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THIS IS TERRIFYING: Will All Of Your Money Be Wiped Out In The Blink Of An Eye? | King World News Greyerz – The Eve Of The Biggest Financial Crisis In History | King World News James Turk Just Accused The Government Of Orchestrating Friday’s Flash Crash In Silver | King World News This Is Not Going To End Well | King World News SURPRISE: This Is The Metal That Dr. Marc Faber Predicts Has The Most Upside | King World News-platinum slippers anyone?

A Little Something To Break the Ice | King World News-very interesting If You Are Worried About The Recent Action In Gold & Silver, Just Read This… | King World News=” Gold…is one of the three items that the wise men presented to the infant Jesus.” Paul Craig Roberts – David Stockman Did Not Listen And Propaganda Has Prevailed | King World News-“offshoring…reducing both personal income and personal income tax revenues…Keynesian demand…relied on easy monitary policy to stimulate consumer demand and relied on high tax rates to reduce purchasing power and restrain inflation”=stagflation Fascinating Email From A KWN Reader About What Is Happening In The Gold Market | King World News Gold & Mining Shares May Be Set For Major Surge | King World News

FLASHBACK:Giants With Six Fingers and Six Toes: SQ EVEN NOW ROBOTIC ENGINEERS WANT TO GIVE PROSTHETIC ACTULA SIXTH DIGIT TO MANKIND-MAJOR PRE- PROGRAMMING IS UNDERWAY A List of 20 Ex-Agents Who Have Exposed the US Military Intelligence Complex – Part 1 Elon Musk’s Worst Nightmare: Russian AK-47 Maker Builds Fully-Automated ‘Killer Robot’ Fury at Fukushima: Over 1 Billion pounds of nuclear waste ‘will be dumped into sea’ — Top Official: ‘The decision has already been made-The solution is to pour the radioactive liquid into the ocean’ — Toxic radioactive water to cause devastation China unveils gene technology to create SUPERHUMANS with hyper-muscular test-tube dogs ARMIES of SUPER-SOLDIERS were a step closer to reality today after China announced it was genetically engineering hyper-muscular SUPER-DOGS.

Rob Arnott | King World News Legend Who Helps Oversee $188 Billion Warns Central Banks Will Prevent Deflation | King World News ALERT: All-Time Record Silver Short Covering Spree Continues! Commercials Covering Gold Shorts Also! | King World News Beware July 20th & 21st | King World News

Amazon is getting too big and the government is talking about it South Atlantic Anomaly – Could Black Holes On Earth Be Portals To Parallel Universes? 95% Of Europeans Reject EU Efforts To ‘De-Cash’ Their Lives Bitcoin collapse now under way… has already plunged nearly 40% from its high Artificial Intelligence Is the ‘Greatest Risk We Face as a Civilization’ – Elon Musk

Look At What Is Happening With Gold, Stocks, US Dollar & Canadian Stocks | King World News What The Heck Is Happening Here? | King World News Boockvar – What Is Happening In The Gold Market Is Remarkable | King World News

Border Patrol union chief praises ‘miraculous’ drop in illegal immigration under Trump Facial Recognition Coming to Police Body Cameras After doing the math, California abandons economic suicide plan to provide universal health care to everyone, including non-citizens I am highly alarmed that Americans are not at all alarmed by the current onslaught of Technocracy. The midnight hour approaches where it will be completely unstoppable and then it will be upon us.SQ :95% HAVE BEEN ASSIMILATED INTO THE BORG The Subterfuge of Socialism:80% of Repubicans are liberals, socialists and communists, they just don’t understand the definition. Our nation has turned into a cesspool of communism, this is a Soviet-style system already.

Los Alamos Study Finds Airport Scanners Can Rip Apart & Alter DNA ANT Financial Set to Celebrate ‘Cashless Society Week’ DAILY MAIL: Italy may give EU visas to 200,000 migrants and send north NAVIGATING THROUGH THE STORMS What Could Possibly Go Wrong When Google Releases Millions of ‘Lab-Made’ Mosquitos in Fresno?

