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Sri Lanka Dark TRUTH That NO ONE Dare Talk About: Why MSM Is IGNORING George Soros And His Agenda Of Evil?! – Justus Knight News NXIVM Sex Cult MAJOR UPDATE!! New Guilty Plea & ‘Coach’s List’ EXPOSE Deepest Connections Yet To HILLARY Clinton! – Justus Knight News ‘Oregon To Become First State To Mandate Universal Home Visits Of All Families With Newborn Children’ SQ;EGREGIOUS INVASION OF PRIVACY AND DIRECT ATTACK AGAINST PARENTAL RIGHTS WITH USURPATION BY THE STATE-RESIST! D.MAIL-‘Better not happen again!’ Trump warns Mexican military after troops disarm U.S. Army soldiers on AMERICAN side of the border ‘VOMIT SPEWING MSM LIES AND DENIES’! From Sri Lanka To Paris, Christianity Is Under All-Out Attack While The ‘Religion Of Peace’ Creates Panic And Sows Chaos – Horrific Massacre Will Reverberate Around The World

Arrest at Trump’s private club raises spying concerns Candace Owens Flips The Script At Dem Hearing On White Nationalism: The ‘Goal’ Here Is to Scare Minorities Into Supporting Censorship MUST READ-Globalists Are Bringing Their One World Currency Plans Out Into The Open:If the US government passes a bill exposing OPEC members to antitrust lawsuits, watch how quickly a monetary structure can disintegrate. BOMBSHELL! AG Barr: Obama/Hillary Meddled In 2016 Election AG Barr Confirms: Obama Admin Did Conduct ‘Unauthorized Surveillance’ of Trump Campaign

ALEX JONES IS… ALEX JONES – IMPAULSIVE EP. 60 – YouTube Candace Owens’ Lawyer Talks About Hate Crimes She Faced The United States government has no integrity – the real story of Julian Assange.The media is the propaganda arm of our banker/CIA controlled government. 95% of media is scripted and censored. Is Trump going to war? Fluoride is rat poison. POLICE: 875 FRENCH CATHOLIC CHURCHES DESECRATED IN 2018 ALONE Despite this trend, MSM refuses to entertain possibility of Notre Dame blaze being intentional MELTDOWN! Media Goes Psycho In Effort To Cover Up Their Conspiracy To End Trump! Mueller Report! | Lisa Haven News

Candace Owens Debunks Democrats Lies In Mic Dropping Testimony Candace Owens Testimony | MassResistance 234 House Democrats, Two Republicans Co-Sponsor Bill Forcing Schools To Let Male Athletes Compete as Females Busted: Thousands Of Amazon Employees Listening To Alexa Conversations

How low will they go? SPLC accuses black woman of being white nationalist MLK & illegal immigration | Californians For Population … Must See: Candace Owens Destroys Ted Lieu Over White Supremacy Accusation-Go Watch the Full Testimony! A Security Flaw Leaves Ring Doorbells and Cameras Vulnerable to … Ring Doorbell Hack: A Major Security Flaw | Protect America Security

The Ring Doorbell could have been hacked to show fake images … Ring video doorbell flaw left camera feed exposed to hackers … Ring doorbells and Nest security cameras are the next privacy worry … Michigan government to create ‘thought criminal’ database to flag those who contradict all official lies Both Teachers’ Unions Oppose Bill That Would Make Sex with Students a Crime


FLASHBACK: Alex Jones said 9/11 inside job on the day it happened 9/11 X-Files – The Lone Gunmen Pilot (Predictive Programming)-aired March 2001 before 9-11 9-11 pilot lone gunman – YouTube Alex Jones Predicts 9/11 – Bing video jones predicts 9-11 – Bing

Crenshaw Scolds Omar & Ocasio-Cortez For ‘Dishonest Attack’: ‘I’m The Guy Who Went Overseas’ After 9/11 Man Charged With Throwing Child From 3rd Floor Balcony at Mall of America VIDEO: Democrats Admit Border Crisis Is Real EXCLUSIVE: Laura Loomer Announces Congressional Run To Fight Censorship THE END OF THE INTERNET IS NEAR: RISE OF WEB OLIGOPOLY Learn about the globalist censorship plan here-Big Tech is now bragging about the amount of control they will have over public discourse online.

Every liberal city in America is headed toward Venezuela… get out while you can:SQ-HUMAN WASTE, COUPLED WITH NEEDLE RIDDEN,CONTAMINATED CITIES, ARE THE BREEDING GROUNDS FOR DEADLY DISEASES,THAT THRIVE UNDER THESE CONDITIONS The Annihilation Agenda: Why globalists are actively working to exterminate 90% of the human race Major Universities Caught Issuing Diploma Mill Degrees to Illegal Aliens and Liberal Candidates Posing As Conservatives ‘Unplanned,’ ‘Captain Marvel’ And The Sad State Of The American ‘Church’- We can be reasonably certain that many more American Christians saw Captain Marvel than Unplanned. Why? It’s because we’d rather be entertained 28 Years Ago, Our Enslavement was Predicted — and We’re Still Not Listening:Thanks to smartphones, humankind is being alienated of its true nature, and the best part of that is it didn’t require machines to be self-aware, feel or think but developers

The Essence of Evil: Sex with Children Has Become Big Business in Americas,: ‘It’s become more lucrative and much safer to sell malleable teens than drugs or gun. Heroin or an AK-47 can be retailed once, but a young girl can be sold 10X A DAY Father Gagged, Found Guilty Of ‘Family Violence’ For Calling His Trans Daughter A ‘She-’British Columbia’s Supreme Court declared a father guilty of ‘family violence’ for giving interviews to publications including The Federalist in which he used female p STRANGE DAYS STRANGE SKIES LIFE IN THE TIME OF CHEMTRAILS 1997-2019 French Ambassador Says Trump ‘Deal of the Century’ Is DOA, Calls Israel ‘Apartheid State’ SQ;IT SHOULD BE BLATANTLY OBVIOUS ,THAT AMERICAS FORMER FRIENDS ,WILL TURN AND MAKE WAR ON THE U.S. ,WHEN THE TIME COMES Video showing heavily-armed men escorting illegal migrants across the U.S. southern border was shared by Customs and Border Protection

Today Looks Like Just Before 2000 Dotcom Crash – Charles Hugh Smith- ‘The bubble popped or deflated not for any crisis, but simply because there was too much debt, too much leverage, too much euphoria and unrealistic valuations’ UPDATE: Commercial Hedging Reaching Extreme Levels In Crude Oil And Silver | King World News NEVER Did They Want You To See THIS:  The Video That EXPOSES Their Ultimate Hypocrisy! – Justus Knight News Whitney George – The Big Picture For The Gold Sector | King World News The World Will Be A Radically Different Place, And There Will Be A Lot Of Pain | King World News Greyerz – China’s Gold Holdings Exceed 30,000 Tonnes | King World News

