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Greg Hunter – 05/07/2018 – Iran Deal Invalid: Greg points out that Iran never signed the deal making it invalid regardless of what President Trump decides to do. DAILY MAIL:Iran and Israel trade blows: Israelis bomb Iranian positions in Syria after Revolutionary Guards fire 20 rockets at Golan Heights, stoking fears of war after Trump tore up nuclear deal–BEST COVERAGEl Make Google Do It… And Then What? – BuzzFeed Amazon’s Alexa will be built into all new homes from Lennar Australian, 104, ends his life in assisted suicide Premature baby was decapitated ‘when top NHS doc detached body from head during botched birth’ Police officer chokes young black man who took his sister to prom outside Waffle House

GOLD IS GOOD – GREED IS NO GOOD–Since 1999 the dollar is down 80% against real money which is gold of course.What is happening in Argentina and Venezuela will also happen in many Western countries. NYSE’s Plans For ‘Physical Delivery’ Of Bitcoin Pave Way For Major Crypto Adoption, Analysts Say ‘We want to thank Kim Jong-un’: Trump praises North Korean leader for freeing three American prisoners ‘early’ as he and Melania give them heroes’ welcome as they land back at U.S. Air Force base Two Nuns in Colombia arrested for TORTURING 65 children:Neighbors reportedly heard the children’s screams and cries, so they alerted police. Local media reports indicate the kids were subjected to physical and psychological torture in the care home, and t Pope Francis and Communism: Vatican Owned Newspaper Likens Communist Founder Karl Marx to a ‘Church Father’ Fake-Pope Francis invites satanist Katy Perry to promote Transcendental Meditation at Vatican; ‘I swear I wanted to be like the Amy Grant of music. It didn’t work out, so I sold my soul to the Devil’. Australia Bans Payments Over $10k, Unleashes ‘Mobile Strike Teams’ In War On Cash

MUST READ AND TRULY GRASP:We’re All Trespassers Now in the Face of the Government’s Land Grabs:At no point do you ever have any real ownership in anything other than the clothes on your back.–you don’t even own that… iWonder How Storytelling Science Fiction Shapes Our Future :Technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple have bought in science fiction writers as consultant to explore fictional futures. Science fiction frees our thinking from constraints. This Is Going To Turbocharge Upside Moves In Gold & Silver | King World News *Sigh* No, Being A Christian Does Not Require You Meekly Submit To Leftist Tyranny–You see, there is no combination of facts, rules, obligations, or commandments that requires us to take actions that will lead us to submitting to tyranny BREAKING: Iran vows ‘revenge’ attacks against Israel. Tehran launches missile attacks on Israel overnight. Israel hits 50+ Iranian targets in Syria. Tensions spiking. Israel tells residents to unlock & prepare bomb shelters. Here’s the latest.

Super-Intelligence And Eternal Life: How Transhumanism’s Faithful Are Following It Blindly Into A Dystopian Future Governed By The Elite TALEN Gene Editing to Make Human Cell Lines Virus-Proof Google CEO unveils new era of robots that sound like humans FULL SCALE WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANITY:IDENTIFY,VILIFY,NULLIFY DESTROY-:No other religion would be made fun of in this way’: Christian fury at Met Gala’s ‘blasphemous’ Catholic theme as Rihanna goes dressed as the Pope and Katy Perry wears angel’s wings Israel Launches Major Military Strikes in Syria With US Support:In a pre-planned operation coordinated with Trump and the US military, Israel is currently conducting massive air strikes in Syria against Syrian and Iranian targets.

Celente – $70+ Oil Just The Start, Wait Until You See What Happens To Gold As Currencies Crash | King World News Is This About To Trigger Shockwaves In Global Markets? | King World News LANGUAGE WARNING:The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy :As a result, dozens of industry stooges paraded around in outfits trivializing, sexualizing and blaspheming Catholic and Christian symbolism. TRUMP’S BIGGEST GAMBLE YET — WILL PULLING OUT OF IRAN DEAL LEAD TO THE NEXT GREAT WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST? Stagflationary Crisis: Understanding The Cause Of America’s Ongoing Collapse:All bubbles collapse, but not all bubbles collapse in the exact same way. I believe the Fed has created a perfect storm of combined deflationary and inflationary factors DIY Solar Projects Made Simple – Even Forrest Gump Could Do This

Phoenix tops out at 106 degrees, breaking 70-year-old record: The previous record high for May 6 was 105 degrees (40.6 degrees Celsius) in 1947. At 106, it’s 14 degrees above normal for the date. Israel will stop Iran’s entrenchment in Syria, even if it results in war – Outlook for vital Southwestern US river remains grim :The Colorado River serves about 40 million people and 6,300 square miles (16,300 square kilometers) of farmland in United States and Mexico. The Two Most Important Reasons To Invest In Gold & Silver ALIEN 51 TRAILER-WORTH WATCHING!

