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A Legend Connected In China At The Highest Levels Just Predicted A Massive Short Squeeze In The Gold Market | King World News Fear & Greed Index And Some Other Major Highlights | King World News Dow Tumbles 139 As Legendary Short Seller Warns We Will See Crazy Action When Money Starts Pouring Into The Gold & Silver Complex | King World News Here Is The Really Big Shocker With The World Now On The Edge Of Destruction | King World News Preparing For Financial Armageddon | King World News-“Between 1999 and 2011, gold had gone from $250 to $1,930, which is an increase of almost 700%…Since fiat money began, whether it was metal coins or paper money, governments have consistently destroyed its value…this massive asset price inflation is a function of credit growth and money printing.”

TERRIBLE: Congress Considers Taxing 401(K) Contributions :CALL ROSS POWELL AT-1-844-650 5733 -TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR 401K TAX AND PENALTY FREE-THIS ONLY WORKS For $50,000 AND ABOVE-YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME! Sanctuary City Crackdown Begins – First 9 Jurisdictions Targeted With Compliance Letter As DOJ Fires A Shot Across The Bow MUSLIM AVOIDS JAIL FOR ANALLY RAPING TEEN BECAUSE HE’COULDN’T UNDERSTAND NO’ Court also claimed forced anal sex wasn’t rape MEDIA AGAIN SCOLDS TRUMP FOR REFERRING TO PARIS TERRORIST ATTACK AS ‘TERRORIST ATTACK’Reporter complains ‘he knows something more than what anybody else does.’ VIDEO: iPhones Are iSpies – Wikileaks ‘Vault 7’ Revelations Continue To Terrify Most of us carry smartphones and watch web-enabled TVs without much thought. But the revelations found in Wikileaks’ “Vault 7” release warn that we should consider the sinist

DANGER: Commercial Silver Shorts Just Hit Another New All-Time Record! Plus A Gold Update | King World News Doug Kass Just Issued This Dire Warning | King World News ALERT: You Heard It Here First – “QT” Will Be The New Buzzphrase That Moves World Markets | King World News What Just Took Place In Stocks Has Rarely Happened In The Past 117 Years | King World News Man Who Advises Top Sovereign Wealth Funds In The World Warns U-Turn By Fed To Create Massive Market Shock | King World News

CANADA HAS GONE INSANE-Faith Goldy: Special Gun Rights for Muslims?!:Faith Goldy of went online to renew her Canadian gun license, and noticed an exception to the usual regulation requiring a photograph, citing religious exemption Power Outages Coincide in LA, New York, and San Francisco Venezuela On The Brink – Images and Video… State reveals hundreds of illegal ballots cast Revelations from Inside the Case Against Tad Cummins, Accused of Abducting Student Elizabeth Thomas

Celente – You Won’t Believe The Incredible Desperation I Saw On My Travels In The U.S. | King World News Another $3 Billion Paper Gold Dump, But Here Is What Is Really Moving The Gold Price | King World News Paul Craig Roberts – A Walk Through The Destruction Of America’s Once Majestic Paradise | King World News-“In the Great Myth that is America, no one has any rights except the latest money on the scene…They paid between 75 cents to $1.25 per acre of land…they were selling that same land for millions” John Embry – $3 Billion Paper Gold Selling Scam Backfires As U.S. Economic Collapse Picks Up Steam | King World News

Why Easter Brings Out the Worst in Islam:SQ I PERSONALLY WILL NOT USE THE WORD EASTER,BUT RATHER RESURRECTION SUNDAY- Angst in America, Part 4: Disappearing Pensions:’Companies are doing everything they can to get rid of pension plans, and they will succeed.’ – Ben Stein Spiritual Invasion Underway in the White House, Chaos is Coming – Nathan Leal with Lyn Leahz | Watchmans Cry Deadly Paris attack claimed by ISIS Most Wicked Demonic Prince Has Arrived! Spotted In Washington D.C., Name & Full Identity Disclosed! – YouTube

BEARS BEWARE: Here Is What Both The Bulls And Bears Need To Be Aware Of Right Now | King World News With Respect To Gold, Silver And The Dollar… | King World News Gerald Celente | King World News

FLASHBACKS—Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines Movie dire Bay of Bengal: depleted fish stocks and huge dead zone signal tipping point Long treated as a bottomless resource pit, over-exploitation of the ocean, pollution and rising sea levels are having a catastrophic impact on life in the ba RACHEL MADDOW SHOW BLAMES VENEZUELA RIOTS ON TRUMP Images imply Trump directly responsible for chaos in socialist nation How Desert Storm Destroyed the US Military North Korea warns China of ‘CATASTROPHIC CONSEQUENCES’ if it continues economic sanctions NORTH Korea has warned China there will be “catastrophic consequences” to their bilateral relations if it ramps up economic sanctions against the authoritarian st

