Christian Faith Index up to 2-25-18

Grace Will Lead Me Home (Official Music Video) – YouTube-David Dunn

Music-Fear is a Liar, In the Eye of the Storm, Run Wild, & more

Music-Lift Up Your Eyes, Different, Point To You

The Bride’s Garment

Double Portions and Firstfruits-music-Broken Things & Mended-Matthew West

I Will Give Thee a Crown of Life-music Walking on Water

Take Unto Thee a Wife of Whoredoms

God’s Word Pays Interest-music Grateful

Isaiah 53-The Root of Salvation-music Strength

The Creator Our Potter-music The Maker

1 Sam 8-Israel Demands a Man King in Rejection of God

Jeremiah 9 I will melt them, and try them

Hosea 10: It is in my desire that I should chastise them

Psalms 107 The Lord Delivered Them-music Throne Room-Kim Walker Smith

Micah 4- I Will make her that halted a remnant…a strong nation-music Wide Open-Dan Bremnes

Given Willfully John 10:1-18

Be A God Pleaser

Sow the Word

I Will Give Them An Heart Of Flesh

Christmas Card in Videos

Christian Faith Index up to Dec 16, 2016

Christian Faith Index- up to 8-18-16

Christian Faith index- up to Dec 19, 2010


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