Mysterious Shape-Shifting Matter:Create anything you want instantly! Carrier Suffers New Failure at Sea as U.S. Navy Seeks More Funds:SQ-THE NAVY IS SUFFERING CATASTROPHIC MECHANICAL AND ELECTRONIC FAILURE OF ITS MOST SOPHISTICATED SHIPS.EMERGENCY REPAIRS MUST BE UNDERTAKEN IMMEDIATELY!-Chinese chips, anyone? maybe with a side of emp and hackers delight Russia To Debut New Hypersonic Missile For The First Time During Victory Day Parade Walmart to limit opioid prescriptions to 7 days at pharmacies amid epidemic Venezuelan Soldiers Desert in Droves With Presidential Election Ahead:’Those who ask to retire are put into arrest for a week at the military counterintelligence headquarters,’-At least 10,000 soldiers have asked to retire Coke, Mountain Dew, Pepsi: Poison Liquids Consumed By Americans :When you add the Diet Pop moniker to soda pop, you’re adding deadly aspartame, sucralose and other synthetic sugars. All of them cause horrible consequences to your body over time. Rand Paul Warns Congress Moves to Give the President Unlimited War Powers

Richard Russell Warned People To Prepare For Something Worse Than 1929 – 1932. And Will U.S. Seize Gold? | King World News ALERT: Sentiment In The Gold Market Nearing Extreme Levels | King World News ALERT: Gold Ready To Assault $1,350 | King World News DAILY MAIL:Israel launches air strikes in Syria after ordering bomb shelters to open due to ‘irregular’ Iranian troop movements near its border as Trump axes nuclear deal DAILY MAIL:Trump pulls U.S. OUT of Iran nuclear deal calling it ‘disastrous’ and accuses Iranian regime of LYING to build an atomic bomb – and defiant Tehran pledges to step up its program New outbreak of Ebola kills 17 in northwest Congo By Ray Gano – If the Met Gala was Islam or Jewish-themed, all hell would break loose – so why was it OK for a bunch of flesh-flashing celebrities to disrespect MY religion? Ancient Prophecies Foretelling The Destruction Of Damascus And All-Out War In The Middle East Say The Time Draws Near

Euthanasia drug in dog food: Court documents reveal new information :Earlier this year, an ABC7 investigation exposed the drug and prompted the recall of more than 107 million cans of pet food. They Admitted Social Media Is Programming Us;FACEBOOK IS HURTING OUR BRAINS COULD IT LEAD TO THE MARK OF THE BEAST WHERE ALL, BOTH SMALL AND GREAT, RECEIVE A ‘MARK’ VACCINE? Bill Gates On What Needs To Happen Before A Pandemic Kills 33 Million People;SQ-NOTE THE 33 NUMBER,ILLUMINIST MESSAGE Remote Central Australia–Doctors raise alarm about ancient disease: ‘Prevalence is off the charts’-The rates of human T-cell leukemia virus type 1, or HTLV-1, infection are exceeding 40% among adults Samsung 5G Home Router Wins FCC Approval Ahead of Verizon’s 2018 Launch. Now Verizon Should Stop Installing Risky 5G Small Cell Towers in Front of Homes and Everywhere Else – But They Won’t. Cultural Marxism Explained in 7 Minutes:This is an excellent short video explaining the source and nature of Cultural Marxist movements like political correctness, modern feminism, pansexualism, multiculturalism, ‘whiteness studies,’ etc. CONGRESS LINING UP BEHIND INDEFINITE DETENTION, FOR AMERICANS ‘Any president’ could send military, hold U.S. citizen ‘without charges essentially forever’

Facebook Blocks Pamela Geller (Again!) for Reporting on Muslim … Facebook Takes Down Event Page for Anti-Caravan Protest | Breitbart Teenage girl killed seconds after taking off seatbelt to take a selfie China Sends Strong Message To The West As Dollar Tear Continues And Super Mario Faces Trouble | King World News Is Social Media Destroying Humanity on Purpose? Six are killed and dozens injured as Saudi airstrikes destroy Yemen’s presidency building Wikileaks Dumps Hillary Email Exposing Her Ordering US Diplomats to Steal DNA from UN Leadership;SQ-THINK OUT OF THE BOX ON THIS ONE-NOW WHY WOULD SHE WANT THEIR DNA? CLONE AND REPLACE OR ?????

Double Standard: NY Judge Rules That Restaurants, Bars Can … Clapper Busted Leaking Dossier Details To CNN’s … – Zero Hedge WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton ordered U.S. diplomats to spy on UN … Bay Area students to join ‘Stand for the Second,’ a pro-gun walkout … The US Just Borrowed $488 Billion In One Quarter, The Most Since … Sessions’ DOJ Drops The Hammer On Caravan – The Daily Caller The ‘First Gay President’ Obama – Louis Farrakhan – YouTube

DAILY MAIL:Criminal gang used a swarm of high-speed drones to obstruct FBI agents during a hostage raid, leaving them ‘blind’ Spy agency NSA triples collection of U.S. phone records: official report:THEY GOT EVERYTHING CONVERSATIONS , TEXTS, E EMAILS, THE IM’S ,FORUM IM’S , THE TWEETS, FACEBOOK, AND EVERY WEB SEARCH AS WELL. SOCIAL MEDIA IS KILLING SOCIAL INTERACTION Modern technology is taking a toll on humanity:More and more proof is surfacing that social media is killing our ability to interact normally with people face to face. DAILY MAIL;Idaho State University admits losing weapons-grade PLUTONIUM which could be used to make a dirty bomb Strongest earthquake in 43 years hits Hawaii: Thousands of homes lose power, lava from Kilauea volcano spews onto streets, roads are cracked and emergency shelters open for evacuees Study: Women Store DNA From Every Man They’ve Ever Made Love With Women ‘harvest’ every male’s DNA, according to a new study. DAILY MAIL:Will your job be next? Five robots outshine humans at a Swiss bank after replacing seven employees