Another 10,000 homes evacuated from Florida as fires caused by crippling drought conditions has destroyed nearly 100,000 acres this year PURE EVIL: How Google steals content, crushes small publishers and monopolizes the internet for profit DAILY MAIL:WikiLeaks releases CIA manual on how to turn a Samsung TV into a secret microphone as the US prepares to charge Assange DAILY MAIL:American Airlines flight attendant ‘whacks a mother with a stroller while she holds her twin babies and reduces her to tears’ – then is filmed challenging a passenger to a FIGHT and yelling ‘hit me!’ Geoengineering Affects You, Your Environment, and Your Loved Ones

Trump Administration Begins Quiet Preparations For Government Shutdown WEB EXCLUSIVE: Steve Quayle & Timothy Alberino – True Legends: Giants (Part 1) God in the machine: my strange journey into transhumanism:LONG READ, BUT WILL HELP YOU TO UNDERSTAND THE SEDUCTION AND THE FALSE HOPE OF TRANSHUMANISM- BREAKING: CIA and FBI admit that Wikileaks Vault 7 NOT done by Russia, but inside job Prisons of Pleasure or Pain: Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ vs. Orwell’s “1984”

China’s ‘Internet Plus’ model applicable in emerging markets: Xiaomi CEO:SQ-REMEBER THE US, UNDER THE FORMER ‘ENTITY IN THE CAPITOL’ SURRENDERED CONTROL OF THE INTERNET -CHINA WILL ARISE WITH ITS STOLEN TECHNOLOGY AND VAST GOLD HOLDINGS AND CONTROL WORLD Like The Watchers Of Ancient Days, Scientists Research ‘Immortality’ With DNA Tinkering, Cloning DAILY MAIL:Bride and groom are dragged off United Airlines flight by ‘US Marshal’ after moving to an empty row to let sleeping passenger nap in their seats-SQ-UNITED IS SELF DESTRUCTING BEFORE THE WORLDS EYES-THEIR BOARD OF DIRECTORS BETTER ACT FAST Russia’s hypersonic Zircon anti-ship missile reaches eight times speed of sound: They are extremely difficult to intercept due to their overwhelming speed and maneuvering capabilities. Easter Weekend Carnage in Chicago: 29 People Shot in Less Than 18 Hours ‘OUT OF CASH’ – MORE THAN 90% OF INDIA ATMS RUN DRY:SQ-THIS WAS INITIATED ON PURPOSE AS INDIAS PRIME MINISTER WANTS CASHLESS SOCIETY-HUGE WARNING SHOT FIRED ROUND THE WORLD!

Hey, where did this third rainbow come from? CHEM -TRAILS ,LASERS AND THE ULTIMATE MANIPULATION OF THE ATMOSPHERE-‘GEO ENGINEERING’ IS BEING USED TO PROVIDE HOLOGRAPHIC DECEPTION BEYOND BELIEF -‘WARMING UP THE TECH’! HEAVILY ARMED MUSLIM WARNS U.S. PUBLIC: ‘BE TERRIFIED’ Cops investigate Facebook live video outside Christian conference, make no arrests British Role Confirmed in Trump Spying Scandal:But the Guardian is now reporting that it was CIA Director John Brennan who initiated, in about August 2016, what clearly seems to be an illegal domestic investigation of the Trump political campaign, State Of Mind : The Psychology Of Control:The global elites are systematically implanting lies into our consciousness to erect a ‘tyranny over the minds of men.’ The War Horse Continues; Trump Now Sending Troops to Somalia – Seven Countries in Five Years?

‘Fake meat’ from Impossible Foods, backed by Bill Gates and Google, is loaded with GMOs and MSG … Is anyone surprised? Trump Grants Military Full Authority To Declare War Unilaterally (Video):This authorization moves the military further and further away from civilian control, and we have all seen the fate of nations where that happens,major conflict is ‘almost guaranteed How YouTube’s Shifting Algorithms Hurt Independent Media:Google and Facebook are now so dominant that they form a practical duopoly over digital advertising EXCELLENT FINANCIAL OVER VIEW: When Counterfeit Currency Crashes By At Least 50 Percent In America–All it is going to take is another major financial crisis and this nation will go completely and utterly insane. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE: THE AMERICAN POLICE STATE IS COMING TO GET YOU:These tactics are instead about degrading and humiliating a class of people that politicians and law enforcement have deemed the enemy.’—

