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Gerald Celente | King World News This Is The Chart Of “Terror” As We Head Into 2018 | King World News Will The Bitcoin Collapse Be The Catalyst That Sends Gold & Silver Skyrocketing? | King World News MAJOR WARNING: We Haven’t Seen This In 15 Years | King World News Jesse Livermore And The Major Long-Term Gold & Silver Buy Signals That Are Flashing | King World News

Big Pharma’s control over the news:Over the last 11 months, pharmaceutical companies have spent a stunning $3.2 billion on TV ads for drugs. That much money buys you influence. It buys you control. 2nd Swimmer In 24 Hours Attacked By Sea Lion Off San Francisco Aquatic Park;SQ-SEA MAMMALS IN PACIFIC OCEAN ARE STARVING-EXPERTS PUZZLED -PACIFIC OCEAN IS DESTROYED BY FUKUSHIMA,WHAT A BUNCH OF DENIAL! Boeing’s Dennis Muilenburg says he’ll beat SpaceX to Mars; Elon Musk says ‘Do it’ MALLOCH: GERMANY DEMANDS UK’S UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER ON BREXIT Germany is in effect becoming a defect powerhouse:Germany nunc has realistically become the dangerous ‘Ubermencsh’ that Wagner proclaimed. CEO out at Papa John’s after anthem remarks Founder John Schnatter’s decision comes weeks after he courted controversy by blaming protesting NFL players for falling pizza sales. Who will replace him »

CHRISTALIGNMENT CHAOS AT BETHEL CHURCH USING ‘DESTINY READING ‘CHRISTIAN’ TAROT CARDS AND COMPLETELY CONNECTED TO SATANISM AND THE OCCULT Scientists Prove Those Vaccinated for Shingles Can Infect Others with Chicken Pox The Pneumonic Plague is spreading: Warnings issued to 9 countries China creates DNA database for entire population of Muslim region blighted by violence Authorities have collected DNA and other biometric data from the whole of the western region of Xinjiang, where hundreds have been killed in the past few years IRS Wins Bitcoin Fight, Gets Access to 14,000 Coinbase Accounts

Sign Of The Times… | King World News Is This Signaling That The Price Of Silver Is Set To Explode Higher? | King World News If Things Are Really Recovering, Why Is This Still Being Done? | King World News Bullion Banks Cover Near-Record Number Of Gold & Silver Short Positions! | King World News We Are Approaching The Brick Wall | King World News

Net Neutrality Killed as FCC ‘Hands Keys to Internet to Handful of Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations’ ‘The fight to save net neutrality does not end today. This agency does not have, the final word. Thank goodness.’ The Thomas Fire in California is burning for 11 days and is 30% contained as of 12/14/17 .The fire has so far burned 242 500 acres, making it the fourth largest fire in California’s history.Its cause is still under investigation.;SQ THEY KNOW WHO STARTED The Simpsons Predict The Future Once Again:This time, however, the show has beaten reality to the punch by nearly 20 years and predicted one of the biggest takeover deals in recent history–DISNEY/FOX MERGER 19YEARS AGO! Vampires, Zombies And ‘Hooking Up’: 37 Examples Of Real College Courses That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believ Russia Investigation Was ‘Insurance Policy’ Against A Trump Presidency? – Ousted FBI Agents Texts Are Smoking Gun Showing Mueller ‘Dream Team’ Totally Corrupted

Biohacker Genetically Modifies Himself To Be ‘Big And Muscly’ SQ-WAIT UNTIL ‘THE BIO-HACKING BASEMENT BOYS’ GET GOING, AT AN UNCONTROLLABLE PACE,TO CHALLENGE DARPA’S SUPER SOLDIERS! Is Amazon taking over the world? The internet giant wants to be the Everything Store – and it’s on its way As Amazon announced it was buying Whole Foods for £11billion and looks set to set its sights on the grocery market there are worries it could becom Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency:SQ THE CRYPTO CURRENCIES WILL CONTINUE TO RISE IN VALUE,AS NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE ARE IN THEM YET.THE TECHNOLOGY OF THE BEAST,WHICH LEADS TO THE MARK OF BEAST Trump Tax Cuts Will Start Monumental US Boom – Martin Armstrong -‘Our computers are showing that interest rates are going to go up faster than anybody has ever seen in history. . . . You are looking at a doubling of interest rates very, very rapidly. . . Since Feeding the Homeless is Now Illegal, A Group Carried AR15s to Give Out Food—It Worked A large group of well-armed good samaritans took to the streets this week to openly break a bad law to help the homeless and those less fortunate.

Two Must See Charts: One Is Literally A Ticking Time-Bomb! | King World News A Rare Indicator Just Triggered That Has Lead To Gains 100% Of The Time | King World News Fascinating Email From A KWN Reader About The Trading Action in Gold & Bitcoin | King World News Here Is What’s At Stake Post-FOMC In Gold, Silver And The US Dollar | King World News Is This Where The Fed Has Us Headed With Interest Rate Hikes? | King World News

Atlanta could face a WEEK of travel misery: World’s busiest airport finally restores power after 11-hour blackout which caused 1,200 flights to be canceled and stranded tens of thousands of passengers FAMILY VIOLENCE – VERY GOOD OVERVIEW OF ABUSE AND WHO ARE THE MOST VIOLENT OFFENDERS IN CO-HABITATION-Children are 3 times more likely to be fatally abused in Mother-only Households than in Father-only Households, Ex-FBI Assistant Director: Strzok Fabricated Information And ‘Belongs In Leavenworth’Last week, Kallstrom said he believes there is a ‘Fifth Column conspiracy’ within the FBI designed to ‘destroy President Donald Trump’- WORLD SILVER PRODUCTION: 3 Charts You Won’t See Anywhere Else: U.S. silver production only accounts for 4% of world mine supply versus 40% back in 1915. What a change in 100 years. Inside America’s Growing Bulletproof Clothing Industry Retailers are offering ballistic apparel to wary US citizens, and it’s not cheap!