‘One World Religion’: Vatican & Riyadh to Build Churches Across Saudi Arabia India’s ambitious digital ID project faces new security nightmare A slew of complaints and alerts to UIDAI reveal that operators can bypass biometric and geo-location safeguards to access the database illegally Syrian Troops Fighting Jihadist Near Israeli Border will Israel strike. Prime Minister Netanyahu has now got the power to wage war without Knesset consent for war and with the Syrian military on its own border defeating the Terrorist they could get struck Facist Facebook Enlists Eric Holder’s Law Firm To “Advise” On Bias Against Conservatives–Advice concerning conservative censorship is going to be coming from a “law firm” that a known criminal gun runner and man found in contempt of Congress Springfield Armory Severs Ties With Dick’s Sporting Goods Over Gun Control Lobbying Blasphemous Play: Jesus rapes a Muslim Woman—It isn’t Christians who are raping Muslims, it is Muslims who are raping Christians.On New Year’s Eve in 2015 alone, Muslim migrants committed as many as 2,000 rapes and sexual assaults Episcopal Church Eliminates Words Husband, Wife and Procreation from Marriage Ceremonies

The ‘Dark Arts’ Of Artificial Intelligence (Or Can Machines Really Think?) FBI Chaos: Comey Caught In Lie Over Flynn Investigation; Anti-Trump ‘Lovebird’ Lisa Page Quits Criminals could alter their DNA to evade justice with new genetic editing tools DAILY MAIL:US Navy reactivates Cold War fleet as Defense Secretary Mattis warns that ‘China and Russia present new military threats’ across the globe Market Plummets if Global Central Banks Pull Plug – Nomi Prins :All of this artificial conjured money is puffing up the system, along with money that is borrowed cheaply is also puffing up the system and creating asset bubbles everywhere Transhumanism: The Ultimate Aim of the Synthetic Agenda And The Distorted Heart of the New World Order Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano spews toxic gasses as new fissures form and thousands are forced to evacuate

Homeless People in Anaheim, California or Third World Country? – YouTube Greyerz – China Bought 212 Tonnes Of Gold Last Month, 16,000 Tonnes Since 2008! | King World News MAJOR ALERT: Bullion Banks Aggressively Cover Gold & Silver Short Positions! | King World News ALERT: This Is Why Western Central Banks Are Worried About Gold | King World News CALLING TOM HORN & STEVE QUAYLE—Mysterious Statue Of ALIEN-LOOKING GIANT Is Older Than Egyptian Pyramids Conservative Starts New Social Media Site After Facebook Blocks Tens Of Millions From His Posts GNOC=Get Naked On Camera: The Secret ‘Teen Texting Codes’ All Parents Need To Know SQ-NOTE HOW COMMUNICATING SKILLS ARE BEING DEGRADED TO CODE, FURTHERING ISOLATION, AND LEADING TO KIDS TAKING THEIR LIVES

The War on Cash Is Even Worse than It Seems :Puerto Rico has practically been without power for months. Imagine trying to rebuild without any form of system of trade in that. Had Puerto Rico been cashless, economic devastation would be irreversible This Has Never Been Seen In 5,000 Years And Now They Are Out Of Bullets | King World News GOLD ALERT: One Of The Most Shocking Things You Will Ever Read | King World News-testimony of hyperinflation The Biggest Danger To Global Markets May Be Set To Unleash Chaos | King World News Look At What Is Skyrocketing And How It Will Impact The Gold Market! | King World News Important Update On The Stock Market, Plus A Note On Gold | King World News MAJOR ALERT: Celente – This Is About To Trigger $150 Oil, $2,000 Gold & Crashing Markets | King World News An Overreaction In A Major Silver Producer As Dow Nears 24,000 | King World News Greyerz – The Terrifying Truth About What Is Coming | King World News-stagflation SHOCKING VIDEO: People Are Getting The Hell Out Of California In Droves! | King World News

Gold Leaving US Vaults: Signs of Upcoming Currency War and Armed Conflict A Data Storage Revolution? DNA Can Store Near Limitless Data in Almost Zero Space WE MUST NOT REMAIN SILENT:’Truth becomes hate speech to those who hate the truth.’– Dave Daubenmire, ‘America’s Coach’ The Rise of the Luciferian State:Because God is no longer in the public’s eye, Americans are now openly choosing to delve into the occult. Wicca, Satanism, goddess worship SQ-READ WILKERSONS ARTICLE POSTED TODAY David Wilkerson—DESTROYING ENEMY STRONGHOLD’Behold, the days are coming,’ says the Lord God, ‘that I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord. (Amos 8:11-12). INTENSE: UNCANNY VALLEY:In the slums of the future, virtual reality junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment. An expert player discovers that the line between games and reality is starting to fade away. Educational Fraud Continues :I’m not sure about what can be done about education. But the first step toward any solution is for the American people to be aware of academic fraud at every level of education.

