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“Aliens” are not physical – Hugh Ross – YouTube-supernatural angels operating outside of space and time-interdimensional beings 2 Corinthians 11:14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. 2 Corinthians 11:15 It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their actions.

DEVELOPING: 2,000 infected, 13 dead in Tenn. from hepatitis A outbreak, vaccinations urged D. MAIL:Quantum teleportation is achieved for the first time: Austrian and Chinese scientists teleport ‘quantum states’ from one photon to another after first theorizing about it in the 1990s Scientists worried a tipping point breached where the Amazon will no longer be able to soak and store up Carbon: The Amazon absorbs carbon dioxide and puts oxygen back into the air:SILICON BASED ENTITIES MAKING WAR ON CARBON LIFE FORMS-US! Trade war explodes as Trump lashes out at Beijing Advises US firms to get out of China, increases tariffs on $550 bn of Chinese products after Beijing announces 5-10% tariffs on 5,000 US items Multi-faith committee set up to spread Pope Francis’ claim that God wills ‘diversity of religions’ SQ; ‘THIS ENTITY’ IS GIVING HIS POWER UNTO THE DRAGON, WHO IS SOON TO APPEAR ON THE WORLD STAGE-WOE,WOE, WOE!

Greg Hunter Weekly News Wrap-up: Trump Fights Fed, Buy Gold, More MSM Propaganda – Video AS DANIEL PROPHESIED ‘THEY’ (HIGHER ENTITIES) WOULD MINGLE THEMSELVES WITH THE ‘SEED’ OF MEN IN THE LAST DAYS (SEE DAN. 2:43): Scientists Begin Experiments To Edit DNA In Human Sperm Using CRISPR THE FATHER OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS WARNED: THE BEST WAY TO ENSLAVE THE PEOPLE IS TO DISARM THEM:George Mason, the Father of the Bill of Rights, warned: ‘To disarm the people…was the best & most effectual way to enslave them.’ Report: Non-Citizens Account for 64% of ALL Federal Arrests:The report explains during the 20-year time frame, arrests of non-citizens ‘more than tripled’ while citizen arrests rose 10 percent. Indiana Cyanide Leak Kills 3,000 Fish and Shut Down Beaches at America’s Newest National Park SQ;DISASTER AFTER DISASTER PLAGUE UPON PLAGUE,SOON EVERYONE CRYING, SO MANY PEOPLE DYING!

Socialized medicine in Canada: No money to keep you alive, but plenty of government funds to help you commit suicide Missing WikiLeaks associate had kayak accident in Norway: police; SQ:ANYTIME ANYONE DIES WIH INFORMATION HARMFUL TO THE GLOBALISTS AND ILLUMINATI IT’S ALWAYS A CONSPIRACY THEORY TO SUGGEST OTHERWISE REMEMBER OBAMAS COMMON CORE?Well, these are the chilling results: FOIA Uncovers Taxpayer-Funded Islamic Propaganda forced on teachers, ‘Islam Glorified, Christianity Disparaged and America Bashed’. and these are the chilling consequences. Manifestation of Catastrophe :GLOBAL RISKS ARE OUT OF CONTROL!NO AMOUNT OF TECHNOLOGY, LAW OR REGULATION WILL OVERCOME A LACK OF EMPATHY Wildfires in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest hit record number of 72,843 fires, an increase of 83% compared to 2018 – the highest since records began

Central Banks Are Purchasing Gold at Record Highs. Why? SQ;CANT COMPETE, BUT YOU CAN FOLLOW AND MIRROR THEIR ACTIONS-WATCH WHAT THEY DO NOT WHAT THEY SAY! The future of food: Why farming is moving indoors ‘We can grow 365 days a year – a major departure from thousands of years of agriculture. Unlike outdoor farming, our yield is virtually 100% guaranteed.’-Only as long as you have power and running water. The Widespread Muslim Desecration of Christian Graves-attacks on inanimate Christian symbols reflect an objective, transcendent hatred for Christianity and its followers, one that needs no ‘reason’ and gains nothing. Mauldin: Modern Monetary Theory Could Destroy This Nation:If we attempt MMT, it will end the US dollar’s reserve currency status and produce out-of-control inflation. That will essentially destroy the Boomer generation’s ability to retire D.MAIL-China will have ‘one street camera for every TWO PEOPLE by next year’ as the country tightens its grip on state surveillance:Beijing’s ‘Big Brother’ surveillance network is the most powerful in the world

Incredibly Sick, Federally-Funded Experiments Are Happening Behind Closed Doors In Secret Laboratories All Over America Buy Gold, Urges Veteran Investor as Bullion Hits 6-year High-‘Gold’s long-term prospect is up, up and up, : ‘I think you have to be buying at any level, frankly’ Treason! China can cut our Navy in half in ten minutes.The Panama Canal is more to the Chicoms than a potentially strategic blocking point; it is their golden gateway into the Americas. The Greatest Depression Is Coming | What It Will Be Like:I don’t like to imply predictions. However, there are two lines of thought. One, it goes down the tubes before the 2020 election, and two, it blows out not long afterwards. Japan warns North Korea now has miniaturized nukes small enough to fit on its ballistic missiles and is a ‘serious and imminent threat’ SQ;THIS IS GAME CHANGER THAT IS SO DEADLY,IT’S LITERALLY TIPPING THE BALANCE OF POWER IN ASIA