Child Trafficking is Real – We Need Your Help:For numerous reasons, the Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) aspect that exists in adult and children sex trafficking cases is often downplayed or not addressed by law enforcement. Poll: Majority of Voters Say Democratic Party Stands for Nothing – Except Opposing Trump AUSTRIA: In broad daylight, a Viennese woman was assaulted by a Somali Muslim savage for walking her dogs China’s advanced destroyer to take part in joint drills with Russia in Baltic Sea Petrus Romanus: A New World Government Must Rule The United States ‘For Their Own Good’

Turkey: Erdogan’s Obsession to Take Jerusalem:Simply put, Jerusalem’s Judaic history dates back to thousands of years before the birth of Islam, only in the seventh century CE. THE REALITY IS THAT GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CREATE WEALTH OR ECONOMIC ABUNDANCE THEY CAN CREATE POVERTY, HOWEVER.For the globalists, social engineering is a form of witchcraft; they see it as creation or a grand form of architecture. EXCLUSIVE: Christian Women Up Against ISIS:SQ-THIS IS COMING TO AMERICA, AS EVERY WOMAN YOUNG OR OLD, WHO KNOWS WHATS GOING ON, MUST BE TAUGHT HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELVES-TRUST GOD ,PREPARE AND REMEMBER THESE WOMEN IN PRAYER Apocalyptical hailstorm kills sheep and damages cars in Spain (video) Minneapolis: Muslim cop who shot woman in cold blood had three complaints against him

Florida sinkhole that swallowed two homes stops growing Hundreds Of Teens Confront Philly Police Following Barbecue … Drowning baby deer rescued by hero dog Shooting leaves Minneapolis mayor without answers Slaughtered Christians ‘A Viable Target’? Muslim Persecution of Christians, March 2017

From small crimes, cousins allegedly move to killing 4 men Associated Press Minnesota woman is last who can tell of Nazi camp horrors Tribune News Service 30 Worst Foods For Your Heart 23 Ways Grocery Stores Are Scamming You Dominionist Deception and the Rise of the Beast, Part 1 – News from the Wall with Nathan & Donna Leal | Watchmans Cry

The 25 Most Photogenic (and Breathtaking) Spots in America Mystery Restaurant Accidentally Leaks Hilarious Notes About Its Guests The 50 Most Beautiful Places on the Planet Federer rolls in Wimbledon final for 19th major victory Associated Press Teen charged in London acid attacks Associated Press

Visa looking to help small businesses go cashless:–‘We are declaring war on cash,’ said Andy Gerlt, a spokesman for Visa. BBC – Future – What not to do in a disaster–Survival is less about heroic actions than avoiding mindless mistakes. Gif and image written into the DNA of bacteria:Using a genome editing tool known as Crispr, US scientists inserted a gif – five frames of a horse galloping – into the DNA of bacteria. Tomorrow Soldier: How The Military Is Altering the Limits of Human Performance Rogue Robots: AI Says Goal Is To ‘Take Over The World,’ While Another Robot Says They Could ‘Rule The World Better Than Any Humans Alone’SQ-WAIT UNTIL THE DEMON POSSESSED ROBOTS START TELLING HISTORIC FACTS THAT GO BEYOND THEIR PROGRAMMING!

United Nations: ‘Educated People Threaten Sustainability’-WHAT AN INCREDIBLY CONTEMPTUOUS ‘DUMB ASS, FROM THE BOWELS OF HEL’L STATEMENT! SO MAYBE ALL OF THE U.N, SHOULD COMMIT SUICIDE TO FURTHER SUSTAINABILITY? The Denigration Of Motherhood :As the old saying goes, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. That is the true power of womanhood. That is so much more important than simply being equal with a man. Should Pentagon Let Robots Kill Humans? Maybe:SQ -OXYMORON-THAT IS WHAT ALL THE ‘BATTLE-BOTS’ ARE BEING ENGINEERED TO DO,EVEN TO THE POINT OF USING ‘THE ENEMIES BODIES AS A FUEL SOURCE’- Phoenix PD Bans Officers from Asking About Immigration Status, Calling Feds in Violation of State Law REPORT: Obama Officials May Have ‘Hacked’ Supreme Court Justice John Roberts: SQ-MAY IS THROWAWAY COVER THEIR BEHIND WORD-‘THE ENTITY’ SPIED ON EVERYONE