A New Type Of Poverty Is Crushing The Middle Class:Australian banks are trying to figure out exactly how much they can charge customers before pushing them into poverty; Gruesome Details: UK Hospital Starved Baby Alfie for 4 Days Until He Died … Pure Evil Democrats come out in support of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)SQ:,I DONT’ THINK THEY COULD PASS THE ‘FGM TEST,’ BY A GYNECOLOGIST-AS THEY SAY— DO WHAT WE SAY, NOT WHAT WE HAVE DONE! WOW, COULD I GO ON-BUT WON’T President Assad Fighting Against Christian Genocide in Syria:US-backed terrorists in Syria have been committed genocide against the Christian community: President Bashar al Assad and the Syrian Arab Army have made great sacrifices to protect the Christian Scandal: When President Trump accused former FBI director James Comey of lying under oath in a tweet on Saturday, defenders rushed to Comey’s aid. But Comey has been saying a lot of things that are decidedly fact challenged. REMNANTS OF NIBIRU? OR PLANET ‘RAHAB’ (JOB 26:11-13) FROM WHICH ‘THE FUGITIVE SNAKE’ FLED? New Discovery Finds Evidence Of ‘Destroyed World’ In Our Solar System HITLER WOULD BE SO PROUD! Hundreds Of Unborn Children To Be Killed By MODERN WATCHERS In Ghastly Experiments To Create Eugenically-Designed, Genetically-Engineered’Perfect’ Babies Commentary: Travel at ORLANDO INT’L AIRPORT getting a spooky facelift: Your face will soon serve as your passport, ticket and baggage-check ID. It’s part of a new program supposed to make your flying experience slightly less arduous than a colonoscopy.

Russians use ‘shooting robot’ to help kill 11 suspected terrorists as it goes on offensive against jihadists ahead of World Cup In Venezuela, five years of severance pay now buys a coffee Koinonia House Announces Death of Founder Banks, Credit-Card Companies Explore Ways to Monitor Gun Purchases The discussions are preliminary but the move could be a prelude to restricting such transactions;SCROLL DOWN; Weedkiller found in granola and crackers, internal FDA emails show The FDA has been testing food samples for traces of glyphosate for two years, but the agency has not yet released any official results What Happens on May 12 If Trump Says ‘No’? U.S. President Trump must decide by May 12 whether or not to go ahead with the Iranian nuclear deal. France is talking about expanding the existing deal Massive Fireballs Light Up Syrian Sky After Israeli Strike; ‘Dozens’ Of Iranian Soldiers Reportedly Killed:Update 2: Multiple early unconfirmed reports from journalists inside Syria have put casualties at 40 killed and 60 wounded, Man Sentenced to 8 Months in Prison After Flipping Off a Red Light Camera

Goldman Fined $110 Million For ‘Improperly’ Rigging The FX Market Goldman Sachs: No profit in curing diseases-Only the chronically sick offer profits Episcopal Church Removes Terms Husband, Wife and Procreation From Marriage to make it more LGBT Compliant This Billionaire Has Put Half His Net Worth Into Gold – Bloomberg Dad in America Told His Son Had To Die Like Alfie—But He Resisted With Guns and His Son LIVED Stunning finding reveals autism is highest in areas with the highest vaccination rates LOCKHEED MARTIN’S NEW CH-53K HELICOPTER TAKES TO THE SKIES OVER BERLIN MOSSAD SMUGGLED HALF A TON OF NUCLEAR DOCUMENTS OUT OF IRAN – IN ONE NIGHT

TURKEY CALLS FOR CRIMINALIZING ‘ISLAMOPHOBIA’ / GLOBALISTS’ MIGRANT PLAN COLLAPSES THE WEST PC police expanding worldwide DAILY MAIL;Gibson guitar files for bankruptcy: Iconic music manufactures that gave B.B. King, Elvis Presley and Pete Townshend their instruments has struggled with debt for years and owes more than $500million DAILY MAIL: Facebook asks users to rate if EVERY post is ‘hate speech’ after new tool is inadvertently set live during testing-SQ’ FACES OF DEATH BOOK’, BECOMES TRUTH EXECUTION SQUAD Billionaire puts half his $5.7b fortune into gold as he predicts a stock market CRASH due to world ‘crises’ and adds ‘Mr. Trump doesn’t help’ Revolutionaries Install Algorithmic (AI) Governance :Whether we like it or not, algorithms are increasingly being used to nudge, bias, guide, provoke, control, manipulate and constrain our behavior. Dial T for Tyranny: While America Feuds, the Police State Shifts Into High Gear:All the while, the American people have been treated like enemy combatants, to be spied on, tracked, scanned, frisked, searched, subjected to all manner of intrusions, CRISPR Technology Set To Revolutionize Production OF TRANSGENIC ‘NEPHILIM’ ANIMALS ASTROPHYSICISTS AT SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN MAGAZINE WANT TO KNOW—Could Steve Quayle And Tom Horn Be Correct About ‘An Industrial Prehuman Civilization That Existed On Earth Before Ours’

DAILY MAIL:Will virus-proof human cells exist within 10 years? Yes, scientists claim: CRISPR pioneers launch project to make ‘ultra-safe’ cells resistant to infections, cancer, aging and freezing DAILY MAIL:Scientists create an embryo from stem cells without egg or sperm in ‘provocative’ research ANALYSIS: Alfie Evans was executed by lethal injection; Alder Hey hospital steeped in horrifying history of organ harvesting from human babies Sunscreen Chemicals Are Destroying Coral Reefs And Now Hawaii Is Banning Them (BUT BAN WON’T START UNTIL 2021) DAILY MAIL: Southwest Airlines 737-700 makes an emergency landing with a shattered window, two weeks after woman was killed when she was sucked out of exact same plane model when engine exploded CBS2 Investigation: Flies In Operating Rooms Force VA Hospital To Postpone More Than 80 Surgeries Boy Scouts to drop ‘Boy’ from name Multi-state outbreak of Serratia marcescens bloodstream infections investigated End Of ‘Major Combat’: US Deactivates Anti-ISIS HQ In Iraq

