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DID He REALLY Just Say THAT!! Crenshaw DESTROYS GOOGLE In Speech You CAN’T AFFORD To Miss! 101 Target Of 230! One of the greatest battles in the history of FREEDOM OF SPEECH & the greatest threats to our Nation and Constitution! Hail LIBRA! Facebook Unveils ONE WORLD BEAST CURRENCY!! 666 Seconds You Can’t Afford To Miss! – Justus Knight News Prepare For BLACKOUT!  World’s Most MURDEROUS MALWARE Runs 20+ Probes On U.S. Sites As Argentina Goes DARK! – Justus Knight News

Dr. James Dobson’s report regarding his visit to our southern border. Tragic indeed!!


What’s Going On? :Muslims are predicting the soon return of the Imam Mahdi, Secular Humanists are predicting mass extinction because of global warming and unchecked capitalism ,and Christians are predicting the imminent return of—Jesus Christ.-The imminent coming of antichrist, as he comes at the 6th trump, prior to Christ returning at the 7th trump, last trump. 1 Cor 15:52, 2 Thes 2:3 1 Corinthians 15:52 in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. 2 Thessalonians 2:3 Let no one deceive you in any way, for it will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness–the son of destruction–is revealed.

Walmart adds AI-powered cameras to more than 1,000 stores to reduce checkout theft, report says POPE PUSHING ONE WORLD RELIGION? Petrus Romanus Wants New CHRISLAM Theological Curriculum To Teach Catholic Students Muslims Are Their ‘Brothers’ SQ;IM SURE THE MULLAHS WILL ALLOW HIM TO RE -WRITE THE KORAN ALSO Christianity is under siege in America:The great irony is that liberals tell them to ‘coexist’ when liberals are completely incapable of doing just that. If leftists don’t like Christians, that is just too bad. They’ll have to learn to be more tolerant Revolutionary Weapon-Detection-Machine Uses 3D-Radar And AI To Detect Guns :Our ability to deploy in either indoor or outdoor settings with both covert and overt applications has been driving increasing interest from the market.’ Russia Bought Another 200K Ounces Of Gold Right Before The Rally ;SQ;THERE ARE MAJOR COUNTRIES AND WEALTHY INDIVIDUALS IN THE MARKET TONIGHT,SUGGEST THOSE WHO WAITED CONSIDER BUYING NOW THESE PEOPLE KNOW WHATS COMING!

Greyerz – Gold Giving A Major Warning Signal And Silver Coiling For An Explosion To $66 SQ;MASSIVE GOLD BUYING OVERSEAS,ACCORDING TO A MAJOR GOLD WHOLESALER ,WHOM I SPOKE TO SUNDAY NIGHT- SEE RUSSIA ARTICLE! Gold closes above $1400 for first time since 2013 Citigroup said on Thursday that the enthusiasm is justified, with $1,500 to $1,600 an ounce possible in the next 12 months under a bullish-case scenario with borrowing costs falling below zero Acting DHS Chief ‘Sabotaged’ ICE Raids By Leaking Plan To Washington Post :So the acting DHS head deliberately obstructed a massive immigration action because he was worried about what liberals might think. This AI Uses Echolocation to Follow Your Every Move :By training AI to sift through signals from arrays of acoustic sensors, the system can gradually learn to parse your movements—standing, sitting, falling—using only ultrasonic sound. Dr. Stephen Leeb | King World News

ALERT: Leeb – Gold To Trade Higher On Monday But Expect This Before It Hits $10,000 Stephen Leeb – There Is An 80-90% Of This Happening In The Gold Market CLICK HERE TO READ End Times Prophecy Being Fulfilled-Lisa Haven-CSS SQ;BE SURE AND TUNE IN TO MY INTERVIEW WITH GREG HUNTER TOMORROW AS IT SINKS WITH DAVE AND LISA IMPORTANT:Earlier this month, Russia reportedly continued the sell-off of its US bond holdings even as the Russian Central Bank’s foreign exchange and gold reserves grew in value to the equivalent of half a trillion dollars.