The 6-month-old kept crying. So this father bent his baby until there was silence, police say YouTube threatens to shut down the Health Ranger channel over this podcast:Growing vegetables in your own yard now confirmed as a criminal offense by Florida courts… INSANITY is now LAW MUST READ:Every Dollar Has its Day : America Goes Out with A Bang :’It should be apparent to all, the people running our lives are insane or this is being done purposely and it is the end which is important, not the path’. Big Brother installing surveillance cameras in places of worship:SQ-AS EDWARD SNOWDEN STATED -‘THE 5 EYE SURVEILLANCE PROGRAM’ HAS ONE UPPED THE ILLUMINATI AND THEIR WAR ON FREE THINKING PEOPLE-‘BITE MY TONGUE’ Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton: ‘The FBI’s Turned into a KGB-Type Operation’

One Of The Greats In The Business Says Gold & Silver Sector Setting Up For A Big Trade To The Upside | King World News Email To KWN About Price Of Gold From CEO Of Widely-Followed Company In The Mining Sector | King World News MAPLE GOLD MINES | King World News Rick Rule | King World News Andrew Maguire | King World News

DAILY MAIL:The Obama administration ‘SABOTAGED a DEA operation to stop Hezbollah smuggling drugs into the US and helped the militant group grow into a global threat so the Iran nuke deal would go ahead’ Massachusetts State Auditor Finds Widespread Rape and Sexual Abuse in Foster Care but DCF Officials Won’t Report It American College of Pediatricians President Sounds Off, Says Use of Puberty Blockers is ‘Institutionalized Child Abuse-‘Human sexuality is binary. There are at least 6500 genetic differences between men and women.Hormones and surgery don’t change this. HOW FEDS SHUT DOWN CHRISTIAN HEALTH-CARE PROVIDER Without any customer complaints or evidence of harm DARPA To Invade Human Souls With Far-Reaching Brain-Computer Interfaces, with the goal of developing an implantable neural interface able to deliver high-bandwidth data transfers between the brain and electronics system

Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas: Suspected norovirus sickens 333 SQ-ILLUMINATI SIGNATURE-SHIPS AT SEA CAN BE USED AS BIO-LABS ,TO TEST PATHOGENS-WHY NOT 332 or 334?THE MESSAgE IS IN THE NUMBER Ruins Of Biblical City Of Corinth Discovered Underwater – Giant Monuments and Remains Of Lighthouse Still Well-Preserved Pakistan considers dumping dollar for yuan in trade with China SQ-NOTE THE PROPHETIC SIGNIFICANCE OF THIS PHOTO-THE WEST BEING ECLIPSED BY THE EAST! ‘TREASON WAS THE REASON’,AND ON THE U.S.DOLLAR IT’S OPEN SEASON! BREAKING NEWS: ‘At least THREE dead and 77 injured’ after new high-speed Amtrak train derails on Washington State overpass on its FIRST day of service sending rail car crashing onto interstate below’ BEST PHOTO COVERAGE BITCOIN IS NOW WORTH MORE THAN WAL-MART (THE ENTIRE COMPANY) Would you rather own 100% of Wal-Mart or every Bitcoin in existence?

Rothschilds 1988 Prediction For New World Currency In 2018 Set To Rock Global Markets–Quite a mind boggling prediction 30 years ago, especially since 2018 looks like a year when a major currency upheaval could take place Despite Repeated BIS Interventions, China Plans To Send The Price Of Gold Skyrocketing | King World News What Rick Rule Just Uncovered On European Gold & Silver Tour Stunned Him | King World News One Of The Greats In The Business Just Flashed This Major Alert On Gold And The Miners | King World News One Of The Most Important Things Anyone Has Said About The Decline In Gold And The Miners | King World News

Green Beret Training Standards Now Lower than Army ROTC Camp in the 80’s–Our country’s national security is being damaged every day and the army’s senior leadership is more focused on political correctness and diversity than war fighting. Gold Only Safe Asset Left – David Stockman ‘I don’t think we are going to have a liquidity crisis. I think it’s going to be a value reset. I think there is going to be a jarring downward price adjustment both in the stock market and in the bond market’. DuPont Mayor confirms ‘mass casualty incident’ training was underway when Amtrak derailment occurred:Just like 9/11 and the London bombing of 2007, the training drill somehow went live creating the exact scenario officials were enacting at the time Gun Confiscation Is Always a Prelude to Genocide’Hiding in plain sight’ the United Nations has been advertising for the following position for the past several years: DISARMAMENT, DEMOBILIZATION AND REINTEGRATION OFFICER AI Researcher Ben Goertzel launches SingularityNET marketplace and AGI Coin cryptocurrency: He coined the term Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) to differentiate a sentient, cognizant computer from a machine capable of narrowly intelligent behavior

President Trump Keeping Promise On EMP Protection:The new National Security Strategy acknowledges the importance of protecting U.S. critical infrastructures from ‘cyber, physical, and electromagnetic attacks’: Wars, immigrants, foreign aid: Everything BUT American infrastructure got funded, which is why it’s now COLLAPSING Christmas weather WARNING: THREE 70mph storms to smash Britain in festive WASHOUT THREE storms are set to hit the UK over Christmas with 70mph gales threatening a festive washout. Mysterious Ancient Oil Lamps In Ohio And Wisconsin – Evidence Of Pre-Columbian Contact? SQ; HISTORIAN’S JUST WONT ADMIT THAT EGYPTIANS,WERE HERE 2500 YEARS AGO! FACEBOOK CAN NOW FIND YOUR FACE, EVEN WHEN IT’S NOT TAGGED:SQ-EVERY SINGLE SELFIE EVER TAKEN, IN EVERY SINGLE LOCATION, CAN NOW LOCATE AND MONITOR YOU,NOT TO MENTION RETINAL SCAN AND FINGER ID ON PHONES

Gerald Celente’s ‘Most Important In Over A Decade’ Top Trends For 2018! Gold & Silver Takedown Continues For 2nd Day, But Here Is A Ray Of Hope | King World News BITCOIN WARNING: “If we let things continue, I feel that it will lead to some serious distorted or pathological phenomenon.” | King World News Here Are Two Important Charts | King World News Bitcoin, Gold, Silver And Economic Depression | King World News

STRONG GOLD IN 2018 vs NEW WORLD CURRENCY:The demise of the dollar as the reserve currency of the world is a certainty. It is only a question of when it will take place DAILY MAIL:How Google is ‘SPYING’ on you: Firm’s voice assistant records and keeps conversations you’re having around your phone when you least expect it Martin Armstrong Warns ‘The Sun Is Cooling Faster Than Anyone Suspected’-This cooling is very serious. This decline in the energy output of the sun will manifest in a commodity boom in agriculture as shortages send food prices higher ‘We’ll save a lot’: Trump threatens to stop aid to UN member states over Jerusalem vote“They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars, and then they vote against us. Well, we’re watching those votes. Let them vote against us. Case against Cliven Bundy, Nevada rancher involved in 2014 armed standoff, declared a mistrial

