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GOLD VOLATILITY CONTINUES: Very Important Report On The Action In Gold And What To Expect Next | King World News BUCKLE UP: China Is About To Trigger A Global Market Earthquake | King World News A Note For Frustrated Gold & Silver Bulls | King World News No One Is Paying Attention To This Chart But It Spells Major Trouble For Global Markets | King World News

‘Chameleon’ Material Can Turn Russia’s Military Helmets and Tanks ‘Invisible’ Human genes engineered into GMO rice are being grown in Kansas-Ventria began cultivating this rather horrifying product in 2006 with human liver genes.SQ-WHAT’S NEXT PLANT MAN OR THE JOLLY GREEN GIANT? London’s Police Fails to Record 100,000 Crimes Including Sex Offenses SQ-WANT TO GUESS HOW MANY WERE IMMIGRANTS? Russia Liquidates Its US Treasury Holdings:Keep in mind this was over $100BN at the start of the year. ‘The city’s become a cesspool’: Police union president has strong words for Portland mayor:PORTLAND OREGON

THE SERGEY BRIN-BACKED STARTUP BEHIND THE WORLD’S FIRST LAB-GROWN BURGER JUST GOT A BOOST IN THE RACE TO TRANSFORM THE MEAT INDUSTRY-The new investment comes from German pharmaceutical giant Merck Beijing Sends Strategic Bombers For ‘Real Combat’ Practice To Massive War Games In Russia Part 1: The UN, Assyria, AI, Revelation, and YouThe world has been taken into captivity by an engineered demonic pantheistic Autonomous Intelligence System (AI) which is using an ancient Assyrian model to rout the world from God DAILY MAIL:Megalithic tomb uncovered in Ireland is the ‘find of a lifetime’: Detailed 5,500 year-old stone carvings discovered in the Boyne Valley are the ‘most impressive in decades’:SQ-NOTE UNIVERSAL STAR GATE SPIRAL,FOUND WORLD WIDE DAILY MAIL:Jupiter has TWELVE new moons: Scientists accidentally discover a crop of extra space rocks orbiting the gas giant, bringing its total to 79:The space rocks were created when asteroids destroyed three larger bodies

THE RAGE Has Surfaced – THE RAGE is Attacking – THE RAGE is Here SQ-FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO UNDERSTAND THE NECESSITY TO RAISE UP WARRIORS FOR THE FAITH-PLEASE SUPPORT RAY,FINANCIALLY AND PRAYERFULLY!IT MUST BE DONE! Thousands of leading AI researchers sign pledge against killer robots Co-founder of Google DeepMind and CEO of SpaceX amongst the 2,400 signatories of pledge to block lethal autonomous weapons SQ-ROBOT RESPONSE-‘I DON’T THINK SO! Putin Calls Out Soros For Hacking US Elections If you think the tech giants merely want to ban Infowars, think again: Here’s the list of what they’ll ban next GHANA-Man confesses to using 675 people for sacrifice; reveals secrets of fake pastors

IRS to Revoke 362,000 Passports From US Citizens :Section 32101 of the FAST Act required the US State Department to revoke or deny the passport of any taxpayer that the IRS deems to have ‘seriously delinquent tax debt.’ Florida man, 71, dies after eating raw oysters tainted with deadly bacteriaSQ;MY BANKERS DAUGHTER, CONTRACTED A DEADLY DISEASE BY EATING ‘RAW OYSTERS’-SHE LIVED BY HEROIC EFFORTS TO SAVE HER–PLEASE DON’T EAT RAW SHELLFISH! FBI: Lisa Page Dimes Out Top FBI Officials During Classified House Testimony; Bureau Bosses Covered Up Evidence China Hacked Hillary’s Top Secret Emails Most Health Organizations Can’t Ensure Responsible AI Use A report finds that most industry execs haven’t yet committed to investing in AI data verification technology. History Explains Eastern European Hostility to Islam

Communist China Demolishes Well Known Christian Mega Church Despite Lawful Permits CEASE & DESIST: Town Orders Family to Stop Hosting Bible Studies on Farm,have been ordered by the Sewickley Heights Borough to cease and desist holding Bible studies on their private property.SQ-LAWYERS NEED TO STEP IN AND SUE THESE BOROUGH LEADERS – Weaponized drone with grenades targets home of Baja California security chief Central Banks Are Using The Trade War To Hide Their Direct Influence On Stocks,what we are witnessing is a controlled demolition of the U.S. economy, and stock markets are merely an extension of this process. Doctors, hospitals sue patients who post negative comments, reviews on social media