IT’S HERE! The GREAT TERROR Has Arrived! History WARNED US And We Let Stalin’s PURGE Begin Anyway!Stalin removed from existence everyone who disagreed with him and how they are doing it now. We are walking side by side with history MUST READ:’The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence, and submergence into an all-powerful one-world government.’ PRE-CRIME NATION: College Student Arrested, Stripped of Firearms for Posting Social Media Meme Freedom of speech is dead in America, as the Orwellian nightmare escalates. The Growing Apostasy,Homosexual Christianity’defiance of an established system or authority; a rebellion; an abandonment or breach of faith:Satan’s Best Ambassadors Are Not Pimps, Politicians, or Power-Brokers, but Pastors 14 billion-dollar screw up: Navy can’t deploy new F-35’s

Brussels halts 5G deployment indefinitely: 5G project, says authorities, not compatible with radiation safety standards D.MAIL-Medieval diseases lurk in LA: 124 cases of Typhus are confirmed amid fears bubonic plague is infecting homeless on filthy streets China’s Orwellian Social Credit System Is A Huge Warning To America, Giving Us A Great Reason To Prepare While We Still Can – The Way We’re Headed, It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before THIS Fully Arrives In America! The Censorship of Alternative Media Is Virtual Book Burning; SQ-FAHRENHEIT 666! Head of Abortion Biz Made $525,000. Got “Performance Bonus” Because It Killed Nearly 5 Million Babies:SQ: AND THE PULPITS WERE SILENT, AS AMERICA CLOSED A BLIND EYE AND DEAF EAR TO THE SCREAMS OF THE INNOCENT!

Scientists Attempt Controversial Experiment To Edit DNA In Human Sperm Using CRISPR, SQ:THIS TECHNOLOGY IS TO THE HUMAN RACE, WHAT THE ATOM BOMB WAS TO HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI-COMPLETE DESTRUCTION OF HUMAN RACE The Art of the Deal: Gun Control Advances and Gun Owners Get Nothing SQ;HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF, AS THE WHOLESALE DESTRUCTION OF THE CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS IS UNDERWAY -2ND AMENDMENT ONLY HOPE D.MAIL Deadly ‘zombie’ deer disease in the US that rots its victims brains ‘could spread to humans’ who eat venison:Experts believe chronic wasting disease could end jumping from deer to humans ‘Horror’ In Ghana As A Third Of Banks Shutter, Sparking Unprecedented Bank Run resulting in a banking crisis is just now roiling the country’s economy, and has wiped out $1.6 billion. Germany: Nurse refuses sex in subway station, Muslim migrant kicks her in the face-Sexual assault occurs in all cultures, but only in Islam does it have divine sanction.

New York: Two Muslimas plotted jihad massacre against law enforcement and military targets Negative Rates Are Coming for Your Savings…’First they came for central banks, then they came for government bonds, then they came for rich depositors. Then they came for me’ SQ;GOLD AND SILVER ONLY PROTECTION,IN THIS MADNESS Trey Reik – A Perfect Storm Of Events Is Igniting The Gold Price James Turk Says Silver Bull Market Formation Looking To Repeat 1970s Skyrocket In Silver James Turk | King World News

China removes ‘Bible,’ ‘God,’ ‘Christ’ from children’s classics like … D.MAIL-Huawei security chief admits you CAN’T trust the Chinese tech firm but says the US is as bad as he attacks the government over NSA hacking and claims Huawei was also targeted Tyrone Lamont Allen’s mugshot was altered to remove his tattoos. Witnesses said bank robber didn’t have facial tattoos. So police digitally altered a mugshot The Washington Post Logo The Washington Post ‘There Is No Christian Anymore in This Town’: Persecution of Christians, June 2019-‘We cannot allow the allege that Jesus is the Son of God’ explained one mosque leader; this [is] a serious blasphemy to Muslims’ Big Brother’s got a new toy—and you won’t like it! Robot crime dog—he can smell everywhere you’ve been—forever!

The Extinction of Christians in the Middle East:These Christians seem to have gained space on our television screens and newspapers only at the cost of their blood, their disappearance, their suffering. Their tragedy illuminates our moral suicide Fed Out to Get President Trump – Kevin Shipp (Part #2) TRUMP- has got the Fed shaking in their boots. When the Fed gags its board of directors and its members, that is not good. I think it is tied to an upcoming global recession, GE Fraud, DB Trouble & Bo Polny on Coming Biblical Market Crash :Charles Nenner predicted that if DB went below $6.40, it would head to $0 in the not-so-distant-future. Will world renowned, market cycle expert Charles Nenner be proven correct? Greyerz Just Warned The Paper Gold Market Is Vulnerable Lost Within The Rate Cut: The Fed’s Drive To Establish A New Payment System | Zero Hedge