SOON: PENTAGON’S ROBOT VEHICLES War robots to roam world’s battlefields Watters: Mueller Is Trying to ‘Criminalize the Exercise of Presidential Power :”They don’t care if he fails, I think they’re more worried about him succeeding,’ Watters said. Is There a Secret Plan to Legalize Sex Trafficking of Minors? Feminist Activist Tells All A.I. could lead to a nuclear war by 2040, think tank warns;SQ-JUST WHAT YOU NEVER WANT TO SEE -A.I. HAVING ABAD DAY-‘GET RID OF THOSE CONTROL FREAK HUMANS IN A FLASH IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER, GLOBAL RELIGION, AND ANTICHRIST’S FALSE PEACE ACCORD UNDERWAY? Petrus Romanus Invites Leaders Of All Christian Denominations To Convene ‘Peace Summit’ DAILY MAIL:Vanuatu forced to evacuate the entire 10,000 population of a volcanic island as thick ash pollutes the air and water supply DAILY MAIL:Nasa successfully tests its ‘Kilopower’ nuclear reactor that will be sent to space to provide power for the first humans on Mars Last year’s solar eclipse set off a fast-moving atmospheric wave that propagated around the world for hours after the eclipse was over Muslim Migrant ‘Accidentally’ Rapes Belgian Woman–Well this one certainly qualifies for the Ignorance gone to Seed Award! Spirit Cooking Marina Abramović Creates Creepy Virtual Reality Film to Alter Consciousness Abramović presented her virtual reality film called Rising at London’s Royal Academy of Art saying that it is about raising consciousness.

GIULIANI: PROSECUTE COMEY, END MUELLER PROBE ‘IN INTEREST OF JUSTICE’ ‘The crimes now have all been committed by the government and their agents’ Canadian Christian School Shut Down For Teaching Bible Verses Chinese military lasers injure US military pilots in Africa INTERVIEW: POPE FRANCIS, THE FALSE PROPHET, CALLS FOR INFOWARS TO BE SHUT DOWN Globalists want to silence all dissenting voices GOLD HOLDERS – CENTENNIAL OPPORTUNITY-GOLD HAS BROKEN OUT IN MANY CURRENCIES-The next 5-10 years will give us opportunities that only happen once every few hundred years. Israel will definitely respond if S-300 systems are directed against it, says Liberman Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman has warned that Israel will react forcefully to any Syrian attack using the Russian-made S-300 air defense systems. ANCIENT LIES & SHINY NEW TECH: TRANSHUMANISTS’ POSTHUMAN PLAN: DAVID KNIGHTS INTERVIEW OF TIMOTHY ALBERINO AND Steve Quayle IN THE INFO WARS STUDIO-ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT INTERVIEWS ,WE’VE EVER DONE VETERANS IGNORED IN HOSPITAL WHILE MIGRANT CARAVAN GETS ALL THE ATTENTION America’s priorities need to be addressed

Australia eyes wider spying on its citizens Leaked document suggests authorities aim to intercept local text messages, emails and bank records in the name of national security Major powers starting to deploy hypersonic weapons Many questions remain about missiles that fly at up to 20,921 kilometers per hour, but the US, Russia and China are pushing ahead with development Why is America still stuck with token missile defense? The answer harks back to a 1972 treaty, and despite that agreement expiring years ago, defense experts and politicians failed to move with the times China threatens Taiwan, but how far will Beijing go? Chinese President Xi Jinping said his country is prepared for a military clash and a ‘bloody battle’ as tensions rise across the Taiwan Strait Kroger, All Natural Laura’s, Private Selection, & JBS Recall 35,464 Pounds of USDA-INSPECTED Ground Beef LIBERALS CELEBRATE 3.5 MIL BABIES ABORTED AT PLANNED PARENTHOOD The left gave Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards a proper send-off Mass Hysteria Grips the United Nations Security Council: Russophobia Is a Dangerous Psychosis 700,000-Year-Old Stone Tools Point to Mysterious Human Relative:SQ-‘PRE-ADAMIC RACES’ AND THE JUDGMENT OF GOD, ACCOUNTS FOR ALL THESE FINDS-NOT RELATIVE BUT PREVIOUS CREATION NOT HUMAN THAT WAS JUDGED Chemical Plant Explodes in Louisiana; Forces CLOSURE of I-10: Connecting the dots? Texas City refinery explosion on 4/19,followed by the Wisconsin refinery explosion a week later on 4/26. Now, this chemical plant on the third week. SABOTAGE? Ten thousand ordered to evacuate as Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano spews lava 150 ft into the air and releases deadly gas as streets crack in half after more than 250 quakes rock the Big Island in seismic explosion

Just In: Democrat Congressman Completely Uncloaks, Calls For Nationwide ‘Assault Rifle’ Confiscation … OR ELSE SciFriday: AIs Learn ‘Human’ from Social Media:Artificial intelligence algorithms are learning how to be human from the information we share on social media. More than one million children under age 6 are on psychiatric drugs… parents don’t know what they’re getting into The End Of Our Empire Approaches History is clear on where we’re headed the disparity between the haves and have-nots is only going to intensify, with debt being used as the primary weapon for controlling an increasing dispossessed public. In the last three months, tensions between two NATO member states have escalated dramatically – Turkey has threatened to invade Greek islands, Greece has responded, and Greeks now see Turkey as the greatest threat to their existence Goldman Sachs Depopulation Strategies Revealed Through ‘Predictive Poverty’ Strategies WITHOUT FORM AND VOID:In any understanding of God’s revelation, we are dependent upon words, upon the words in the original language — and in their most literal sense. This is particularly true of any account of Creation.

