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Europeans Reject Muslim Immigration In HUGE Numbers: PAUL JOSEPH WATSON-breaks down how Europeans have had enough of the suicidal policies created by their leaders and are rejecting uncontrolled immigration. The Truth About Popular Culture – YouTube-Paul Joseph Watson-language and content warning Associate of Paul Craig Roberts Says Today 30% Of Available Physical Gold On Comex Was Dumped In 60 Seconds! | King World News

A Shocking Admission From Trump And One Of China’s Most Important Government Officials | King World News Embry – Criminal Banks & Commercials Now Short A Mind-Blowing Nearly 1 Billion Ounces Of Silver At The Comex! | King World News ALERT: Hedge Fund Legend & Multi-Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller Just Bought Back His Entire Gold Position! | King World News ALERT: Special Release (War In The Gold Market) From Billionaire Eric Sprott’s Company | King World News Celente: A World On The Edge Of Chaos As Gold, China, France, Bitcoin & The Middle East May Erupt | King World News

ALERT: Gold Is Rallying Because Western Central Bank Vaults Are Running Out Of Physical Gold | King World News Billionaire Eric Sprott Says Central Banks Panicking As ‘The Whole World Is Buying Gold Here,’ Including Druckenmiller | King World News This Is How Crazy The Situation Has Now Become Across The Globe | King World News A Look At Silver’s Breakout Today And What It Means For The Gold & Silver Markets | King World News Peter Boockvar | King World News Man Who Correctly Predicted Bull Market In Commodities Now Says Price Of Gold Headed To New All-Time High | King World News

REAL or HOAX? UFO experts warn of ‘cosmic false flag’ event, claiming deep state will fake alien invasion to achieve totalitarian control over humanity Solar activity fluctuations control the climate: sea level in Venice, tropical storms in Australia, Amazon discharge rates STUDY: Climate Engineering Enhances Global Warming – Ice Melts 2:An Indication of Intentional Efforts to Cause Global Warming and Glacier Melting. J. Marvin Herndon, PhD MUST READ:Trojan Horses in Women’s Movement:Does Linda Sarsour really think that people have gone so mad that they will give up the civil liberties that their ancestors earned through the centuries, merely for interest-free loans? Jim Rogers: ‘We’re About To Have The Worst Economic Problems Of A Lifetime, A Lot Of People Will Disappear’

Orban: Hungary Will Welcome ‘European Refugees’ Fleeing Multicultural West Bank of America opens its 3rd employee free branch:Banks already operate with little to no physical cash on hand, making the elimination of the bank teller that much easier China just made VPNs (VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKS) illegal The Great Firewall just got more impenetrable. Black Lives Matter co-founder appears to label white people ‘defects’:’Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today.’ Devastating floods hit western US, new storm approaching

Trump Admin Strikes Huge Blow To Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Order, Has LGBT Community Up In Arms-They do not want ‘equal rights’ they want the right to force the majority to be uncomfortable and unsafe, to appease the ‘comfort’ of a minority, The New Mexican WarThat said, I also have long considered Mexico a major threat to America. I have dealt with Mexican diplomats at the UN, the OAS, and in Central and South America. They are first rate–They rarely passed on an opportunity to stick it in Pizzagate and Organ Theft From Children Are Connected DAILY MAIL:’The US stands behind Japan, its great ally, 100%’: Trump and Japanese PM hold conference to denounce ‘absolutely intolerable’ North Korea missile test OUR DERANGED WORLD IS A PRODUCT OF DERANGED MINDS THAT LEAD US :THE END TIMES MYSTERY OF INIQUITY IS UPON US-INIQUITY IS LAWLESSNESS, WHEN EACH MAN DOE’S THAT WHICH IS RIGHT IN HIS OWN SIGHT

Drew Barrymore goes on a cannibal diet in her new Netflix show;LOOK AT THE PRE-CONDITIONING TO THE BENEFITS OF CANNABALISM-THIS IS NOT TONGUE IN CHEEK BUT THE APPETITES OF DEMONS THAT HOLLYWOOD EXISTS ON! Tallest US dam in California might collapse, immediate evacuation ordered – sheriff Two-thirds of US Navy strike fighter can’t fly – report: Defense News said, adding that 53 percent of all Navy aircraft – some 1,700 combat aircraft, patrol, transport planes, and helicopters – can’t fly.SQ:ALL THIS BY DESIGN BY THE DEVILS WITHIN THE U.S. WHAT IS DHS HIDING IN MYSTERIOUS NO-BID CONTRACTS? Feds caught in widespread pattern of secrecy regarding sole-source awards Far-right outcast Geert Wilders vows to ‘de-Islamise’ the Netherlands after taking lead in Dutch polls The Dutch Trump has promised to ‘make The Netherlands ours again’, but other parties say they won’t work with him in a coalition:STUPID TERM FAR RIGHT-