MUST WATCH! LOS ANGELES IS AN ‘********’ ‘OPEN SEWER’ (FOR ALL YOU MEOW PEOPLE, TITLE SANITIZED) America’s future – rat infested, disease ridden hellscapes inhabited by a two caste society. NYTIMES PLAN TO TRIGGER RACE WAR LEAKED AS DEEP STATE PUSHES COLLAPSE OF U.S. ECONOMY Plus, horrifying government report confirms shadow government pedophile blackmail rings Trouble Coming To Walmart Nation? As of the end of fiscal 2019, Walmart Inc. and our subsidiaries employed more than 2.2 million employees (“associates”) worldwide, with 1.5 million associates in the U.S Pope Francis appoints promoter of ‘Islamo-Christian dialogue’ as Archbishop of Marseille:Has this ‘Islamo-Christian dialogue’ led to one Christian being saved from Muslim persecution? No. Has it saved one church from being destroyed by jihadists? No Franklin Graham on Christian ‘leaders’ who renounce faith: For shame ‘You’ll stand before God one day and give an account’

Florida Man Has Firearms Rights Taken Away Over Mistaken Identity:Carpenter had never met the woman in question and never lived at the address listed in the restraining order. Moreover, other than being white, They know where you sleep — ‘Through-wall’ radar:The best defense is an offense in the form of papering your federal and state representatives with demands to not enact gun-grabbing laws in the first place, Trump Gives Warning, This WILL Happen If He Doesn’t Get Re-Elected And It’s TERRIFYING: SQ; AS THE FINANCIAL WELLS RUN DRY ,THE ONLY WAY FOR THE ECONOMIES OF THE WORLD TO CONTINUE, IS TO INFLATE THEIR MONEY SUPPLY,OR DIE New Report Shows Leprosy on the Rise in Los Angeles County: SQ; IMAGINE WHEN ALL ESCAPE FOR THE ELITE IS CUT OFF, AND THEY HAVE TO LIVE WITH ALL THE DEATH ,DECAY ,DISEASE ,NO UTILITIES AND FACE THE NIGHTMARE POPULATION THEY HAVE CREATED China’s Building Hidden Carrier Fleet (Photos)While the assault ship can’t launch fixed-wing aircraft, it can carry dozens of helicopters as well as large detachments of marines and their landing craft, posing a potent threat to any maritime area.

‘Horrendous situation:’ Teachers sue over student loans Teachers across America have gotten so frustrated with low pay and a broken federal loan forgiveness system that they’ve decided to sue the Department of Education. Road to teaching noble but expensive » Dad charged with homicide after daughter kills neighbor Pervert who sexually assaulted sleeping teen is jailed for nine years Chinese State Media Announces 2.56M’Discredited Entities’ Prevented From Purchasing Plane Tickets Under Social Credit System:Big Tech has already implemented their own“social credit score’ system where they punish people for their political views Neurologist exposes ‘brain death’ myth behind multi-billion-dollar organ transplant industry

What Would It Take To Build A World Without Globalists? Or, we’re supposed to bet our future on the virtual world with cryptocurrency systems; some of which are built upon an NSA created hash and perfectly match an NSA white paper written in 1996 on digit Dow Craters 800 Points As Panic Trading Continues Across The Globe ‘According to the Investment Company Institute, itchy traders pulled more than $21 billion out of equity ETFs last week. That’s the most since…well, ever.’… Project Veritas – Google Whistleblower Goes Public: ‘I Saw Something Dark and Nefarious Going On:They were going to not only tamper with the elections, but use that tampering with the elections to essentially overthrow the United States.’ Media Meltdown Now Complete – MSNBC Panelist: ‘Destroy’ White Voters, CNN Anchor Threatens To Throw Man Down Stairs In Profanity Laden Tirade After Being Called ‘Fredo’ Rick Rule | King World News

VIDEO-Cosmic Disaster, Solar Micronova, Superflare, Magnetic Reversal, Crustal Displacement, Ice Age, Tsunamis, Volcanoes… it’s all here, it’s all been done before and it’s all coming again soon. Chinese military warns it can hit Hong Kong in TEN MINUTES after Beijing mobilised hundreds of armoured vehicles to the city’s border as fears of a brutal crackdown rise Japan hit with Biblical amounts of rain! Total rainfall could surpass 1200 mm (47 inches) in 24 hours which is more than 10 times their August average Recession indicator with perfect track record flashing red:The spread between the U.S. 2-year and 10-year yields on Wednesday turned negative for the first time since 2007.Preceded every U.S. recession of the last 50 years Tucker Carlson ‘Vacation’ Sparks Rumors of Fox News Suspension Ben Shapiro being lined up to replace him? SQ;GET RID OF THE BEST, AND DESTROY THE REST AS FOX IS ASSIMILATED BY THE LEFT!

