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How To Spot a Psychopath-Male or Female – YouTubeFemale Psychopath and Fake Identity-Living “Double” and “Triple” Lives or Personas – YouTubeThe Female Psychopath–Seduction Into The Fantasy-Life Is Like The Movies – YouTubeThe Female Psychopath Agenda-Exploitation – YouTubeFemale Narcissists – How to STOP Attracting Women Like Your Narcissistic Mother – YouTube

The Female Psychopath With The “Thick Skin” and Callous Yes So “Attractive” to You – YouTubeINFJ Female with ISFJ Husband living with ISTJ Brother-in-Law | What could go wrong? Let’s find out. – YouTubeTwitter Suspends Feminist Professor for Quoting Scientific Truth That ‘Only Females Get Cervical Cancer’

I. Parallel Datings of the Times of our Lord.II. Dates of “The Begetting” and the Nativity, &c.III. “The Course of Abia”Parallel Datings of The Times of our Lord, The Begetting, The Nativity, The Course of Abia. – Appendix 179 to the Companion BibleEzekiel 16 KJV

One For All, All For One – Michael Durham – YouTubeHarborside – Secret Place | Full Album w/ Lyrics – YouTubeGiant New York rats overtaking Central Park and the UWS SQ;THIS ABOUT THE 4 LEGGED KIND FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE TWO LEGGED POLITICAL KIND!Dane Wigington Films Particle Spraying into our Atmosphere at 40,000 Feet to Prove Chemtrails SQ;DANE HAS UNDERTAKEN A HERCULEAN TASK OF DOCUMENTING AND PROVING THE GEO-ENGINEERING ATTACK UNDERWAY-SUPPORT HIM AND SHARE HIS FINDINGS!Why is challenging suspicious election results ‘a threat to our democracy’?The New York Times and others have written about the potential fraud on universal mail-in ballots in the past, as have other outlets, but now they call Trump a liar.

6G INTERNET AND THE HIVE-MIND SYSTEMIS THIS THE END OF COLLEGE AS WE KNOW IT? For millions of Americans, getting a four-year degree no longer makes sense. Here’s what could replace it SQ : PARENTS SEND YOUR KIDS TO TARDE SCHOOL ,NOT 4 YEAR ‘COMMIE INDOCTRINATION CENTERS’Replacing Mark Esper, now Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller activates special operations forces to report directly to him:Special Forces assets are now being deployed to take down America’s domestic enemies and traitorsRecord sales increase American firearm ownership to an estimated 434 million guns…’Everybody went to the grocery stores first to stock up on food, then they went to the gun stores.’UN Announces Biometric Digital ID Wallet:I hope you see where this is going, every aspect of our lives will be centralized digitally using biometrics and in many cases the blockchain, AI and 5G.SQ:’TRACK WHACK AND STACK’

We’ve Got the Box! Astra-Zeneca’s COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ – Frankenstein in a Bottle :The virus they’re using to simulate COVID-19, is from: Chimpanzees.They are using a cell line developed from the ABORTED FETUS of a 14 week Caucasian male.THE ANASAZI AND ANAKIM: Ruins And Ritual Murder During The First Incursion Of GIANTS, GODS & DRAGONS In The Americas :The Paiute oral tradition holds that the Si-Te-Cah, were a race of red-haired, cannibalistic giants who the Paiutes exterminated long agoChina’s Stealth JH-XX Fighter-Bomber Is a Giant Mystery :The fighter will reportedly have a combat radius of roughly 3,000 kilometers and be capable of supersonic flight.Senior doc says Alberta politicians ‘playing medicine’ media driving ‘hysteria’ Dr. Roger Hodkinson says the virus is no worse than a ‘bad flu, that masks are ‘useless’, and that lockdowns are driving suicides.Huge lines form at Miami food bank just one week from Thanksgiving as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations increase across Florida

Leftists Suggest’Re-Education Camps’, ‘Firing Squads’, & Banning Talk Radio To’Deprogram’ 75 Million Trump Supporters SQ;’POGROMS’- ORCHESTRATED AND PAID FOR BY THE COMMUNISTS AND SOCIAL MEDIA GIANTS- WITH ‘FACES OF DEATH BOOK’ BEING TIP OF THE SPEARIt’s not SCIENCE; it’s COMPLIANCE: Fauci says masks, social distancing will be required even AFTER a COVID-19 vaccine that is supposedly 90 percent effectiveBill Gates briefed CIA on how to lobotomize Christian fundamentalists, religious’fanatics,’ using vaccine that alters VMAT2 ‘God’ gene’-‘So how do you propose this would be dispersed — via aerosol?’EXCLUSIVE: Jill Biden Chief Of Staff Selling US Citizenship In ‘Fraud-Wracked’ Visa Scheme ‘Abused’ By Chinese CommunistsBrazil’s 2018 Trucking Strike PARALYZED the Country: Here’s How America Could Face Similar LONG-TERM Disruptions

TRUST AND OBEY – THERE IS NO OTHER WAY…The only way for them to accomplish their goals is to bring ALL PEOPLE into submission (well all but the elite and the ‘chosen’). Freedom is out of date. Come to the end of its shelf life…in their book.Delingpole: The Great Reset Is Not a Conspiracy TheoryUS Marines Activate Space Unit As Race To Secure Low Earth Orbit IntensifiesBiden’s Gun Control Plan Targets Everyday Americans with Billions in Taxes Taxpaying citizens could be hit hardest with a massive $34B tax burdenIntelligence update: The Great Reset vs. the Great Awakening – the grand battle taking place right now for the future of America and the free world