Lawsuit Proves HHS Hasn’t Filed Required Vaccine Safety Reports With Congress IN 30 YEARS:SQ-THAN ARE ALL NON-FILED REQUIRED VACCINE SAFETY REPORTS GROUNDS FOR LEGAL REFUSAL TO TAKE MANDATORY VACCINES? FBI To Launch Secondary Firearm Background Check System :N-DEx is also a strategic investigative information sharing system that fills informational gaps and provides situational awareness.” Are There Optogenetics, Nano Biology And Blue Light Nexus Health Problems? -biological technique which involves the use of light to control cells in living tissue, typically neurons, that have been genetically modified to express light-sensitive ion chann The Truck Driver Shortage Could Bring Down the Economy:American Trucking Associations estimates that America 50,000 additional truck drivers beyond what we presently have. EXPOSED: Peter Strzok Grew Up In Iran and Saudi Arabia, Worked As Obama and Brennan’s Envoy To Iranian Regime SQ;BRENNAN CONVERTED TO ISLAM IN SAUDI ARABIA-THE WAR ON CHRISTIANITY IS TAKING PLACE AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS BY OBAMAS AGENTS

VERY IMPORTANT ALERT: Greyerz – The Global Reset Will Come Like A Thief In The Night-‘It is absolutely unreal how the world pays so much respect to mediocrity or even incompetence when it comes to running the financial system’. MAJOR ALERT: Special Report On Today’s Selloff In The Gold Market | King World News With Netflix Gapping Down More Than 50 Points In Early Trading, One Market Veteran Just Warned “They Eventually Pull The Exit Trigger And The Market Collapses” | King World News This Will Trigger The Next Major Surge In The Gold Price | King World News Fred Hickey Just Warned The Mania In Stocks Will Usher In A Collapse. Also, Weighs In On What’s Next For Gold | King World News

STONEHENGE SECRETS: Did Builders Learn Knowledge From Fallen Angels? Or Use Pythagoras’ Theorem 2,000 Years Before Philosopher Lived? Open Borders NGO Staff ‘Raped Children’ While Working Abroad: A young girl in Haiti had stated that ‘the people who are raping us and the people in the office are the same people’! ‘I think the European Union is a foe,’ Trump says ahead of Putin meeting in Helsinki :’But, in a trade sense, they’ve really taken advantage of us and many of those countries are in NATO and they weren’t paying their bills’, Heartwarming moment cops buy boy a new pair of shoes after spotting him running around the park in dirty socks and bleeding from a cut on his foot :Richard Oransky wrote that the photo was a ‘prime example’ that there were still ‘great cops out there’. Flash flood, dust storm threats to continue as North America monsoon carries on

The $247 trillion global debt bomb -SQ-THIS IS A QUARTER OF A QUADRILLION DOLLARS, IN WHICH GLOBAL JUBILEE,WILL BE DECLARED AS THE WHOLE WORLD STARTS OVER,BUT WHAT WILL BE THE PRICE TO HAVE YOUR DEBTS WIPED OUT DAILY MAIL:Bombshell Bourdain interview is published one month after his suicide: Celebrity chef unloads on ‘rapey, gropey and disgusting Bill Clinton and hopes Weinstein is ‘beaten to death in jail’ SQ:SOUNDS LIKE HIS ENEMIES,TOOK HIM OUT! Legal Proof The Russians Really Did Not Hack Or Disrupt The U.S. Elections?Binney,former NSA technical director, says it’s a ‘local’ job, and it wasn’t a hack—neither from overseas nor from the Russians. Knife-wielding Muslim on Paris metro STABBED multiple passengers, screaming, ‘I’m Muslim, I’ll kill all the Catholics’ How Democracies Turn Tyrannica,l there are aspects to the life and rights of the individual human being that government, even majoritarian government, should not and could not abridge, violate, or deny.=What happened to the republic?

EMERGENCY REPORT: THE CENSORSHIP MASTER PLAN DECODED An emergency report to Congress and to the president concerning Big Tech, the Democrats and the Deep State’s plan to kill the First Amendment in America A sheep-dipped Peter Strzok works for both the FBI and CIA, documents reveal DAILY MAIL:AI is now capable of human-like problem solving and abstract thought, says Google’s DeepMind project after training machines with IQ tests Scientist Discovers Mathematical Proof of God of Israel: a mathematical relation between two observable physical factors: the inclination of the planet and the latitude of the Biblical borders in Israel. New San Francisco Mayor: ‘There’s More Feces… Than I’ve Ever See’:SQ-‘DROWNING IN THEIR OWN DEFECANT’-WAIT UNTIL THE REAL DISEASES BREAK OUT-‘SHOOT,’BRING IN SOME PORTABLE JOHNS!