This Is Why America Must NEVER Again Follow The Insane Leftist Ideology Of Putting Other Nations Interests Above Our Own! Doing So Has Been An ‘Open Recipe For Tyranny You kick God out of the culture, The Church, for the past 100 years, has not really engaged the culture – and we wonder why when we take the godly people out the culture that culture goes godless. Whose fault is that? It’s ours. Anti-surveillance clothes foil cameras by making you look like a car The garments introduced at DefCon are meant to confuse cameras that track civilians. Talk about a statement piece. ‘Magic-Bullet’ Michael Baden to Lead Epstein Autopsy-What Could Go Wrong? Pathologist Michael Baden,served as chairman of the House Select Committee on Assassinations’ Forensic Pathology Panel that investigated the assassination of JFK The Difference Between Communism And Socialism Is Almost The Same As The Difference Between Murder And Forced Suicide: Either Way, You End Up Dead – Leftists Want Americans To Share The Misery Equally, Except For Themselves

Facial recognition for travel and onboarding top this week’s biometrics and digital ID VIDEO INTERVIEW-EGON VON GREYERZ ON THE KEISER REPORT – ‘CENTRAL BANKS IN PANIC MODE’-Gold hit new all-time highs in many currencies. Now on its way to at least $10,000 or even $50,000 Hong Kong Activist Leader Calls For a Run on the Bank Chen Haotian asks citizens to withdraw cash deposits to target Chinese banks. 7 Reasons To Stand Against Red Flag Guns Laws:Compromising civil liberties and property rights to prevent acts of violence that have yet to occur are policies more suited for dystopian thrillers⁠ – and police states⁠ – than a free society. H.R.1296 – Assault Weapons Ban of 2019 To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.NEFARIOUS PURPOSES:SQ

Sabrina Carpenter’s ‘In My Bed’ : A Video about the Mind Control of a Young Girl … Made by Disney star, Sabrina Carpenter is a blatant celebration of MKULTRA and the sick culture of the occult elite. D.MAIL-Has an entire Russian town been poisoned by Putin’s secret ‘nuclear disaster’? Military doctors descend on town nearest to mystery blast to give every resident an ‘urgent health check’ D.MAIL-Putin’s ‘undetectable’ Hunter stealth drone takes to the skies Philadelphia: Maurice Hill, who wounded six cops in shootout, is devout Muslim who attended jihadi mosque Antifa Flyer Threatens False Flag Terrorism Upon Innocent Americans This Weekend As Portland Prepares For Total Chaos – Leftist Terrorists Threaten To Dress As Trump Supporters While Carrying Out Violence

CYBER PANIC Google warns BILLIONS of website passwords have been hacked – how to check yours now– and hundreds of thousands of username and password combinations – have been hacked Devil’s advocate: are satanists now the good guys in the fight against the evangelical right? David Morgan’s Take On The Markets EAT COAL! Probiotics supplement manufacturer “Safer Products of Montana” uses 10 ppm lead “leonardite” ingredient (oxidized lignite coal); tries to silence Natural News with lawsuit to hide the truth about their deceptive products BREAKING NEWS: US Customs system goes DOWN and causes massive delays and long lines at air:Air travelers are facing chaos and massive delays at airports across the country after the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s system failed at Airports across the

Hellywood and the Communist Fake News Outlets Promote Satan Worship over True Christianity:Most of humanity’s, supposed Christians included, have been Mind Controlled and Seduced by Hellywood and Fake News Outlets So how come none of the mainstream media reported that the Philadelphia gunman who shot 6 cops is a Muslim? SQ;MSM, IS TOO BUSY SHOVING MILITANT ISLAM DOWN OUR THROATS AND BLAMING THE WHITE MAN FOR ALL EVIL! Zombie Deer Disease Rears Its Ugly Head: Canadian Government Issues Stark Warning About ALWAYS FATAL Infection!SQ.VERY IMPORTANT ARTICLE ALL BIO WEAPONIZED SILICON VALLEY WANTS TO READ YOUR MIND – HERE’S WHY YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED :These mind-reading systems could affect our privacy, security, identity, equality and personal safety. Do we really want all that? LEAVING CHRISTIANITY: The Unthinkable is Happening :Christians do not want to hear about Bible Prophecy—They would rather keep their heads in the sand and what comes – comes.

Recent And Historical Events Prove This Is No Longer Just ‘Politics’, We Are In A Battle Against The Full-Scale Implementation Of Communism In America!The ‘Planned Overthrow Of America’ No Longer ‘Conspiracy Theory’ The Gun Control Tide is Rising–It’s not about what guns people have. It’s who has them.SQ;NEVER FORGET. …THEY WHO TAKE OUR GUNS WILL NOT BE CONTENT TILL THEY TAKE OUR LIVES,AS 300MILLION LIVES MURDERED IN 20’TH CENTURY ILLUSTRATE Deutsche Falls To New Record Low Showing ‘Lehman Shock’ Contagion Risk SQ;SUGGEST YOU TURN ON AND LISTEN TO ‘TOP GUN SOUNDTRACK’, AS WE HAVE NOW ENTERED INTO ‘THE TOP GUN DERIVATIVE MELTDOWN, DANGER ZONE! Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson is arrested on the eve of Portland protests as the city braces for violence at the far-right rally :PORTLAND ARRESTS ANY ONE EXCEPT BAD GUYS-ANTIFA RIOTS AND PORTLAND PD STANDS DOWN ‘Dr. Death,’ inventor of ‘suicide pod,’ unveils suicide livestream service:Nitschke has claimed that the video service, which allows him to watch people commit suicide in real time, will improve the quality of assisted dying.