THE INFRASTRUCTURE MESS CAUSING COUNTLESS INTERNET OUTAGES California Legislature Blames Religious People for LGBTQ Suicides SQ;BLAME CHRISTIANS FOR EVERYTHING IS UNDERWAY, AS,THE BOTTOM LINE IS THEY HATE EVERYTHING THAT QUESTIONS THEIR REMAINING CONSCIENCES In Israel the Push to Destroy Jerusalem’s Iconic Al-Aqsa Mosque Goes Mainstream is being targeted for destruction by extremist groups that seek to erase Jerusalem’s Muslim heritage in pursuit of end-times prophecy. Shock Report! Migrants From Congo With Unknown Diseases Quarantined In Texas :A new report reveals Texas’ southern border is as porous as ever and now unvetted migrants from Congo are being released on the streets of the America. TWITTER DECLARES IT WILL CENSOR TRUMP’S TWEETS AHEAD OF 2020 ELECTION Platform will ‘down rank’ political candidates tweets if they ‘violate’ rules

IN AN ASTOUNDING INTERVIEW, PUTIN SAYS GLOBALISM IS THE ENEMY OF HUMANITY And liberalism is a vehicle for tyranny and has ‘outlived its purpose’ and that multiculturalism is ‘no longer tenable:’ Italian Police Strikes Against Elite Network That ‘Brainwashes and Sells Children’ The network used horrific techniques to brainwash children – all of which are used in Monarch Programming. Failed US cyber strike on Shiite rocket control systems in Lebanon stirs war fears in Israel Apple Moves Mac Pro Production to China The $6,000 desktop computer had been the company’s only major device assembled in the U.S.;APPLE EITHER KNOWS U.S. IS GOING TO GET NAILED WITH POWER GRID DOWN EMP OR IS JUST SIDING WITH CHINA AGAINST U.S. Deutsche Bank To Fire Up To 20,000: One In Six Full-Time Position SQ;DEUTSCHE BANK IS THE HIGHEST LEVERAGED BANK IN DERIVATIVES IN THE WORLD-WHEN THEY GO DOWN ,SAYONARA TIME IS UPON THE WORLDS BANKS!

Facebook, Like Others Have Targeted Me as an Agent of Hate STEVE FORBES-Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg -HE CALLS ON ZUCKERBURG TO CHANGE THE NAME OF ‘THE LIBRA CRYPTO’ TO ‘THE MARK’! SEE THE GILBERTS VIDEO BELOW THIS STORY, TO SEE WHERE THIS LEADS! SciFriday: Facebook Builds the Beast System- Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency, Libra, raises the disturbing prospect of people with views they deem unacceptable—conservative, Christian, or (horrors!) conservative Christian, but unable to buy and sell . Black vultures are roosting in Kentucky and eating animals alive ALEXA ABUSE Amazon’s Alexa started calling man a ‘SH**HEAD after he cancelled his Amazon Prime subscription SQ;ANYONE BRINGING THESE DEVICES INTO THEIR HOMES, ARE CONTRIBUTING TO THEIR OWN DESTRUCTION,IN MY OPINION

D.MAIL-Attacked by Antifa, bleeding, they stole my camera’: Shocking video shows the moment a conservative writer gets punched, kicked and ‘milkshaked’ at a Portland rally Florida woman dies after being infected by flesh-eating bacteria she contracted when she cut her leg on the beach:’MUTAGENESIS’,OF VIRUSES AND BACTERIA IS ACCELERATING,AS OCEANS TURNING INTO CESSPOOLS,IN CERTAIN COASTAL AREAS BREAKING NEWS: Trump takes historic walk from the DMZ into North Korean territory as he meets Kim Jong-un, who hails him as ‘courageous’ – and the president invites dictator to visit the U.S. and announces resumption of ‘concrete negotiations’ Christians in Africa:’You have three days to go or you will be killed!’Regrettably, the tragedy of these Christian massacres is directly proportional to the neglect with which they are reported in the West. American Media Blackout: VIDEO from Portland, OR Shows Black Man Randomly Attack and Break White Woman’s Jaw SQ-CIVIL WAR IS HERE ,RACIAL WAR IS BEING INSTIGATED!JESUS DECLARED MATTHEW 24-‘ETHNOS AGAINST ETHNOS’