Get Ready, Russia: Britain Is Sending Warships to the Black Sea:Is Britain girding for a fight in Russia’s backyard? Britain is sending a warship to the Black Sea on a military mission.WATCH RUSSIA RESPOND WITH SUBMARINE AND AIRCRAFT PRESENCE, OFF BRITAIN QUANTUM COMPUTING: A RADICAL TRANSFORMATION OF THE WORLD OF COMPUTING AND SOON, OUR HUMAN EXISTENCE (video)Immigrants in Europe pushing for white genocide Real reason for Trumps Temporary travel ban:ISIS have created an entire fake passport ‘industry’ using documents stolen in Iraq, Libya and Syria, warn French officials: Would You Accept Digital Goggles?ALEX JONES NAILS THE GLOBALIST’S ALONG WITH THEIR IMPRISONING TECHNOLOGY! BREAKING: No word when evacuation order for 188,000 will be lifted as Oroville threat remains

Alligator drags golfer into pond, gets foiled by putter; video A NEW JACKSONIAN ERA?:’You are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning.’A.JACKSON America’s Biggest Creditors Dump Treasuries in Warning to Trump: From Tokyo to Beijing and London, the consensus is clear: few overseas investors want to step into the $13.9 trillion U.S. Treasury market right now. How algorithms (secretly) run the world:SQ AND WILL ULTIMATELY DECIDE WHO LIVES AND WHO DIES-SUCH ALGORITHMS,ALREADY EXIST- ONE IN SEVEN BELGIAN JIHADISTS RECEIVES WELFARE BENEFITS

FDA Says Risks May Outweigh Benefits for Antibiotics Levaquin, Cipro The Future of HumanityI:However, developing events dictate that I pay attention to another issue, the ET issue. Personally, I believe that these beings are not truly ET’s but merely pretending to be Woman dies after plunging 30 feet from World Trade Center Oculus escalator: sources Exclusive: Assad would ‘welcome’ U.S. troops Hundreds of immigrants arrested in ‘routine’ raids

February 10 1:14 PM Suspects in Chicago live-streamed attack enter pleas American jobs left for China, and businesses are following Chinese companies are on an American acquisition binge, while Beijing makes it tough for foreigners to gain a foothold there Former AIG head admits role in $500M accounting fraud Turkish hacker convicted of intricate ATM heist Betsy DeVos – Wikipedia

DAILY MAIL:Ready to engage: Russian Air Force releases amazing pilot’s-eye footage of its Top Guns in action as Putin tells his troops to ‘prepare for war’ U.S., China military planes come inadvertently close over South China Sea;THIS ATOTAL MISUSE OF THE WORD INADVERTENTLY-THE CHINESE SENT A CLEAR AND PRESENT MESSAGE -THE P-3 IS A SUB HUNTER-NOTE THEY DIDNT MENTION FIGHTER IN THIS ARTICLE Canadian man who beheaded and cannibalized a Greyhound bus passenger, 22, is FREED after just nine years:MURDERER AND CANNIBAL SET FREE AFTER 9 YEARS WOW -NO INDICATION HIS MENTAL ILLNESS HAS EVER BEEN TREATED-BLOOD GUILT IS ON THE HANDS OF ‘THE BOARD’ February 10 11:20 AM Firefighter adopts baby girl he delivered on emergency call February 10 1:02 PM Education chief blocked from entering school by protesters

Saeed Abedini: Anti-Christ Spirit Is Lurking in America Ready to Attack Christians—Iranian-American pastor who spent three-and-a-half years imprisoned in Iran for his faith, Women’s March Reveals Godless Nature of Feminism The West’s Real Bigotry: Rejecting Persecuted Christians–It is high time that not only the U.S. but all other Western governments finally saw that the Christians in the Middle East are them. Timothy Alberino of Gen6 Productions discusses his forthcoming documentary ‘True Legends: There Were Giants.’ THE DEMOCRATS’ TRAVEL BAN NO ONE LIKES TO TALK ABOUT How 1 Christian escaped from Iranian Islamic hell