THE RELIGION OF PEACE STRIKES AGAIN 4-17-2017 : I believe what we are dealing with regarding Islam is an internal civil war. DOOMER DOUG! Who Will Speak for America If Social Media Forces the Alt Right Out of Business? 152 ‘Mass Death Events’ In First 108 Days Of 2017 – Does ‘Deagel Intentional Population Destruction’ Map Show The Results Of Fukushima Radiation Decimating The Northern Hemisphere? Spiritual Technology: The Coming Age of Transhuman Beasts from the Pit of Hell ‘Spit on the Cross or Die!’ Muslim Persecution of Christians, January 2017:SQ IF THIS DOESN’T PROVOKE CHRISTIANS AND LUKE WARM PASTORS TO WAKE UP AND REPENT—-NOTHING WILL -GOD WILL BE THE LAST ONE VOMITING THEM OUT!

‘I Have Deep Regrets’: Graphic Artist Who Designed ‘Shack’ Novel Renounces Book : SQ-THEY’VE TAKEN A HEAVENLY MANSION, AND TURNED INTO MY SHACK,YOUR SHACK AND BUNGALOW-UNIVERSALISM HAS ALWAYS FOUGHT THE TRUE WORDS OF JESUS! ALEX JONES’ EMERGENCY MESSAGE TO ALL CENTIPEDES Google admits censorship campaign against Infowars ‘YOU DON’T NEED EXPENSIVE WEAPONS’ Russia claims it can wipe out entire US Navy with a single ‘electronic bomb’ in bizarre propaganda report claims electronic signal jamming weapon can render planes, ships and missiles useless;THEY HAVE PROVEN 3 TIMES DAILY MAIL:The Large Hadron Collider finds ‘intriguing anomalies’ that could rewrite the rules of physics Man screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ killed three people on the street before telling police he ‘hates white people’ TURKEYS PRESIDENT ERDOGAN SAID IT BEST ISLAM IS ISLAM!

New Report: The Future Of The Internet Of Things and Your Privacy,we are the final defense of our own digital privacy. We Have Entered A Time When Islamic Terrorists Will Be Specifically Targeting Christians And Churches In America Rewriting Life Engineering the Perfect Astronaut Some scientists are thinking about what human space travelers will look like in the future. They might be extra-small and radiation-proof. Is There Vaccine Cause-And-Correlation Regarding The Dramatic Rise In Children’s Chronic Diseases? Shedding of vaccine viruses received during vaccination can occur up to 37 days after vaccination, thereby spreading to others Why We’re Ungovernable, Part 17: Europe Gets Its Doomsday Scenario:To repeat the theme of this series, when you screw up a country’s finances you take its politics along for the ride.

Neuroscientists Can Now Read Your Dreams With a Simple Brain Scan In the Land of the Free, Sustainable Living is Becoming a Crime Alert: 134 pro-vaccine bills are active in 35 states: SQ:SHOT IN THE ARM,SHOT IN THE HEAD EITHER WAY WE END UP DEAD AND WE WILL BE FORCED TO PAY FOR OUR OWN DEMISE-FIGHT THESE BILLS WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT! NEWS Muslims Tell Employer to BOW DOWN to Islam, Company Has 3-Word Response:The company refused and told the protesters ‘you’re all fired.’ HEADS UP–WELL RESEARCHED AND LAID OUT ARTICLE-Feds to Conduct ‘Operation Gotham Shield’ Simulating 10kt Nuke Detonation over NYC/NJ Next Mon. & Tues.!

George Soros Funds Over 200 US Organizations – Here’s the List Drug overdose deaths now kill more Americans every year than the entire Vietnam War… after Democrats refused to protect the border from drug cartels Oregon State Senator Proposes Law That Would Allow Gun Confiscation Without Due Process Expert Asserts That Tesla’s Electric Semi Will Totally Disrupt the Auto Industry Courts Are Using AI to Sentence Criminals. That Must Stop Now

UN Plot Unfolding Which Includes Gun Confiscation and Sanctioned Terrorism Coal’s Colossal Comeback – Stephen Moore 85% of All Food in U.S. Now Contaminated: Toxic Pesticides Also Found in Drinking Water USA: Highest Vaccination Rate in the World Has the Worst Health Geoengineering, Square Clouds, And Massive Microwave Transmissions