MUST READ:Genetic Assassins Among Us:This is a suicide mission which seeks to exterminate the God and His Divine Image from mankind before a fiery cataclysm. Russia Using Electronic Warfare Over the Skies of Syria :US commanders are claiming that Russia may be behind the jamming of the C130 gunships over the skies of Syria DR. DEAN LORICH, AN ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON WHO VOLUNTEERED IN HAITI AND EXPOSED CLINTON FOUNDATION CORRUPTION AND MALPRACTICE ON THE ISLAND, HAS BEEN FOUND DEAD IN NEW YORK. HE WAS 54. ALERT: Bullion Banks Cover Gold Shorts, Also Maneuvering In Silver As Well | King World News ALERT: Fascinating Email From CEO In Gold Sector, Plus A Dire Warning | King World News What Is Happneing Now Is Like The Great Depression | King World News Celente – Here Is The Wildcard That Will Unleach Panic In The Markets | King World News

Occupy Evangelism: Though the Lord of the Harvest allows the Wheat and Tares to grow together, they do not have the same end,The reality is God does tend His Garden and these men and women ought to seriously consider whose planting they are American Doctor Kicked out of Africa for Healing Ebola with Ozone Therapy Instrumental in Creating International “Ozone Without Borders” ‘Big Brother’ In India Requires Fingerprint Scans For Food, Phones And Finances. India is scanning the fingerprints, eyes and faces of its 1.3 billion residents and connecting the data to everything from welfare benefits to mobile phones. How Will Merging Minds and Machines Change Our Conscious Experience?The Tools for Self-Transcendence;SQ-THE MERGING OF SPIRITUAL BRAIN WITH MACHINE CREATED BY FALLEN MAN-,WILL BRING ABOUT DEMONIC INFESTATION OF THE COMBO How Apostate Is American Christianity? Latest Example Has Church Holding ‘Beyoncé Mass’ And Teaching Mary Magdalene Is ‘The Original Nasty Woman’ SQ-NEVER FORGET THE HARLOT CHURCH AND THE WOMAN WHO RIDES THE BEAST-WE HAVE ARRIVED With Nearness Of Antichrist, Socialism Is Extremely In Vogue. But You Can’t Argue Against The Historical Facts Of Its 100 Percent Record Of Failure Second Broward County Sheriff’s deputy dead, at 53 :Dr. James Tracy’s post on the sudden and untimely death, at age 42, of Broward County Sheriff Deputy Jason Fitzsimons, who had questioned the Parkland school shooting’s gun control agenda. US B-52 bombers fly close to Guangdong coast Rarely had US strategic bombers been seen above waters so close to the Chinese shore

GOLD 75 MILLION BOLIVARS – WILL HAPPEN IN US$ AND EURO TOO;LOOK AT THE PURCHASING POWER DROP OF 97% SINCE 1913–Inflation gives the illusion that people are better off whilst it instead makes them poorer and destroys the value of their savings. Film Footage Captures Completely Insane Climate Engineering Operations Over Las Vegas, Nevada-‘Nature’s former balance is no more, the hand of man has forever altered what once was.’ Sheila Zilinsky-=Intwrviews-Steve Quayle, author of the new book: ‘TERMINATED -THE END OF MAN’-‘HERES LIES THE HUMAN RACE ,WHO REFUSED TO SEE THEIR END ,WHEN IT STARED THEM IN THE FACE’ 3D PRINTED ELECTRONICS, CELLS DIRECTLY ON SKIN Bio-ink to be used for advanced medical treatments U.S. Exports Nearly All Gold Mine Supply To Hong Kong:SQ-GUESS WHO OWNS HONG KONG?GUESS WHOSE GOLD HOLDINGS ARE THE LARGEST IN THE WORLD?-GUESS WHOSE GOLD HOLDINGS ARE GONE?-‘WE ARE IN DEEP DRAGON DOO DOO’! A Data Storage Revolution? DNA Can Store Near Limitless Data in Almost Zero Space The SCARY Truth about This New Age Modern Christianity {What You Don’t Know} Pt. 1 2017

