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James Turk – Mega Cup And Handle Formation Has Silver Price Set To Explode Higher | King World News Legend James Dines Just Warned We’re Headed For A Global Crisis As Government Bonds Are Going To Crash | King World News James Dines – The World Is Sleepwalking Toward A Cliff | King World News-“For the first time in history we are not getting one country in an inflation — it’s the whole world that’s way overextended in debt. “

Paul Ryan Replaces Obamacare’s Insurance Penalties with Even Larger Penalties Top 10 Largest Occupations in the United States Dominated by Jobs that pay $20k to $30k a Year. Two iconic retailers forced to file for bankruptcy, hundreds of stores to close-(RADIO SHACK AND GORDMANS) Venezuela Is on Its Last Legs as Government Cash Reserves Rapidly Dwindle Barclays bank goes down over the weekend, millions unable to access cash or use credit cards

James Dines | King World News-sums it up Rick Rule | King World News Legendary Short Seller Answers Question, Has He Ever Been 100% Long Gold And Miners? | King World News DANGER: Multi-Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price Just Issued A Dire Warning To The World | King World News

Geek Squad’s Incentive to Plant Child Porn- Geeks Are Hired By FBI Russia’s Largest Bank Confirms Hiring Podesta Group To Lobby For Ending Sanctions Zales, Jared’s, and Kay to close 170 stores amid slow sales and fake diamond scandal David Morgan on why you MUST own silver or gold, silver shortage, market crash 2017, GLD & SLV House Republicans would let employers demand workers’ genetic test results

Associate of Paul Craig Roberts Just Warned This Major Market Is Ready To Collapse | King World News-” Studio rents in NYC dropped the most on record in February” Rick Rule – I’ve Only Seen This Bullish Setup Twice In My 52 Year Career | King World News-” the U.S. dollar and gold are doing well simultaneously…This will mirror what happened in the mid-1970s and again in 2002″ We Are Headed For Something Disastrous On This Earth That No One Has Ever Experienced | King World News-“unsustainable debt load…Argentina Boom & Bust Warning For The West”-Raising Interest on government debt can be compared to sharply raising rates on an adjustable rate mortgage. At some point, they both can become unsustainable.

BANKS SET TO GO CASHLESS GOING TO CRASH THE BOND MARKET:ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT HEADS UP FINANCIALLY, I HAVE EVER POSTED –SQ NY Teamsters Pension Becomes First To Run Out Of Money As Expert Warns ‘Pension Tsunami’ Is Coming Vine, The Limited, Motorola, Sears and American Apparel Lead the way as companies go bust – THOMASDISHAW.COM Crack-up Boom Here Now-Rob Kirby:On the upcoming debt ceiling and the hard stop on March 15th, Kirby says,’If the debt ceiling is not raised, Trump is going to have a very, very hard time conducting his agenda’. NEW UNCOVERED INFORMATION: Why Central Banks Were Forced To Rig The Gold Market

Greyerz – This May Crash Europe’s Financial System And Lead To The Next Global Crisis And Collapse | King World News Greyerz – Global Panic Is Now Only Days Away | King World News-“eventually as the dollar falls precipitously, it will lead to hyperinflation, more money printing, yet higher rates in an unstoppable vicious cycle” Egon von Greyerz | King World News Greyerz – This Danger Signal Has Increased 167-Times! | King World News Greyerz – The Greatest Bubble In History Is Beginning To Implode | King World News

Family Christian to close all 240 stores after 85 years in business Fake Evangelicals Support Illegal Immigration to Make a Buck: When these groups send out their news releases making their case for more immigration, they fail to mention that they receive $2,050 for each ‘refugee’ they re-settle.’JUDAS JUICE’-PAYOLA Americans now Hold Over $4.1 Trillion in Consumer Debt: Last Debt Bubble Peak was at $2.5 Trillion. We are talking about student loans, credit cards, and auto debt here: J.C. Penney announces 140 stores closing, offers 6,000 early retirement: NOTICE ALL THE OTHER ANNOUNCED STORE CLOSINGS ALSO As Bitcoin Surges To Record High, China Prepares Its Own Digital Currency