This Do-Nothing Congress Is A Travesty | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis Europe: Making Itself into the New Afghanistan? Ex US General & VP Of Military Contractor With Ties To Child Sex Trafficking Charged With Rape Of A Child Tom Wheeler Uses ‘Gestapo Tactics’ to Hide Microwave Dangers in 5G Cell Press Conference REPORT: John Brennan Colluded With Foreign Spies to Falsify Trump-Russia Connections

Lettuce Prices On The Rise As California’s Wet Winter Prevents Planting DAILY MAIL:Anti-Trump protest turns into a massive brawl: Hundreds of Tax Day protesters trade punches with Donald supporters in Berkeley Sports stadiums spy on everyone’s instant messages, Tweets and sentiments WHY ARE MEGA-BANKS BUYING UP THE WATER? At least ’68 children among dead’ in Syria bomb attack as death toll rises to 126

What is ‘brain hacking’? Tech insiders on why you should care Silicon Valley is engineering your phone, apps and social media to get you hooked, says a former Google product manager. Anderson Cooper reports ‘Spit on the Cross or Die’ Muslim Persecution of Christians, January 2017 How to stay SANE in an INSANE world (and why YOU are important for the rebuilding of human society) Unexplained Mystical Structure: Egyptian ‘Ankh Cross’ Temple Built By The Aztecs?:SQ_THE EGYPTIANS WERE IN THE DESERT SOUTHWEST, AS WELL AS THE MIDWEST-THERE ARE 15 MILLION ARTIFACTS HIDDEN AWAY IN VARIOUS SMITHSONIAN NON -DESCRIPT WAREHOUSES ACROSS THE U Facebook Suspends YouTuber for Disliking ‘Transgender Mother’ Commercial

Susan Rice Net Worth Exposed: $50 Million As A CAREER Politician Making $172K At Her Max Salary VIDEO: Berkeley cops sit in patrol car and watch as Trump supporters attacked There is Something Very Strange about This Man! (2017-2018) :Jared Kushner globalist george soros connection donald trump 666 fifth avenue israel antichrist spirit on earth New evidence dates Shroud of Turin to time of Christ:The researchers concluded that the image of the face on the backside of the shroud had neither been created by a photographic process nor by painting H.R. McMaster’s Ties To Soros-Supported Think Tank Raise Questions:McMaster’s former position with the IISS indicates a potential conflict of interest given the think tanks’ financial ties to sponsors who are anti-American and in some cases, states sponso

Hawaii panel asks state to prepare for North Korea attack:KAUAI’S-‘BARKING SANDS’ AND’ PEARL HARBOR’,ON OAHU, FIRST TARGETS TO BE HIT-THIS IS HUGE! From Defining Tom Horn & Steve Quayle As Dangerous Leaders Of The Transhumanist Resistance (University Of London) To The World’s Most Well-Known Humanity+ Magazine, Futurists Ready For A ‘Disrupted Generation’AND RETURN OF THE CLOUDEATERS The Great Retail Apocalypse: Americans spend more at bars and restaurants than at grocery stores. DELAWARE: Islam commands the takeover of non-Islamic governments and the Delaware State Legislature allowed an Islamic cleric to pray for it in front of them The Number One Heinous Crime In America:’But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea–Matthew 18:6. Vatican Accepts Payment in Blood to Access Museums:Moreover, since a donor typically gives a pint of blood per session, it will cost blood-givers nearly two liters of blood—34 percent of the body’s total blood supply The Last Country We’Liberated’ From An ‘Evil’ Dictator Is Now Openly Trading Slaves: SQ-NOTICE HOW ISLAM TREATS WOMEN TODAY, AND THE SLAVE TRADE IN HISTORY ,AND THE OPEN SELLING OF SLAVES IS A NATURAL OUTCOME AS WOMEN ARE BRUTALIZED AND SOLD AS SLAVES NOW

DAILY MAIL:Could this ballistic missile one day nuke the west coast of America? Kim Jong-un unveils huge new weapon at ‘Day of the Sun’ parade;SQ-DEEP BACKGROUND SAYS CAN DO SO NOW ALSO CONFIRMED VLADISVOSTOK STORY- Uncovering Ancient Pyramid Science at Teotihuacan, Where Men Become Gods Death toll from massive U.S. bomb rises sharply The number of militants killed by the largest non-nuclear bomb used by the U.S. in Afghanistan has climbed to 94, an Afghan official said. No civilian deaths reported » Couple finds out they are biological twins during IVF treatment Couple finds out they are biological twins during IVF treatment | Fox News Brain Scientists Invent World’s First IQ Boosting Supplement.