Nigeria: Jihad against Christians :The most severe persecution of these defenseless Christians — who make up half of Nigeria’s total population — has been taking place mostly in the Muslim north of the country, which is governed by sharia law Is Your Church Saving Or Condemning Your Eternal Soul? A strong case can be made that the Pope has sold out American Catholics with his indefensible plan on Muslim/Cartel immigration and his notion of how the middle class is expected to fund this invasion List of 24 Points Pressing Hard toward Recession-The Fed is still rapidly tightening money supply and says it will continue to do so for several more months. Vatican Cardinal Warns the West ‘Will Disappear’ Due to Mass Migration Sarah warns that ‘Islam will invade the world’ and ‘completely change culture, anthropology, and moral vision.SQ:THEY PROCREATE,DESECRATE WON’T INTEGRATE AND TERMINALLY HATE 2 US Army troops were disarmed, detained by Mexican troops in TX-Officials said the sergeant permitted the Mexican soldier to disarm them ‘in an attempt to de-escalate a potential volatile situation.’

Churches Have Become The #1 Target For Hate Attacks – An Average Of 105 Every Single Month ‘Diabolical’: Islam’s Past and Present Attacks on European Churches- Muslims—motivated by what has long been deemed a diabolical animus—attack and desecrate churches, crosses, and other Christian symbols. The sinister plot to steal your soul and sell your DNA for profit 1984 Potato farmers scrambling after long winter delays planting CIA Targeted Assassinations by Induced Heart Attack and Cancer

Explosions rock Catholic churches, hotels in Sri Lanka, but none DARE call the attacks what they are: Islamic terrorism Millennials will be crushed under debt: Non-housing debt now reaches $4+ trillion in the United States. Antarctica BREAKTHROUGH: How scientists were stunned by creature capable of CLONING itself-‘Down here(under the ice), in the blackness, creatures live beyond the normal rules of time’-David Attenborough VIDEO:THE UNHOLY BOOK OF ISLAM: A GUIDE TO THE DARK SIDE That mental health app might share your data without telling you Do I trust the person who made the app, and do I understand where this data is going?’SQ;THESE APP’S LIKE FACES OF DEATH BOOK WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU

San Francisco Needle Exchange Leaves Streets Littered With Toxic Syringes;SQ-THIS IS SO EGREGIOUS AND DANGEROUS,IT CAN ONLY MEAN ,THAT THOSE WHO WONT ADDRESS THIS, HAVE A HIGHER PLAN FOR DESTRUCTION Colombia to Ban Private Gold Sales? :Colombia’s new proposal for fighting the organized crime elements that are behind illegal mining in Colombia is fraught with peril. MEXICAN MILITARY CONFRONTS US MILITARY AT US SOUTHERN BORDER :Allow that to sink in and carefully consider what you just read. The Mexican military crossed the border, entered the United States and confronted the United States military. Army Orders 100,000 Next-Generation Rifles Amid Threats Of War: The new rifles chamber a 6.8mm cartridge. The round has greater range, increased accuracy at longer distances, and better armor penetration capability than 5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm ammo! Colorado Practices Preventing Ebola Outbreak In Mock Emergency A mock emergency focused on patients suspected of having Ebola and the procedures to prevent an outbreak of the infectious disease.SQ;DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT-TRAVELER CONCERNS?

China won’t find lost F-35 stealth fighter first, says Pentagon :The cause of the crash is unknown. It is the second crash of an F-35. The U.S. Marine Corps lost an F-35B in South Carolina near Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. The pilot safely ejected D.MAIL-Elon Musk claims Neuralink technology that will connect the human brain with computers is ‘coming soon’ Google Spinoff’s Drone Delivery Business Gets FAA Approval:SQ-THINK OF EVIL ENTITIES, HACKING FLIGHT SOFTWARE AND USING THESE DRONES IN VERY NEFARIOUS WAYS! High School student says he was expelled after being asked for his conservative view ISIS claim responsibility for Sri Lanka bombing as officials say it was retaliation for Christchurch mosque shootings and attack on a FOURTH hotel failed – as CCTV emerges of church bomber

Iran Vows To Bust US Crude Sanctions Tehran officials have vowed that White House plans for taking Iran’s oil exports down to zero will never materialize, as the Islamic Republic, along with its regional allies and crude customers Breaking:’US Airstrikes Hit 32 Oil Tankers For Iran In Syria’-Us airstrikes of targeted 32 oil tankers which tried to enter government-held areas on behalf of Iran in Syria also Who was Edward Bernays? Why should you care?News against Christians and whites explodes. Is alcohol the primary gateway drug? Starbucks installs needle machines for drugggies. Gut health equals brain health. Does Tylenol kill emotions and your liver? Independent Media Journalist Allegedly Targeted by Chemical Weapons in Mexico SoCal Correction: House prices fell in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties on a year-over-year basis, the first time in seven years.Household incomes simply do not support current prices without aggressive mortgages,that artificially keep rates lo

Radio Host Hal Turner suffered an apparent heart attack Saturday afternoon in his home town of North Bergen, NJ. He was taken by Ambulance to Christ Hospital in Jersey City where he has been admitted to the ICU. This is Bigger than Gold & Silver Manipulation – Chris Powellll contends that global financial powers are trying to suppress inflation through the manipulation of all futures and commodities, but it’s not working. DAILY MAIL:Vladimir Putin’s VERY sinister submarine: Latest devastating weapon in Russian leader’s arsenal is bristling with deep-sea spy drones and nukes capable of taking out an entire city Cornell scientists create ‘living’ machines that eat, grow, and evolve Nigeria: Muslims massacre 17 Christians after baby dedication, including the child’s mother

Brothers Who Helped Jussie Smollett Stage Hoax Sue His Lawyers for Defamation Social Security Won’t Fund Full Payouts by 2035 Teen’s $1 Billion Lawsuit Claims Apple’s Facial Recognition Led to False Arrest Tucker: Left struggles to say the word ‘Christians’ ALERT: Commercials Now Bullish On Silver And Cover Huge Number Of Gold Shorts! | King World News