Panic And Desperation Sweep Across America As Fears Of A “Dark Winter” Continue To RiseHuman genes are inserted into MONKEY BRAINS causing them to expand in unnerving Planet of the Apes-style experiment SQ; A WHOLE NEW FIELD OF OPPORTUNITY HAS OPENED UP-‘MONKEY BUSINESS’COBB COUNTY GEORGIA ELECTIONS DEPT. CAUGHT SHREDDING (TRUMP) ABSENTEE BALLOTSMainstream Media Thinks Parler Is a ‘Threat to Democracy’ Because Libertarians and Conservatives Get to PostPfizer to apply for emergency authorization from the FDA for its COVID-19 vaccine TODAY so it can be approved for December roll-out

Rand Paul: Fauci Will ‘Keep Us Masked Until the End of Time’ SQ;IT IS MY OBSERVATION AND OPINION, THAT ‘FAUSTI’ HAS TWO MOVING PARTS ON OPPOSITE ENDS OF HIS BODY AND THEY ARE BOTH INTERCHANGEABLERental Market Softens While Home Prices Soar: Taking Staying at Home to the End of the World.14 million Americans have no confidence or little confidence they can pay the rent next month!More Ancient Underground Lakes Of Liquid Water Discovered On Mars, Raising Possibility Of Life SQ;REMEMBER… IT’S NOT WHATS ON THE SURFACE THAT MATTERS BUT BENEATH THE SURFACE WHERE THE TRUTH LIES. GET SET FOR MIND BLOWING SURPRISES!METEOR BREAKS UP OVER OCEAN IN INCREDIBLE FOOTAGE:The bright green debris shot over the research research vessel Investigator, which is operated by Australia’s national science agency SQ;EXPECT TOTAL BARRAGE OF AERIAL PHENOMENA SOON!NO GOING BACK TO ‘NORMAL’ there was nothing at all ‘normal’about financial conditions and desperate monetary policies pre-COVID, and certainly nothing’normal’ in these same areas coming through and (out of) COVID going forward


Pope Francis’s Ultimate Goal Is A World Church Supporting World Government And A World Economy – An All-Inclusive Global Church Is Not Going Back To The Bible But Back To BondageHERE’S THE EVIL FRUIT OF GLOBALISM :Food bank lines keep growing across the country as National Guard soldiers hand out turkeys and panic buyers clear shelves before Thanksgiving and amid fears of more COVID lockdowns‘Panic Attack’ And ‘Night Terror’ Searches Erupt Across US Amid Second Virus Wave- SQ;THIS IS THE DESIRED RESULT OF DEEP STATE PSY-OPS BEING WAGED AGAINST THE AMERICAN PUBLIC,NOT TO MENTION 5G DISRUPTION OF OUR BRAIN FUNCTIONSIN ENGLAND, THE UNITED STATES AND AROUND THE WORLD, THE COVID-1984 FEAR MONGERS ARE TWISTING STATISTICS TO CREATE A TERRIFYING BUT FALSE NARRATIVE.There have been just 42 deaths of people aged under 40 without a pre-existing condition.Circuit Courts Reassigned, Conservative SCOTUS Justices Preside Over Battleground States

Sidney Powell has ‘smoking gun evidence’ to PROVE massive election fraud in the next two weeks6.2 magnitude quake hits off Chile coast – USGS-Around 10 million people might have felt the quake, according to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre.US Catholic leaders call on Biden to ‘repent’ ahead of presidency as Archbishop of LA Jose Gomez says Democrat’s support of marriage equality and abortion could create ‘confusion about what the church teaches’ELECTION FRAUD! In Nevada, Computers Tallied 77,000 More ‘Votes’ Than Actual Ballots!The Rise of the Anti-Christ world leader will be the author of confusion, the master counterfeiter, and through his many images he will deceive the nations

Has Moscow been secretly microwaving our spies for years? CIA investigates after the world was shocked by claims Indian troops had been ‘cooked alive’ by Chinese electromagnetic pulse weaponGunman shoots and injures multiple people at a Sonic restaurant in Nebraska after a U-Haul filled with fireworks exploded in the drive-thru SQ;THIS WAS A TERRORIST ATTACK OF FOREIGN ORIGIN AND THE COUNTRY BEHIND HIM IS KNOWN!‘Trump saved my life!’ Ben Carson says he is now ‘out of the woods’ after bout of COVID-19 because the President cleared him for the same monoclonal antibody therapy that he receivedSidney Powell: ‘Biblical’ Lawsuit Coming, Accuses Ga. Gov. Kemp of Deal With DominionPope Francis Presses Young Catholics For A New Economy, urging young Catholic entrepreneurs Saturday to develop a new, more just economic model that could save a mistreated planet while helping the poor and the excluded.

THE CULLING OF THE HUMAN RACE PART 2: Altering DNA – Luciferase Biogel – Implantable Biochip to be Tracked by 5G Technology- It Isn’t a Conspiracy Theory When They Are Openly Telling You What They Want To DoUS officially withdraws from Open Skies transparency pact, which allows countries to observe one another’s militaries. Accusing Russia of violating some of its provisions, Trump announced in May that he would withdraw from the treaty.Paul Craig Roberts:I Told You This Would Happen: White Americans Are On The Road To Dispossession :Facts no longer matter in America. They do not matter in the universities and educational system any more than they do in the media and politics.Rand Paul: New Lockdowns ‘Completely Arbitrary’Messiah on Temple Mount: Are We Nearing the End of Time? It is the greatest flashpoint for war in the world and has in recent years become the focus of Jewish nationalism plus dozens of Christian Messianic movements, all aimed at building a third Jewish t