BRAVE: Chinese Christians Still Attend Underground Churches Despite Risk of Persecution:Last year new reports surfaced that approximately a 100 million people throughout China have started to worship in “underground churches” over traditional ones. Merkel Admits ‘There Is No Doubt’ Some Migrants Pose A Security Threat-WOW WHAT AMAZING BRILLIANCE AND THOUGHTFUL REFLECTION-RAISED SECURITY CONCERNS? DENIAL UNTO DESTRUCTION-3 MILLION TURKS HAVE GERMAN RESIDENCY Libya Enters New Phase of Armed Conflict:Alarm bells are ringing. The world has another armed conflict on its map. Bible Search: enmity Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”

States with no income tax The Gold Magnet’s Math :This illustration was drawn for the last rally in gold and is uniquely correct. It does however provide a warning that trying to maximize profit by waiting for the last magnet can be very difficult DAILY MAIL:That’s quite a shot! Russian humanoid set for space learns how to shoot a gun with BOTH hands Knights Templar, ILLUMİNATİ, Assassins, Freemasons History of SECRET SOCIETIES GO TO 57 MINUTE MARK-began with Gen 3:15-both physical and spiritual seed lines Chinese Components Found in North Korean Rockets Despite Sanctions

DAMASCUS: Easter Week in a City Under Fire 2 killed, 1 injured in Arizona mall shooting Former Ravens tight end Todd Heap accidentally kills 3-year-old daughter Afghan official: Massive US bomb death toll rises to 94 The world’s most incredible homes

Not a misprint: MIT press to publish’communism for kids’ book-MIT? ‘MUTANT BASTARDS-INDOCTRINATING TODDLERS INTO BECOMING ‘LOVABLE LITTLE REVOLUTIONARIES’ What AI will look like in 2027. Hint: It’s all in your head Visualizing the Buying Power of the U.S. Dollar Over the Last Century;THIS WILL SHOW YOU THE EROSION OF THE US DOLLARS PURCHASING POWER AND WHY PRECIOUS METALS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO PRESERVE REAL WEALTH DAILY MAIL:Putin’s ‘Father Of All Bombs’ is FOUR TIMES more powerful than Trump’s ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ that killed 36 ISIS militants in Afghanistan-Although US version is bigger in size and weight, the Russians’ is more powerful Hillary Emails Prove She Knew: ‘For Years, Our Government Supporting Al Qaeda, ISIS’ Strong Dollar Could Cause Bond Market Crash-Martin Armstrong’You have to understand what makes war even take place? It does not unfold when everybody is fat and happy. Simple as that. You turn the economy down, and that’s when you get war. It’s the way p

I Feel Sick, Because The U.S. Is On The Verge Of Making An Extremely Costly Mistake Why Christians Are Being Slaughtered in Egypt Study: Nearly 2 billion people rely on food grown elsewhere ‘It seems obvious to look elsewhere when local production is not sufficient, and our analysis clearly shows that is what happens,’said researcher Joseph Guillaume. China has built a nuclear submarine mass production superfactory WHAT A LOAD OF BS: TWO NEW ‘STUDIES’ CLAIM BABIES AS YOUNG AS 6 MOS CAN BE RACIST:THE PEOPLE WHO WRITE THIS ‘CRAP’ ARE THE RACISTS AND MENTAL PROPAGANDISTS FOR THE LEFT! ANOTHER ‘HELLISH B.S. HEADLINE’

Broken nose, concussion in United dragging case 8th Grader Tells 911 Dispatcher the Man Inside Him Killed His Dad’s Girlfriend: Report Assad: Chemical attack is ‘100 percent … fabrication’ Timothy Alberino, host of the forthcoming documentary True Legends: There Were Giants, explains the connections between the mysterious Anasazi Indians, the ancient Amorites of the Bible, the island of Sardinia, and giants.

Days of Noah – Tebow, Rainbows, Noah and Jared:VERY IMPORTANT READ Tim Tebow Shares John 3:16 Story – YouTube Nathan Leal on the Lyn Leahz Program – War is Coming – the Sword Judgment | Watchmans Cry Chilling To the Bone-Recorded 45 Minutes Before Trump’s Strike! God’s Timing Is Amazing! – YouTube

Jeremiah 1 KJV-5Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. 6Then said I, Ah, Lord GOD! behold, I cannot speak: for I am a child. 7But the LORD said unto me, Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak. 8Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the LORD. 9Then the LORD put forth his hand, and touched my mouth. And the LORD said unto me, Behold, I have put my words in thy mouth.


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