Links 291-Who’s Watching You?

Coming Agenda – Mind Enslavement-Dean Henderson speaks on the historical role of the Fallen Angels, Nephilim and their dominance over the planet and governments and also shares with us the use for 5G technology to enslave the masses

This Is The Reason Smart TVs Are So Cheap: More specifically, electronic manufacturers like Vizio have figured out that they can sell smart TVs at, or around cost, and concentrate on data harvesting and post-purchase monetization. Smart TVs, smart-home devices found to be leaking sensitive user data, researchers find ‘Nearly all TV devices in our testbeds contacts Netflix even though we never configured any TV with a Netflix account,’ American Life Expectancy Approaches 3rd World Levels1. Fukushima 2. The after-effects of the Gulf Oil Spill 3. GMO’s and the open gene envelope phenomena 4. Chemtrails which are having a pervasive impact on multiple aspects of human health. D.MAIL:Farmer becomes the FOURTH person in China to be diagnosed with plague this month as officials confirm they have the ‘Black Death’ Destruction of the Family:The predominant value system of an entire culture can be overhauled by those with unlimited access to children. Homosexual activists understand very clearly how important children are to their cause.

The Rush To A Cashless Society Only Serves Globalist Interests; SQ; ABSOLUTELY FULFILLS THE BIBLE PROPHECY OF THE MARK OF THE BEAST ,UNDER ANTICHRIST,YET ‘THE PULPITS ARE DEEP FREEZERS AGAINST GOD’S TRUTH’! TAKE HEED !Black Friday(HOW APPROPRIATE A NAME)…. smart TV buyers should take this FBI cybersecurity advice-Here’s what the FBI recommends to keep hackers out of smart TVs: Food prices are skyrocketing, and economists are worried Weather shocks, higher oil prices and a sharp depreciation in the US dollar could make food expensive, warn experts. Israeli Tech Expert Confirms What ‘The Milieu’ Has Been Saying: “In Less Than 25 Years, You’ll All Be Cyborgs’ California: Cop Gives No Warning – Dumps Entire Magazine Into Back Of 15-Year-Old Boy – Kills Him (Video)

BLOOMBERG UNVEILS EXTREME GUN CONTROL PLAN Every gun control proposal that has failed in the past is included. SQ; GUN CONTROL IS FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE ,(THE AVERAGE AMERICAN) ,HE HAS A CADRE OF HEAVILY ARMED BODY GUARDS Artificial Wombs to Make Women Obsolete — Brave New World Next Week France: Police and protesters clash in massive strike over Macron’s pension reform Millions of transport workers, teachers, police and other professionals took part in France’s biggest strike in years. Philadelphia: Authorities cave to Muslim group over Muslim kids dancing to chopping heads jihad song, take no action The Masses Are Being Conditioned To Ignore The Economic Bubble: The trade war creates a false paradigm of East vs. West, while the global banks and their political allies escape all blame. At least, that is the plan.

How Seven Black Robes Changed America Forever – News With Views New ATF Study: 423 MILLION Guns In Hands Of Americans 24 Voices That Are Warning America About What Is Coming, And Most Of Them Are Being Censored And Persecuted Lisa Page Text to Peter Strzok: ‘You get all our oconus lures approved? ;)’ Because, believe it or not, the FBI is prohibited from such activities as investigating a major political party’s candidate for the presidency, they needed to find an alternative Rare monkeypox case detected in England Public Health England is contacting passengers who flew to the UK with the patient from Nigeria but stressed risk to the public was low

The next Chick-fil-A? Hallmark Channel CEO signals openness to gay Christmas films | News | LifeSite Lesbian Feminist Receives The Gospel Coalition’s 2019 Book Award for Evangelism and Apologetics Church of Sweden Places Blasphemous Scenes of Homosexuality in Garden of Eden Behind Altar Pastor Receives Death Threats After Tweeting that Gay Pride Events are “Harmful for Children” Want to Know How Schools Are Indoctrinating Children With LGBTQ, Watch This Video