THE MESSENGER—THE QUICKENINGS :In the Bible, it is clear that God does ‘sea’ knowledge, wisdom, and revelations in the hearts of those who follow Him, and that these concealed truths can be ‘quickened’ or made alive at the right moments as they are neededUS Urgently Needs to Challenge China’s Chokehold on Rare Earth Materials:The US would do well… by quickly decoupling its economy from dependency on China for rare earth materials — and if possible, from everything else.More Than 200 Firearms Mysteriously Went Missing From Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office, Investigation finds;SQ:EVEN COPS KNOW THEY ARE GOING TO NEED MORE PERSONAL FIREPOWER AS THE WAR HEATS UP!Drone SWARMS carrying weapons will be ready in six months – ‘Devastatingly effective’ROGER STONE: Bill Gates, Microsoft Designed Election Fraud Software Used By Dominion-100% of the voting machines and voting systems in this country are using the same software that Dominion has been using to switch votes,’ said Stone.

Supreme Court Justice Alito, Warns Of Dangers To Free Speech, Religious Liberty Imperiled By Government Overreach During The Coronavirus PandemicWill You Consent To Having Your Mind Controlled By THE LIVING IMAGE OF THE BEAST? The big idea behind Neuralink is the development of a brain implant that will eventually allow computers to control our mindsBARNA POLL: 40% Of Evangelical Christians Have Become Marxist, BLOOD ON THE ALTAR Pro-Death Pagans; SQ;THEY WILL RECEIVE THE ANTICHRIST AND DENY JESUS CHRIST, AS THEY CALL FOR THE STATE TO KILL THE TRUE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS CHRIST!Giants, Gods & Dragons (Part 11): The Rider on the Black Horse — Nabû….this rider also brings economic inequality, slavery, and a financial yoke that subjects the world to the control of a newly formed, global government.Who Pressed the Great Reset Button? The globalist technocracy is using the COVID-19 pandemic to bypass democratic accountability, override opposition, accelerate their agenda and to impose it on the public against our will

When politicians use the word ‘reimagine,’ they are preparing to REAM you….When globalists say they want to reimagine the global financial system, it means they want to collapse fiat currencies and steal all your savings.VACCINE DEATH WAVE: UK government posts bid for AI system to process the expected flood of COVID-19 vaccine injuries and side effects described as a ‘direct threat to patient life’A Thanksgiving like no other: Thousands of desperate Texans wait in line at drive-thru food bank in hope of getting one of the 7,000 frozen turkeys ahead of the holidayHurricane Iota Strengthens Into Powerful Category 4 With 155 MPH Winds-‘It could reach category five status later today before making landfall with 12-18 feet of storm surge,’ NHC warned.THE HUNGER GAME HAS BEGUN: THE ELITE HAVE BEGUN THEIR FULL SCALE EXECUTION AND DECIMATION OF THE MIDDLE CLASS! SQ;FAMINE OF GODS WORD IN AMERICAS PULPITS ,WILL LEAD TO LITERAL FAMINE AND STARVATION IN THE U.S.A

‘Decapitations’ At DOD: ‘A Purge,’ ‘A Coup’ Or Something Else? (The dismissals have been called ‘nefarious,’ a ‘purge,’ a ‘dangerous day’ and Trump ‘burning down’ the Defense Department.)THE CULLING OF THE HUMAN RACE BEGINS: See the Horrifying Ingredients in AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 Vaccine:Big Pharma is expecting a high volume of adverse reactions to the vaccine. Here is what is written on the packaging of the AstraZeneca Vaccine:WATCH: Sidney Powell reads bombshell evidence from high-ranking military witness explaining how Smartmatic was created to THROW electionsOBEY: Mailchimp joins long list of tech companies CENSORING and deplatforming DISSENTGeorge SOROS a truly EVIL man. He’s anti-God, anti-family, anti-American, and anti-good.’ He killed and robbed his own Jewish people. What we have in Soros, is a multi-billionaire atheist, with skewed moral values, and a sociopath’s lack of conscience

Hawaii Statewide mask mandate set: Noncompliance is a misdemeanor, with penalties of up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $5,000 upon conviction SQ;SIMPLE SOON IT WILL BE COMPLY OR DIE-The British government’s first disaster of 2021? A food shortage SQ;READ THE ARTICLE AND LOOK AT THE LAME REASONS-THIS IS AN ENGINEERED FOOD SHORTAGE,IN MY RESEARCHED OPINIONBeijing Sends Biden a Warning-Biden repudiates an ‘America First’ foreign policy that puts U.S. security, sovereignty, liberty and vital interests above the interests of any other nation.Kansas School Stops Collecting Toys for Kids After Atheist Group’s Legal Threats:A Kansas middle school ended its participation in a Christmas toy donation program after an anti-Christian, out-of-state group threatened it with a lawsuit. NOTE OUT OF STATEHave too many people over for Thanksgiving in Oregon go to jail, but no sweat if you riot Gov. Kate Brown has enacted new measures to curb the spread of COVID 19

Can you believe this Nazi crap? NYC building inspectors in Jewish neighborhoods now going around with binoculars looking into the private homes of people…TRYING TO CATCH COVID RULE BREAKERS. DON’T LET SOCIALISM COME TO YOUR CITY. TY.Compliance Ambassadors’ Now A Thing – Top 10 Tyrannical Mandates By Liberal Governors Across America- Welcome to Orwell’s ‘1984’ Where Freedom Is An Illusion And Constitutional Rights No Longer ExistNEW MEXICO;Long lines of semis outside Walmart Distribution Center in Los Lunas ,especially with their retail stores with empty shelves SQ; DOES THIS SEEM FISHY TO YOU?Panic buying 2.0: Shoppers hoard essentials as states impose stricter COVID lockdowns:Pictures taken in recent days show stores in Washington, , Virginia, , Ohio, New Jersey, New York, and Missouri have all been affected by the rushDocuments link Democrat billionaires to Southern Baptist ERLC & Russell Moore SQ;LOOKS LIKE ‘THE JUDAS CREW’, SOLD OUT THEIR BAPTIST BRETHREN….. CHEAP-

