THE WESTERN AUSTRALIAN town of Norseman has a serious case of the shakes – with a staggering 50 earthquakes hitting the area in the last two months. EXCLUSIVE – NSA Whistleblower: Agency Has All of Clinton’s Deleted Emails

Julian Assange just did it: WikiLeaks Dispenses 23,000 Hillary Emails Marked ‘C’ for Confidential (Classified) This Robot that Runs Entirely off a Neural Network is Creepy as Hell Body of Russian pilot is dragged through the dirt after helicopter is shot down by Syrian rebels – as mystery surrounds ID card found in wreckage showing blonde woman :PRESIDENT PUTIN WILL ANSWER THIS EVENT, BEYOND WHAT THEY EXPECT! UN Ordered Depopulation of 3 Billion People by Food Malnutrition Has Started :UN trade agreements and WHO health moratoriums will forbid any country from selling and exporting any food to targeted regions for depopulation. 2016 Olympic Games ‘Arrive In Hell’ This Week – ‘Ring Of Steel’ Goes Up Around Rio – ‘A Nightmare In The Making’ As Cops Warn: ‘Whoever Comes To Rio Will Not Be Safe’

Man Who Oversees More Than $100 Billion Urges Investors To Buy Gold & Gold Miners | King World News US combat units on ‘high alert’ after Incirlik surrounded Something Very Strange Is Going On And Alternative News Readers Are Being Targeted – Have You Noticed Any Of These Symptoms?

Choir breaks into song on plane to honor fallen WWII soldier being brought home Dr. Phil Shines A Light On Those Who Serve And Protect (And Now You Can Too) | Dr. Phil Still My God – Avalon – YouTube Chris Tomlin – At the cross (love ran red) – YouTube Avalon – Orphans of God – Front Row Live – Gospel Music Chan – YouTube The Band Perry – Comeback Kid (Lyric Video) – YouTube

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