ISIS Terrorist Arrest In Wisconsin Gets No National News Coverage California Announces The New Gangrene Deal As Cities Overrun With Feces Watch: Alex Jones Bullhorns Outside Trump Meeting With Twitter CEO Dorsey Watch: Heavily-Armed Men Escort Migrants Across US Border Over 30 Migrants Intercepted Crossing English Channel

Children of California ‘house of horrors’ parents beg judge for more lenient sentence FBI Arrests New Mexico Border Militia Leader Larry Mitchell Hopkins South Carolina 5th-grader in school fight died of natural causes; no charges will be filed Carjacker Shot by Father after Stealing Car with Child Inside Life Under Communism: Cuban Couple Gets 2 Years in Jail For Homeschooling

Mexican Troops Drew Guns on American Soldiers on US Side of Border 1st Since Notre Dame Fire: Yellow Vests Back in Streets Despite ‘Unifying’ Disaster & They Are Angry 5-Year-Old Boy Shows ‘Real Signs of Recovery’ Following Mall of America Attack Border Network News – Home | Facebook Blasts kill 30, injure hundreds in Sri Lanka’s capital

WASHINGTON STATE ‘Anti-vaxxers’ lose: State Senate removes exemption for vaccinations Nuns Sexually Abusing Minors Could Become Next Catholic Church Scandal, Experts Say BRUSSELS BECOMES FIRST MAJOR CITY TO HALT 5G DUE TO HEALTH EFFECTS:There is almost no question that a 5G-world would place us all under an unprecedented level of surveillance and control; granting unheard-of powers to soulless corporate algorithms. PayPal Blacklists United Constitutional Patriots After They Helped Catch Il… Hippocrates And The Secret To Saving Western Civilization

From Jesus Christ to Julian Assange: When Dissidents Become Enemies of the State–‘When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals’. Major Medical Breakthrough: 3D Heart Printed Using Patient’s Own Cells and Materials The engineered heart completely matches the immunological, cellular, biochemical and anatomical properties of the patient In the Illegal Alien ‘Sanctuary State’ of California, Thousands of American Citizens Live in RVs Because They Can’t Afford Housing. The Secret of Brain Nanobots & Gene Drives How we’re programming the future of humanity’s superpowers-for the first time, we can control microscopic robots in our own brain using nothing more than the power of our thoughts. Israeli F-16 Jets Blew Up a Syrian Missile Factory (And Russia’s Air Defense Missiles Didn’t Strike)

Tribulation has arrived in the “Nathan Leal” House – In this world you will have Tribulation – An Announcement | Watchmans Cry Heiress pleads guilty in sensational sex slave case Clare Bronfman, the 40-year-old daughter of late billionaire and former Seagram chairman Edgar Bronfman Sr., admits she dishonored her family. Forfeits $6 million, could face prison time » Notre Dame’s Three Rooftop Beehives (Containing Over 180,000 Bees) Survive Cathedral Fire A GOOD THING OR FAUSTIAN BARGAIN WITH THE DEVIL? Evangelicals Want To Participate In Beast-Tech Development China closing Christian churches in Easter crackdown: Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said he is ‘appalled’ at the ongoing persecution of Christians.

Epic Footage: 70-Bus Caravan & “Lookout” Drone Filmed at Southern Border Alarming Footage: 91 Illegals Stopped By Patriots Patrolling US/Mexico Border 1,500 ISIS Fighters Now in Europe – Report Gerald Celente | King World News Gerald Celente – This Is What Will Surprise Investors In The Back Half Of 2019 | King World News

Apostasy threatens the Body of Christ today–.It is critical, now more than ever, that every believer pray for discernment, combat apostasy, and contend earnestly for the faith that has once and for all been delivered to the saints. Thou Shall Not Covet-Sadly, our American government encourages coveting. What do you think taxation and social programs are all about? Is it not wrong to take from one and give to another simply because they “need” it? NM Gov Attacks Citizen Border Patrol After 1,800 Illegals Cross in 24 Hours Video: Muslims Try to Attack Activist Who Threw Koran in the Air Spanish Populist Party Banned From TV Debate

NOTRE DAME FIRE MAY BE OCCULT RITUAL SAYS INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST A look into the cause of the tragic inferno TOP 20 US COMPANY COZIES UP TO SATANISM-HuffPost, a Verizon-owned media outlet, lavished unquestioning praise Thursday on satanism for opposing evangelical Christianity and claimed satanism’s evil reputation was a Catholic myth Are ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Tearing Society Apart Or Saving Us From Destruction?-My question is, what is really more dangerous? Conspiracy theories, or the actual conspiracies governments and elitists execute against the people? China to construct a next-generation 100-km collider that will dwarf CERN’s Large Hadron Collider to study ‘God particle’, the Higgs boson Evil Medieval Christians or Islam’s Victims Retaliating?When push came to shove, and to ward off suspicion, half-a-million Muslims feigned conversion to Christianity, regularly attended church, baptized their children, and learned Christian culture

EVERY AMERICAN COMMUNITY IS AT RISK! The Drug Cartels and Their Democratic Party Friends Are Everywhere Fmr. Notre Dame Chief Architect: Ancient Oak Doesn’t Burn Like That Expert casts doubt on official narrative Creepy Photograph Tells Us What The MSM And ‘Global Govt’ Never Will: Notre Dame Cathedral Was ‘Beheaded’ For Islam – Why Were The 12 Apostles And 4 Evangelists Statues REALLY Beheaded? Good Friday: Remembering His Passion and Sacrificial Love SQ;JESUS LOVES YOU AND HIS RESURRECTION SEPARATES ALL CLAIMS TO DIVINITY THAT OTHER RELIGIONS CLAIM-‘WHAT CAN WASH AWAY MY SINS’? NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS Ebola Pandemic False Flag to Promote Mass Vaccination? It’s a perfect scenario for Big Pharma. Bayer-Monsanto-Merck make money hand over fist, the vaccine industry is (falsely) vindicated, and the Globalist agenda to enslave humanity marches on.

Trey Reik – Massive Gold Premiums In India As Global Gold Demand Remains Strong | King World News US Calls on Countries Worldwide to Block Russia’s Planes Heading For Venezuela Was The Torching Of Notre Dame Cathedral A Message From God? This Ominous Sign Comes As The Future Of Civilization Stands At Its Most Consequential Crossroads – Promises of a ‘Worker’s Paradise’ usually deliver concentration camps and doomsday MUST READ AND COMPREHEND SIGNIFICANCE:CHAOS ON OUR SOUTHERN BORDER TRIGGERS ARMED MILITIA RESPONSE 4-19-2019 GAME OVER…NOT EVEN CLOSE! 10 MINUTES PROVE WHY TRUMP ATTACK IS JUST BEGINNING! DEMONRATS WILL NEVER ACCEPT DEFEAT!