Watch: Reporter Visits Dominion Voting Systems Office Sharing Floor With Soros-Linked Group—Companies trying to hide their connectionAfter Election, Facebook Will Now Ban You If You Are ‘Similar Looking’ To Someone They Banned;Facebook will ban conservatives if they are ‘similar looking’ to someone else they banned SQ;NOW YOU SEE WHY I NAMED IT ‘FACES OF DEATH’ BOOK?Iran fires up advanced uranium centrifuges installed at Natanz site – a day after it emerged Trump had asked for options on attacking the facilityWOW: Josh Hawley exposes Facebook’s Centra tool used to track ALL users’ online activities even when they’re not on the platformNephilim 2.0: First Generation Of Hybrids After The mRNA Vaccine…. will the next generation of offspring be the first of hybrid race since the Nephilim giants?

US Navy plans to set up a new fleet in the Pacific Ocean to challenge China’s ‘aggressive’ geopolitical ambitions :The navy took part in a major maritime exercise with India, Japan and AustraliaWith US General In Charge Of ‘Operation Warp Speed’ Warning ‘D-Day’ Approaches, Prominent Medical Journal Warns ‘Not Even A Military-Enforced Quarantine Can Stop The Virus’Intelligent Design Passes Peer Review: As It Turns Out, Life Really Is “Fine-Tuned”For The First Time, Wall Street Admits That ‘Civil Unrest’ Could Crash Markets SQ;WOW THIS HAS TO BE THE MOST ‘DUH STATEMENT’ OF ALL TIME! LA LA LAND IS ABOUT TO MEET REALITY, AS THE GOLDEN BULL MARKET TURNS INTO HAMBURGER!Mars calling: NASA releases ‘out-of-this-world’ ringtone made from data on the Red Planet’s weather patterns:Experts used the Pleiades supercomputer to convert cloud motion into sound AMAZING SOUND RENDITION!

US destroyer shoots down simulated North Korean ICBM ‘This was an incredible accomplishment and critical milestone for the Aegis BMD SM-3 Block IIA program’Extremely vicious Hurricane Iota roars through Caribbean coast just devastated by Eta – Iota is now the strongest November hurricane on record to make landfall in Nicaragua, surpassing the previous record set by Eta (140 mph) just 13 days ago.Pfizer and Moderna COVID Vaccine Results NOT based on Peer-Reviewed Science – ZERO Liability to Companies if Vaccine Kills or Injures due to FDA Fast-track ApprovalNORTH KOREA’S ICBMs may have re-entry ability, says reportGiants, Gods & Dragons (Part 12): The Rider on the Pale Horse — Death and Hades (with the Titans)

Two churches in Washington state burn in apparent arson attacksThe shocking reason why Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine requires storage at -70C … because it contains experimental nanotech components that have NEVER been used in vaccines beforeFirst 6G satellite launched in space – the next wireless technology seems even more dangerous than 5GExclusive Reader Images And Reports Show Panic Shopping Has Begun Again – Shortages Of Food And Paper Goods Has Already Started And Is Expected To Get Much WorseRITUAL SLAUGHTER Girl, 7, hacked to death and organs EATEN by killer’s childless uncle and aunt in occult ritual to ‘make them conceive’

Eight California lawmakers spark outrage by flying to Hawaii for a conference to discuss the pandemic at a five-star resort despite COVID restrictions in latest shame after Gov Newsom’s Michelin dinner SQ;DO AS THEY SAY, NOT AS THEY DO!Parler CEO: Establishment ‘Doesn’t Like That People Are Getting Power Again-’Parler now the ‘most downloaded application in the US on Google Play, overtaking such platforms as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.’New Strains Of COVID Could Render Vaccines Completely Useless, And 2 Dangerous New Strains Are Already Spreading SQ;THIS IS A GLOBAL DEPOPULATION EVENT UNDERWAY-VACCINES ARE ONLY EFFECTIVE AGAINST SPECIFIC STRAINSYOU CAN NOW EAT HUMAN STEAK: SCIENTISTS INSISTS IT’S NOT CANNIBALISM IM SURE EVERY DEMON IN HELL IS ROLLING OVER AND LAUGHING THEIR DECEPTION OF MANKIND.SICK BASTARDS AS IN THE OFFSPRING OF THE FALLEN ANGELS!UN World Food Program Warns Of ‘Famines Of Biblical Proportions In 2021’ As Some Americans Wait 12 Hours For Food SQ;FAMINE TURNS THE MOST CIVIL INTO BEASTS-THE NWO CROWD MOCK’S AMERICAN STUPIDITY ESPECIALLY LOCKDOWNS AND SHEEP LIKE COMPLIANCE

Worship Wednesday With @Passion Music – YouTubeFEARLESS (Official Lyric Video) Living My Truth – YouTubeHow Narcissists Treat Their Kids – YouTubeNation Under Siege Part 1 – A Warning | Watchmans CryAmos 8 KJV