400 whales stranded on remote New Zealand beach; volunteers launch rescue effort–About 275 of the pilot whales were already dead when Morrison and two colleagues found them Friday on Farewell Spit at the tip of the South Island. It’s described as a major emergency! Seattle wastewater plant dumping raw sewage into Puget Sound: Heavy rains with a very high tide blamed. ELECTRO GRAVITIC SPACE CRAFT-These are just 15 ways in which graphene could reshape the world,the one-atom-thick sheets of carbon that aren’t just super flexible, harder than diamond, and stronger than steel, but conduct electricity better than copper DAILY MAIL:’Big brother’ mind reading is inevitable and controls need to be put in place now, experts warn :Technology still picks up false memories and could convict the innocent Screaming in pain in front of a cheering crowd before collapsing in agony, a woman is lashed with a cane in rare footage of Indonesia’s brutal Sharia law punishment :OK FEMIN-NAZIS WHERES YOUR OUTRAGE WOMAN BEHIND HUGE D.C. MARCH FAVORS SHARIA

20 metro areas are home to six-in-ten unauthorized immigrants in U.S. COVER-UP: GE handled Fukushima’s nuclear reactor design, knew it was faulty … ‘so flawed it could lead to a devastating accident’ Exclusive: Syria’s Assad tells Yahoo News some refugees are ‘definitely’ terrorists ‘PANDORA’S BOX’: TECH FUELING URGE TO BE ‘GODS ON EARTH’ Pastor: ‘There’s really no way to go back if something goes wrong’-Carl Gallups asserts that humanity risks becoming the slaves of its own technology. Aubrey de Grey: scientist who says humans can live for 1,000 years English gerontologist, who lives in a ramshackle home in California, believes the key to delaying the ageing process is ‘within sight’ SQ-SCIENTITS POSSESS THE METHUSELAH GENE ALREADY

Skywatchers will enjoy a rare space triple-header Friday night and early Saturday morning…A ‘penumbr’” lunar eclipse during the full ‘snow’ moon… and the flyby of a comet. David Morgan – Silver and Chaos in 2017 – The Death of The USD – The Empire Will Fall Should U.S. be preparing for a North Korean nuclear strike on the West Coast? Fukushima cleaning robot pulled from reactor after camera gets damaged by massive radiation levels inside tsunami disaster site–Water, food and the air were all contaminated, and more than 18,000 people died. 160,000 people were forced to flee Sony has patented a contact lens that is blink powered and records video

LET THE PURGES BEGIN PART TWO ! 2-10-2014:Trump is seeking to restore the American Republic and not overthrow it. The Three Federal 9th Circuit Court judges just voted to uphold the overthrow, while Trump seeks to restore it Shocking: Trump Supports Seizure of Private Property by the Police Without Due Process of LawThe unfolding plot to take your bank account, your pension, your IRA, Roth and 401K, your bank account and even your freedom will be on the table. A gaping hole continues to grow in the spillway of America’s tallest dam – causing massive erosion and threatening major lake overflow after severe California rain storms STATE DEPT WHISTLEBLOWER: REFUGEE PROGRAM ‘FULL OF FRAUD’ Refugee specialist wants Trump ban expanded PEDOPHILES PANIC AS JEFF SESSIONS SWORN IN AS ATTORNEY GENERAL Attempts to cover up institutional pedophilia are failing

Yazidis to Anti-Trumpers: Where Were You During Islamic State Genocide Against Us? DAIL MAIL-B-52 set for ‘Star Wars’ weapons upgrade: Veteran bomber could get laser pods to shoot incoming missiles out of the sky Mexicans Vow to Fight Trump by Jamming U.S. Courts:That is an aggression against the United States, an Act of War against America. It is the ReConquista, Aztlan, Raza, MEChA! It is Jihad against the rule of Law! IT’S ‘COUP D’ETAT’ BY 9TH CIRCUIT Answer should be ‘arrest judges and put them in jail when they violate constitutional authority’ HERES THE LAW ALREADY ON THE BOOKS-Classes of aliens ineligible for visas or admission:U.S. Code › Title 8 › Chapter 12 › Subchapter II › Part II › § 1182