Plague of black beetles infest Anbar, Iraq and Saudi Arabia after severe flooding MUST READ!The Saker Interviews Dmitry Orlov-‘I think that the American empire is very much over already, but it hasn’t been put to any sort of serious stress test yet, and so nobody realizes that this is the case” POLITICSFrench Journalist: Two Churches in France Are Vandalized EVERY DAY and No One Gives a F*ck ‘This government, this regime….including the Pope, including the cardinals, shut their mouth, say nothing.’ Art Cashin – Here Is What You Need To Know Ahead Of Good Friday | King World News “The Risk Is That We Have A Melt Up, Not A Melt Down” | King World News

UN ‘Aids’ Mexico’s Guard and Prepares Its Ten Million Man Invasion Force To Takeover America! | Lisa Haven News PROOF Julian Assange’s Charge Is Fraudulent! As Trump & Clinton Respond To His Arrest! | Lisa Haven News Studies find Ebola gene differences in recent DRC outbreaks; ‘Novel strain’ triggered earlier outbreak;SQ-BIO WEAPONS TESTING GOING ON IN REAL TIME,THE WORD NOVEL IS THE KEYWORD IN MY OPINION! Transhumanist Founder Ray kurzweil Has a Fantasy of Being a Woman:Kurzweil’s fantasy of being a woman in VR gives us yet another example of how transgenderism is paving the road to a transhuman future. 95% STOCK MARKET LOSS AND A CAN TOO BIG TO KICK

Erdogan’s Vision: Uniting an ‘Army of Islam’ to Destroy Israel in 10 Days Men Of Fighting Age Make Up Majority Of Illegal Immigrants Attempting To Get Into America But MSM False Talking Points Say Otherwise – More Proof America Is Being Set Up For A Fall? VOMIT WARNING!’Demon with fangs’ arrested after woman found dead with ‘bite marks’ on neck Andrey Gorbatyuk is suspected of visiting Tatyana Podvashetskaya before she was found with stab wounds in her apartment in Ternopil, Ukraine Facebook ‘unintentionally uploaded’ email contacts of 1.5 million new users who joined in May 2016;SQ;SOMEONE SHOULD FILE FOIA REQUEST TO SEE WHO BOUGHT THE DATA! ACCIDENTS IN THIS WORLD DOESN’T EXIST! Silver Investment Demand Surged Higher Than Industry Forecast:Lastly, while it has been frustrating for precious metals investors lately, it will be nothing compared to the gut-wrenching market collapse in the broader markets

Bombings in Sweden Up 30% From Last Year Bernie Supporters Can’t Define Socialism Red Alert! Trump is Handing Control of The Internet Over to the UN/EU & We Only Have Months To Stop it Obama Border Patrol Head: Crisis Is ‘Worst In The History Of The Country’ “Submit to Islam”: South Carolina Church Vandalized With Islamic-Themed Graffiti

Here Is How The Take Over Of American Is Going To Happen:  Another State Just Voted To Approve! – Justus Knight Chase Bank shuts down ‘alt-right’ accounts ‘First we get silenced on social media … then I get debanked’ Kushner: Trump peace plan to be unveiled in June US President Donald Trump’s special adviser Jared Kushner says that the administration’s long-awaited Middle East peace plan will be unveiled in mid-June. CAIR Minnesota Government Affairs Coordinator: I Wish Hitler Was Alive To F**k Up The Jewish People & Add More To The 6 Million He Killed D.MAIL-Scientists create programmable circuits in HUMAN CELLS, in gene-editing breakthrough they claim could lead to powerful ‘biocomputers’

‘Tolerance’ Is The Last Gasp Of A Depraved and Dying Society. WHEN THOSE WHO OBJECT BECOME THE ENEMY OF THE STATE: FROM JESUS CHRIST, TO JULIAN ASSANGE… Arizona city overwhelmed by migrants declares state of emergency Mayor warns of migrant mobs ‘roaming the streets’ clashing with residents The Globalists Sinister Agenda Is Working To Perfection – Turning Alpha Men Into Beta Boys Is Leading To Western Civilization’s Extinction – Normal Does Not Exist Anymore And It Is Killing America Rapid increase in natural catastrophes is already hitting global supply chains:The combined insurance losses from natural disasters in 2017 and 2018, meanwhile, were $US219 billion, the highest ever for a two-year period.

All Signs Point to UN Imposed Medical Martial Law Coming to the Southern Border–What Is Going to Happen When One of These New Illnesses Is Ebola? Government Contract Puts Facebook On ‘Burn List’ And Ushers In Creation Of U.S. Beast System! – Justus Knight CALIFORNIA Says United States FLAG Is NO LONGER ALLOWED:  Which Politicians Are Responsible!?! – Justus Knight BOMBSHELL Facebook SEC Filing Reveals Investors Question Zuck’s MENTAL Health & DATA Sharing w/CHINA! – Justus Knight Navy Increases Testing Of Death Ray But Their Tape Reveals The Real Truth! – Justus Knight

AOC Backs “Brain Emptying” Network That Makes You Into Socialist Zombies – Justus Knight FEAR Is Warranted: These Laws Would DESTROY Us!  VIOLATE & DIE!  Something WICKED This Way Comes!  – Justus Knight LEAKED MEMO Reveals Google’s MANUAL Suppression of CONSERVATIVE NEWS SITES! – Justus Knight Homeland Security wants to ramp up use of facial recognition at airports from just 15 locations nationwide to scan 97 percent of passengers by 2023 ‘NOTRE DAME: MUSLIM ARSON?’-Twelve French Churches Attacked, Vandalized in One Week March 24, A dozen Catholic churches have been desecrated across France over the period of one week in an egregious case of anti-Christian vandalism.

Gold & Silver Will Survive Whole System Burning Down – Bill Holter:We don’t have free markets. There are no markets. All markets are rigged. . . . Markets should be panicking that we are moving towards hyperinflation. All markets are locked down The Truth About The Notre Dame Fire Watch Live: Bernie Sanders Labels Infowars ‘White Supremacists’ Encouraging Violence MS-13 Members Beg Trump To Let Them In US: We Are Reformed, Taking Bakery & Art Classes! Four things to do as patriots to change the world. Fructose linked to intestinal cancers.All the Presidents blood sucking relatives.Feminist mother warns transgenders taking over mental health care.Tolerance is the last gasp of a dying society.