What is the Narcissist Slow Love Bombing ? – YouTube5 Types of People You Need to Avoid Completely! Powerful Motivational &Inspirational Video – YouTubeWhen Your Child Marries a Narcissist You Need to Know What to Do and What Not to Do – YouTube“Live Your Own Truth” is a Lie – YouTubeHave Narcissists Engineered Supply For Narcissists World Wide – YouTube

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Why Socrates Hated Democracy – YouTubeFacing collapse, the famed Arecibo Observatory will be demolished – The VergeGeorgia Governor Brian Kemp calls for audit after state certifies election results – CBS NewsHow to Stick Up For Yourself When People Cross Your Boundaries/Build Self Confidence NOW – YouTube7 things I wish I had known BEFORE getting into a narcissistic relationship #iwishihadknown – YouTube

Away In A Manger (Forever Amen) – Lyric Video – YouTubeFace Of God – Lyric Video – YouTubeYour Purpose Is Greater Than Your Pain | How To Fight In The Valley – YouTubePraying For All The Saints – Tim Conway – YouTubefor KING & COUNTRY ft. Lecrae | Amen | Dove Awards 2020 – YouTube

Misplaced Faith – YouTubeMary Did You Know-Christmas – YouTubeThe 3 Requirements Of John’s Baptism | Derek Prince – YouTubeMatthew West – Truth Be Told (Live at the Caverns) Pop-Up Music Video – YouTubeFLOAT ON – LIVE from the Fantastic Not Traveling Music Show – YouTube

Kyle Rittenhouse Posts Bail With Help From My Pillow Founder Michael Lindell | TODAY – YouTubePanic buying of toilet paper hits U.S. stores again with new pandemic restrictions | ReutersDanish mask study has serious flaws, experts say – The Washington PostMost coronavirus cases are spread by people without symptoms, CDC now says – CNNGive Me an Answer – Are You being Ripped Off And Lied To By History Teachers ? – YouTube

Columbia University bans 70 students for Covid-19 travel violations – CNNMassive 14-hour line forms as Colorado gets first In-N-Out Burger joints | Fox NewsElizabeth Holmes seeks to block jurors from hearing about her luxurious lifestyleGeorgia recount formally requested by Trump campaign | Fox News#1122 I love you mom🤗❤️🙄Happy birthday! – YouTube

Clinical Analysis – COVERT NARCISSISTIC FATHER – ROLE PLAY – 3 WAYS – YouTubeMORE THAN ENOUGH IS COMING YOUR WAY | YOUR SUFFERING IS COMING TO AN END | Powerful Motivation – YouTubeBreak From Narcissists And Toxic People This Holiday. Free Yourself From The Toxicity – YouTubeStop Being Supply To A Narcissist, You Have More Than That!!! – YouTubePaypal Bought 70% of All Newly Mined Bitcoin Last Month as Demand Rockets | News Bitcoin News

WALK AWAY FROM THAT RELATIONSHIP | IT’S NOT WORTH IT ANYMORE (YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY) – MUST WATCH – YouTubeDon’t Stay in a Terrible Marriage for Your Children – It’s Not Healthy – YouTubeGOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE! – YouTubeHow to Handle Crossed Boundaries – YouTubeAm I a Psychopath? (Psychology Documentary) | Real Stories – YouTube

Former Burger King employee charged with stealing $30G from restaurant | Fox NewsYOU ARE ENTERING A ZONE WHERE THE FAVORBLESSINGS OF GOD WILL OVERTAKE YOUR LIFE! Powerful Motivation – YouTubeIf You Just Hold On, God Will Prove The Doubters Wrong – YouTubeIf The Lord Doesn’t Return in 2021 (You Will Need This Message) – YouTubeTHE LOVE OF A MAN CANNOT BE TRUSTED (WATCH THIS BEFORE ITS TOO LATE) PUT YOUR TRUST IN GOD-WATCH NOW – YouTube

Acts 19:15 Eventually, one of the evil spirits answered them, “Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who are you?”Genesis 9:26 He also declared: “Blessed be the LORD, the God of Shem! May Canaan be the servant of Shem.Bible Search: elder serve youngerBible Search: never prosper2 Timothy 3:7 always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.1 Corinthians 15:33 Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good character.”

11 Endangered children rescued by U.S. Marshals in New Orleans operationMedia vs. the people: The war over pedophiliaFrance: Seven Muslims from UK attempt jihad murder of cop outside Israeli embassyGermany: Police statistics show that murder and manslaughter are mostly committed by asylum seekers“Mask police” will begin patrolling for COVID violations in New York town while real crimes are totally ignored

VIDEO: Students want Medicare for All, but reluctant to donate their own moneyStudents demand tuition refunds for classes moved online in flood of COVID class-action suitsFacebook hires Chinese communists with H-1B visas to build “hate speech” algorithms to censor AmericansTake the vaccines or lose your job: The Bill Gates medical police state is making its intentions clearSouthern Environmental Law Center high-dollar donor is actively funding depopulation initiatives

Thirty Percent of Younger Americans Have a Favorable View of Marxism, 49% Find ‘Socialism’ FavorableTed Cruz: Big Tech Believes It Has Authority over What the Press Is Allowed to ReportSenator Mike Lee: Of Course We’re NOT a DemocracyVolunteer in AstraZeneca coronavirus clinical trial dies, report says | Fox NewsWorld Economic Forum seeks to enslave Americans by replacing free-market capitalism with “Great Reset” to roll out global socialism