The Great Transformation: Robots Will Displace 20 Million Jobs By 2030:The collision of these forces could trigger economic disruption far greater than what was seen in the early 20th century.SQ THE ROBOTS ARE ‘LAUGHING THEIR CHIPS OFF’ US Army Wants 500,000 Active Troops By 2020, Amid Threats Of War NEW THREAT: Antifa Plans Acid Attack on D.C. Free Speech Rally, Promises To Blind Attendees Attendees at an upcoming free speech rally have been threatened with acid attacks via social media. Killer robots declared ‘existential human threat’ by expert who fears fatal AI uprising SQ;’TERMINATED,THE END OF MAN IS HERE’ MY LAST BOOK OF WARNING-SPELLS OUT IN DETAILS, THE REAL THREAT,SUGGEST YOU ACQUIRE FROM MY SITE Dropping The Hammer: S&P Removes Facebook From ‘Ethical’ Companies List

Trump delays ICE deportation raids for 2 weeks WONDER WHAT MIND-GATES THESE GUYS WILL OPEN? DARPA Funding BORG Brain-Chip Implants For Posthumans DRUMBEATS OF EZEKIEL 38 – Is The Ancient Spirit Behind The Prince Of Persia (IRAN) Dragging The Middle East Toward Armageddon?

Mega Millions winner ordered to pay half to ex-wife Michigan man Richard Zelasko won an $80M Mega Millions jackpot in 2013, but must share half the money with his ex-wife as their divorce was not finalized at the time, an arbitrator said. ‘Part of the marital estate’ » Postal worker shot, killed while delivering mail A worthless degree? Betsy DeVos wants to change rules for which colleges stay open, close US cyberattack reportedly knocked out Iran missile control systems Top Secret No Longer: The New Mach 5 SR-72 Spy Plane Could Beat Everything

Woman falls asleep on flight and wakes up in pitch dark on locked and empty plane 1-year-old dies after being left in hot car for 5 hours outside of Galveston restaurant Surviving the Coming Economic Crash Without Going to Prison:The Three Laws You Must Know Before Taking Your Money Out of the Bank In the not-so-distant future, ‘synbio’ could lead to global catastrophe—maybe Come listen to a TED talk and then discuss the darker side of synthetic biology. Putin attacks Western views on gay rights and multiculturalism and says immigrants are free to ‘kill, plunder and rape with impunity because their rights are protected’ ahead of G20 meeting with May

HORRIFFIC-After Claiming To Smell Marijuana, Cops Sodomized Woman So Badly She Was Hospitalized—Lawsuit-‘Black bodies are not crime scenes,’ stated Poder in Action, the Phoenix civil rights group advising Reynolds, said during a press conference. Ilhan Omar Confronted In DC On Her Gross, Criminal Brother-Husband Situation – Watch Her Reaction:Rep. Ilhan Omar and whether she once married a man — possibly her own brother — to skirt immigration laws. Most kids have digital dementia now adults getting it too :Google has always responded to people accusing it of manipulation by labeling them as ‘conspiracy theorists’ Obama ICE Chief: ‘Cages’ For Illegals Were Built By Obama, Not Trump Democrats are using the ‘children in the cages’ narrative for 2020 campaigns President Trump has vowed to sue Google and Facebook after Project Veritas published damning proof of Google planning to directly interfere in the 2020 election, thus denying millions of Americans their voice in the election process.

Bank of America cuts off business with companies working on securing the border :Sen. Josh Hawley is pointing out that they are working with China, a country which literally does have concentration camps. Russia, China Sign Agreement on Payments in National Currencies in Blow to Dollar – Reports WATCH: Drag queen on all fours roars, growls incoherently at library ‘pride’ event for teens SQ;OUTWARD MANIFESTATION OF THE WHICH INFESTS THIS PERSON,IN MY OPINIONS,MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURES RETURN! The Supreme Court ruled that the 2020 census cannot include a simple question that asks if you are an American citizen. Pentagon has developed a laser that can identify subjects from hundreds of meters away based on their HEARTBEAT SQ;GIVES NEW MEANING TO WEARING YOUR HEART ON THEIR SLEEVE!