‘Human Tragedy’ on the ‘Diseased Streets’ of San Francisco: ‘Worse Than Slums in Brazil & India’ “There’s Something Bigger At Work Here,” Inflation Warning, Plus An Important Look At Gold & Silver Global Disaster Unfolding As Dow Plunges 600, World Bond Yields Tumble And Gold & Silver Surge, But Here Is The Biggest Surprise Hong Kong Protesters Are Singing The American National Anthem – YouTube A 1992 Bosnian Holocaust Survivor Warns America to Never Give Up Their GunsS:SQ-THIS IS THE PIVOTAL ISSUE OF OUR DAY AND OUR LIVES -THE GLOBALISTS WILL INITIATE GENOCIDE IN THE U.S.,ONCE OUR GUNS ARE GONE!i IT’S THE GUN OWNERS NOT THE GUNS!

Complete List Of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously Or Committed Suicide Before Testimony SQ;FOLLOW THE MONEY AND EPSTEIN’S UNDERAGE HONEYS (YOUNG GIRLS)-THE PILOTS LOG BOOK TELLS ALL! IN RESPONSE TO KABBALAH RABBI’S TELLING CHRISTIANS JESUS ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH-Galatians 1:8-9 ‘But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. Warning Issued For Apple’s 1.4 Billion iPad And iPhone Users:Picked up by AppleInsider, security firm Check Point has revealed it has found a way to hack every iPhone and iPad running iOS 8 right up to betas of iOS 13 Greyerz – What Is Going To Unfold In Markets Will Shock The World Two Tiered System Of Justice: Top FBI Officials Escape Prosecution, While Others Pay Heavy Price :Remember how former FBI Director James Comey laughed publicly about how he set up the former National Security Advisor.

Human-animal hybrids now legal to grow in Japan… total HELL of GMO biologicals coming soon ARGENTINA FINANCIAL COLLAPSE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW:The Argentine Peso is down by more than thirty percent (-30%) against the US Dollar and Argentine stock prices have PLUMMETED ~50% today alone! CONFIRMED: RUSSIA MISSILE TEST WITH NUCLEAR REACTOR EXPLODED – RADIATION RELEASED :Russian scientists admit they were working on miniaturized sources of nuclear energy when a rocket engine exploded last week The ‘Beginning Of The End’ Began When Our ‘Republic’ Became ‘The Empire’ & The US Govt Began Rigging Wars, Manufacturing Enemies And Declaring War Upon God & The American People ALL ACROSS THE PLANET, HUMANITY IS FIGHTING FOR THE RIGHT TO EXIST

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak:’ Get off Facebook’… Apples,Cook,’if you built a chaos factory, you can’t dodge responsibility for the chaos.’ Trump is ruining our markets’: Struggling farmers are losing a huge customer to the trade war — China’When four to five generations ahead of you have succeeded, and you come along and fail, you don’t see it as not your fault. You snap.’ The Average U.S. Farm Is $1,300,000 In Debt, And Now The Worst Farming Crisis In Modern History Is Upon Us Who Inflicts the Most Gun Violence in America? The U.S. Government and Its Police Force:Remember, to a hammer, all the world looks like a nail.We’re getting killed, execution-style. Will ‘Red Flag Laws’ Become ‘Red List Executions’? All The Know Nothings Will Exclaim, ‘But It’s The Law’- Remember! Courageous Police Officer Warned Of The Globalists ‘Final Solution’ For America – Remember! Courageous Police Officer Warned Of The G

Baptist, Presbyterian Pastors Claim Christians Can Support Killing Babies in Abortions ;SQ-FOR MANY SHALL DEPART FROM THE FAITH GIVING HEED TO SEDUCING SPIRITS.HAVING A FACADE OF GODLINESS BUT DENYING THE POWER THEREOF! Drastically low numbers of salmon passing through Ballard Locks :Only 17,000 sockeye salmon passed through the Locks this summer. That’s drastically lower than the more than 450,000 salmon that came through in 2006. Gold Surges $25 And Silver Soars 3% As Global Panic Continues, Plus The Most Important Red Line Of Any Chart In History:Gold Is Kicking The Crap Out Of Stocks-Gold: +30.3% S&P 500: +3.7% Middle Class Death Spiral: Consumers Have Never Been In More Debt, And Bankruptcies Are Surging Russia admits nuclear reactor blew up during missile test 250 miles from Moscow

NYPD Reeling After Another Officer Commits Suicide 14-Year-Old Girl Killed By Falling Rocks At National Park Police: Kentucky man cracked 8-year-old’s head, raped her ‘The Distortion Is Grotesque’ – Google Insider Turns Over 950 Pages Documenting Bias To DoJ : The world that google is building is not a place I, or you or our children want to live in. Ex-Fed boss Greenspan says ‘there is no barrier’ to Treasury yields falling below zero