Reflation Trade Creates Historic Breakouts – What This Means For The Gold & Silver Markets | King World News-” It will also mean higher inflation is on the way, which may lead to global stagflation, the very environment in which the gold and silver markets skyrocketed in the 1970s.” ALERT: Gold Is Rallying Because Western Central Bank Vaults Are Running Out Of Physical Gold | King World News-“In 2016, gold exports accounted for as much as 29% of the total Swiss exports” A Crucial Update On The War That Is Raging In The Gold Market | King World News David Einhorn Bullish On Gold As Legendary Short Seller Fleckenstein Blasts Fed | King World News Is This The Surprise That Is About To Reverse All Major Markets? | King World News Shadow CIA Group Warns the End of the Eurozone May Be Near; Including a Collapse of the Currency Europe Says It Wants to Confiscate Money, Precious Metals, Crypto Currency and Prepaid Cards to Fight Terrorism Exclusive: Russian Bank Docs Show How Putin Laundered Money to Hillary & Podesta It’s Happening — Fmr Federal Reserve Head Just Admitted Ron Paul was Right About the Economy NYSE Arca Suffers Glitch During Closing Auction At least $150 billion of exchange-traded funds said to be affected, including world’s largest gold ETF

What In The World Is Going On Here? Key Indicator For Banks Just Cratered | King World News These Are Dangerous Times | King World News Look At This Stunning Chart Of The Manic Behavior In Stock Markets | King World News “I Can Calculate The Motions Of Heavenly Bodies, But Not The Madness Of People” | King World News Man Asked To Speak To Chinese Officials Issues Warning About Imminent Global Chaos | King World News

Gerald Celente : Prepare For The Worst – The Death of The American Dream — Consumerism or Chaos President Trump: Replace The Dollar With Gold As The Global Currency To Make America Great Again-how far will the little bit of gold in this country actually go if it is devied up ‘In The Name Of Fairness’, A Very Touchy Subject…The issue at hand is a potential game changer; negotiations between the two largest holders of gold in the world; ‘a deal between china and the vatican’. AMERICAN SOCIETY HEADED TOWARD A BREAKING POINT:If business people such as Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank must apologize for their conservative views for fear of losing business, this is not liberalism and certainly not pluralism. This is tyranny. Actors, teachers, therapists – think your job is safe from artificial intelligence? Think again

ALERT: Big Money Just Made A Massive Short Bet Against The U.S. Stock Market! | King World News Michael Belkin | King World News Chart Of The Day Shows Mega-Bullish “Golden Cross” For Gold Mining Shares! | King World News Man Who Advises Top Sovereign Wealth Funds In The World Says Price Of Silver Will Skyrocket In 2017 | King World News Is A Historic Upside Breakout In The Gold Bull Market About To Take Place? | King World News

The Final Pillage: Greece to Surrender Gold, Real Estate, Utilities in Exchange for More Debt and Austerity Swedish Welfare State Funding Islamic Terrorism:A new damning report shows that multiple Islamist fighters who have travelled from Sweden to fight in Syria and Iraq have been the beneficiaries of welfare payments from the Swedish Govt. THE IDES OF MARCH-3-15-17:The government will lose the ability to issue debt, be reduced to around $200 billion or so, and likely run out of money to spend in early June Treasury Department burning through cash as debt ceiling approaches More Signs That the Great Collapse Is Upon Us: Has The Date Been Set?