Climate change scientists launch geoengineering experiment that may accidentally cause global famine Why are we giving away our most sensitive health data to Google? SQ-ANSWER SO THEY CAN GENETICALLY TARGET AND DESTROY WHOM SO EVER THEY DESIRE-THE END IS GENOCIDE-REMEMBER THE ELITE CONSIDER EVERYONE ZOMBIES, BUT THEM! California Nurse Gives Gardasil Vaccine to Own Daughter who Develops Leukemia and Dies:SHOT IN THE ARM, OR SHOT IN THE HEAD, EITHER WAY THEY WANT YOU DEAD-WELL, ANOTHER ‘BRAIN POISONED’ MEDICAL PRACTITIONER REAPS THE REWARDS! RESEARCHERS FOUND THAT HUMANS WANT EQUALITY—AS LONG AS THE RICH STAY RICH AND THE POOR STAY POOR Exclusive – Sen. Rand Paul: Senate GOP Decides to Keep Obamacare;Shame. Shame on many in the GOP for promising repeal and instead affirming, keeping, and, in some cases, expanding Obamacare. What a shame.THE GOP AND ‘DEMO-RATS’ ARE IN BED WITH EACH OTHER!

Kenya Beheadings: Radical Islamists Targeted Christiansz:The militants shot, hacked to death, and beheaded the Christians. Vatican-reviewed magazine accuses Catholics of ‘hate’ for supporting Trump:SQ-PRO LIFE IS HATE AND PRO DEATH IS LIFE? ‘THIS ENTITY IN ROME’ HAS THE SAME POSITION AS SATAN -THE HATRED OF MANKIND AND THE DESTRUCTION OF INNOCENCE-GOD IS STRIPPING OF THE EVIL TANZANIA-‘Mountain of God’ Volcano Preparing to Erupt–The East African peak looms over a modern city as well as three major sites featuring signs of early humans. Medical BOMBSHELL: Chemotherapy found to spread cancer :It concludes that “chemotherapy, despite decreasing tumor size, increases the risk of metastatic dissemination.” Germany: Infectious Diseases Spreading as Migrants Settle In: SQ-THE SECRET INVASION -I CALL THESE INDIVIDUALS ‘INFECTONS’-THINK OF THE WALKING BIO-WEAPONS THESE PEOPLE HAVE BECOME-

Breaking: Largest medical fraud takedown in American history as more than 400 doctors, nurses and pharmacists are arrested for heathcare and opioid scams worth $1.3B in false billing GMO’S JUST GOT A LOT MORE FRIGHTENING WITH APPROVAL OF NEW MONSANTO PRODUCT :The EPA just told Monsanto they could go ahead and bypass spraying our crops with carcinogenic chemicals like Round Up and breed them right into the crops Scientists bring back extinct horsepox virus in lab, raising important biosecurity questions:In a laboratory in Alberta, Canada, a team of scientists recently pieced together overlapping segments of mail order DNA to form a synthetic version of an extinct Why the Post Office Gives Amazon Special Delivery A Citigroup analysis finds each box gets a $1.46 subsidy. It’s like a gift card from Uncle Sam. SQ: SEE MY ALERT FROM READER ON THIS TRUE COST TO YOU AS A CITIZEN House Rejects Attempt to Ban Transgender Surgery for Troops Since Oct. 1, transgender troops have been able to receive medical care and start formally changing their gender identifications in the Pentagon’s personnel system

Study Shows Chemicals That Alter Male Hormones Prevalent in Boxed Mac & Cheese :A new study has found that phthalates, a group of chemicals already banned from use in children’s toys because they are known to alter male hormones like testosterone Who Really Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex? LONG, BUT IMPORTANT READ! ROBOTS ARE INVENTING THEIR OWN LANGUAGES The programming and design of artificial intelligence CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 On 9/11’ True Legends Conference LIVE STREAMING-ANNOUNCEMENT-BRANSON MISSOURI–SEPT 15-17TH

Archaeologists Having Hard Time Figuring Out When And Where Fallen Angels And Their Giant CLOUDEATERS Offspring First Constructed Megalithic Cities:SQ ILL BE DEALING WITH THIS ISSUE IN BRANSON MISSOURI AND IT’S COVERED IN ‘CLOUDEATERS BOOK’! DAILY MAIL:How to persuade a superintelligent AI NOT to kill you: Researchers reveal how they would deal with a machine uprising:Warns we need to prepare for nightmare scenario of AI uprising DAILY MAIL:How the U.S. Postal Service has helped turn Amazon into a giant by undercharging them by $1.46 a package on postage SQ-EVERYONE FORGETS, HOW MUCH MONEY, THE US POSTAL SYSTEM LOSES REACH YEAR –HERE’S WHY!!! Fukushima’s radioactive water to be released into ocean under new plan: Some 770,000 tons (metric) of tritium-containing water is currently stored in 580 tanks at the plant, reported the Japan Times-‘TOTAL GENOCIDAL INSANITY’! DOBBS: DEEP STATE TRYING TO DESTROY PRESIDENT TRUMP, BREAK WILL OF AMERICAN PEOPLE Clinton, Comey and Co. must be brought to justice