This Is The Same Pattern The Fed Followed Before The Great Depression:Another interesting development has been the spike in gold and silver. As I predicted in my article ‘Gold Will Rise Even If The Fed Doesn’t Cut Interest Rates’ Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum Potentially Resulting in- THE WIPE OUT OF MODERN AGRICULTURE,’GLOBAL GOVERNANCE THROUGH 5G AND A ‘NEW ICE AGE DUE TO LESS SOLAR ACTIVITY’-VERY INFORMATIVE AND TROUBLING, Gold Will Break 2011 High: Gerald Celente Just Issued Important Market Alert Gerald Celente | King World News US Army is working on AI-guided missiles that ‘pick their OWN targets’ to blow up after scanning ground below SQ;THINK YOUR CELL PHONE AND OR CARS GPS SYSTEM-

An Open Invitation to Tyranny:To believe in the Russiagate conspiracy did not make one a conspiracy theorist as this conspiracy was the official prevailing explanation. But to doubt the Russiagate conspiracy did make one a conspiracy theorist. VIDEO-China’s Communist Regime is ‘The Largest Threat to the United States’—Pastor Bob Fu [WCS Special] Is China Hoarding Food, Gold And Other Commodities In Anticipation Of A Global Collapse? EXCLUSIVE: ‘Their screams music, their pain my pleasure.’ Dayton shooter’s demonic notebook scrawls reveal he fantasized about massacres, ‘hunting’ for humans, craved marijuana and speed, called himself a sociopath and hailed Lucifer ‘Throwing cold water on extreme heat hype’Just what are we to make of the weather?

MSNBC Contributor: ‘I Want Pitchforks And Torches Outside’ Trump Donor’s House In The Hamptons–The left can incite, riot, kill even. It is sanctioned by a totalitarian elite The Precious Metals Are Setting Up For Big Moves Higher : We should not be surprised if gold and silver experience significant corrections before moving into the next stage. SQ-VOLATILITY WILL GO BALLISTIC Glacier burst on Mount Rainier closes road, creates waterfalls SQ-NOW IT BEGINS! READ MY ALERT SECTION TO GET BACK GROUND ON WHATS GOING ON If the Liberals Wanted a Safer America They Would Ban SSRI’s and Promote Universal Firearms Training- The real culprit in mass murder shootings, is our overmedicating with psychotropic pills with their causal link to violent enacting behavior. America Will Suffer War, Famine, Pestilence & Death If We Cave To The Policies Of The ‘Four Horsewomen Who Ride Red Horses’ – ‘No One Comes To America To Find Socialism, They Come Here To Escape It!’

Watch ‘Blind’ Robot Cheetah Climb Stairs Littered With Obstacles :Engineers discovered that the model-predictive algorithm allowed the robot to instantly create counter-forces to regain the center of balance and keep moving forward after a fall. THE LEFT’S MISSION TO ANNIHILATE CONSERVATISM David Limbaugh on racism charge: ‘They are now demonizing half of Americans’ Large-Scale Power Outages Hit London and SE England (Video)Trains ground to a halt and traffic lights were knocked out after a suspected failure of the National Grid left a large area of London and the South East without power. Border Patrol TAKING MACHINE GUN FIRE at Rio Grande-Agents saw four subjects with automatic weapons who shot over 50 rounds at them. Americans have a right — and a duty — to defend our land from invasion. STEVE QUAYLE: GOD’S JUDGEMENT IS SET TO FALL UPON THE NATION;SQ ON GUN CONTROL-COMMUNIST REVOLUTION UNDERWAY

GUN SALES SURGE AFTER MASS SHOOTINGS, TRUMP GUN CONTROL PROMISE ‘People are realizing that even a trip to Walmart isn’t safe these days’ The Comeback of a Soviet Dictator After he died in 1953, Stalin was quickly erased from the public eye in the Soviet Union. These days, though, he is making a comeback, with statues and plaques honoring the dictator going up throughout Russia. Why are pe More than a million evacuated as Super typhoon Lekima smashes into China’s East coast as it approaches Shanghai with a population of 20 million Farm Crisis Spreads As US Corn Exports Plunge To 19-Month Low: American farmers have just lost their fourth-largest customer as China pulls out of buying US agriculture products this week- Social Media Civil War:The Age of -corporate- Innocence that Zuck and @jack keep trying to hide behind while counting their billions has long gone. They have become bigger political players than the New York Times, CNN and Jeff Bezos.

Police: 62 People Killed In Horrific Fuel Tanker Explosion Gold at All-Time Highs in 73 Countries – Bill Murphy.” All I can say is I think gold and silver are headed for the moon. You are going to get these crashes out of nowhere because all of a sudden it’s like going into a black hole EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Epstein told guards and inmates that someone tried to KILL HIM weeks before he hanged himself – as questions mount over why the billionaire pedophile was taken off suicide watch just as sex slave lawsuit named his powerful friends If Democrats Have Their Way, The Monstrous ‘Death Toll Of Communism’ May Be Coming To America! In ‘Death By Government’, Disarmament Always Precedes Genocide! The Insane Leftist Agenda Must Be Stopped In 2020 Or Kiss Freedom & America Goodbye! Is Physical Law an Alien Intelligence? Alien life could be so advanced it becomes indistinguishable from physics. SQ:ADVANCED PHYSICS, WAS BORN OUT OF SPIRITISM TO THE THIRD, REICH THROUGH SEANCES!