Gold Soared $325 The Last Time The Fed Went On A Rate Hike Binge | King World News-gold was below 400 and rose to over 700 in roughly a year A New Monetary System Is Coming But We Are Being Threatened With A Crushing Blow To Our Way Of Life | King World News The World Now Faces A Devastating Endgame And How “They All Sold At The Absolute Bottom” | King World News James Turk Warns Massive Short Squeeze May Send Silver To $20 Within Days! | King World News We Are Now Witnessing Something No One Has Ever Seen Before And The Scope Of It Is Unfathomable | King World News

Silver Market Poised For Big Reversal When Institutional Investors Move In: What Will The Impact Be When Hedge Funds & Institutional Investors Move Into The Silver Market? 40% of households in Philadelphia can’t pay their water bill :The estimated bill for upgrading the end-of-lifed American urban water infrastructure is $1 trillion. EXCLUSIVE: Dem Super-Lobbyist Podesta Got $170K to End US Sanctions On Russian Bank Noah’s Flood of Cash Coming-Hugo Salinas Price: Salinas Price reminds us that there are trillions and trillions of dollars in bonds hanging over the head of everyone on the planet. When those bonds start liquidating, it’s going to rain inflationary money Are We Witnessing The Weirdest Moment In Economic History? Economic collapse is a process, not a singular moment in time. This process lulls the masses into complacency. Warning signs abound, but most of them have no concept of what a collapse is.

James Turk – What Is Happening In The Gold & Silver Markets Right Now Is Extremely Rare | King World News Andrew Maguire | King World News Andrew Maguire – Death Knell Of Central Bank Manipulation To Send Gold & Silver Skyrocketing In 2017 | King World News DANGER: Silver & Crude Oil Warning As Gold Bull Market Nears Massive Breakout! | King World News Whistleblower Andrew Maguire – A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole Of JP Morgan Lawyers, The New York Post, And The Interview That Shocked The World | King World News

MAJOR WARNING: Public Now Gambling “All In” On Stocks! Last Time This Happened Stocks Collapsed 23% In Just 4 Trading Days! | King World News Barrons: Ominous Warning From Michael Belkin May Foreshadow A Stock Market Collapse | King World News-“Margin debt” What Is Happening Right Now Is Madness… | King World News Art Cashin | King World News Dr. Paul Craig Roberts | King World News

Here Is What You Need To Know Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Fed Rate Hike | King World News Important Update On The War That Is Raging In The Gold Market | King World News Paul Craig Roberts – The Matrix Of Lies And What The Elite Are Really Planning Is Terrifying | King World News Gerald Celente Just Released A Major New Trend Forecast For 2017 | King World News ALERT: As Dow Breaks 21,000, Here Is A Major Warning Stocks Are About To Reverse | King World News

A Whole Lot Of Pain Is Coming | King World News SHOCKING: This Exposes How Badly The Public Is Truly Suffering | King World News For Anyone Who Is Worried About The Action In Gold, Silver & Miners, Just Read This… | King World News A Crucial Update On The War That Is Raging In The Gold And Mining Share Markets | King World News James Turk – “The Shorts Are Choosing To Fight” Despite The Fact That “Silver Is The Cheapest Asset On The Planet” | King World News

Interest Rate Hikes Could Explode Budget Deficits and National … The 138 stores JCPenney is closing nationwide JC Penney isn’t the only retailer leaving these malls CNBC Logo CNBC

Fed Decision Day But This Is What Could Really Spell Trouble… | King World News One Of The Wildest & Most Shocking Bull Markets In History Is About To Unfold | King World News Andrew Maguire – This Gold & Silver Takedown Will Not Last | King World News WARNING: SentimenTrader – Near All-Time Record Short Positions In Silver, Gold Update As Well… | King World News ALERT: Paul Craig Roberts Just Warned This Is What You See Right Before A Major Collapse | King World News

Watch inflation data: Jim Grant Great Recession Headed for Greater Depression-Michael Pento–‘When the European Central Bank (ECB) announces they are going to take the $60 billion a month of easing and take it to zero, you are going to see a bond market revolt’ Uber president quits embattled company This is how much it costs ‘Meals on Wheels’ to feed one elderly person for a year Reclusive Millionaire Warns: “Get Out Of Cash Now”