Biggest Fed Flip Flop in History-Gregory Mannarino :The Federal Reserve has created a freaking monster. These distortions are now going to get much worse because Janet Yellen has given these markets the green light to go record up, record up Pope Francis Aides Attack Steve Bannon as Promoter of ‘Apocalyptic Geopolitics’ SQ-I WOULD EXPECT NOTHING DIFFERENT, FROM THE FALSE PROPHET AND HIS TWO, IN NEED OF EXORCISM, HENCHMEN! Megalithic Origins: Göbekli Tepe and Ancient Peru – The Same Architects?-the fallen angles House rejects proposal identifying ‘Islamic religious doctrines’ that could be used by terrorist groups Why you shouldn’t try to escape America to avoid the coming collapse (and subsequent chaos)You can’t escape the global chaos that’s coming, and it’s far more important to live in a place where you fit in and aren’t considered the ‘foreigner.’

Are There Patents To Manipulate The Human Nervous System Using Electromagnetic Frequencies? Parents are turning children into human ‘computers’ trained to spit out facts rather than actually understanding anything Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;’ Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’:Claiming that this is civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.’ WOW! HUNGARY and ISRAEL Just Labeled Hungarian Born-Jew George Soros An ENEMY OF THE STATE…Will The U.S. Follow? ISLAM AT WAR WITH US, ‘MUSLIM MAFIA’ SPY SAYS ‘This enemy has always been defeated on the battlefield the nation is at war with Islam, but Americans refuse to recognize that fact.

Turkey Chooses Russia Over NATO for Missile Defense – Bloomberg Microsoft’s Surface Laptop has one small flaw This’ll Keep You UpLisa Haven interviews Dave Hodges on the global phenomenon of pedophilia and sex trafficking protected by CIA, ‘Deep State’mand government elites! The Trigger Event and a Horrible Truth—Dave Hodges Bombshell GOP Spending Panel Invites Illegal Aliens to Get Govt Jobs :SQ-GOP TRAITORS, HAVE TURNED THE WORD ‘GOP’ INTO ‘GRAND OLD PIMPS’-IF THEY WERE ANY MORE COMPROMISED,THE HOUSE, SHOULD BE CALLED THE ‘BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN DC’ Uncovered: Germany on its Way to Fulfill Role as Israel’s Biblical Arch-Enemy Amalek: SQ-LOOK INTO ANGELA MERKEL’S PAST AS MEMBER,OR HEAD OF EAST GERMAN STASI-GERMANY WILL TURN AGAINST AMERICA AND EVEN PARTICIPATE IN NUKE WAR AGAINST US!

Policeman pulls over black woman and quickly discovers she is the state attorney Fisherman Killed By Whale Moments After Rescuing It From Nets Turin Shroud Hologram Reveals The Words The Lamb – YouTube Turin Shroud Reveals The Words “THE LAMB” 7 mins. in The Tower … Only In San Francisco: Couples Making $138k A Year Now Qualify …

The federal ‘structuring’ laws are smurfin’ ridiculous – Washington Post US military reveals $65m funding for ‘Matrix’ projects to … – Daily Mail Army Training Urges Soldiers: Befriend Trannies » Alex Jones … Police stop suicide attempt of man doused in gas as fire ignites at … Clues emerge in disappearance of 4 men Investigators have uncovered what they say is evidence at a property in southeastern Pennsylvania that could help lead them to the missing men. ‘Person of interest’ arrested for second time »

Curiousor and Curiousor – Natalia Veselnitskaya (DONALD TRUMP JR.’S NEMESIS) Pictured With Obama Officals in DC on June 14th, 2016… Mount Vesuvius on fire: People evacuated as smoke engulfs volcano, seen from Pompei-On the day Pompeii was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius, people were going to worship the roman God Jupiter on that very day-Tom-SQ-NOTE TIMING WITH MACRON’S ARROGANCE Ray Kurzweil: There’s a Blueprint for the Master Algorithm in Our Brains:Perhaps soon enough, we’ll figure out that master algorithm and understand our brains better. Then we’ll either be able to make better AI — or AI that’s better than us. After Sending Armed Agents To Seize Bank Accounts, IRS … – Forbes New law means taxpayers must back banks’ ‘incredibly risky …