Hawaii volcano: Lava bomb punctures tour boat’s roof, injures 12 passengers AMERICANS ARE ESPECIALLY THIRSTY FOR ARRIVAL OF THE FALSE PROPHET AND ANTICHRIST: New Stats Show Most In US Want Some Form Of Religion… JUST NOT THE CHRISTIAN KIND:THEY WILL WORSHIP THE GOD OF FORCES! SKYWATCH TV- The NEW Steve Quayle Documentary & Book Special Offer’TERMINATED THE BOOK’ COUPLED WITH ‘GEN 6 PRODUCTIONS NEW VIDEO ‘THE GREAT SMITHSONIAN COVER UP’ ORDER NOW! Is Australia’s Vaccine Policy A Nightmare Or A’Pogrom’? The people of Australia are being denied by law one of the most important inalienable rights of human existence, the ability to choose how to take care of one’s children and their bodies, Defense Minister Shoigu on Moscow’s Vision of Security Problems :NATO is creating logistics infrastructure for offensive operations against Russia

Chipped Tires-Tires are supposed to leave tracks – not track us. Tire Companies aren’t telling us about the tracking devices they’re embedding in the tires they’re selling to us! World’s Largest Shipping Company Collapses As Trade War Reality Strikes Where Christians Are Hunted: Are the Ruling Elite Behind the Mass Genocide of Christians in Nigeria? Update On Japan And Henry’s Health:SUPERNATURAL TEST AND WITNESS OF HENRY GRUVER, LITERALLY BEING BROUGHT BACK FROM DEATHS DOOR! Is the Rise of AI on Wall Street for Better or Worse? :May 6, 2010, is a date that should live in infamy. On that day, the US stock market suffered a trillion-dollar collapse.

Piercing the Veil of AI:This Revolution has been crafted to destroy society and culture as we have known it to trigger societal shifts thereby redesigning of the earth without God to address management of environmental issues in the image of man not God. A shocking and horrifying look inside the world of ‘psychiatric medicine’… like ‘going into HELL’ DAILY MAIL:They’re totally lost! Americans are asked to identify any other country on a map of the world – and several can’t even pinpoint a SINGLE nation_SQ-AH THE FRUIT, OF DUMBING DOWN AMERICAS CHILDREN, NOW EVEN DUMBER ADULTS! Return of the Ancient Gods: The Resurgence of Paganism:SQ-JESUS SAID THE DAYS WE HAVE ENTERED INTO, WILL BE LIKE NO OTHER TIME IN HISTORY,BLOOD SACRIFICE ,CANNIBALSIM AND WICKEDNESS IS BEING RELEASED ON EARTH! While Plans Are Being Made For The Third Temple In Jerusalem… Neopagans To Build First Temple To Thor And Odin In 1,000 Years

Facebook Mass Purge Of Holistic Pages Begins As Doctors Die & Monsanto Merges… The Pentagon Wants to Bring Mind-Controlled Tech To Troops :The Defense Department’s research arm is working on a project that connects human operators’ brains to the systems they’re controlling—and vice versa. CRISPR DNA editing could do some serious genetic damage, study says, making surgical precise cuts, it may actually be "blunt" and cause more damage than previously thought.CRISPR isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Trump Nominee Judge Affirmed Despite Anti-Gun Past 23 Republican Senators voted for him. SQ-THIS IS INSANITY OR BLACKMAIL! Genetically modified babies given go ahead by UK ethics body The Nuffield Council on Bioethics says changing the DNA of a human embryo could be ‘morally permissable’ if it is in the child’s best interests SQ-MOST CAN;T EMBRACE RAMIFICATIONS!

Richard ‘Old Man’ Harrison of ‘Pawn Stars’ cuts son, Christopher, out of his will: report MGM Resorts sues more than 1,000 victims of Las Vegas shooting She said she didn’t know it was illegal to take conchs. She’s heading to jail anyway. Teen student defends teacher accused of having sex with her Five-foot tsunami strikes Spanish resorts in Majorca and Menorca deluging roads and flooding beach bars and terraces

Woman survives seven days trapped after crashing car off California cliff by drinking radiator water Demon blamed for dad’s molestations of 4 daughters Genesis 3 Word study (Hebrew) Trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson – Wikipedia Why is “the devil made me do it” not a valid excuse?