ALERT: “Let’s Blow This Bubble Sky High” | King World News Celente – This Will Trigger Violent Trading In Global Markets And Ignite The Gold Market | King World News James Turk – This Is Going To Be Very, Very Bullish For Gold | King World News Fleckenstein – About The Head & Shoulders Pattern In The Gold Market | King World News Greyerz – The Inevitable Global Crisis Is Approaching Fast | King World News

Ankara prepares intervention in Libya to halt Hafatar – Turkish warships out of Tripoli James Turk | King World News Legendary Short Seller Discusses The War In The Gold & Silver Markets | King World News Fred Hickey – 8AM Gold Futures Dumps Disgusting As Gold Market Now Set For 2000-2012-Like Upside Explosion | King World News Greyerz – Gold’s Final Correction As Governments And Central Banks Fail To Save The World | King World News-“Technically we might still see the last hurrah with markets making new highs before they turn down in earnest. “

Fossilised Bacteria in Meteorite From Mars is Proof of Life, Study Claims NEVER DID THEY WANT YOU TO SEE THIS: THE VIDEO THAT EXPOSES THEIR ULTIMATE HYPOCRISY! MUST READ:Notre Dame: An Omen:It is as if God Himself wanted to warn us in the most unmistakable way that Western Christianity is burning — and with it, Western civilization. Oxfordshire water pipe work uncovers ancient (GIANT)-skeletons SQ-THE WHITE AND RED ROD ALONG SIDE SKELETON IN SECOND IMAGE, IS A RANGING ROD AND IS 6 FEET LONG,MAKING THIS GIANT AT LEAST 8 FEET TALL Baptist Pastor Says Bank of America Shut Down All Of His Church’s Bank Accounts-SQ:ECONOMIC VILIFICATION AND SANCTIONS AGAINST CHRISTIANITY,IS ACCELERATING.COMMERCE WILL BE DENIED CHRISTIANS IN THE FUTURE!

Second ‘bomb cyclone’ to hit the Plains and Midwest in a month puts 4.5 million people in the path of the storm as it whips up winds gusts of more than 100mph and drops two feet of snow on the region PLEASE TAKE THIS VIRAL-OUR COUNTRY HANGES IN THE BALANCE -FROM FEDERAL LEO ,ON BORDER MOST URGENT WARNING YET ON BORDER INVASION AND THE REAL PURPOSE OF ALLOWING ALL SICK IMMIGRANTS IN PC Madness: Italian Cemetery Covers Crosses to Avoid Offending Muslims SILVER SHORTAGES ARE HERE AND GOLD SCARCITY IS COMING:MMT is just a fancy name to justify more money printing, more deficits and more debts. Socialists love MMT, because for a sovereign nation, it justifies constantly living above your means. San Francisco, Los Angeles And Seattle: 3 Formerly Beautiful West Coast Cities Have Literally Been Transformed Into Hellholes

Watch: Police Thwart ‘Bleach Attack’ By Protesters At Conservative Event :The topic of my lecture was ‘Men Are Not Women.’ so offensive to some leftist thugs that one of them decided to shoot me in the face and side with a glitter-colored bleach. The Weakening Of Earth’s Magnetic Field Has Greatly Accelerated, And That Could Have Apocalyptic Implications For All Of Us D.MAIL-Spine-chilling new series from The Walking Dead creator will explore dystopian future where social media is linked to your BRAIN using tech that ‘Elon Musk and Facebook are already trying to develop’ The Globalists Depopulation Agenda Is Real: This Is What They And The ‘Big Pharma Mafia’ Don’t Want Us To Know! Culture War: Google Labels ‘Unplanned’ as ‘Propaganda’

Japan Also Wants The DAYS OF NOAH To Resume; Lifts Human-Animal Chimera Production Regulations SQ;EVERYONE WILL BE INTO DESIGNING THEIR OWN HYBRID MONSTERSAND THE FREAK SHOW IS COMING OUT OF THE LABS ONTO THE STREET! D.MAIL Hackers post information of 4,000 police officers and FBI agents stolen from alumni websites :The group posted email addresses, phone numbers and addresses of 4,000 agents on their own website D.MAIL-‘We are taking loans just to pay bills’: Broken Minnesota farmer posts heartbreaking Facebook video to reveal how the average salary in his industry has dropped to just $15,000-a-year Half of Pastors Afraid of Speaking on Controversial Issues, Offending Congregation Why Bill Gates is betting on a start-up that prints synthetic DNA

Platinum edges out of doldrums at last as labor threat loom:After months of being ignored in favor of market darling palladium, platinum is finally getting some attention from investors. Colorado Enacts ‘Red Flag’ Law Seizing Guns from Citizens Deemed ‘Dangerous’ The state became the 15th in the US to adopt the law Christian Radio K-LOVE Refuses to Air ‘Unplanned’ Ads for Being Too ‘Political’ ‘Hostile And Aggressive’ Migrants Break Through Border Into Southern Mexico, Join US-Bound Caravan Preachers with LACE on their PANTIES are AFRAID to Preach the TRUTH!:Is America becoming Godless? The number of people who have no religion has risen 266 per cent – one third of the population – in three decades

U. of Arizona protected students who harassed Border Patrol agents until Judicial Watch complained Horrific Honor Killings in Phoenix–A Muslim man in Arizona was arrested for four honor killings — his wife, two daughters and the man with whom he believed his wife was having an affair. World’s Largest Primary Silver Miner Production Plunges ‘Mind-Blowing’ Evidence of Moses’ Journey From Egypt to Saudi Arabia REVEALED Who Serves Us When Our Leaders Serve the GREATER GOOD?

America’s Blinded Younger Generations Are Steering Our Country Into A Death Trap: 5 Ways That Socialism Kills Societies – Americans Should Fight Tooth And Nail To Make Sure This Barbarism Never Fully Arrives On Our Shores AI Is Already Keeping Tabs on 1 Million Clearance Holders:Trusted Workforce 2.0 tools regularly scan a set of data sources for anomalies in the behaviors of more than a million federal and private workers. Ground Beef Alert: E. Coli Outbreak and Three Recalls You Need to Know About UPDATE:Child pushed in MOA incident suffered multiple fractures, remains hospitalized; suspect held for attempted murder ISRAELI SCIENTISTS ‘PRINT’ WORLD’S FIRST 3D HEART WITH HUMAN TISSUE A team of Tel Aviv University researchers revealed the heart, which was made using a patient’s own cells and biological materials