LA TIMES: 5G BREAKS YOUR DNA AND GIVES YOU CANCER What kind of health problems will the first generation of cell phone users have in the future? Confessions of a CIA Black-Ops Insider On Past False Flag Operations:It also reveals that the science and implementation of false flag operations is a stand alone industry with an internal hierarchy and organizational stucture Americans have no savings and with very good reason: housing, education, and health care have seen extraordinary inflation while wages are stagnant. Memphis Confederate statues removed after city council votes to sell parks Pics Of The Afghan Man And 2nd Man Also Arrested With Bag Of Knives In Melbourne Car Attack SQ-STILL THE FAILURE TO CALL IT WHAT IT IS, ISLAMIC TERRORISM

2018 SURPRISE: Road To $15,000 – $20,000 Gold Will Millennials Embrace Gold? Plus Surprising Insider Trades At Gold Mining Companies | King World News One Has To Be In Complete Awe Of This Move | King World News Greyerz – The Trade Of The Century And Why The Public’s Money In Banks Will Be Incinerated | King World News Email To KWN About Price Of Gold From CEO Of Widely-Followed Company In The Mining Sector | King World News

AI Brain Chips Will ‘Evolve’ Humanity Into A ‘Community Of ZOMBIES’, Expert Claims! Facebook Handing Over More Info To US Government: ‘This Is What Facebook Was Designed To Do’ SQ:IN MY OPINION,FACEBOOK OR ‘FACES OF DEATH BOOK’,AS IT WAS DESIGNED TO BE THE ULTIMATE,SPY DOSSIER ON INDIVIDUALS EVER DESIGNED Canada: Obsessed with ‘Islamophobia’:The RCMP guide is premised on the belief that radicalization occurs because of perceptions of ‘injustice’ (not because of perceptions of jihad).Seems not to believe that Islamic terrorism in Canada even exists. Former Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Manager: ‘It’s a Demonic Organization’ SQ,AS THE GATES OF HELL HAVE OPENED ,AND DEMONIC MANIFESTATIONS INCREASE -WATCH THE TERM ,DEMONIC ACCELERATE IN THE HEADLINES! Chrome to block ads in February Sites will have to pay an ad coalition to evade a blockade by the world’s most popular browser.:SQ-SANCTIONED EXTORTION!DO NOT UPDATE, TO CHROME 64!

PEACE PROCESS WATCH 12/20/17: Saudi King Salman tells Palestinians Saudi Arabia backs Jerusalem claim – TheSeason.Org LG InstaView Refrigerators: Knock Twice For A New View | LG USA Anderson Cooper photo with his mom and brother With a Shrine to Tanit in the background. – TheSeason.Org News from the Wall – Nathan Leal’s Road to Recovery | Watchmans Cry DAILY MAIL:Checkmate humanity: In four hours, a robot taught itself chess, then beat a grandmaster with moves never devised in the game’s 1,500-year history and the implications are terrifying -UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE OR SUPERNATURAL POSSESSION

Paul Craig Roberts – Get Ready For Some Fireworks As We Enter 2018:Christianity’s emphasis on the worth of the individual makes such power as Lenin claimed, and Washington now claims, unthinkable. Andrew Maguire Says Contacts In China Warn Something Major Is Brewing In The Gold Market | King World News Whistleblower Andrew Maguire: Western Banks Now Close To Panic – Take Unprecedented Action In Paper Gold & Silver Markets | King World News Dollar Reversing As Gold Surges Toward $1,300, Plus The Key Level For The Big Move | King World News Major Warning Signal That Launched Two Global Stock Market Crashes Just Triggered For The Third Time | King World News

US Military Invests In ‘Doomsday Genetics’ Technology: ‘My Main Worry Is That We Do Something Irreversible’ SQ:NOT A CASE OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES, BUT THE TARGETING OF INDIVIDUAL’S SPECIFIC GENES-‘THE TEST TUBE IS GREATER THAN THE TANK,WHEN WEAPONIZED’ Bacteria Are Turned Into Nanobots Inside The Body To ‘Fight Cancer’Materials such as titanium, aluminum, barium, and strontium are being found in rain tests. We know those are metals for geoengineering, possibly minus titanium. The Surgeon Who Wants to Connect You to the Internet with a Brain Implant: Wants to insert electrodes into our brains so we can communicate directly with computers and each other. DR.TECHNOSTEIN’ SQ-NEW WORD Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21…. End Times – Generation – TheSeason.Org 32 Planned Parenthood Centers Shut Down In 2017 » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Pentagon revealed as top funder of controversial gene editing tech:DARPA is no stranger to meddling with mother nature. The military research agency announced plans to genetically engineer plant-based sensors as battlefield surveillance tech. China spending US$3.3 billion on molten salt nuclear reactors for faster aircraft carriers and in flying drones Molten salt reactors can produce one thousandth of the radioactive waste of existing nuclear reactors because of deep burn. 5,100-year-old Hydraulic System Found in China is the Oldest in the World: together with the well-excavated remains of Liangzhu city and its rice fields, the new findings represent one of the largest efforts of hydraulic landscape engineering in the ancie MUST LISTEN DAVID MORGAN:What drives the Silver Price — Supply or Demand?There is a Disinformation War taking place in the silver market as certain industry analysis is confusing individuals by purposely disregarding the tremendous impact of rising invest UK: Perversions of Justice Emboldening Muslim Pedophiles, Discrediting Law Enforcers-female family members of some of the convicts in the grooming cases revealed a monstrous hatred for women in general, and non-Muslim women in particular.