Mask-Wearing Attorney Accused of Being ‘Serial Bank Robber’ Busted on Way to 6th RobberyMinneapolis Residents Sue for Police Protection After Democrats’ Defunding Efforts: ‘Our Lives are Becoming Unlivable’Bay Briefing: Pandemic pods are the new normal for some Bay Area kids – SFChronicle.comFLASHBACK: Operation Mockingbird and the CIA’s History of Media ManipulationThat rioter who bashed Seattle cop in back of head with bat? He allegedly bragged of being ‘proud’ of attack, wanted to ‘slit every SPD throat.’ – TheBlaze

Senate Judiciary Committee Votes to Subpoena Facebook and Twitter to Testify on Conservative CensorshipDEMOCRAT MEDIA LIED, PEOPLE DIED: Italian Study Finds INCREDIBLE Prophylaxis Results for Patients on HydroxychloroquineFive Charged in Connection with COVID-Relief Fraud SchemeArmenian archbishop: Turkey is perpetrating ‘third genocide’ against Armenians in Nagorno-KarabakhGoogle executive admits search engine suppresses “right-wing” advertising

Airports Begin Testing ‘COVID Passport’ That Will Record Whether Someone Has Been Vaccinated Before TravelInstagram Bans QAnon Accounts, But Refuses to Remove ISIS Accounts Celebrating 9/11Over 6000 Scientists, Doctors Sign Anti-lockdown Petition“Shocking” Details Emerge in Case Against NGO Operatives Arrested For Espionage, Human SmugglingEx-Washington lawmaker’s son charged with arson during riots

Leftist Mayoral Candidate Spotted Wearing a Skirt Featuring Sinister DictatorsCoronavirus: Chinese virologist accuses Beijing of faking virus genome data to hide its ‘bioweapon’ | Daily Mail OnlineViolent Mob Rampages Through Wisconsin Neighborhood Terrorizing Homeowners | Todd StarnesVenezuela, Once an Oil Giant, Reaches the End of an Era – The New York TimesMarxism: From Insurgency to Intersectionality

WHO Europe Director Says Governments Should Stop Enforcing LockdownsBill Gates Says World Won’t Return to Normal Until “A Lot of People” Take a Second COVID VaccineSwedish Health Chief Said Country Avoided Lockdown to Prevent “Pandemic Fatigue”German Officials Clash in Parliament Over Berlin-Based NGOs Busted for Migrant SmugglingPictured: The battered and bruised face of a burglar who got on the wrong side of a 72-year-old former boxer | Daily Mail Online

Gates Slams Vaccine “Conspiracy Theories” Targeting Him, FauciBlack Trump Supporter Kicked Off Flight For Not Wearing His MAGA Mask While EatingAir Force Says New Hypersonic Missile Will Hit Targets 1,000 Miles Away In Under 15 MinutesHawley, Barrett dismantle religious tests for office at Supreme Court hearingWorld Health Org. flip-flops again, calls lockdowns a ‘ghastly global catastrophe’

Why the mainstream media are so eager to normalize, encourage pedophiliaCourts unleashed Big Tech bias by misinterpreting law, Clarence Thomas suggestsSenior U.S. Army Official Says There’ll Never Be a Return to “Normal” Post-COVIDTwitter LOCKS Accounts Of Media, Celebrities, Gov. Officials For Sharing Biden Scandal Story“Digital Civil War”: Twitter Blocks Users From Posting Link to New York Post Biden Lobbying Story

Jack Dorsey Admits Censorship Of New York Post Story Was “Wrong”Playstation Says It Will Enable Voice Chats To Be Recorded So Players Can Be Snitched On For Means WordsJoe Biden Rakes In Over $50M from Wall Street, Including from SorosCONFIRMED: FBI Chief Chris Wray Hid Information from the Public, Congress and Executive Branch that Absolved President Trump During Impeachment (VIDEO)NGO at Center of Migrant Smuggling Scandal Suspends Sea Operations

Denver Anchor With Bodyguards Ridicules People Worried About ViolenceThey’re All Disappearing! Just Gone! This Online Massacre Hits Even Republican Govt Sites…With Fewer Covid-19 Restrictions, South’s Economy Outperforms Nation – WSJDonald Trump: I’ll Sign National Reciprocity if It Reaches My DeskElon Musk on Lockdowns: ‘Sweden Was Right’! – Foundation for Economic Education

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LA County Sheriff’s Deputy Gave First Aid To Partner Despite Having Been Shot Through The Jaw, Video ShowsTarget: Your Gas Car – WSJ800 Compton residents to get guaranteed income in two-year pilot program – Los Angeles Times13 Trump rallies: Over 167,000, 25% new voters, 30% not even RepublicansAustralia: Four Newborn Babies Die After Being Denied Heart Surgery Due to COVID Travel Rules

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44 Percent of American Christians Believe the Bible Is ‘Ambiguous’ on AbortionNigeria: Muslims ambush Christians, hack one of them to death with machetesElementary School Kids Taught That “Objectivity” and “Perfectionism” Are Racist Traits of “White Supremacy”Fed Introduces Cashless SocietySony Corporation (Net Worth $45 Billion) Endorses Black Lives Matter

Three Arrested in Shooting Death of Fla. Pastor Killed While Passerby at Shopping Plaza | Christian News NetworkCatholic Bishop to Voters: ‘Abortion’ is the ‘Sacrifice of Innocent Life’ to the ‘Demon Deity Molech’Chinese Communist Officials Bulldoze Gravestones of 20 Christian Missionaries‘A Real Christian’: Avengers Cast Defends Chris Pratt after Twitter Denounces Him for His Christian Beliefs – Mikaela MathewsOregon Threatens Christian, Private Schools with Jail, Fines but Lets Public Schools Meet, Suit Says