Science SHOCK: Chlorine in swimming pools transforms sunscreen into cancer-causing toxic chemical right on your skin Golden Years… Or Tears: More US Seniors Are Still Working Than At Any Time Since The ’60s China’s Intelligence Networks in United States Include 25,000 Spies Dissident reveals up to 18,000 Americans recruited as Chinese agents DARPA Commits $65M To Brain Implant Program For Super Soldier Project SQ;ITS NOT TO WAHT THEY ADMIT TO BUT WHAT THEY HAVE ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED THAT’S DEADLY-WARNED ABOUT THIS 20 YEARS AGO ON TALK RADIO – YOU’RE FIRED! TRUMP’S VA TERMINATES 500, SUSPENDS 200 FOR MISCONDUCT Those disciplined include 22 senior leaders, more than 70 nurses, 14 police officers, and 25 physicians…

DAILY MAIL: A trillion-tonne iceberg four times the size of London has snapped off the West Antarctic ice shel–fSatellite data shows 2,239 sq miles (5,800 sq km) iceberg has broken away Over 120,000 Palestinian Children Attend Summer Camps Run By Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Other Terror Groups;SQ-COMPARE AND CONTRAST TO THE SNOWFLAKE AND PROZAC DIPPED BINKIE GENERATION .THEY TRAIN FOR WAR WE TRAIN FOR EMOTIONALLY SAFE TOYS AND GROUP HUGS! Venezuela’s Currency Is So Devalued that Cops Are Demanding Bribes in Colombian Pesos President Trump Closer to 12-Carrier Navy Goal with USS Gerald R. Ford’s Commissioning France: Muslim migrants dig, camouflage holes with sharp metal objects to TRAP POLICE at night; SOMETHING HUGE BEYOND MT.VESUVIUS GOING OFF WILL BEFALL FRANCE-MACRON SHOULD REPENT BEFORE HE MEETS KING HERODS FATE!

AT&T down along entire east coast Dead Malls of America: The Retail Apocalypse Deepens:Be sure to log onto your Amazon account today and buy a cheap TV, slow cooker or Kindle Fire. You’ll be doing your part to help shutter another useless store at your local mall, Have you thought about what you’d do if a catastrophic breakdown in essential institutions, and mass civil unrest. In short, the world would get medieval on America’s ass. And the same thing would happen all over the globe. China sends troops to first overseas naval base in Djibouti Military began construction of the ‘logistics facility’ in the Horn of Africa last year; SQ-VERY FEW EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS MEANS OR ITS RAMIFICATIONS! Chinese scientists just teleported an object into Earth’s orbit for the first time: SQ-IT HAS BEEN REPORTED, THAT GENE RODDENBERRY, CREATOR OF STAR TREK TV AND MOVIES HAD A VERY CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CIA WHO CONTROL HOLLYWOOD

Western Europe is Ripe for Revolution :The millions of Islamic migrants who have invaded Europe since 2015 are not coming to Europe to uphold democracy. They are coming to destroy democracy and usher in a new caliphate from Palermo to Manchester. California wildfires prompt thousands to evacuate, state of emergency:At least 14 wildfires were burning across California on Sunday, including one just outside of Sacramento where the governor has declared a state of emergency. Donald Trump Jr. releases purported email chain The president’s son released what he says are screengrabs of emails allegedly arranging a meeting between him and a Russian attorney. ‘If it’s what you say I love it’ » Wife says ‘never go to bed angry’ after waking from row to find husband dead on sofa Space breakthrough: Scientists teleport photon from Earth to orbit

Bible Search: strengthen remain Revelation 3:2 Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have found your deeds unfinished in the sight of my God. Micah 4:7 I will make the lame my remnant, those driven away a strong nation. The LORD will rule over them in Mount Zion from that day and forever. Micah 4 KJV Bible Search: testimony Jesus Christ Bible Search: by the testimony of their word Luke 21:13 And so you will bear testimony to me.