GOLD & SILVER CATALYST: Inflation Pressures Increasing Across The Globe! | King World News What Is Happening In The Residential Real Estate Market Is Remarkable | King World News Major Moves In The Dollar & Euro About To Impact Gold And Silver Markets | King World News One Of Richard Russell’s Last And Most Shocking Predictions Is Now Unfolding | King World News Enter The Golden Dragon – China’s Move To Dominate The World Will Include A Gold-Centered Monetary System | King World News

Obama blocked deportation of 550,000 illegals, more than Atlanta’s population MAINE;Late-season toxic algae bloom closes most shellfishing areas in Casco Bay The surprising invasion of phytoplankton affects hundreds of acres of clam flats in Freeport and Brunswick and at least 12 mussel and oyster farms. Tamils and Sumerians Among the FIRST to Reach Australia and Antarctica? PART I’I believe this is a human figure. It would appear that these heads are leaders from various Sumerian centers that formerly existed on Antarctica.’ DR.WINTERS The 2018 CERN Documentary | AI, Dark Truth, Dark Matter & Dark Secrets of the Worldwide Web;SQ VERY INTERESTING AND WELL DONE Customs And Border Protection Seeks Biometric ID For All Major U.S. Airports Within 4 Years: SQ- I PHONE USERS, EVERY TIME THEY TAKE A SELFIE, ARE BUILDING THEIR OWN BIO-METRIC DATA THROUGH FACIAL RECOGNITION TO ‘BIG BROTHER’!

Florida man sentenced to 15 years in prison for leaving bacon in mosque: SQ-ABSOLUTELY INSANE VERDICT-NOW DO YOU SEE THE AGENDA-WHITE FALL-THIS IS A CASE OF POLITICIZING ANY CRITICISM OF ISLAM, WHILE BUTCHERS,MURDERERS ,TRAITORS AND PEDOPHILES WALK THE ST The Dumbing Down of America – By Design The last thing the elite wants is an informed, empowered public mobilizing any grassroots movement to oppose government tyranny. Atlanta Cops Cite Good Samaritans for Feeding Homeless People without Permits SQ-ACTIONS LIKE THESE DON’T ENDEAR LAW ENFORCEMENT TO THE PEOPLE, AT ALL-HAVE THE EXACT OPPOSITE EFFECT! Trump’s Latest Pick for the Fed Is No Fan of Paper Money Marvin Goodfriend says it would be easier to impose negative interest rates if people couldn’t hoard cash. GOODFRIEND? NO WAY!- ‘WAR ON CASH WAR ON YOU’! Russia says US decision on Jerusalem may worsen Israeli-Palestinian conflict; SQ:JERUSALEM IS THE FLASH POINT FOR ,GOD TO GATHER ALL THE NATIONS TO COME AGAINST ISRAEL-LIKE IT OR NOT, TRIBULATION TIMES ARE UPON US!

WARNING: Another Year 2000 Stock Market Crash Indicator Just Flashed Red | King World News MAJOR ALERT: Greyerz Says One Of The Two Largest Banks In Switzerland Just Refused To Hand Over Clients’ Physical Gold. Even More Surprising Is What The Client Did Next | King World News The Man Who Predicted Friday’s Gold & Silver Surge Now Says Metals May Be Ready To Fly | King World News Two Insane Things Happened This Week: $450 Million da Vinci Sale And This Shocker… | King World News This Could Be The Catalyst For A Big Surge In The Price Of Gold In 2018 & 2019! | King World News

What Would the American Economy Look Like If the US Dollar Were to Collapse or be Significantly Devalued World’s Largest Online Seller Of Gold Is Now Accepting Bitcoin FIRES, RECORD DEBT & EXPLODING HOMELESS POPULATION: WHY IS CALIFORNIA SUCH A HELLHOLE? The liberals who hold office in California have ran the state into the ground Israel strikes Gaza militant posts after rockets fired at Israel: army Palestinians protest Trump move, more unrest feared:Thousands of Palestinian protesters clashed with Israeli forces in east Jerusalem and the West Bank, demonstrators in the Gaza Strip burned U.S. flags and pictures of President Donald Trump,

Breaking: Roy Moore Accuser Beverly Young Nelson Admits She FORGED Her Yearbook As ABC News Reporter Openly Coaches Her ;SQ-THE ONLY THING THAT DEMOCRATS BREAK ALL RECORD FOR, IS LYING AND BEARING FALSE WITNESS AND THE REPUBLICANS FOLLOW SUIT U.S. ECONOMIC CRISIS AHEAD: Major Failure Of Analysts To Spot Danger: Unlearning The False 1 Million Ton Grand Canyon Hidden Gold Theory & Understanding Why Gold Is Valuable And Rare New cars to be equipped with ‘complimentary’ TSA PreCheck biometric scanners -SQ-COMPLIMENTARY WILL BECOME MANDATORY OR YOU WONT BE ABLE TO START YOUR CAR AND THEY’LL BE ABLE TO SHUT YOU DOWN AT WILL -GET A PRE 82 VEHICLE THATS BUILT LIKE A TANK, DAILY MAIL:Would you date a robot? More than a quarter of millennials say they would replace a human lover with a DROID De-Dollarization Continues: China, Iran To Eliminate Greenback From Bilateral Trade

Things May Be About To Go Horribly Wrong | King World News James Turk – Central Planners About To Have A Moment Of Crisis In The Gold & Silver Markets | King World News CAUTION: Despite Today’s Rally, Is This About To Rock Global Markets? | King World News Remarkable Email From A KWN Reader About What Is Happening In The Gold & Bitcoin Markets | King World News SURPRISE: Look At What’s Hitting New Highs As Central Bank Liquidity Now On The Cusp Of Slowing Down Dramatically | King World News

‘Almost A Given It Will End Badly’: Vanguard Founder Jack Bogle Says U.S. Pensions Are Doomed RIOTS OVER JERUSALEM SPREAD TO INDONESIA AND MALAYSIA AS HAMAS PROMISES VIOLENCE FROM GAZA STRIP It killed 200 million European’s in the 1300’s: 2 bears found in California with the plague: Positive bear samples found in 32 counties in California. Bitcoin Mania Hits Craigslist: Sellers Can Now Use Cryptocurrency As Method Of Payment Why is Bitcoin so volatile?