Federal Judge Tells DC Mayor She Can’t Restrict Capitol Hill Baptist Church ServicesSurvey Shows Many Professing Christians Being Shaped by Culture Rather Than Biblical Truth | Christian News NetworkSatanic Temple Sues Billboard Company for Declining Abortion ‘Religious Ritual’ Advertisements | Christian News NetworkLAWSUIT: Florida State Student Removed From Government Office Because He’s a Catholic | Todd StarnesJudge Prohibits New York From Closing Christian Adoption Agency While Case Moves Forward in Court | Christian News Network

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Exclusive: Carter Page Reacts To Clinesmith Guilty Plea, Says There’s More To ComeChina warning it may detain people from US in retaliation for prosecution of military-affiliated scholars: ReportSara Carter: While SJWs Want To ‘Fundamentally Change This Nation,’ Hong Kongers Are Fighting For LibertyCiting White Birth Rates, Chinese Ambassador Claims Western Leaders Are Pursuing a “Genocide Policy”Pro-Trump Farmer Targeted by Arsonist, Tractor & Combine Burned | Todd Starnes

Bible Search: return unto theeBible Search: double troubleBible Search: will give doubleBible Search: come ye outBible Search: be ye separateBible Search: remembranceBible Search: no more remembered

Zechariah 9:12 Return to your stronghold, O prisoners of hope; even today I declare that I will restore to you double.Titus 3:10 Reject a divisive man after a first and second admonition,Bible Search: have nothing to do withBible Search: boast christBible Search: mine infirmities

Mark 14:38 Watch and pray so that you will not enter into temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak.”Revelation 11 KJVJeremiah 15 KJV

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Stop Trying to Manage Narcissists & Other Difficult People *NEW* – YouTubeRETRAIN YOUR MIND – Motivational Video – YouTubeMost Love The Narcissist Love Bombing Phase – YouTubeWorship Wednesday With @Phil Wickham – YouTubeRoad Trip to Truth – YouTube

Narcissistic Gaslighting Phrases – YouTubeThe Overt Narcissist. – YouTube2 The Point – Episode 2 | Happiness or Holiness? | Does God Want You To Be Blessed? – YouTubeYou Are Not Alone In Your Warfare – Tim Conway – YouTubeSurvivors of #Narcissistic Abuse Share Their Stories – YouTube

Chicago mayor issues new stay at home order, officials advise residents to cancel Thanksgiving | Fox NewsThe Greatest Battle Ever Fought // Most People Don’t Even Realize What Is Around Them – YouTubeChattanooga State Closing Campus To Public – WDEFBEWARE: The Devil Does Not Want You To Know This – YouTubeHow Narcissists RUIN Holidays (& WHY) – YouTube

Fundraiser for Michelle Ross by John Ross : Photohelix Cancer FundWhen You Break Up With The Narcissist – YouTubePsychopaths & Narcissists DO THESE In Conversation – YouTubeBe Careful Of This Spirit | Men and Women’s Biggest Nightmare – YouTubeNarcissistic/Psychopathic Abuse and The Discomfort of Uncertainty – YouTube

“Everything is Planned” – YouTubeTHE REAL REASON GOD REMOVES PEOPLE FROM YOUR LIFE | DON’T CRY OVER THEM – Very Inspirational Video – YouTubeScreening travelers for symptoms of Covid-19 was ineffective, CDC study says | CNN TravelMatthew West – Gobble Gobble (Official Music Video) – YouTubeBiden said he doesn’t need our votes to win. – YouTube

Heaven Is Here (Live) – The McClures | Christmas Morning – YouTubeBeckah Shae – Heartbeat (Official Video) – YouTubeHow Narcissists Hide Their True Agendas – YouTubeNarcissists & Virtuous Victimhood: A Study of Dark Personalities & Manipulative Signaling *NEW* – YouTubeThe Narcissists Traps & Dooms Their Targets – YouTube Public Group | FacebookThe high cost of political memes and tweets. – YouTube30 Minute Lullaby for Sleepless Nights | #BeOkaySeries – YouTube“This Was More Than an Election” | Robert Kiyosaki – YouTubeMy Chronic Illness Story – Overview | CFS | ME | Lyme Disease | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Recovery – YouTube

Thousands of Pro-Trump supporters descend on DC for ‘Million MAGA March’ near White House | Fox NewsSingle ‘polypill’ found to cut heart attacks, strokeIT Department detects over ₹500 crore undisclosed income from bullion, gold jewellery dealer in Chennai – The HinduThe Best Free and Paid Alternatives to Google PhotosCOVID-19 spike in Hamilton County could soon mean more virtual school | Chattanooga Times Free Press

WHY YOUR LIFE IS UNDER SPIRITUAL ATTACK | Powerful Motivational & Inspirational Video – University Students Studying How to Overthrow the StateHow to Not Let the Narcissist Control You: Get Smart to Outsmart the Controlling Narcissist – YouTubeThe Girl With The Self Esteem Issues – YouTubeNine Types Of People You Should Never Trust. – YouTube

5 Ways the Narcissist is Scheming to Destroy You Right Now! (Updated) – YouTubeBefore You Ruin What God Has Given You – Watch This – YouTubeI Don’t Know Who Needs To Hear This But You Have To Keep Trusting In God! – YouTubeTrue revival is impossible without repentance, first individually and then as a nation. – YouTubeRun Away From Toxic Relationships, Hide From Narcissists. This Is Self Preservation, Not Weakness. – YouTube