Took an ancestry DNA test? You might be a ‘genetic informant’ unleashing secrets about your relatives The birth of the AI supersoldier: US Army reveals hi-tech system to help troops on the battlefield analyse information far more quick;SQ-HAWK AND I WERE TALKING ABOUT THIS 15 YEARS AGO ON THE Q-FILES AND PEOPLE SAID WE WERE CRAZY! Do Americans still believe in God as described in the Bible? – Pew Research Center Answers ‘Nine-in-ten Americans believe in a higher power, but only a slim majority believe in God as described in the Bible.’ SQ-PROOF OF THE GREAT FALLING AWAY UNDERWAY- Multiple explosions at Wisconsin oil refinery, 10 confirmed injured (VIDEO)SQ-SAME STATE AS EMP SCHEDULED DRILL -THANKS,PAM ‘New sign’ warns motorists smartphone zombies could be in the area :The problem of pedestrians being distracted by their mobile phones has got so bad that new signs have been put up to warn motorists to watch out for them. STATE-MANDATED DEATH: Baby Alfie’s Dad Giving Him Mouth-To-Mouth In Hospital To ‘Keep Him Alive’ ‘We were doing what a nurse should have been doing to sustain his life.’ Kim crosses border, greeted by Moon as inter-Korean summit begins Huge questions hang over North Korean denuclearization, but for North and South Korea this was a big step in the direction of peace and normalizing long-strained ties DAILY MAIL:Pig brains are kept alive OUTSIDE their bodies for the first time in a radical experiment that could allow humans to become immortal! LISTEN TO SHEILA Z’S INTERVIEW THAT WE DID YESTERDAY,POSTED ON MY SITE ‘YE SHALL NOT SURELY DIE’! The Purge Begins: Deutsche Bank Fires 400 US Bankers BREAKING: Israel Ambassador to UN reveals a huge Iranian base 5 miles from Damascus:There are over 80K extremists from all over the Middle East who are members of Shia militias in Syria under Iranian control

Nine in ten teens at drug clinics are being treated for marijuana use … From freezing to triple digits in 10 hours, these states just went on a … Transgender inmate sues to practice witchcraft at notorious all-male … Leviticus 20:13 “‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads. Ford to stop selling most of its cars in North America The automaker is scaling back its small-car lineup to just two vehicles, the Mustang and the upcoming Focus Active, to concentrate on SUVs and trucks. Say goodbye to these models » Husband’s affair leads to murder-suicide of mistress and wife in Pennsylvania home Certain common medications tied to 30% higher dementia risk, study finds Delta apologizes for tying female passenger with MS to wheelchair

Worried About The Gold Takedown, Don’t Be. Take A Look At This… | King World News WARNING: This Is How Quickly We Could See Panic In Major Markets | King World News Over 100 retired US generals urge lawmakers to reject Haspel CIA nomination for being ‘intimately involved in torture’ COLLEGE MAOIST YOUTH BRIGADE BEING USED TO USHER IN MARTIAL LAW American youth being indoctrinated by far-left professors China tests stealth ‘invisibility cloaks’ on regular fighter jets Military experiments with metamaterials designed to fool radars with wave-bending powers but observers say there’s still a long way to go before the technology is ready for the battlefiel Russia Buys 300,000 Ounces Of Gold In March – Nears 2,000 Tons In Reserves:SQ-REMEBER THE OFFICIAL RECORDS ARE GREATLY UNDER REPORTED-THE REAL AMOUNT OF GOLD IN CHINA AND RUSSIA EXCEEDS, ‘THE OFFICIAL REPORTS’ EWG’s 2018 Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 Lists (and Why “Experts” Are Telling Us to Ignore Them)-list of the foods that are the most contaminated with pesticides. Meanwhile, nutrition ‘experts’ are telling consumers that the list isn’t important

New form of DNA discovered inside living human cells Lab work previously suggested existence of ‘i-motif’ structures, but only now have they been seen in natural conditions ‘He was intentionally doing this, he was killing everybody’: NINE dead and 16 injured after rental van plows into pedestrians including ‘a young girl, a parent with a stroller and elderly victims’ in Toronto Amazon Has a Top-Secret Plan to Build Home Robots: REMEMBER THE ‘JETSONS’ CARTOON SHOW? TENTATIVELY NAMED ‘VESTA’ AFTER THE ROMAN GODDESS OF THE HOME AND FAMILY. Canada: Muslim stabs ex-girlfriend 40 times, slits her throat, shoots her for ‘taking ownership of her life’ BOT TO THE FUTURE Robots could outnumber HUMANS in just 15 years and will feel ‘genuine emotions’ by 2028 Are we just a few years away from a droid doomsday? One expert on the future of humanity says it’s a real possibility ALEX JONES (FULL SHOW) Sunday 4/22/18: Big News, ZACH BREAKING Iran Officially Switches From Dollar To Euro:Middle East Monitor reports that Iran’s feud with the US is set to get worse after Tehran announced this week that it will start reporting foreign currency amounts in euros rather than US dollars

GOLD & SILVER: The Ultimate Hedge Against Everything That Is Wrong In The Markets Robots greet customers at world’s first personless bank branch where humanoids manage EVERYTHING The branch is run purely by technology – with virtual reality, artificial intelligence and facial recognition all playing a part Strange Bedfellows? Why Facebook Is Teaming Up with Churches to Build Community:SQ-EVERY TRUE FOLLOWER OF JESUS, MUST FOR YOUR FAMILIES SAKE, ACQUIRE ‘BLOOD ON THE ALTAR’ ,BY TOM HORN AND HIS WARNINGS UNDERWAY Chemtrail Lung Confirmed by Allopathic Doctor BRICS Create a New International Trade Currency, the Damage to the Dollar Will be Enormous and the Domestic Economy Will Collapse in a Short Period of Time UNIT 731: HOW LEADERS OF JAPAN’S WWII GERM WARFARE UNIT ENDED UP WORKING FOR THE US The Machines That Could Darken the Sun to Stop Climate Change SciFriday: Hitler, the Occult, and the Return of Nazi Science Human Mini-Brains Implanted Into Mice Didn’t Just Survive, They Integrated But the mice didn’t seem any smarter than usual. California school district says parents can’t pull kids from new LGBT sex ed