The Physical Economy Is Deteriorating At An Accelerated Pace, It Will Not End Well:David Morgan Pakistan air force chief order: Shoot down US drones:The announcement was made public about two weeks after a US drone strike targeted a militant compound in Pakistan’s tribal region near the Afghan border, killing three militants. Bitcoin Mania Parabolic :After skyrocketing so darned fast, bitcoin is certainly the riskiest major investment in the world. Caveat emptor! Veteran Disney Executive Arrested On Child Sex Abuse Charges;SQ-‘THE AXE IS BEING LAID TO THE ROOTS’,THE BIGGEST NAMES IN ‘HELLYWOOD’ AND ‘ACTOR’S HELL’ WILL TUMBLE LIKE DOMINOES, IN THE MONTHS TO COME! New frontiers: how Shenzhen became a global tech colossus:Shenzhen Superstars: How China’s Smartest City is Challenging Silicon Valley, talks to Asia Times about the town that’s starting to make everywhere else seem ‘stone-age’

Legend Says Fade The Pullback As Gold Set To Surge Nearly $1,000 | King World News RECORDS BEING BROKEN: This Is Exactly The Kind Of Thing The Late, Great Richard Russell Used To Warn His Readers About… | King World News WARNING: Last Time We Saw Anything Like This Was Right Before March 2000 & January 2008 Collapses! | King World News MAJOR ALERT: Remarkable Commercial Trading Moves In Silver & Crude Oil! | King World News ALERT: Stock Markets Ready For Major Reversal, And Why “Bitcoin Is A Fantasy, Gold Is Gold” | King World News

Why are America’s farmers killing themselves in record numbers? The suicide rate for farmers is more than double that of veterans. Dude Where’s My Troops? Pentagon Loses Track Of 44,000 Soldiers 84yo Korean War vet who sleeps with gun under pillow kills home intruder ‘with single shot’, 2nd man gets away You Wont Believe What Is In the New SMART PILL:MUST LISTEN- U.S. Government Criminal Enterprise–‘The U.S. economy is deeply dependent on criminal cash flows. We’re the global leader in money laundering. If we stopped doing that, the economy would be in for a major, major change. .

Russia-China real gold standard means end of US dollar dominance;SQ-AS THE U.S.& EUROPE BAILED ON GOLD -RUSSIA AND CHINA WILL PREVAIL WITH GOLD! READY FOR ANTICHRIST’S REIGN: Born Again Christians Continue Decline, Only Small Minority Care Any Longer About Sharing Gospel Step inside McLaren’s top-secret hypercar testing facility Across Europe, there are only a handful of privately owned test centres that allow manufacturers to develop cars in secret. This is where McLaren fine-tunes the future What Happens When an Algorithm Helps Write Science Fiction You Have Been Brought Into To A World Of Complete Insanity:This thing called globalism is nothing more than corporate feudalism. It is a method of control.They count on your ignorance of history and philosophy to get you into their trap

Remarkable Email From A KWN Reader About The Action in Gold, Silver & Bitcoin | King World News Paul Craig Roberts And Peter Boockvar Weigh In Republican Tax Plan And Its Impact | King World News-Important Read! A Big Surprise This Week! | King World News Egon von Greyerz | King World News CAUTION: One Of The Most Jaw-Dropping Charts As We Get Ready To Head Into 2018 | King World News

Geoengineered Nucleated Snowstorms: The EMF and scalar frequencies emitted during Solar Management geoengineered-storms, especially with nucleated snowstorms, probably activate the Nano-particulates, we all have breathed in for decades Exclusive: ISIS to launch major offensives in Libya and Egypt very soon NFL fan turnout so bad that Fox Sports is soliciting actors to play fans, fill seats at Sunday’s pre-game show What’ll happen when 3200 Phaethon sweeps past Earth?: This mysterious rock-comet is the parent body of this week’s Geminid meteor shower. It’ll brush closely past Earth on December 16, just a few nights after the Geminids’ peak. Will 2017 be a fantastic DNA Tattoos Are the Final Frontier of Love-Virginia Elwood and Stephanie Tamez, tattoo artists and partners, have matching body art made with their DNA- Or a tattoo imbued with the DNA of another human being or, if you prefer, a dog, cat

Method for controlling hurricanes US 20100072297 A1: Small changes in temperature on a large scale bring in large changes in other variables on the smaller scale to change the direction and intensity of the hurricane. BREAKING: NYC terror bomber is 27-year-old Akayed Ullah, a foreign-born immigrant;SQ-When asked if the suspect mentioned ISIS, NYPD Police Commissioner William Bratton said the suspect ‘did make statements, but we’re not gonna talk about that right now.’ Lethal Microdrones, Dystopian Futures, and the Autonomous Weapons Debate Will GOP Congress Fund ‘Humanized Mice’ Made From Aborted-Baby Organs?:’A single donor (one baby) provides sufficient tissue to implant 50-60 mice,’ said the summary. AI brain implants that can change a person’s mood are tested on HUMANS by the US military:SQ-WE ARE ALL BEING ASSIMILATED INTO THE BORG OR COLLECTIVE HIVE OF TOTAL CONTROL-SQ NEW WORD FOR THEM ‘BORGICATORS’

MAJOR ALERT: One Of The Greats In The Business Just Issued This Dire Warning About Bitcoin | King World News ALERT: “Gold Is Starting To Trigger” | King World News Trouble In China? Plus A Look At Gold | King World News This Is All It Will Take For Gold & Silver To Achieve Liftoff | King World News Egon von Greyerz Warns A Storm Is Coming In 2018 | King World News

Leftist Judges are now running the Pentagon:Oh rejoice! Another victory for political correctness! The military has to be sensitive to everyone’s needs, even if that means completely sending readiness down the Pentagon commode. DAILY MAIL:Former Facebook executive, who has banned his own children from the site, says social media is ripping society apart by manipulating users American astronauts are going back to the moon, Mars under Trump’s new directive Pictured curled up in failure: Brooklyn-based Bangladeshi cab driver, 27, in a suicide vest who caused rush hour panic in Manhattan when his ‘revenge’ pipe bomb exploded too early Discovery in Antarctica changes everything we know about aliens:Exoplanets that were once not even considered to be candidates to hold life might be reanalyzed to find habitable regions, said lead researcher Dr. Belinda Ferrari.