How poor people survive in the USA | DW Documentary – YouTube Massive text leak exposes ‘millions’ of Americans Yet another exposed database has left public data out in the open, and this time it affects something you might use often. Some included sensitive info » Stockholm: Elderly Residents Kicked Out of Apartments to Make Way For Migrants – Summit News The West did not invent the African slave trade · Caldron Pool 2nd Largest Insurance Firm, Swiss Re, Classifies 5G as a ‘High Impact’Liability Risk in Annual Risk Report

Prepare For Persecution: The Anti-Christian Agenda Of America’s Public Schools & The Premeditated Undermining Of The Faith And Morals Of Our Children & What We Can Do To Turn The Tide – We’re witnessing a deadly onslaught against the faith and morals o Armed-robbery suspect loses to bread deliveryman in ‘short gun battle’….This incident just goes to show how important and effective armed civilians can be in countering criminals USDA Organic Now Allows Glyphosate in Organic Hydroponic Food Production GREG HUNTER:Debt Bubble to End All Bubbles – Michael Snyder:Most Americans are going to be blindsided by this, and most people have no idea what’s coming, absolutely no idea… ..We’re talking about the end of America. ‘A Children’s Book of Demons’ Teaches Children How to Summon Demons-‘A Children’s Book of Demons’ Teaches Children How to Summon Demons This children’s book presents the summoning of demons as a fun way of taking care of everyday problems such as chores,

The ACLU sues to make sure unborn babies can be dismembered, piece by piece, in cruel, inhumane abortionsSQ;BRETHREN,START PRAYING ‘IMPRECATORY PRAYER’ AGAINST THE ACLU AND PLANNED PARENTHOOD World’s First Human Composting Facility Coming To Seattle In 2021 :Earth worship is complete by offering your dead body back to nature as compost in the ‘death-care revolution.’.All that’s missing is the euthanasia center;SOYLENT GREEN! Data on your spending habits could be a gold mine for banks SQ;COVER STORY FOR INTEL AGENCIES AND THEIR SOCIAL CREDIT AND TERMINATION LISTS -EVERY CHARGE YOU MAKE AND CHEVCK YOU WRITE GOES INTO PERSONAL INTEL FILE! Top Los Angeles Homeless Official Resigns: Homelessness Up 33% Despite $780 Million Spent & Quadrupled Staff Over 5 Years: Liberal policies have resulted in Los Angeles County having arond 59,000 homeless people UNINTENTIONAL VIRAL VIDEO OF MICROCHIPPING HOMELESS IN AUSTIN EXPLODES Transient describes globalist population control program while receiving haircut

China’s schoolchildren are now the smartest in the world:Chinese students far out-stripped peers in every other country in survey of reading, math and science ability, underscoring a reserve of future economic strength U.S. homeland security proposes face scans for U.S. citizens SQ;THIS WILL BE TIED INTO THE SOON TO BE IN PLACE SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE,THAT ALREADY EXISTS, JUST WAITING FOR THE RIGHT EVENT TO OPENLY INITIATE FASCIST: 300+ Trump Ads Taken Down By Google, YouTube Federal Reserve Proposes New Rule To Let Inflation Run ‘Hot’ Ahead Of Next Recession GLOBAL LEADER OF THE SALVATION ARMY GENERAL BRIAN MEDDLE MET WITH POPE FRANCIS AT THE VATICAN TO ‘FOSTER ECUMENICAL RELATIONS’ AND TOLD HIM ‘WE STAND BEHIND YOU’

ALPHA CONFERENCE 2020 AT HILLSONG CHURCH IN PHOENIX WILL FEATURE A MASS BY ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST AND PROMOTE THE ONE WORLD RELIGION OF ANTICHRIST The Water Wars that Defined the American West Are Heading East Urban growth and surge in irrigation fuel fight between Georgia and Florida; soybeans or oysters? Behind the Scenes with Celeste-Strange Mutations-iFEMA-Violent Doomsday Cults:Days of Noah Strange Mutations iFEMA Report by military Violent Doomsday Cults (that would be those of us who ascribe a spiritual or religious dimension to human affairs). Facebook bans displays of patriotism for ALL white Americans while embracing neo-liberal agenda of bigotry and hate, just like Hitler did Professor Resigns from Columbia University Because It’s More Communist Than the Country He Fled