Cheap Money Not Going to Work Anymore – Charles Nenner -We are in a new bull market in gold, and the price is headed to at least $2,500 per ounce. The stock market is going to continue to go down over the next 2 ½ years, DOW at 5,000. FBI Insider: El Paso Shooter Told Officials It was the Democrat Debate on Free Healthcare to Illegals — Not Trump! — That Triggered His Mass Shooting Five Killed, Three Injured In Nuclear Missile Explosion At Secret Military Facility Norway: Police Report 1 Shot, Injured At Mosque Outside Olso ‘We Need Answers’: Ocasio-Cortez Tweets After Epstein’s Suicide

SLOPPY: CDC Shuts Down Military Lab Studying Ebola, Plague, etc. Amid Fears It’s GETTING OUT Through Wastewater SQ;THE PUBLIC SHOULD BE OUTRAGED AND SCREAMING FOR THEIR LIVES,AS THATS WHAT IS AT STAKE! D.MAIL Blind panic in Times Square as hundreds of traumatized New Yorkers run for their lives when the sound of a motorcycle backfiring is mistaken for gunfire after weekend of back-to-back mass shootings, sparking a stampede that left 22 people injured Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/10 :THE ONE EYED THEME OF THE ENTERTAINMENT ELITE IS ANNOUNCING THEIR ALLEGIANCE TO LUCIFER -NOTE ELLE FANNINGS NECKLACE -‘PITCHFORK/TRIDENT’ Anti-Gravity Research May Pave the Way for Warp Speed Travel- ALPHA antimatter study experiment , physicists working at CERN have been able to create antimatter in the form of electrically neutral antihydrogen particles, D.MAIL Stock market is at risk of ‘Lehman Brothers’ collapse because of China trade war, Nomura analyst warns – as stocks recover slightly from dramatic sell-off SQ;’WHEN GOODS DON’T CROSS BORDERS ARMIES DO’! VON CLAUSEWITZ,’ON WAR’

VIDEO-JOSH TOLLEY-Diseased Refugees Obtaining SSN and Passport Upon Arrival, SQ: PREPAID CREDIT CARDS WITH LIMITS THAT WOULD BLOW YOUR MINDS,AS THE TRUTH IS MADE KNOWN Killing Free Speech in France, Germany and on the Internet:France will be the second country in Europe after Germany to pass a law that directly makes a social media company censor its users on behalf of the state. Abortion Was the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2018, Killing 42 Million People HOW THE VA ‘RED-FLAGS’ PATRIOTS Michelle Malkin: Gun-grabbing crisis vultures want to do to us all what they do to vets Congress Spending Surge is National Suicide. Spending is what keeps Washington alive and keeps the DC suburbs rich. They’re not about to cut back on their own. SQ;SPEND TO THE END AND SURELY IT MUST, AS RETAIL STORES AND MIDDLE CLASS GO BUST!

It is Time to Legalize Jesus:According to today’s culture Jesus is just one of many wise men who can help you navigate through the channels of life.The real coup that has been pulled on America is the criminalization of the Name of JESUS CHRIST! BOMBSHELL! CIA Mind Control & MK Ultra Assassins SHEILA Z Is Ebola Evolving Into a More Deadly Virus? SQ;NOTE THAT CHILDREN SEEM TO BE DYING AT AN UNUSUAL RATE-IT HAS BEEN MY RESEARCHED OPINION THAT EBOLA HAS BEEN WEAPONIZED IN VARIOUS STRAINS TARGETING CHILDREN Mass Shooting Coverage Proves One Thing: Liberals don’t care about dead black people or What about the fifty-six people shot in Chicago this past weekend, or the 138 shootings, including 30 homicides, in Detroit during the 29 days since summer started. PAUL BEGLEY VIDEO-Breaking: ‘Heavy Fighting As India And Pakistan Fight In Kashmir 250 Dead’HIS PROGRAM GOT CUT OFF TONIGHT AS HE WAS TALKING ABOUT PAKISTAN/INDIA.SOMEONE APPARENTLY DID NOT WANT THE INFO OUT

Since America’s Communists Need The Votes And Illegal Aliens Need ‘Free Stuff’, This ‘Match Made In Hell’ Could Be The Final Stake In America’s Heart – The Left’s Kamikaze Plan Of Full-On Communism Is In Full Motion Murder, It’s a Democrat Thing : 68 percent of all homicides occur in just certain parts of 5 percent of America’s counties—and all, or virtually all, of these are Democrat areas. Is the Federal Reserve losing control of the gold price? :With a rising price of gold, who would want to hold debt denominated in a rapidly depreciating currency when interest rates are low, zero, or negative? D.MAIL-Russia reveals its new ‘Hunter’ stealth combat drone capable of flying from Moscow to London and back… that looks suspiciously like a US Lockheed craft unveiled 12 years ago Iranian ships are posing as US or British warships and interfering with oil tankers’ GPS so they can seize them, officials warn amid growing tensions in the Gulf:Iranian military boats have reportedly been sending ‘spoofed communications’