Trump Admin Releases List of Terrorist Suspect Cases From Travel Ban Countries Trailer for ‘racist’ Netflix series Dear White People ‘gets a million dislikes in just ONE day’ – and sparks customer revolt- One of it’s writers, Jack Moore, posted on Twitter: ‘F***white people’100,000 negative comments from YouTube deleted WE THE PEOPLE PETITION:Issue an International Arrest Warrant for George Soros:1) Financially supports open sedition in major American cities resulting in millions of dollars of property damage as well as loss of life. Merkel offers cash handouts worth millions of pounds for migrants to return home in an embarrassing U-turn :ALL POLITICAL -THE GERMAN PEOPLE HAVE WATCHED THEIR COUNTRY BEING DESTROYED AND THIS IS TOO LITTLE TO LATE! The West Will Become The New ‘Third World’: PricewaterhouseCoopers – Jeff Nielson

Millions of African’s face starvation after ‘Super El-Niño’ causes drought throughout the continent killing millions of cattle and destroying crops;’WEATHER WARS’ GO HAND IN HAND WITH ‘DEATH BREATH ,OF ‘NWO-GENOCIDISTS’ Chile algal bloom kills 170,000 salmon-An algal bloom has killed some 170,000 salmon in recent days in Chile, the world’s second-biggest exporter of the fish after Norway-ASK YOURSELF WHAT CAUSED THE ALGAE TO BLOOM AND LOOK EAST-THINK OCEAN CURRENTS! 30 STATES WITH VACCINE BILLS NEEDING YOUR ACTION – FEBRUARY 7, 2017 exposed as massive SPY MACHINE invading your privacy ICE Arrests 160 in Sweeping California Enforcement, Possibly More Across 6 States

Vizio smart TVs tracked viewers around the clock without consent Manufacturer will pay $2.2 million and delete data to settle privacy-invasion charges. SQ-I REMEMBER WHEN WE WARNED ABOUT THIS, AND WERE CALLED DDOM PORN PURVEYORS REPORT: ISIS OFFERING RECRUITS PROTECTION, PAYMENTS, FREE PASSAGE TO EUROPE 90% of EU arrivals facilitated by illegal enterprise SWEDISH POLICE CHIEF’S CAR EXPLODES IN STOCKHOLM Explosions, bombings become commonplace in Nordic nation:MODERN DAY SWEDEN NEEDS THE BOLDNESS OF RAGNAR! Fed’s Bullard sees no reason interest rates need to move much at all – MarketWatch SHOCKING: INFANT TWINS DIE SIMULTANEOUSLY AFTER VACCINES, MEDICAL BOARD RULES ‘JUST A COINCIDENCE’;DEATH BY INJECTION,SHOT IN THE ARM SHOT IN THE HEAD PLAIN AND SIMPLE, ‘THESE LITTLE ONES ARE DEAD’- MED BOARD COVER UP!

France: Anti-Christian Attacks Rise 245 Percent Empire Beneath the Ice- Command and Control for the New World Order- Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges:The Creation and the Perpetuation of the Nazi Empire PROPHET OF DOOM: John McAfee’s major cybersecurity predictions for 2017: Cyber security is a complex topic which the media is not equipped to knowledgeably discuss in public. It is a sorry state of affairs for a potential cyber strike on U.S. power grids Trump: ‘Dishonest press’ won’t report terrorist attacks; IN MY OPINION,’THE MSM FITS THE GLARING DEFINITION ,OF TRAITORS-GIVING AID AND COMFORT TO SWORN ENEMIES OF THE U.S. AND REVEALING THEIR ISLAMIC AGENDA- At least 231 children abused at Catholic boys’ choir run by Pope Benedict’s brother

Judge Pirro UNLOADS On Judge Robart For Stopping Trump’s TRAVEL BAN… EPIC! Unsustainable! Humans could become extinct by 2026! Arctic Ocean 54F higher than it was between the years 1979 and 2000. US EPA Scientist Fired For Trying To Tell The Truth About Climate Engineering And Fluoridated Water Prepare For The Worst As Worldwide Food Shortages Now Being Reported, Including In The U.S.: FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ALONG WITH CANNED MEATS SHOULD BE ACQUIRED AT ACCELERATED RATES-WHAT EVER YOU CAN AFFORD ACQUIRE NOW-CALL RYAN 406-581-0182 5 Reasons We Are Being Chemical Subverted #NWO #Illuminati:Male sperm rates are dropping in western countries; male testosterone is dropping, and women are more unhappy? What is the reason behind this?