Crops Devastated As More Ferocious Storms Pound The Midwest – ‘It’s Hard To Get Your Head Around Just How Bad It Is’-For example, on Tuesday the middle of the country was absolutely pummeled by ‘more than 120 damaging storms’… Hard Working Americans Sure Do See The Economy A Lot Differently Than The ‘Experts’ Do Scientists Can Now Clone Brain Organoids. Here’s Why That Matters :The authors set out with a slightly different question in mind: is it possible to reliably grow a brain outside the womb? Vimeo bans Project Veritas, Natural News on the same day as criminal tech giants collude to silence independent journalism VERY IMPORTANT READ:Multi-Billionaire Hugo Salinas Just Issued A Terrifying Warning-Various thoughts regarding a hypothetical Dictatorship in the US:

Young Pastor Makes the Ultimate Comeback After Cancer – YouTube Michael Oliver | King World News James Turk | King World News Egon von Greyerz | King World News

Gerald Celente | King World News Andrew Maguire | King World News Pierre Lassonde | King World News Adrian Day | King World News LGBT, Immigrants, Minorities, Rich, Poor BEWARE! The Next Two Nights Of THEY Are COMING FOR YOU With Lies, Snake Oil and Deceit: Are You Prepared!?  – Justus Knight News

If YOU USE THIS YOU ARE Helping DEFEAT TRUMP In 2020! Insider EXPOSES ALL & Then Video BANNED!  – Justus Knight News They NEVER Saw This Coming! CLINTON Crony GUILTY & SENATE ANTI-TECH BILL! The PERFECT Red STORM! – Justus Knight News WAR IS HERE And It Looks NOTHING Like You EXPECTED!  No Soldiers, No Ammo…Just SILENCE!        – Justus Knight News ‘I said ‘in Jesus’ name’ and she said ‘say it again, say it more’: Dog the Bounty Hunter breaks down as he describes wife Beth’s last words before she died of cancer SQ; THEY WERE NEVER ASHAMED OF JESUS-BLESS THE FAMILY,IN JESUS NAME Dutch Catholics Reject Pope Francis, Begin Turning to Populist Parties Dutch Catholics turning to politicians against mass migration

‘5G Ready’? UK Government’s ‘5G Rural First’: ‘Dangerously High’Levels of Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF) in Southern England. SQ-‘5G’ OR ‘PENTA-DEATH’, AS I CALL IT,HAS MUTAGENIC ,DNA CHANGING PROPERTIES! Maxine Waters Sides With Iran, Dan Crenshaw Hits Back HARD:SQ-WHEN THE WICKED SCORN, THE RIGHTEOUS MOURN,THERE’S NO TURNING BACK AS GODS WARNING MESSAGES SENT,&’VERY FEW REPENT! Google Just Scrubbed Natural Health Websites From Its Search Results; Whistleblower Explains How and Why Trump Fast Tracks GMOs, More Synthetic Foods Coming;SQ;’MONSTER MEALS,IN THE MAKING’,AS MORE GRUEL THE ARE TOTALLY FAKING,AS THIS PLANET BEGINS IT’S END TIME SHAKING! Mali: Muslims murder 95 Christians, ‘no one was spared – women, children, elderly people’

Joel Osteen Attends Lady Gaga LGBT Pride Event SQ;HELLY-WOOD HAS MORE PULL THAN HOLINESS,:The event was basically a theatrically performed representation of the Biblical city of Sodom, and the crowd couldn’t be gayer to be there. Coming to America? Facebook to hand over data on hate speech suspects to French courts :Facebook has no intention of defending anyone’s free speech. They are simply waiting for their masters to ask for you to be turned over. Four Islamic State Terrorists Arrested En Route to US Southern Border :In a statement, Nicaraguan police said two of the men were Egyptian nationals and the other two were Iraqi. Army Caves to Islamo-Fascism:What happens when the Army surrenders and does not live up to the oath that soldiers take,’to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign, and domestic?’ Jesus Who and Why – 2nd Session – Chuck Missler – Body Builders #13 :He is the fulfilment of a pervasive promise made before the foundation of the world and the very standard by which the entire universe, and everything in it, will be judged!