101 “Quotes” by the Narcissist – YouTubeWorld’s largest free trade agreement signed in coup for ChinaHow Narcissist will Communicate When You Need to Talk/Don’t Ignore this Major Red Flag of Narcissism – YouTubeNOTHING CAN STOP YOU CHILD OF GOD (Motivational) – YouTubeGOD IS FIXING EVERYTHING | THIS IS YOUR SEASON OF RESTORATION | Powerful Motivational Video – YouTube

Battle Fatigue – YouTube“Taking a Stand in Intense Emotional Systems” A First Principle of Self Differentiation – YouTubeCOVERT NARCISSISTIC FATHER – ROLE PLAY – 3 WAYS – YouTubeBeckah Shae – Awake (Official Video) – YouTubeInslee indoor dining ban planned to curb WA’s COVID-19 fall spike | Tacoma News Tribune

GRACE CHURCH ONLINE PASTOR STEVE CHALMERS – NOTHING HIDDEN – YouTubeWho Will Have Your Attention? Clinging to Christ in the Digital Age – YouTubeCoronavirus: Walmart resumes metering customers in its storesLive or Die – YouTubeGod Has Seen Your Tears & Heard Your Prayers | Powerful Motivational & Inspirational Video – YouTube

SIGNS IT’S TIME TO END THAT RELATIONSHIP | Powerful Motivational & Inspirational Video – YouTubeWhy Narcissists use Flying Monkey’s and Proxies to their Advantage – YouTubeThe Value of INFJ Wiring – YouTubeWHO Can Make A Narcissist Happy #NarcissistPerfectPartner #ToxicRelationship – YouTubeNarcissism’s Loose Ends: Good Night & Good Luck from Minnie & Me – YouTube

Narcissist: How they blend in. Am I one? – YouTubeMountain of the Lord (Come Let Us Go Up) Joshua Aaron & Aaron Shust – YouTubeHow Long Should You Avoid Toxic People And Covert Narcissists? When Does No Contact End? Never. – YouTubeSidewalk Prophets -Thank You Jesus (Live) – The Chosen Tour – YouTubeTitus 3:10 Reject a divisive man after a first and second admonition,

Key takeaways from the Justice Department review of Jeffrey Epstein sweetheart deal6 Bad Habits to Let Go if You Want to Grow Further in Spiritual Journey – YouTubeThousands line up for groceries at Dallas food bank – CNN VideoAre Dogs Spreading SARS-CoV-2? Study Finds Living With a Dog Increases Risk of Contracting COVID-196 Ways To Fight Off Narcissistic Fatigue – YouTube

Toxic People Will Give You Things Because Giving To You, May Give Covert Narcissists Power Over You. – YouTubeComing Up Next on Lion of Fire 🦁 🔥 – YouTubeEnneagram 1 – The Reformer – I Can Fix Everything! – YouTubeThe Key Differences Between Te and Ti (xNTP vs. xNTJ) – YouTubeThe #Narcissist’s Obnoxious Smear Campaign – YouTube

Nothing He Can’t Do (Lyrics) – Community Music – YouTubeLESS IS BEST for an INFJ – YouTube10 Tactics Narcissist Use to Mask Their Insecurities and Fear You’ll Figure Out – YouTubeExploring Your Vulnerability to Narcissistic Relationships & Addressing it *NEW* – YouTubeWhy Narcissists Crave Conflict – YouTube

Phil Wickham – King Of Kings – Songs From Home – YouTubeThe Afters – What Home Feels Like (Acoustic Live in Rome, Italy) – YouTubeSidewalk Prophets – Chosen (Official Lyric Video) – YouTubeLondon Police Block Church’s Baptism Service; Pastor Retorts: ‘Love Is Not a Crime’ – Michael Foust‘They May Arrest You’: Calif. County Sues Church to Stop Indoor Services – Michael Foust

ZotZine Feature – :: University of California, IrvineWhat a psychopath brain looks like – Business InsiderSafe In Your Arms – Josh Baldwin, feat. kalley | Evidence – YouTubeMy Hands Are Open – Josh Baldwin | Evidence – YouTubeFrancesca Battistelli – Behold Him (Official Lyric Video) – YouTube

Into the Wild – Josh Baldwin | Evidence – YouTubeMighty God – Josh Baldwin | Evidence – YouTubeBeloved – Josh Baldwin | Evidence – YouTubeAustin French – Perfect Love (Official Lyric Video) – YouTubeTobyMac – I’m Sorry (a lament) (Lyric Video) – YouTube

Phil Wickham – Battle Belongs (Song Stories) – YouTubeBest Friends – Josh Baldwin, feat. Molly Skaggs | Evidence – YouTubeNew Creations – Josh Baldwin | Evidence – YouTubeMy King Forever – Josh Baldwin | Evidence – YouTubeNo Limit – Josh Baldwin | Evidence – YouTube

The Difference Between Forgiving And Forgetting – Relationship Advice – YouTubeSpeak to Me (Lyrics) – Kathryn Scott ft. Martin Smith – YouTubeYour Voice – Josh Baldwin | Evidence – YouTubeSoli Deo Gloria – Darlene Zschech & Mitch Wong (Official Lyric Video) – YouTubeHow Can I Keep From Singing – (COVER) Travis Clark – YouTube

Tauren Wells – Famous For (I Believe) [Official Acoustic Video] – YouTubeAustin French – Jesus Can (Official Audio) – YouTubeAustin French – Ooh Child (Official Audio) – YouTubeAustin French – Perfect Love (Official Audio) – YouTubeAustin French – Rest For Your Soul (Official Audio) – YouTube

Forgiveness | Cindy’s Zone 2The Potter’s Vessel | Cindy’s Zone 2Narcissist Spectrum-Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing | Cindy’s Zone 2

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