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg favors decriminalizing pedophilia and child sex trafficking;HER PHOTO SAYS IT ALL-WOW-SHUDDER- SHUDDER- SHUDDER What Is the Muslim Brotherhood?:The Muslim Brotherhood operating in the U.S. made it clear that “their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within Study: Almost All Vaccines Contaminated with Toxins and Linked to Side Effects Euthanasia and Organ Harvesting: A Ghoulish-But Not Surprising-Proposal ‘Abortion quotas’ set for clinics by Planned Parenthood; ‘salespeople’ rewarded with pizza parties when abortion goals achieved-NOTE THE REWARD!-ADD THE TERM MURDERGATE,TO PIZZAGATE,TO PEDOGATE -CANNIBAL CASH !

Dave Daubenmire — Molestation of the Mind: Feminizing Males And Mainstreaming Perversion ‘MICROAGGRESSION’ & ‘SAFE SPACE’ ADDED TO MERRIAM-WEBSTER DICTIONARY ‘This is a significant addition to our online dictionary, reflecting the breadth of English vocabulary.’I WANT’ MEOW MEN’ ADDED ALSO LEAKED DOCS: BROCK CONSPIRES WITH FACEBOOK, GOOGLE TO SHUT DOWN CONSERVATIVE MEDIA Radical left launches scorched earth policy against free speech Liberal ‘Science’ On Parade: Kill Off 90 Percent Of The World Population To Save The PlanetA University of Texas professor says he is eager to see mass carnage on Planet Earth to help remediate what he sees as the problem of human overpopulation Canadian Government Preparing To Silence Anyone Who Criticizes Islam:It has worked across Europe where opinions critical of Islam are either silenced or prosecuted, and it is now threatening to engulf Canada in its warm, suffocating embrace.

U.S. supply chain at major risk as grid disruption proves eminent Utah May Soon Dump Federal Reserve: ‘Put Trust Back in God and Gold, Rather Than Central Bank’ Silver Market Set Up For Much Higher Price Move Than Gold -The difference between the precious metals investor acquiring PHYSICAL METAL compared to individual acquiring PAPER ASSETS or DIGITS, is one is real wealth, while the other is an IOU. DAILY MAIL-Northeast braces itself for THUNDERSNOW: More than 2,000 flights are canceled and schools close as 40 million ready prepare for up to a foot of snow, just one day after near record high temperatures Mainstream Media Spread’Fake News’ 76 Times Trump’s First 3 Weeks (Video)

Air Force test-launches Minuteman missile from California: NOTICE EVERYONE IS FIRING MISSILES AND TESTING LATELY-THIS IS FAR FROM ROUTINE McCARRAN-WALTER ACT: TRUMP STANDS SOLIDLY ON LAW TO BAN TERRORISTS Globalism Is Anti-Christ, Demonic, Theologians Argue-It’s basically saying ‘We are going to organize the world in a way that establishes an artificial consensus.’ It’s not enough to say it’s undemocratic. It’s threatening; it’s almost demonic’: Drug Dealer Whose Sentence Obama Commuted Behind Bars Again Because…Obama wound up commuting the sentences of 1,715 prisoners, the largest number of commutations by any President in U.S. history, according to the New York Post article below. The Great Inception Part 4: Babel, the Abyss, and the Gate of the Gods–The land of Shinar is Sumer and Erech is Uruk. Uruk was so important to human history that Nimrod’s homeland is still called Uruk—-IRAQ!

West Virginia public schools sued over Bible classes Smart Blood Sugar Reviews – Is it a Scam or Legit? Lady Gaga’s Satanic superbowl halftime ritual…114 million viewers. in Watchman Watch Forum Sessions confirmed as U.S. attorney general The Alabama lawmaker, an early supporter of Donald Trump, was one of the Senate’s most conservative Republicans. Capped weeks of divisive battles » Sex offender released from federal prison in Virginia is missing

Vibrant Health Network The Next American Farm Bust Is Upon Us

7eventh Time Down – The One I’m Running To – YouTube David Dunn – I Dont Have To Worry (Lyric Video) – YouTube Andrew Marcus – Glory To His Name (Acoustic) – YouTube Tauren Wells – Hills and Valleys (Acoustic Video) – YouTube Hollyn – Obvious? (Official Audio Video) – YouTube

David Dunn – Have Everything (lyric video) – YouTube David Dunn – Today Is Beautiful (w/ Lyrics) – YouTube NF – How Could You Leave Us – YouTube NF – Warm Up – YouTube NF – Grindin’ ft. Marty – YouTube

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