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MUST READ:What Life Will Be Like In Tomorrow’s Digital Dictatorship:Meanwhile, be aware of how much biometric data from your Fitbit or smart watch you share on the Web. David Wilkerson—’IN ONE HOUR, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE’:I tell you, there is no worse violence than the brutalizing of children. Heaven is crying out,’Woe, woe! Your judgments have no cure.’ Assault Weapons Preserve the Purpose of the Second Amendment:As Justice Scalia ably articulated in Heller, the Second Amendment was designed to protect what Blackstone called the natural right of resistance and self-preservation-SCALIA WAS MURDERED!. The Collapse of Venezuela Was ‘a systematic destruction to seize our freedom’:Jose explains how the collapse of Venezuela was deliberately engineered to make the populace bend to the will of a dictatorship.

James Dines | King World News James Dines On Gold, Silver And The Coming Storm | King World News James Dines – This Will Usher In A Devastating Global Collapse | King World News Despite Recent Weakness, Is This Chart Signaling A Major Blastoff Is Coming For Gold & Silver Sector? | King World News

The Secrets of the ancient walls of Sacsayhuaman: complex astronomical calculations thousands of years ago ancient civilizations developed a writing system based on archaic shapes, having as main note the study of movements of the moon and the sun. Hero dog, beaten and shot, protects boy from home invaders: A German shepherd was brutally beaten and shot multiple times while trying to protect his teenage owner, who was home alone when two thieves broke into the family’s residence in Des Moines, Wash Third Coastal Storm in 10 Days Could Affect the East Coast Early Next Week Warning: China Is Close To Complete Domination Over 5G And Internet Of Things :China’s Technocrats are playing chess with a far-reaching strategy to dominate the system of Globalization, while America plays checkers, worrying only about the next ‘hop’. Mr. President, If We Don’t Have Gold, We Don’t Have a Country’Passivity is fatal to us. Our goal is to make the enemy passive.Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.’Mao Tse-tung,

Government Uses Census Data and Google Maps Places to ‘Geo-Locate” Ant-Vaccine Tweeters The Luciferian Shadow Government – The Beginnings DAILY EXPRESS:Does melting snow reveal ancient human settlement in Antarctica? AN ancient civilisation may have lived in Antarctica, some experts claim, after melting snow revealed man-made-looking structures under the ice. REP.THOMAS MASSIE:Want to know which gun control bill Congress plans to pass next week? I blow the whistle in this video. FDA Bureaucrats Seek to Restrict Access to Homeopathic Medicines … And what we can do to STOP THEM.Lastly, I explain how to file comments on-line with the FDA, where comments are due by March 20, 2018.

DOJ Says Atty. Gen. Used Alias to Conduct Official Business to Protect Security, Privacy:This begs the question of how many other government officials use fake names and whether those aliases are searched when agencies process, FOIA requests NRA Files Suit Challenging Florida Gun Control Law;CONTACT YOUR SENATORS,CONGRESSMEN NEWSPAPER EDITORS AND RAISE THE BIGGEST VOCAL AND WRITTEN OPPOSITION TO GUN CONFISCATION-THIS IS IT! THE SECOND AMENDMENTS DO OR DIE MOMENT Antigun Politicians Aim for America’s Most Popular Firearms With Expansive Ban;The bill would ban firearms by name, ‘type’,” and generic formulae. Rifles and pistols would be included if they are semiautomatic, can accept a detachable magazine, and have a Martial Law by Executive Order- You Didn’t Know?’-Benito Mussolini defined Fascism as the ‘merger of government and corporatism’ Your Shopping Experience Is on the Verge of a Major Transformation. Here’s Why. Exponential technologies (AI, VR, 3D printing, and networks) are radically reshaping traditional retail

The Amazing Amount of Gold The U.S. Exported Since 2000;However, U.S. gold net exports were the mainstay as a staggering 2,340 mt of gold were shipped abroad SQ-WAIT TILL CHINA ASKS THE SIMPLE QUESTION, WHERE’S YOUR GOLD AMERICA? Disgraced Parkland Officer Lied, Radio Dispatch Recording Reveals :Peterson warned his fellow officer to stay away ,despite wounded students and staff inside who required assistance. Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) policy requires deputies to engage ‘Letter To America: An Opportunity And A Warning. The Choice Is Yours.: In fact, there is no place that NATO or the US have intervened, (usually against international law) that hasn’t become a failed state, hell on Earth for the citizens, Russian spy: Military deployed after poisoning:About 180 military personnel have been deployed to Salisbury to help in the investigation into the attempted murder of an ex-Russian spy and his daughter. Argentina’s farm of horrors: Latest shocking animal mutation discovered :A PIGLET born with a human-like face is the latest shocking mutation to be discovered in Argentina where such deformities are believed to be caused by pesticides and GM crops.

US general says nuclear launch order can be refused, sparking debate:Air Force General John Hyten, commander of the U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), NOW U.S. VICE-ADMIRAL CHARLES RICHARD IS MISSING***DEPUTY COMMANDER OF STRATCOM-SEE SOME PARALLELS HERE? Oregon legislature approves bill to allow starving the mentally ill to death:The chief sponsors of the bill are all Democrats — the openly lesbian House Speaker Rep. Tina Kotek (D) and Senators Floyd Kozanski (D) and Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (D). WARNING-DISGUSTING :Sexual Deviants now trying to Normalize Bestiality GERMANY AND SWITZERLAND HAVE’ BESTIAL BROTHELS’ NOW! DEMONS EXPRESS THEIR APPETITES THROUGH WILLING HUMAN HOSTS -JUST AS IN NOAHS DAY THE WHOLE EARTH IS CORRUPTED! Disney’s ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Erases Book’s Bible Quotes, Cuts Jesus, Christian Figures From History SQ-DISNEY, IS NOTORIOUS FOR BIBLE AND JESUS HATING IMAGERY OR AVOIDANCE-ABC-STANDS FOR ‘ALWAYS BASHING CHRISTIANS’IN MY OPINION

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