Judge Jeanine: There Needs to Be a ‘Cleansing’ at the FBI, DOJ ‘There have been times in our history where corruption and lawlessness were so pervasive, that examples had to be made. This is one of those times,’ she said DAILY MAIL:Is Kim printing counterfeit dollars to undermine US economy? Quality of fake ‘supernotes’ found in Seoul raise fears that North Korea is forging $100 bills Giant smoke-generated mushroom cloud above California mountains causes huge updraft and threatens to spread wildfires even further as devastated area is now larger than NYC and Boston COMBINED AI is now so complex its creators can’t trust why it makes decisions: The programmers that built it don’t know why AI makes one decision over another.SQ;HINT AN EVIL SPIRITUAL ENTITY OVERSEEING IT AND TAKING COMMAND ? FRONT PAGE Police on guard during anti-Islam talk at Eau Claire church Christians must defend Gospel, pastor and former Muslim tells more than 150 people

Bullion Banks Cover Massive Number Of Short Positions In The Silver Market! | King World News Man Who Advises Top Sovereign Wealth Funds In The World Discusses Gold, China, Stocks, And Warns Bitcoin Buyers | King World News

MUST READ!Bringing Bio-Warfare into the Heart of America:We are the guinea pigs of unethical experimentation, conducted without our consent, by each Agency who has its own biological warfare department. Ex-Spy Chief Admits Role In ‘Deep State’ Intelligence War On Trump Eratosthenes, is most widely known as a famous Greek mathematician.SQ 276-195 B.C.E. WAY BEFORE NASA AND HOLLYWOOD EXISTED, He found the circumference of the Earth to be nearly 250,000 stadia (25,000 miles).2200 YEARS AGO!!! 666 UPDATE: Samsung Bets ‘Palm Scanning’ Is Next Big Thing In Biometric Identification Rosetta Stone Of Synthetic Biology Or Pandora’s Box? Never Seen Before Cells With DNA Made In Lab Has Scientists Declaring ‘Holy Grail’ For Modifying God’s Creation

Truckers take anti-ELD (electronic logging device mandate) as message to media across the country :SQ-STAND WITH THE TRUCKERS AGAINST THIS ‘ORWELLIAN CONTROL OF THE DELIVERY OF GOODS’ .PARKED TRUCKS=EMPTY STORE SHELVES Four Words That Open the Doorway to Satanism Christmas – Was Jesus born on December 25th? America’s malls are rotting away:The worst is yet to come for American shopping malls. lots an lots of bankruptcies. More than 300 retailers have already filed for bankruptcy this year. The Collapse of Major Media:Big media, in all its forms, has lost the mind control war.There is another gross miscalculation. The commercials, between news segments, are overwhelmingly pharmaceutical. Those drugs aren’t intended for the youth demographic.

Brain implants to ‘change moods controlled by AI’ begin HUMAN TESTS:These implants will use electronic pulses to alter the chemicals in people’s brains in a process called’deep brain stimulation’. ‘IGNORANT INFIDELS’ IN U.S. MAY HAVE TO BE ‘FORCED’ TO ACCEPT ISLAM Dire warning given at Islamist conference in Virginia MADAGASCAR PLAGUE DEATHS TWENTY FIVE TIMES WHAT WHO SAYS THEY JESUS – WHEN THE LAMB OF GOD, RETURNS AS THE CONQUERING LION: It is our duty to press on, fight the good fight, and be the ambassadors to the end, in, on, and through to the new millennium where the lion and lamb lay aside in peace. Suspended dengue vaccine was given to 730,000 children, Philippines says Sanofi’s Dengvaxia immunisation could worsen disease in some patients not previously exposed to virus

AP: ‘Japan poised to flood Pacific with 1 Million tons of nuclear water contaminated by Fukushima” — Newsweek:’Experts want Japan to push a Million tons of radioactive water Into ocean’— Release could kill fishing industry (VIDEO) ‘They Are Domestic Terrorists’ Liberal Media Airs Segment Calling For The Entire Republican Party To Be Put In Jail-called for his political enemies to be arrested and put in prison for failing to adhere to a variety of left-wing viewpoints.MSNBC Australia vaccination; all doctors under the gun; minister of health keeps lying :all doctors under the gun: minister of health keeps lying–He could have his license to practice stripped. He could be prosecuted. He could be denied a way to earn a livin MORE NFL HELL: Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers Game is Nearly Empty;REMEMBER WHEN THE NFL FORBID IT’S PLAYERS TO MENTION OR GIVE THANKS TO THE NAME OF JESUS-THEIR FATE WAS SEALED -THEIR WAR ON GOD FAILED! New Revelation Sugar Industry Covered Up Serious Disease Link 50 Years Ago: The sugar industry secretly funded studies on sugar’s effects on mammals, only to then cut off from the results when sugar’s links to life-threatening disease emerged.

Mall Cop Tries To Kick Navy SEAL Out Of Store For Talking About God – Watch What Happens Next The C.I.A. Literally Controls EVERYTHING … Even Deep State :The Global Control Matrix (GCM) is actually the backbone of the New World Order, and functions as a de facto One World Government. Deep State is just one critical piece of the GCM puzzle. Russian jet buzzes US Navy spy plane over Black Sea:The Russian jet crossed 50 feet in front of the Navy P-8 in full afterburner causing ‘violent turbulence,’ the official said. The provocation lasted 24 minutes. Millions Oblivious To What Just Arrived—We’ll Soon Be Unrecognizable…’The Mobile Phone Industry has been tapped by the globalists to connect the world to a global brain.’ Rick Wiles Tell Air Force Secretary to end religious discrimination:Obama’s hostility toward Christians still exists in the military.MUST READ AND PLEASE CALL YOUR SENATORS,CONGRESSMEN AND PRESIDENT TRUMP–

BEWARE! A Hefty Warning For Christians about the Top Selling Devotional: ‘Jesus Calling’ by Sarah Young Ryan Bundy’s Opening Statement Is Something Every Red-Blooded American Should Hear France Submits to Terrorism, Muslim Anti-Semitism:In France, since 2012, more than 250 people were killed by Islamic terrorism — more than in all other European countries combined. France is a country where Jews are murdered because they are Jews. Pentagon’s super-secret research agency DARPA now wants to genetically engineer PLANTS to use as battlefield spying technology GERMANY:An asylum seeker from Somalia, says in an interview with Lithuanian journalists that he has come to Germany to live well on taxpayer-funded grants for the rest of his life, without having to work.