Chuck Missler – Biblical UFO’s and the Coming Deception- 2011–‘There are three kinds of people. ‘Those that see. Those that see when shown. Those that refuse to see’ —Leonardo DaVinci A Licentious Nation of Pretend Christians Scripture tells us’the righteous are as bold as lions and the wicked flee when no man pursues.’ But in our world today, the wicked rule the day and the self ‘righteous’ are nowhere to be found’ GOOGLE ETHICS TEAM BUSTED CALLING PROMINENT CONSERVATIVE JEWS ‘NAZIS’: VERITAS U.S. CONSUMER DEBT SURPASSES FINANCIAL CRISIS LEVELS-At the end of the first three months of 2019, student loan debt hit $1.486 trillion, .By comparison, student loan debt at the height of the financial crisis was $611 billion THE CENSORSHIP IS COMING FAST AND FURIOUS GOOGLE AND YOUTUBE HAVE GONE BERZERK-Google and YouTube have literally gone berzerk with censorship.

Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Is a Major Sign of the End Times, ‘Facebook may have too many users for its cryptocurrency to fail—even if you don’t trust it. The platform’s unprecedented user base is the only global population that’s big enough Africa: Alarming Rise of Christian Persecution-In some regions, the level and nature of persecution is arguably coming close to meeting the international definition of genocide, according to that adopted by the UN. Disinviting Scholarship An Open Letter Defending Free Inquiry at the U.S. Army War College :The USAWC has created a dangerous precedent for institutions of military education. New Russian S-500 ‘Prometheus’ To Hit Targets In Space, Claims Tech Chief : It is only a matter of time before Beijing gets its hands on advanced S-500 missiles that could take out American stealth jets? RANDY CONWAY-MUST WATCH!-A call to prayer and a call to action for the followers of Jesus Christ. Nero fiddled while Rome burned showing his lack of concern. Flames are lapping at our door will you pray or will you ignore?

Could Your Computer Activity Could Soon Warrant Lethal Kinetic Action? As the beast system expands, and wickedness abounds, the true believer in Jesus Christ will find yourself at odds with that system. When AI Becomes Your Boss, You Become The Robot-‘There is variability in human performance,’Feast said. ‘We can infer from the way people are speaking with each other whether things are going well or not.’ BREAKING: Mexico Deploys 15,000 Troops to US Border–‘There are cadavers doing more than the Democratic Party. This is not counting the cadavers IN the Democratic party’-Robert D!! UN poised to launch global ban on speech that insults Muslims SQ;SLANDER,MURDER,RAPE AND BRUTALITY ARE OK AGAINST CHRISTIANS ,BUT ISLAM GETS THE GO AHEAD FOR GLOBAL ANHILATION OF CHRISTIANITY! Conditions On The Streets Of San Francisco Are Comparable To ‘The Slums Of Mumbai, Delhi, Mexico City, Jarkarta, And Manila’This is where the rest of the country is headed if we are not very careful.Bad policies have bad consequences,

Denver Elects a Full-Blown Communist! Says She’ll Help Usher in Communism ‘By Any Means Necessary’ :PBS notes that Malcolm X used the phrase and it meant ‘up to and including the use of violence.’ They don’t even know how to blush :Jeremiah is saying here that if sin in your life or in your culture does not bother you, if you wink at sin, then you need to be restored to the place where it does bother you. The Future Pop in Silver’s Price Will Be Loud and Clear! What will happen in time is the lid will be blown off the most manipulated market out there as the currencies go into full retard Astonishing–Knowing God – An Extraterrestrial Message – Chuck Missler Iran threatens to shoot down more US aircraft, say reports-Iran bragged about its ‘collection’ of U.S. drones and said it’s prepared to add to that collection by shooting down more U.S. aircraft, according to Iranian media.

Written By Former Muslim-‘Justifying Islamophobia’-According to Christopher Hitchens, Islamophobia is a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons. Fewer Young Men are Seeking Marriage: ‘Women are Not Women Anymore’ Study finds drop in young men seeking to get married All It Took Was Radical Liberal Policies To Turn U.S. ‘Utopian’ Cities Into Hell-Holes – This Is What They Want For America-cities and states run by radical liberals are destroying themselves, US Congress Has No Intention Of Stopping The Massive Immigration Invasion:Muslims cannot in any way become Americans. The Koran forbids it. Their entire context of religious-political Sharia Law demands subjugation to their religion with no allegiance to As the EU Refuses More Migrants, Thousands TRAPPED in the Balkans Are Overwhelming the System


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