‘ALLAH EST GRAND’: Muslims laugh as blaze destroys Notre Dame cathedral during Holy Week As Notre Dame Burns, European Churches Are Vandalized, Defecated On, & Torched ‘Every Day’ I walked through the gutted cathedral… then the crucifix shone from what remained of the altar, a symbol of defiance in the gloom: ROBERT HARDMAN is among first witnesses inside ravaged Notre Dame San Fran SHEETCO-The sh**ty streets of San Francisco: Revolting map reveals the staggering amount of human waste found on storied city’s streets as homeless crisis spirals out of control-SQ-WHEN IT DRIES IT BECOMES VECTOR FOR DISEASES

Edward Snowden warns Assange’s arrest marks ‘a dark day for press freedom’ and says images of the Wikileaks founder being carried away will ‘end up in history books’ SQ;AND ALL AMERICAS TRAITORS WALK FREE! Michael Oliver – Gold Will Move Violently Higher If Shorts Don’t Get It Together | King World News We Haven’t Seen This In 50 Years | King World News Journalist Avi Yemini Banned From The U.S. Israel Launches Overnight Airstrikes On Syria Just After Netanyahu’s Re-election

America Is No Longer A Nation–Identity Politics is the ideology that has been used to break America into disunited pieces. Glenn Greenwald Rages Against Assange Arrest, Battles Journos: ‘It’s the Criminalization of Journalism’ State Dept. warns Americans of kidnapping risk in 35 nations, including parts of Africa and Mexico Scientists develop clairvoyant machine capable of PREDICTING FUTURE SQ;THE WORD CLAIRVOYANT WAS INTENTIONALLY CHOSEN IN MY OPINION TO SIGNAL ‘EVIL-SPIRT SUBJUGATION’ AND THE END OF HUMANITY THROUGH EVIL SPIRIT POSSESSED AI!-“Minority Report” anyone? One Woman. One Coffin. One Cause.We can never totally eradicate abortion, but we can, and will, honor those lives that were snatched, so harshly, from their mother’s wombs. SQ-I SUPPORT THIS CAUSE PLEASE DO SO ALSO

AI “Adversarial Attacks” Can Prove Deadly:  A Look Into A Very Dark Future! – Justus Knight Why Is The UN Creating Floating Alcatraz Like Cities? – Justus Knight Democrats ‘Call Up’ IRS On Trump – Pulling Page Straight From Obama Playbook! – Justus Knight 100% Proof The Devil Is Winning:  This Explains Why Our World Is Falling Apart! – Justus Knight Are migrants causing the measles? Forced vaccine, martial law or fines or jail in NYC? Wow this is a mess! Netanyahu wins.Clinton makes white nationalists comments.Candace Owens before Congress.Pope says migration and multiculturalism always bring riches!

Seriously!…Illegal Immigrants Angry Over No Drivers License While $150 Billion Per Year Sent Out Of America! – Justus Knight BANG! Clinton NXIVM Cult Connection Exposure: Guilty Plea Entered In Court Shows Hidden Details! – Justus Knight Jesus Loves the Little Children

Looting Corpses For Bones & Jewelry:  Bodies Exploding In Morgues – Socialism’s Nightmare Revealed! – Justus Knight EXPOSED!  FDA Ignored Foreign Factories Producing Carcinogen Laden Meds:  Urges U.S. Users To Continue Taking!?! – Justus Knight Barr’s SINGLE Statement That Could Change HISTORY:  Democrats BEWARE! – Justus Knight Did He Really Just Say That?  College Opt Ed Quote Will Shock You To The Core! – Justus Knight Zuckerberg’s Trash Is Another Man’s Gold!  The Invasion That Got Him Exactly What He Deserved! – Justus Knight

County Level Election Results-As The Party Of Crazy Pushes To Abolish The Electoral College, This Map Proves President Trump CRUSHED Hillary All Across America So Democrats, Quit Your Obnoxious Crying! Alexa IS listening to your conversations: Web giant ADMITS clips are analysed by Amazon workers – including your most intimate moments-SQ-IMMEDIATELY CUT OFF ANY TIES OR CONVERSATIONS WITH THOSE WHO USE THESE DEVICES-OBVIOUS WHY! CHINESE SCIENTISTS GENE-HACKED SUPER SMART HUMAN-MONKEY HYBRIDS IT’S A HOAX! Scientists HAVE NOW Proved Man-Made Climate Change Is Absolutely 100% FALSE! – Justus Knight ALERT:  NYC Goes Full Fascist!  Brooklyn “Mandatory” Health Emergency Replaces Rights With State Control! – Justus Knight

30 Inches Of Snow! Another Bomb Cyclone “Detonates” Over The Midwest, And The NOAA Is Warning Fl… Scientists put human gene into monkeys to make them smarter, human-like What Would Life Be Like Without Trucks? We’ll Find Out When Truckers Strike April 12:SQ-SUGGEST EVERYONE TAKE NOTE ,REPORTS ARE ALREADY ACCELERATING OF VERY SHALLOW, IF NOT EMPTY GROCERY AND STORE SHELVES Ancestry Websites Giving FBI Access to DNA Data; WikiLeaks Reveals CODIS Database Gifted To Other Countries; DHS Rolling Out Rapid DNA Nationwide Government By Opinion ;Christian agnostics are those who don’t know or understand what they claim to believe. America’s churches are full of them.America was not founded as a Christian nation but as a nation founded on Christian ethics.

Fed Policies Distort Market, Create Bubbles, Debt Maduro Regime ‘Biggest Drug Cartel in Western Hemisphere’ – Venezuelan Attorney Study Claims ‘Anti-Muslim Sentiment’ May Be Behind ‘White Flight’ Trends in Glasgow Ultimate Compilation: Dems and MSM Talking Heads Freak Out Over AG Barr’s Impending Spying Investigation Red Alert! Assange: Truth Has Literally Been Put In Handcuffs

Texas Bill Would Require Safety Studies for Vaccines 18 States Offer In-State Tuition For Illegals… And Legal Residents Are Not Happy About That Manhunt For Afghani Suspect in Sexual Attack of 10-Year-Old Girl California City to Tax Residents for CONSERVING TOO MUCH WATER ISIS Bride Accidentally Reveals Murder of 5-Year-Old Girl to Undercover Driver – Prosecutors

Vaccine Expert Proven Right: New York To Force Vaccinate Adults Roger Scruton Fired For Accurately Stating Word “Islamophobia” Was Invented by the Muslim Brotherhood Austria Warns EU of “New Massive Migration Movement” Ohio Democrat Pushes For Black Children To Be Aborted Medical Alert: Hospitals Are Releasing Deadly Superbug Fungi Into The Open Air, “Colonizing” The Popul…