HEADS UP-Hawaii police order medical marijuana users to ‘voluntarily surrender’ guns and ammo;SQ BEING IN POSSESSION OF BOTH AT THE SAME IS A FEDERAL FELONY,AND MARIJUANA USERS CANT EVEN POSSESS A FIREARM! SHOCK VIDEO: Students undergo ‘disturbing sensory experiences’ to drive out prejudice;SQ-THIS IS MK ULTRA ON THE CAMPUS-THIS IS TOTAL MIND MELT(PERFECT TERM FOR SNOWFLAKES) AND RE-CONDITIONING-WHAT A HORSE MANURE EXCUSE- Rodney Howard Browne’s Church Posts Sign Warning Visitors They Are ‘Heavily Armed’ And Ready To Gun Down Active Shooters:SQ-THIS IS WHERE I WOULD FELLOWSHIP WITH PASTORS WHO WILL PROTECT THE FLOCK. I’M NOT ENDORSING EMERGING CHURCH- Age of ‘Christ’s tomb’ is revealed: Mortar used in the complex dates to Rome’s first Christian emperor suggesting it really IS where ‘Jesus was buried and resurrected’ SHOCK REPORT: POPULAR ANDROID APPS, INCLUDING UBER, TWITTER, AND SNAPCHAT, ARE SECRETLY TRACKING ‘EVERYTHING YOU DO’

The $140 Mail-Order CRISPR Kit: Is Unregulated Biohacking the Future of Science?;NOTE THE NAME OF THIS COMPANY ,IS ODIN WITH 3 TRIANGLES;SQ-HONEY PUT THE LITTLE MONSTERS BACK IN THE GARAGE- 213K views 3-D Printing DNA: Hacking Life’s Code and Creating New Organisms :To think that we can’t make organisms that aren’t more efficient than existing, I don’t think is correct,’ says Austen Heinz, founder of the biotech startup Cambrian Genomics What mental abilities do demons have? Use Your Words, Because Demons Can’t Read Your Mind.’Demons are like cockroaches, they tend to increase in number if not evicted by the power of God’ How Bursts of Ultrasound Can Be Used to Flip Switches in the Brain:SQ JUST THINK OF WHAT I-PHONES AND TV’S AND COMPUTER SCREEN’S ARE REALLY CAPABLE OF-OR ALL THOSE FUNNY-NON-CELL TOWERS, THAT POPPED UP AROUND THE COUNTRY! Alert: Nine DEAD In London-Area Canadian ‘Flesh-Eating’ Bacterial Outbreak!

The ECB Comes Clean On Rising Rates and the Coming Systemic Reset :In plain speak, the ECB is admitting here that if rates were to rise, the financial world would quickly realize that most countries couldn’t finance their debt payments Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State:West Point Graduate, Army Officer, and Clinical Psychologist Joachim Hagopian joins the program to shed light on the Global Pedophile and sex trafficking network Local Libraries Partner with Researchers to Snatch Your DNA: This library will not be filled with literary works contained in books and scrolls this library will be filled with the DNA of millions of people. You blood is unique and very precious. George Orwell Predicted Cameras Would Watch Us in Our Homes; He Never Imagined We’d Gladly Buy and Install Them Ourselves Texas College Paper Tells White Students ‘Your DNA is an Abomination…’SQ;THIS IS RACE WAR IN THE MAKING, PURE AND SIMPLE FIND THE PEOPLE WRITING THIS STUFF AND SEE WHOSE BEHIND THEM-

Germany: Reading out news about migrants is now seen as a crime by the left IDF tanks & jets attack Hamas positions following mortar shelling from Gaza Affirm App Gives Loans For Designer Jeans, Holiday Flights And More-‘When you use Affirm, we tell you upfront how much it is going to cost you as a percentage of interest and the full dollar amount’ SQ-THE END OF NORMAL BANK CREDIT CARDS ! Wikileaks Opens New Vault—Wait Until You See What The CIA Has Done—Someone’s Heading To Jail:Hive is a multi-user all-in-one system that can be used by multiple CIA operators to remotely control multiple malware implants used in different operations. LANGUAGE WARNING- NOT TO BE READ BY ‘MEOW MEN’:Open Letter: Green Berets Go Soft, Lower Standards to Be More Inclusive- SQ;THIS IS ALL BY DESIGN ,IN ORDER TO DESTROY AMERICAS ELITE FIGHTING FORCES FROM WITHIN!

Syrian army intercepts Israeli missiles near Damascus: state media-The latest Israeli strikes come a day after Syrian government pulled out of UN-led talks in Geneva to end the civil war Liberals Freak Out As House Approves Nationwide Concealed Carry Reciprocity Homeless street services stall as encampments continue to grow Zuni: The ancient Japanese speakers in New Mexico show that history books are wrong,both the Zuni and the Japanese share frequency of Type B blood, a rare kidney disease and specific oral traditions about their origins VACCINE MAKER WARNS DENGUE VACCINE CAN CAUSE SEVERE DENGUE Over half a million vaccinated schoolchildren at risk

Congress stares down shutdown amid December deluge Taxes, government funding and immigration are just some of the thorny issues on the jam-packed agenda. ISLAMIC GENDER APARTHEID: ‘REAL FEMINISM MEANS RESISTING ISLAM’ Dr. Phyllis Chesler’s book is a reminder of what fighting for women actually means. Actress with DNA evidence of her rape at Golden Globes mysteriously fell off a cliff and died MUST READ!-Alarm of Earth’s Slowing Rotation Reported by Carnicom Institute in 2003,Now being confirmed by mainstream media such as Forbes Article-‘Earths Rotation is Mysteriously Slowing Down’Uptick In 2018 Earthquakes. 151 UN STATES VOTE TO DISAVOW ISRAELI TIES TO JERUSALEM:This year alone, he said, the UN’s bodies have approved 18 resolutions that were biased against Israel

Missing $21 Trillion Means Federal Government Is Lawless – Dr. Mark Skidmore :The government cut off inspection of their own financial accounting to the public. Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News,( Dane Wigington Geoengineering Watch )-CRIMINAL EVIL VIDEO-ALUMINUM FROM CHEMTRAILS NOW BEING FOUND IN AUTISTIC CHILDRENS BRAINS REPORT: CHARLOTTESVILLE PD ORDERED STAND DOWN AT ‘UNITE THE RIGHT’ RALLY ‘Let them fight, it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly,’ said police chief Pope Francis: World Government Must Rule U.S. ‘For Their Own Good’-‘VATICAN MUST BE SERVING LSD’, IN THEIR GOBLETS-BABYLON AND THE NEW WORLD RISING IN SYNC! Britain’s Hate Speech Police:UK police have been politicised by Common Purpose cultural Marxism, and are no longer neutral.LOOK AT ALL THE URL”S BELOW