MUST READ 2X IF NECESSARY-What Are The Odds? El Paso Shooter Was Only 3 Degrees Removed From The Mastermind Of The CIA’s MKUltra Assassination Program! Did Luciferians Drop A ‘Trigger Word’ To ‘Activate The Manchurians’ Before Last Weekend’s Horrific NASA: ‘Climate Change’ and Global Warming caused by Changes in Earth’s Solar Orbit and Axial Tilt – NOT MAN-MADE CAUSES SQ: SEE SCIENTIST ALERT TO ME ONNALL THE SEISMIC AND PLATE ,CHANGES ETC- The Seven Steps of Genocidal Tyranny:Red Flag Laws Are the First Step to Total Gun Confiscation—A Precursor to Revolution ,asthere were 16 genocides in the 20th century and everyone of them was preceded by gun confiscation Maryland Police Shoot and Kill a 61-Year-Old Man While Trying to Serve a ‘Red Flag’ Order — Officials Say It Is ‘a Sign’ the Law is Needed,SQ;THIS IS THE MOST EGREGIOUS ATTACK ON THE CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS! CRISPR Gene Editing Is Being Tested In Human Patients And Scientists Admit They Do Not Know ‘What The Long-Term Effects Of Man-Made Edits To The Human Genome Might Have’

3 Americans, including married couple, drown while vacationing with children in Turks and Caicos Bio-warfare experts question why Canada was sending lethal viruses to China SQ;THE ANSWER TO THIS IS OBVIOUS THAT WHEN IT COMES TO THE CURRENT GOVT OF CANADA ,SECRET DEALS RULE THE BACK ROOMS! We’re All Enemies of the State: Draconian Laws, Precrime & the Surveillance State ‘Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have given way to permanent crisis management’ 2ND AMENDMENT ALERT: Would Trump Consider an ‘Assault Rifle’ Ban? It Appears that He Would :DONALD TRUMPS QOUTE FOLLOWS- ‘I (TRUMP)generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period Secret World of Neuro-Modified Human Weaponized Biological Assassins :The great divide between human and other entities has begun.The end-game for the great divide will eventually result in the mark of the beast.

Twitter freezes McConnell campaign account for posting video of … Jersey Shore mayor calls LGBT movement ‘ an affront to almighty God ‘ ‘ Zero Sugar , Zero Prejudice ‘: Coca Cola Ads Promoting Gay … Man wedged between rocks for 4 days finally rescued Sum Bora, who became stuck between rocks while collecting bat droppings in the Cambodian jungle, was pulled free after being trapped for almost four days. Trying to retrieve a dropped flashlight » Police: Man with rifle, bulletproof vest arrested at Springfield, Missouri, Walmart store

Michael Oliver Just Predicted This Will Crash The Stock Market And Act As A “Super Charger” For Gold The Dead Sea Scrolls – Explore the Archive Typhoon “Lekima” strengthening, heading toward Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan and Shanghai, China 2020 Candidates Offer New Government Ponzi Schemes | Mises Wire ICE agents detain 680 illegal immigrants at 7 MS worksites

Adrian Day | King World News Bill Fleckenstein | King World News Rob Arnott | King World News Gerald Celente | King World News Expect Big Upside Moves In The Gold Market To Continue, Insanity, Plus The Chart Of The Day


UN Plans New Global Censorship Push to Combat ‘Hate Speech’ The United Nations is trying to stamp out what they see as ‘hate speech.’ SQ;OF COURSE ANY WARRANTED CRITICISM OF THEM IS HATE SPEECH-‘SLAUGHTERHOUSE ACRES’ A climate catastrophe that can not be stopped by human means! Russian fires now bigger than Denmark: 13 million hectares gone:Siberian forests, called the ‘lungs of Europe’ due to their major role in soaking up emissions THINK ABOUT IT…ONLY 1% of the U.S. population is Muslim, but 20% of U.S. prison inmates are Muslims 2ND MASS SHOOTER SUPPORTED ELIZABETH WARREN, SOCIALISM, GUN CONTROL-Connor Betts, the Dayton, Ohio mass shooter, was a self-described’leftist,’ who wrote that he would happily vote for Democrat Elizabeth Warren, praised Satan, A.I. ‘RoboCops’ Continue Rolling Out Across U.S. Collecting Biometrics and Creating Blacklists

The one thing that nearly every mass shooting has in common… and it isn’t guns,the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful psychotropic drugs or had been at some point in the immediate past before they committed their crimes. Nearly 90 percent of B-1B bombers not ready for war, top Air Force general says Violent Chaos Breaks Out In Hong Kong: Police Stations Set On Fire, Triads Beat Protesters, City Paralyzed Fecal Bacteria Has Reached Unsafe Levels On 33% Of Beaches In Maine :SQ;WE ARE DROWNING IN OUR OWN DEFECANT- China Just Went Nuclear In The Trade War, And There Is No Turning Back Now-China confirmed reports that it was pulling out of U.S. agriculture as a weapon in the ongoing trade war.

Ray Dalio: Central banks will get so desperate they will give money away – YouTube


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