Trump Admin Names Iran’s Military As A Terrorist Group, Netanyahu Praises Move French Authorities Test Age Of 17yo ‘Child’ Migrant, Find He’s 47 Amazon Is On A Digital Book Burning Spree Sweden Seizes Russian Dad’s Kids to Give to Muslim Family, Dad Takes Kids Back And Flees to Poland Worse Than Ebola: Fungal Super Bug Has Already Spread Across America

Art Cashin & Yra Harris On Trouble In Europe And Alice’s Looking Glass | King World News Poll: Contrary to Media Portrayals, Whites Least Likely to View Race As ‘Central to Their Identity’ Tucker: We Have Troops In 158 Countries But ‘Not On Our Southern Border’ France: Macron Regime Gasses Children At Playground ‘Maryland Man’ Accused Of Plotting Jihad Truck Attack

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday put forward an ambitious program to secure Russia’s foothold in the Arctic, including efforts to build new ports and other infrastructure facilities and expand an icebreaker fleet. Intel Officials Fear China Will Target Globe’s Underwater Internet Cables-The WSJ observed last month, ‘Chinese company Huawei is embedding itself into cable systems that ferry nearly all of the world’s internet data.’ Review: Marc Jacobs spotlights the wistful, lonely beauty of the ‘fallen angel’SteveQuayle:SYMPATHY FOR THE FALLEN ONE AND HIS REBEL MESSENGERS,IS GOING INTO HYPER DRIVE! SUGGEST YOU ACQUIRE MY BOOK’ALIENS AND FALLEN ANGELS’! Absolutely ABNORMAL rain storm lashes Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, turning streets into torrential rivers – at least six dead – 8 inches in 4 hours – State of emergency SQ;AT TRUE LEGENDS CONFERENCE LAST YEAR,I STATED THE WORD NORMAL IS GONE! What Is Really Happening In The Gold Market Is Quite Stunning | King World News

A Power Grid Failure Will Totally Disrupt Your Life: Lessons From Venezuela :Life has gone backward one hundred years in some places. Cal, Lawrence Livermore Scientists Create 3D Printer With Potential To Print Living Organs Declassified U2 Spy Plane Images Reveal Huge 8,000 Year Old Structures in Middle East We have never seen catastrophic flooding like this, and the NOAA is now telling us that there will be more major flooding until May and even July 2019 Food prices are about to start soaring in a major way!NUMBER 1 PREPAREDNESS RULE- FOOD FIRST! Japan Grounds F-35 Fleet After Jet Disappears From Radar Over Pacific SQ:SOMETHING OR SOMEONE MAY HAVE TESTED ANTI F-35,ELECTRONIC WEAPON-THIS HAS HUGE RAMIFICATIONS BEYOND THE OBVIOUS!

‘Historic’ April blizzard dumps 18 inches snow on parts of Plains and Upper Midwest as millions brace for ‘life-threatening’ conditions and potential flooding just ONE DAY after Colorado basked in 80 degree sunshine Catastrophism: God’s Judgment Written in Stone of Pre-Adamic Civilizations Thrilling Thriller in the Deep Ocean: US-Japan vs. Russia & China Battle for the F-35 Debris! | Pronews China Rising in the Caribbean-About 55 miles east of Palm Beach, Florida on Grand Bahama Island, a Hong Kong-based business is spending about $3 billion on a deep-water container facility, the Freeport Container Port. Hannity: Day of reckoning is coming for the deep state

Short Seller Just Warned, “This Is Actually Far Crazier” | King World News GRAHAM HANCOCK – AMERICA BEFORE: THE KEY TO EARTH’S LOST CIVILIZATION – Part 1/2 | London Real – YouTube Illinois votes to teach ‘LGBT history’ to schoolchildren, Republicans furious — RT USA News Hormel Lawsuit Reveals What ‘Natural’ Meat Really Means Lori Loughlin Didn’t Believe She’d Face Prison Time, Expected a ‘Slap on the Wrist,’ Source Claims

$10,000+ GOLD: As Metal Of Kings Reenters Monetary System “China May Have 30,000 Tonnes Of Gold” | King World News BARKSDALE CAPITAL CORP. | King World News ALERT: Commercials Cover Large Number Of Silver Shorts! Also Covered Some Gold Shorts | King World News Greyerz – Elite Now Preparing To Introduce A New Global Monetary System | King World News MAJOR WARNING: This Continues To Collapse | King World News

EXTREME READINGS: Two Out Of Three Times This Happened It Top-Ticked The Stock Market | King World News AURYN RESOUCES INC. | King World News ALERT: This Is The First Time We Have Seen This In 46 Years! | King World News Trey Reik: Sub-$1,300 Gold Will Be Short Lived | King World News James Turk – Gold & Silver Close To Breakout But This May Be The Biggest Surprise | King World News

Leaked emails suggest Google is a leftist cult Deadly germs, Lost cures: A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy Twitter is reported to be deleting all tweets as they are being written that contain treason. This is an indicator of how vulnerable the Democrats are on this charge What’s Cheap? Gold and Silver – John Rubino Is America losing its grip on world economy? 5 big defeats for US financial interests abroad

It Begins: Former UN Under-Secretary-General Calls For One World Currency | Zero Hedge US Trip to Libya to Rescue Diplomats & Soldiers – Trippoli Hophtar Powers (video) Pope: God Wants Catholic/Muslim Fraternity Sudan suffers total power blackout: ministry of electricity – Business Insider Libya: US pulls forces amid fighting near capital

Socialism is Gaining Ground Across the Country; Five Democratic Socialists Elected to Chicago City Council HEALTHMedieval Diseases Making a Comeback Due to Feces on Streets Experts warn of’public health crisis’. Nunes to Send 8 Criminal Referrals to DOJ Concerning ‘Leaks of Classified Material’ and ‘Conspiracy’ to Lie to FISA Court (VIDEO) DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigning after clashes with Trump on immigration CALLING HORN’S MILIEU! LAURA INGRAHAM GUEST SAYS TRANS-ADVOCATES ARE DESTROYING GENDER NORMS IN ULTIMATE QUEST FOR A ‘NEW SPECIES OF CYBORG HUMAN-ANIMAL CHIMERAS’ » SkyWatchTV

WATCH THE SICKENING LEFT DEFEND ISLAMIC SEX SLAVERY Democrats tout oppressive hijab as ’empowering’ VLADIMIR PUTIN CALLS FOR DEFENDING INTERNET FREE SPEECH When rulers of authoritarian regimes are more pro-freedom than western leaders BILLIONAIRE HEDGE FUND MANAGER SAYS THERE’S ABOUT TO BE AN UPRISING IN AMERICA Wealth gap, stagnant wages to bring about ‘revolution’ International Space Station is teeming with bacteria and fungi that can cause diseases and could even CORRODE spacecraft, NASA scientists say California May Be Coming for You :The agency claims that such third-party sellers owe eight years of back taxes because they are considered to have a physical presence in the Golden State.