Are Elite Technocrats Planning To Escape Earth And Head For Space?-This includes colonizing Mars (Musk), reversing the aging process (Thiel) and uploading minds into supercomputers (Kurzweil, Altman). Who were the Anakim / Anakites?–Anakim’s ancestry has been traced back to Anak, the son of Arba (Joshua 15:13; 21:11), who at that time was regarded as the ‘greatest man among the Anakim’ GREATEST MEANS THE LARGEST AND MOST POWERFUL! THE RETURN OF THE GIANTS & FALLEN ANGELS & THE NEPHELIM GENESIS 6 AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH:SQ-WITH ‘ANAK KRAKATOA’,MEANING SON OF KRAKATOA’-REMEBER IN THE OLD TESTAMENT ANAK WAS KING OF THE GIANTS IN CANAAN- Chicago cops kill man, angry protest erupts Protesters confront police after an officer fatally shoots a man who police thought was reaching for a weapon, officials say. Bottles thrown, squad cars damaged » Top private school teacher jailed for 17 years for raping pupil as colleague found guilty of abusing eight students

Facebook Purges Over 80 Accounts in Sweeping Attack on the Alternative Media :Most of the pages affected by the purge appear to be natural health and conspiracy oriented. James Turk | King World News James Turk – This Dire Warning Is Now Unfolding Before Our Eyes | King World News Look At This Stunning Development In The Gold Market | King World News BUCKLE UP: It’s A Friday The 13th Trading Day…Take A Look At This! | King World News


17-Year-Old Girl Stabbed to Death in London as Trump Arrives for UK Visit Should Police Use Computers To Predict Crimes And Criminals? Legal action brought against law enforcement agencies over Technocrat-minded pre-crime programs is gaining traction around the nation. Anonymous Users Can Be Identified On Twitter With 97.6% Accuracy You Now Can’t Leave The U.S. Unless The IRS Lets You:the Republican-controlled Congress handed the Internal Revenue Service the power to strip individuals of one of the most important and tangible rights possessed by American citizens – their passports Normalization of Pedophilia Goes Mainstream, Child Molesters Rebranded as ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ :A campaign to normalize pedophilia claims individuals who fantasize about raping children should be accepted as their own sexual orientation.

Psalms 32 – Finding Blessed Assurance and Strength from God – Part 2 – a sermon | Watchmans Cry IS THIS A POLITICAL AD? FACEBOOK THINKS SO Gospel praise song blocked by social-media censors–Add one more arbitrary and capricious act of anti-Christian-censorship bigotry to the list of Facebook blocks. DAILY MAIL:Drug traffickers ‘BEHEAD special needs girl, 13, in Alabama cemetery because she witnessed them stab her grandma to death over her links to El Chapo’s Sinaloa Cartel’ Israel Responds to Hamas Attack & Launches Biggest Strike on Gaza Since 2014 War Testimony reveals grisly details in Madison County double murder; Mariah Lopez, a 13-year-old, was decapitated and her grandmother, Oralia Mendoza, was also killed. SQ-THOSE WHO FAVOR UNSCREENED IMMIGRATION, ARE ACCESSORIES TO MURDER!!!

DOJ Settles In Landmark Gun Suit, Safeguarding The Second … Teen spends 10 hours treading water after a rip current swept him out to sea – ABC News Trump’s Space Force Will Guard U.S. From Above, NASA Chief Says – Bloomberg Quint Lip-syncing cops trigger litigious anti-religion group

Bible Search: sift Amos 9:9 “For surely I will give the command, and I will shake the house of Israel among all the nations, as grain is sifted in a sieve, but not a pebble will reach the ground. Luke 22:31 Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift each of you like wheat. Luke 22 KJV Bible Search: winnow

Isaiah 41:16 You will winnow them, and a wind will carry them away; a gale will scatter them. But you will rejoice in the LORD; you will glory in the Holy One of Israel. Isaiah 41 KJV Isaiah 27:12 In that day the LORD will thresh from the flowing Euphrates to the Wadi of Egypt, and you, O Israelites, will be gathered one by one. Isaiah 27 KJV Bible Search: what is the wheat to the chaff

Jeremiah 23:28 Let the prophet who has a dream retell it, but let him who has My word speak it truthfully. For what is straw compared to grain? declares the LORD. Jeremiah 23 KJV Matthew 3:12 His winnowing fork is in His hand to clear His threshing floor and to gather His wheat into the barn; but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.” Matthew 3 KJV Luke 3:17 His winnowing fork is in His hand to clear His threshing floor and to gather the wheat into His barn. But He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.” Luke 3 KJV


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