Allison Mack:Sex Slave Recruiter With Occult Elite Connections:In mind control terms, Allison Mack was the Grand Dame – the ‘motherly’ figure who assisted the handler in programming. Like in most mind control systems, Mack was a slave herself. Why Europe is afraid of the New Silk Roads Many EU countries are concerned about one-way traffic along the new trade routes Beijing is trying to set up to Europe;SQ-KINGS OF THE EAST?–HIGHWAY TO ARMAGEDDON? Amazon gets on the pre-built blockchain train Online retail giant launches a ‘blockchain-as-a-service’ platform, joining other tech majors rushing to roll out free-to-download template solutions DAILY MAIL:Armenian-Americans flood the streets of Los Angeles as they call on government to formally recognize 1915 genocide by the Ottoman Empire that took the lives of 1.5MILLION:SQ-MUST READ SNOPES ‘SNEAKY LIAR’ ABOUT CALIFORNIA’S ANTI-CHRISTIAN PLAN Legislature considering ban on all sex orientation change counseling Russia Giving S300 to Syria: Israel’s defense minister Liberman has said that if Israel is targeted they will destroy the system and Russian has warned Israel not to target the system. Google Bans Ads From Christian Publishing Company Because They Mention Jesus and The Bible 3 missing film students believed killed and dissolved in acid, Mexico officials say DAILY MAIL:Manhunt on for gunman, 29, who shot two Dallas police officers, killing one, and a civilian near a Home Depot in Dallas

One Of The Greats Discusses The Mid-$1,300s Battle In Gold, Miners And The Stock Market Plunge | King World News With Stocks Plunging And Gold Rallying, This Has A Lot Of People Very Worried | King World News For Everyone Who Is Worried About The Action In Gold, Take A Look At This… | King World News Stunning Moves Now Taking Place That Are Having A Huge Impact On Gold & Silver | King World News Death knell tolls for the euro as more European nations repatriate gold – expert to RT–‘It is just a matter of time before the Euro, the most artificial currency ever, is going to collapse’,

Husband Takes His Own Life After Fatally Shooting Wife at Salon WikiLeaks loses access to a key cryptocurrency account Inside China’s $1 billion port where ships don’t want to stop Greyerz – Get Ready For Worldwide Chaos | King World News Island of no return: Vanuatu evacuates entire population of volcanic Ambae – Thousands permanently resettled as Manaro volcano spews ash 30cm deep California Making It Illegal to be a Christian Under Proposed Unconstitutional Bill- Solzhenitsyn Warning to the US :California’s state government is wholly against anyone professing to be a Christian hetereosexual-practicing individual. MUST READ! America Has Lost Her Constitution,The likelihood of returning America to her greatness is not very good.’It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains’ Noah Webster

‘Austin Powers’ actor dies after long struggle Utah Parents Killed Themselves and 2 Children Because Mom Falsely Believed She Had Terminal Cancer People Melania Trump Invited White House Staffers to Barbara Bush Funeral So They Could ‘Pay Their Respects’ After Southwest Plane Explosion, Airlines Ordered to Conduct Urgent Engine Safety Checks Militarized Cops At Tiny Georgia Neo-Nazi Rally Arrest Counterprotesters For Wearing Masks Body camera footage shows police never got out of cruiser to check for Ohio teen crushed by minivan seat What’s a Greater Leap of Faith: God or the Multiverse? – YouTube

KNIFE CONTROL MOVEMENT CROSSES ATLANTIC Texas mother demands restrictions on blades- SQ:ANY WAY YOU ‘CUT IT’,THIS IS INSANE! HAMMERS AND MEAT MALLETS NEXT?HOW ABOUT CARS The Planned Obsolescence of America:The U.S. Constitution was made to last for all time. It was designed to adjust to changing culture and needs in society Unpublished CDC Study Confirms over 2 Million Annual Defensive Gun Uses, a figure of 2.46 million DGUs a year ‘[implies] that guns were used defensively by victims about 3.6 times as often as they were used offensively by criminals.’ WHAT WILL ‘THE MILIEU’ SAY ABOUT IT? The Next Revolution Of Sports Cheating Involves Rewriting Athletes’ Genetic Codes SQ; TOM HORN AND I WERE LABELED AS THE LEADERS OF ‘THE TRANSHUMANIST RESISTANCE MOVEMENT’, IN OXFORD PUBLICATION- Human Telepathy Is Right Around The Corner:Brain-to-brain interfaces may be the stuff of science fiction, but scientists and visionary entrepreneurs are working toward realizing that world today Guess What Was Just Found Amidst Dead Rocker Prince’s Personal Belongings In His Paisley Park Multi-Million Dollar Compound—STEVE QUAYLE’S BOOK ON GIANTS WITH A BIBLE! Was Superstar Singer Talking To God Before Overdose? BREAKING: 3 dead, 4 wounded at Nashville Waffle House shooting; naked shooter on the loose Who Ya Gonna Call? Exorcism By Cellphone Sees Satan Casting Out Satan 21st Century Style; ISIS suicide bombing kills dozens in Kabul


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