AUSTRALIA is headed for an ‘economic Armageddon’, with record household debt, record foreign debt and a massive housing bubble creating a perfect storm that could ‘wipe out’ millions of families if there is a global shock. Transhumanists Want Six Fingers Like Nephilim :’The Third Thumb is inspired by this word origin, exploring human augmentation and aiming to reframe prosthetics as extensions of the body’. Joanna Kavenna Compares Transhumanist Ambitions To First Great CLOUDEATER GILGAMESH Were They, Like The Anasazi, Wiped Out By CLOUDEATERS? Discovery Uncovers How The Amazon Rainforest Was Once Home To Massive Lost Civilization, Pyramids, And Human Sacrifices Amid Heat Wave, Fire Causes Power Failure for Part of Los Angeles:SQ-KEEP IN MIND THE 2 PART ALERT,ON MY SITES ALERT PAGE,ABOUT WHAT DHS AND FEMA ARE PREPARING FOR IN CALIFORNIA-THIS IS BUT A HARBINGER

How heavily armed is your state? WYOMING RANKS NUMBER 1! Paying With Your Face++Credit cards, online wallets and cryptocurrencies are just some of the numerous ways of payment in the modern world. Yet, there has been a recent addition to this list. Meet a completely new technology: paying with your face Jesus Painting Left on Islamic Center Investigated as Hate Crime :The painting was found Friday on a fence of the Hillside Islamic Center in North New Hyde Park, Nassau County police said. A Supercomputer Is Betting on a Market Crash in the Months Ahead CHRISTIAN SLAPPED WITH $12,000 ‘SHARIAH FINE’ FOR NOT REMOVING SHOES ‘It has just shattered me. I am broken’ SQ CANADIAN CHRISTIANS NEED TO FLOOD THE PRIME MINISTER’S OFFICE AND DEMAND ACTION AGAINST SHARIAH -ALSO THEY NEED TO ASK HIM IF HE IS MUSLIM

Campaign committee files to draft Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for president:SQ-REMEMBER THE VERY BIZARRE SKIT, ON SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, WHERE HE HAILED SATAN? Paris hit by heaviest July deluge since 1880, France: The storm followed exceptionally high temperatures across much of the country. BRUTAL MUSLIM RELIGIOUS POLICE NOW PATROL EUROPE Women ‘who have chosen the wrong path’ punished Catholics To Rally In Prayer Against First Satanic Monument On Public Land In U.S. History Pope’s financial adviser leaves Vatican to face multiple sex charges Cardinal George Pell is returning to Australia to appear in court accused of a string of sexual assaults;PUT AN END TO THIS MADNESS, AND ALLOW THE PRIESTS TO MARRY!

‘Show Me Your Paper’s -Becomes ‘Open Your Eyes’ as Border Sheriffs Expand Iris Surveillance-SQ IMAGINE BEING ABLE TO QUERY ANY IMAGE YOUR EYES BEHELD ,IN AN INSTANT FROM BRAIN RETRIEVAL,THE EYES LITERALLY BECOME ‘SOUL WINDOWS’ DARPA REVEALS $65 MILLION ‘MATRIX’ PROGRAM TO PLUG SOLDIERS BRAINS DIRECTLY INTO A COMPUTER Hawaii: Muslim US soldier swore allegiance to Islamic State, tried to pass documents to it Whistleblower: ‘The NSA Is Still Collecting the Full Content Of U.S. Domestic E-Mail, Without a Warrant … The NSA Cannot Identify Future Terrorism Because 99.9999% of What It Collects and Analyzes Is Foreseeably Irrelevant’ US successfully tests THAAD missile system amid North Korean tensions

Tech Billionaires Prepare For Cyber Warfare: ‘Nothing Is Safe From Prying Eyes And Theft… And It’s About To Get Worse’ Woman munches on random diner’s arm at steakhouse SQ-DEMON POSSESSION AND MANIFESTATIONS ARE ACCELERATING AND BECOMING MORE BIZARRE DAILY-SEE DRUDGE REPORT ON EXORCISMS IN DEMAND! At least 16 people are killed after Marine Corps KC-130 aircraft loaded with ammunition explodes at 20,000 feet and crashes in Mississippi soybean field Death Of The Middle Class: The Suburbs Have Absorbed Half Of America’s Poverty Growth Breaking: North Korean Nukes Can Reach Colorado:Until now, our government has been hiding the true range of North Korea’s most long-range missiles. Now we know that they can reach as Colorado. How does this change our foreign policy? Here is the complete

News from the Wall Audio Message – The Coming War with North Korea | Watchmans Cry 1 dead, 8 injured at ‘gender reveal’ party shooting Dan Bremnes – Where the Light Is Lyrics | Genius Lyrics Dan Bremnes – In His Hands Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


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