Major Moves In Gold, Silver, Dollar, Oil, And Stocks As Rates Hiked, But This Could Be The Big Surprise | King World News ALERT: 44-Year Market Veteran Says Major Signal Just Triggered In Gold & Silver Markets! | King World News Top Citi Analyst Comments On The War In The Gold Market | King World News This Is How Dangerous The Situation Has Now Become For The Global Financial System | King World News We Are Seeing “A Mini-Panic” In The Gold Market Right Now | King World News

A crisis is not coming. It is already here, and it will be as defining a moment in the history of the United States as the Great Depression, World War II, or the American Civil War IT BEGINS…. Idaho & Arizona Pass Bills To Remove “Capital Gains Taxes” On Gold & Silver ‘Something Snapped’: US Department Store Sales Crash Most On Record-Obamacare increases kill retail Stockman Explains The Mystery Of The Treasury’s Disappearing Cash: March 8 alone the Treasury consumed another $22 billion of cash — bringing the balance down to $66 billion!ILLUMINATI NUMBER SIGNAL GET SET FOR CRASH Peak Car Ownership is near – beginning of the fall of car ownership

What Is Happening Behind The Scenes Is Very Worrying | King World News Gerald Celente Just Released Second Major Trend Forecast For 2017 | King World News 3 Charts That Will Greatly Impact Gold & Silver In 2017 | King World News Bob Doll, China, France, And The Important Gap… | King World News WARNING: Silver Shorts Will Look To Smash The Price Of Silver In Coming Weeks | King World News

The War In The Gold And Mining Share Markets Is Heating Up | King World News James Turk – Bear Raids In Silver Weakening As Bullish Case For Gold & Silver As Strong As Ever | King World News This Is Why We Are Going To See A Wild Week Of Trading For Major Markets | King World News Rick Rule – Gold Mining Stocks Are Headed Substantially Higher | King World News This Is Going To Be A Huge Surprise For The World | King World News

Forget The Pullback, Silver Is Going To Skyrocket Way Above $100! | King World News MAJOR WARNING In The Silver Market, But Gold Is A Different Story… | King World News WARNING For Silver Longs, But Gold Is A Different Story… | King World News Coming Down From Nosebleed Levels: “Now We Have A Bad Setup” | King World News

Dow closes above 21,000 as stocks post best day of 2017 after Trump’s speech 15 Things You Should Know about Safe Deposit Boxes Banned: Chase Bank Says You Can No Longer Store Cash or Precious Metals In Your Safe Deposit Box Ivanka Trump fashion line reports record sales despite boycott … These are the 138 J.C. Penney stores that are about to close

California Governor Spends $25 Billion Per Year On Illegals, Officials Warned Dam Failing 12 Years Ago Big Brother is watching you: Jim Rogers prophesizes death of cash & total govt control of spending SWEDEN ACCEPTED 162K REFUGEES IN 2015. GUESS HOW MANY HAVE JOBS? Only 494 have jobs now. The Washington Post Actually Takes Russian Government Money (Unlike the Websites It Helped Slander) Housing affordability shows that most Americans are too broke to buy a home: The American Dream moves further out of reach.

11 DEEPLY ALARMING FACTS ABOUT AMERICA’S CRUMBLING INFRASTRUCTURE The problem is that we are flat broke THE WORKPLACE OF THE FUTURE TRACKS YOUR EVERY MOVE, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT; SQ-MARK MY WORDS,SENSORS IN URINALS AND TOILETS WILL EVEN MONITOR, AND ANALYZE YOUR DRUG USE,WHAT YOU ATE AND DRANK AND ALL BODY FUNCTIONS SOON-YOU’LL STARE INTO RETINA SCAN CHALLENGE: $100,000 to the first person who can find a scientific study proving Thimerosal (mercury) is safe to inject into children China’s Holdings of Treasuries Dropped in 2016 by Most on Record Will Robots Take Over? Tesla’s Elon Musk Quotes: 4 Predictions About The Future Of Humanity EU Steps Up The Pace For Cashless Society In 2017/18 :The EU’s war on cash and desire to control citizens through a cashless-society model is snowballing without a real open debate with its people.


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