WATCH LIVE: MAINSTREAM MEDIA HATE MOBS CONTINUE TO GET VIOLENT IN U.S. Collapse of Russia hoax seemed to have made far-left even more angry and desperate How Petrus Romanus Could Influence ‘Giving Life To The Image Of The Beast-‘The ideas go to the heart of what it means to be human and could define future generations on the planet Marijuana causes brain damage in adolescents.Trumps capitulates again on border. Gives Mexico a year. Cardinal warns western culture and Christians will disappear. Anti-Christianity is the real reason for globalism. Lions ‘devour’ poacher after he is trampled to death by an elephant in Kruger National Park The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has joined a case following the burning of three black churches in less than two weeks in the St. Landry Parish, near Baton Rouge in the US state of Louisiana.

EXCLUSIVE: Secret Service agents say ‘good riddance’ to director Alles, who proposed saving money by withdrawing protection of Trump’s family and was more interested in getting chummy with agents rather than fixing serious problems D.MAIL-Scientists discover ‘new state’ of matter in which atoms can exist as both solid AND liquid at the same time FBI DOCS SHOW ‘COVER-UP’ OF HILLARY’S EMAIL SERVER Demonstrate ‘sham nature of the FBI/DOJ investigation’ IMPORTANT HISTORY LESSON! Just War vs Just Plain-Old Jihad,in comparison to the requisites of jihad, not only exonerates the crusades but exonerates the West of any wrongdoing against Islam, past or present. Saudi Arabia threatens to cause US dollar to collapse : Riyadh may make such a decision in the event the United States passes a new law to ban the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC.

Coming to America: Canadian man fined $55,000 for ”®misgendering”Æ a ”®transgender”Æ- ‘THERE IS NO GREATER TYRANNY THAN THAT WHICH IS PERPETRATED UNDER THE SHIELD OF LAWAND IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE’-*MONTESQUIEU* Areas paralyzed by blizzards and floods last month are getting ready for a SECOND ROUND of BOMB CYCLONE – 2nd UNUSUAL INLAND BOMBOGENESIS in less than a month Funding halted for Professor Chris Exley, who links vaccines to autism We’re All Being Judged By A Secret ‘Trustworthiness’ Score–The system is similar to a credit score – except there’s no way to find out your own Sift score. But how many of us realize our account behaviors are being shared with in the name of security? China’s Special Forces To Station In Zimbabwe, Build Secret Underground Base To Protect Natural Resource Claims—-a move that will certainly anger Washington.

Russia Dumps U.S. Dollars and Buys Gold As ‘Safety Metal-‘Within the span of a decade, the country quadrupled its bullion reserves, and 2018 marked the most ambitious year yet. D.MAIL -The eyes really ARE the window to the soul: Scientists discover being with your spouse really DOES calm you down and that our pupils reveal stress levels in just 200 milliseconds Pope Francis Praises Multiculturalism: ‘Migrants Always Bring Riches :SQ-HISTORICALLY INACCURATE AND TOTALLY INSANE!ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT,ONE WORLD RELIGION,ONE WORLD ECONOMY-‘THE BOOK OF REVELATION ,UNFOLDS BEFORE US’ How Many 3rd World Immigrants Does It Take Until America Is the Newest 3rd World Country? –The United Nations Is the Enemy of All Americans Creepy AI Monitoring UK Employees’ Work Tasks In Real Time: SQ-IT’S TIME TO MAKE WAR AGAINST AI,NOT WELCOME IT, AS BENEVOLENT EXECUTIONERS’!

New tax changes to eliminate owing or being owed The Internal Revenue Service is changing how you adjust your paycheck withholdings, and it won’t be easy. ‘It’ll be a much bigger pain’ » New hope for Tinnitus. The Measles outbreak propaganda continues. Who was Dr Linus Pauling? His breakthroughs are still spectacular! Amazon continues its book banning (burning) spree! WITCH HUNT OVER – THE TRIALS CAN NOW BEGIN — David Morgan Four ways that Uncle Sam will respond to its $75 trillion insolvency Chinese Government Offers a $1,500 Bounty to Informants Who Identify Leaders of Christian House Churches

Islamic Terrorist Behind Planned Maryland Truck Attack Wanted to Kill as Many “Disbelievers” as Possible SMUGGLER TAUNTS: ‘Never been easier’ to sneak illegals into US Exclusive: More than 1 million acres of U.S. cropland ravaged by floods – Reuters Don’t Give Up – A Sermon About Trials and Tribulation – Part 1 – Nathan Leal – YouTube Don’t Give Up – A Sermon About Trials – Part 1 – Update – Uploaded to Youtube | Watchmans Cry

PewDiePie Roasts Maker of Petition Seeking to Ban Him For ‘White Supremacy’ Watch: Kim Foxx Remains Silent as Supporter Calls Chicago Police ‘Blue Klux Klan’ Devin Nunes: 8 Criminal Referrals Ready, Including 3 Targeting ‘Conspiracy’ & ‘Global Leaks’ Chinese Workers Forced to Wear GPS Bracelets to Monitor Productivity Bernie Sanders says he does not support open borders – POLITICO

8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens | U.S. Code | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute Victim of Migrant Gang Rapist Speaks Out after Passengers Stop Deportation Neilsen Out At DHS; Slammed By Homeland Security Chairman As “Abysmal Failure” A Drug Resistant “Super Fungus” Kills Nearly Half The People It Infects – And It Is Spreading Across America

The Most Extreme Threat To Religion And Women Ever Proposed:  H.R. 5 “Equality Act” – Justus Knight EXCLUSIVE – MUST SEE Video:  Distressing 100% Proof & Evidence Of The Takeover Of America…It’s Not How We Thought! – Justus Knight LAWLESSNESS!  Radical Boston City Attorney Stops Police From Arresting Criminals: Let Anarchy Begin! – Justus Knight Mystery Illness Paralyzing Children In The U.S. – The Strange Events Surrounding The Outbreak! – Justus Knight Did You Miss It?  A Slap In The Face Of The President!  Google’s Darkest Secret Reborn: Dragonfly! – Justus Knight

2 Chronicles 7:14 and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. Previously Deported MS-13 Gang Member Sentenced To Prison For Reentering U.S. Watch: President Trump Speaks At Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas

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