500 years before the Egyptians, an ancient civilization in Peru built incredible Pyramids SQ-I DEAL WITH THE GLOBAL PYRAMID STRUCTURES THAT PRE DATE RECORDED HISTORY, IN MY’CLOUD EATER’S BOOK’ THAT WAS CO- AUTHORED WITH TOM HORN! Reports: Israel Bombs Iranian Base in Syria :Israel’s air force reportedly bombed a military target thought to be an Iranian military base outside Damascus, Syria December 2. DAILY MAIL:Mexican man convicted of kidnapping and sexually abusing two Oregon women GRINS in court and tells their families he’ll ‘see you in Hell’ – as it emerges he’d already been deported TWENTY times before Russia & China could set international gold price based on physical gold trading SQ-GIANT TELEGRAPHIC MOVE, STATING WHY HIGHER GOLD PRICES ARE COMING-TOGETHER, THEY WILL BREAK THE WESTS CONTROL OF GOLD’S VALUE San Francisco… Out Of My Heart Forever :In essence, the City of San Francisco (and the complicit State of California) have created an unsafe environment for American citizens so they can provide special privileges for illegal aliens

VERY INTERESTING:Full Moon Sunday Kicks Off ‘Supermoon Trilogy,’ Including a Lunar Eclipse. The Dec. 3 full moon is the first of three consecutive supermoons, including a lunar eclipse. The other supermoons will happen on Jan. 1 and Jan. 31, 2018 How Cultural Marxism was used to create an American ‘Sodom and Gomorra’-Deep State’s Obamanation Desperately Resists Trump’s Wrecking Ball Europe’s Migrant Crisis: Millions Still to Come ‘African exodus of biblical proportions impossible to stop’ DAILY MAIL:Terrorists and rogue states are ‘absolutely certain’ to get their hands on Terminator-style killer robots in the ‘very near future’, experts warn 80th Doctor Dead: Holistic, Prominent and Outspoken:The circumstances of his death, however, remained shrouded in mystery.SQ-ASK YOURSELF WHO HAS THE MOST TO GAIN, IN THE MURDER OF ALL THESE DOCTORS AND HEALTH SPECIALISTS

Have Failed Vaccination Programs Caused the U.S. to Lead All Industrialized Nations in Infant Mortality Rates? The U.S. is #1 in numbers of Vaccines Injected into Babies Prior to age 1! FUREY: Trudeau labels legit terrorism questions as ‘Islamophobia’:There’s an old joke in political circles that says a racist is what you call someone who is winning an argument against a leftist. Without Naming Him Specifically, Famous Catholic Writer Michael D. O’Brien Sees Heresy Under Petrous Romans (The Pope) Paving Way For Antichrist WOW-$2,830 Appendectomy in Mexico I read on-line that the average cost for an appendectomy in the U.S. is $33,000. DAILY MAIL:Wars of the future will use algorithms like ammunition, according to experts who warn Chinese and Russian AI could ‘rule the world’

THE DISINFORMATION WAR: The Attempt To Disregard Silver Investor Demand In The Market England measles outbreaks linked to ongoing large outbreaks in Europe: PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND-SteveQuayle-THE ‘UNSEEN HITCHHIKERS’ ON THE BACK OF NON MEDICALLY VETTED IMMIGRANTS-MY TERM-‘INFECTONS’ Islam, Immigration, and the Death of Sweden Feds Steal $1.74 Billion in Bitcoin, Kidnap Man for Life for Building Website that Used It As Bitcoin’s popularity soars, one of its early adopters is currently serving a life sentence for creating a website that popularized the cryptocurrency Is It ‘Open Season’ On Americans? Kate Steinle Verdict Is An Indictment Of A Failed Leftist Culture And Proof Of The Manifesting Decay Within A Culture Dominated By Leftist Ideology:

Revelation 7:3 Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. Revelation 19 KJV Revelation 19:8 Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear.” (Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of God’s holy people.) Coach agrees to extradition in missing teen case Google supercomputer create’AI child’ that is capable of outperforming humans.Experts have said the findings show automation is the key to creating the most accurate AI systems – meaning Artificial Intelligence would actually create more AI.

Ten of the Top Scientific Facts in the Bible – YouTube Giants, fallen angels and the return of the Nephilim – The Malta Independent Nathan’s Broken Back Update 2 – Counting My Blessings | Watchmans Cry A Course in Miracles – Christian Research Institute Is It Really Healthier to Grind Your Own Grain? – Our Heritage of Health

Revelation 9 KJV Bible Search: double portion Isaiah 61:7 Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours. Isaiah 61 KJV 3 Ways to Bible Journal Digitally – Heart of Wisdom Homeschool Blog

Revelation 12 KJV Revelation 7:3 “Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God.” Bible Search: seal of God foreheads Revelation 7 KJV Revelation 9:4 They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads.

2 Kings 2:9 When they had crossed, Elijah said to Elisha, “Tell me, what can I do for you before I am taken from you?” “Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit,” Elisha replied. 2 Kings 2 KJV Matthew 19:29 And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life. Matthew 19 KJV Revelation 14:13 Then I heard a voice from heaven say, “Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.”

Justin Trudeau just welcomed 60 ISIS terrorists returning to Canada from Syria and Iraq. These jihadists are responsible for rape, murder, and genocide, and Trudeau is allowing them to live free in Canada WONDERFUL STORY-1 cuddled close, 1 was on guard and 1 looked for food: how 3 dogs helped Annette Poitras survive- ‘One of them was cuddling [her] and one of them was on guard and the other one was looking for food,’he said. Dear America – You Are Delusional, and Failing at Everything You Undertake Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Russia sanctions, ‘All of these harebrained schemes, hatched in Washington,have backfired grandly. SQ-THIS HAS BEEN THE ONGOING PLAN-IMPLOSION The Giants of Ancient Albion & the Legendary Founding of Prehistoric Britain: SQ-THE CITY OF LONDON, THE FINANCIAL CORTEX OF THE WORLD ,VENERATES THE GIANTS GOG AND MAGOG YEARLY WITH A PARADE The Dark Secrets Behind the Pope’s Audience Hall (It’s a Giant Reptile) – Waking Times Media

INSIDE THE RACE TO HACK THE HUMAN BRAIN :The financial system is shaky, the population is aging, robots want our jobs, artificial intelligence is catching up, and climate change is coming fast.’It just feels out of control,’ he says. Is Iran Trying to Bring Islamic End-of-Days in Syria? 18 ‘Naughty’ Stores Top List in AFA’s Review of ‘Forces That Hate Christmas,’ Want Christianity Gone BRICS Countries Considering Creation of ‘Single Gold Trading System:’According to the first deputy chairman of Russia’s Central Bank, the traditional trade system based in London has become less relevant. Google collects Android users’ locations even when location services are disabled What Happens When Culture Doesn’t Respect Life? Drive-Thru Suicide Machines

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