Democratic Party Leaders Conspire with CHICOMS and Mexican Cartels to Destablize America:At the heart of this planned demise of America is the radical leadership of Democratic Party. AOC and the rest of the squad embrace this treason and sedition. Washington Post Editorial Board: ‘Only Mischief Makers Promote Gun Sanctuaries’SQ;ONLY DEVILS WITH EVIL INTENT ARE TRYING TO VILIFY ALL LAW ABIDING AMERICANS WHO TAKE THE SECOND AMENDMENT SERIOUSLY-TAKE YOUR GUNS THEN YOUR LIFE! New Documentary Explores Satanist/Idolatrous Roots Of Pro-Abortion Movement WOE UNTO AMERICANS ,THIS IS A MUST READ:Setting Brushfires 12-02-2019: NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Exposes Treasonous Policy Of Neuroweapons Use On Citizens FBI says Black Friday gun purchase background check numbers are second-largest single day in program history :In all, the bureau posted 202,465 checks Friday, an 11% increase from last year,less than single-day record:203,086 in 2017.

Twitter Changes Terms of Service to Allow Pedophile Content, Including NAKED Children SQ;THIS IS SO DEMONICALLY DISGUSTING, YET LETS SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE LEAVE TWITTER OVER IT:PRAY IMPRECATORY PRAYER AGAINST IT! PETRUS ROMANUS (POPE FRANCIS): Fundamentalist Christians Are ‘A Plague’SQ;WOULDN’T EXPECT ANYTHING LESS, FROM ‘LUCIFERS LEFT HAND MAN’-FALSE PROPHET HERALDS THE ARRIVAL OF THE ANTI-CHRIST! Cartel and police gun battle leaves 21 dead, including four cops, and a Mexican town full of bullet holes less than 50 miles from the US border China will require telecom operators to collect face scans when registering new phone users at offline outlets starting Sunday, according to the country’s information technology authority,as Beijing continues to tighten cyberspace controls. Major Breaking Story- The UN-CHICOM-Cartel-CIA Takedown of America:There is a plan for the Chinese and the rogue elements of the CIA to bring down the United States through spin-off events coming to America 1

HUGE: Strzok-Page Texts Were Not Unearthed by Sharp FBI Investigative Work – Strzok’s Angry and Scorned Wife Turned Him In After Finding Texts on His Phone! ONE WORLD RELIGION: POPE FRANCIS TRAVELED TO THAILAND AND PRESENTED BUDDHIST SUPREME PATRIARCH WITH ‘DECLARATION ON HUMAN FRATERNITY’ PEACE COVENANT OF CHRISLAM SQ;PREPASRIG THE WAY FOR THE AC’S RULE AND REIGN China Adopts Malicious ‘Cybersecurity’ Rules-Chinese officials will be permitted, under Chinese law, to share seized information with state enterprises.This means the enterprises will be able to use that information against their foreign competitors. USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Jaynes, who penned thrillers exposing the murderous vaccine deep state, found shot to death Ilhan Omar’s GOP challenger blasts Twitter after account suspended over ‘treason’ tweet-‘If it is proven @IlhanMN passed sensitive info to Iran, she should be tried for #treason and hanged,’The Washington Examiner reported.

Pope Francis Cozies Up to Muslim Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Shooting at Florida navy base leaves many dead D.MAIL-Humans are being exposed to 44 TIMES more infertility-causing and cancer-linked ‘gender bending’ chemicals than first thought France prepares for a second day of strike chaos and violent protests as unions warn Emmanuel Macron there will be no let-ups until he caves in on pension reforms


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