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WARNING: Dangerous Indicator Just Hit A New All-Time High Eclipsing Years 2007 & 2000, Prior To Crashes | King World News ALERT: James Turk – The World Is About To See A Historic Shift Out Of Stocks Into Gold | King World News Increasing Velocity Of Money Will Be The Big Upside Surprise For Gold As Trump Enters The White House | King World News-“purely speculative paper transactions distort the price of real-world physical goods” John Embry – Some Long Time Gold Holders Are Now Capitulating… | King World News One Pro On What He Is Doing With His Own Money After The Gold & Silver Smash | King World News

Michael Oliver – Conspiracy Theorists Would Use This As Evidence Of Central Bank Manipulation Of The Gold Market | King World News SentimenTrader Says Extremes Are Now Starting To Register In The Gold Market | King World News ALERT: Is This The Most Important Chart Of 2016? | King World News Look At This Market Seeing A Massive Waterfall Decline As Chaotic Global Trading Continues! | King World News UBS Says “Gold Down, But Not Out” – Plus A Look At The Silver Market | King World News

Bill Fleckenstein | King World News Don’t Believe The Propaganda, China’s Rise Will Be The Big Shocker In 2017 | King World News The Biggest Worry About 2017 Will Surprise You… | King World News Commercials And Bullion Banks Covering Shorts In The Gold & Silver Markets | King World News Here Is Why One Of The Greats In The Business Just Warned Investors To Be Cautious | King World News

One Major Firm Just Told Clients To Over-Weight Mining Stocks And Is Bullish On Gold, Silver, And Commodities | King World News A Devastating Collapse Looms As India Sees The Price Of Gold Selling At A Jaw-Dropping $1,600 – $3,000 | King World News What The Italian Vote Really Means And Why Commodities Are Set To Continue To Surge | King World News ALERT: Gerald Celente Just Released The Top 10 Trends For 2017 And They Will Surprise You | King World News We Are Most Assuredly Headed For Armageddon | King World News

A Dire Warning From An Insider | King World News Is The Correction In Gold & Silver Finally Over? Plus Impact Of The Italian No Vote | King World News Shocking ‘Charts Of Christmas’ Just Released By Top Citi Analyst | King World News Paul Craig Roberts – The Matrix Of Lies And What The Elite Are Really Up To Is Terrifying | King World News KWN-Celente-9252015.jpg (JPEG Image, 890 × 421 pixels)

Bill Holter: Every Society is Only 72 Hours From Pure Anarchy (Video)

Yahoo News Photos: Veterans commemorate 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack Hundreds Protest White Nationalist at Texas A&M University A new underwater robot captured eerie, high-def scenes from sunken ship Egypt: Potentially Deadly Church Attack Thwarted

Trump makes his choice for Homeland Security TV Host with Breast Cancer Forced to Remove Wig as Part of ‘Horrific’ TSA Body Search This Technology Will be Bigger Than the Internet The Messy Truth About Van Jones Japan’s sex problem is so bad that people are quitting dating and marrying their friends

Bird flu the silent killer is on the rise with millions of birds killed just in the last few days Devastating M6.5 earthquake kills at least 52 people in Aceh, Indonesia: December 7, 2016. The Oakland ‘Ghost Ship’Fire; A Harbinger For The Next Big Event Henry Gruver Russian Invasion of America FORGET FOX NEWS, MEDIA MATTERS DECLARES WAR ON NEW TARGETS Left-wing group tied to Hillary plans crackdown on ‘fake news’

Mass surveillance exposed by Snowden is about control, not counterterrorism – Oliver Stone to RT Self-proclaimed ‘Hack’ Journalist GLENN THRUSH- Calls on Social Media to Censor ‘fake news’ France Passes Crackdown on Pro-Life Websites Posters who ‘exert moral pressure’ against abortion face two years jail, $30K fines Time Urges 65 Million Americans Who Voted For Hillary Not To Pay Taxes Virginia Tech Snowflakes Unveil Definitive List Of Top 50 Microaggressions That Offend Them

Pentagon suppressed study that revealed $125B in waste: report Alternative Media is the New Guerrilla Warfare: Time for Citizens to Expose Globalists Forecasters predict temperatures to fall 35 degrees BELOW average as a polar plunge sweeps across North America: Chicago breaks 76 year snow fall record The Variable-Rate World Stares Into The Abyss – Again: a picture emerges of a system that can’t handle rising interest rates, but is nonetheless getting them. The result? At best a global slowdown and at worst an epic crisis. Trump’s new foreign policy: ‘We will stop looking to topple regimes’

Maryland Church May Shut Down After City Fines Them $12K for Helping the Homeless Fake News Campaign Signals Collapse of the Globalist System :THE GLOBALISTS FEAR WHAT ALT-MEDIA IS SAYING! LIAR’S HATE THE TRUTH Dallas Mayor Files Lawsuit To Block Withdrawals From ‘Insolvent’ Police Pension After ‘Run On The Bank’ Trump: Trojan, Traitor, or Tried and True?–Trump’s INSTANT reversal on major campaign promises Next-Level Amazon Grocery Leads Directly to Microchip Implants, Computer Vision Databases, and Totalitarian Machine Intelligence

Forever 21 necklace takes trend too far Nineties throwback accessory chokers are making a comeback – but one store’s version has caused an uproar on social media.’I guess I don’t understand’ » DISNEY FROZEN ILLUMINATI SEXUAL SUBLIMINAL PERVERTED PROGRAMMING – YouTube Mom Blog: “Disney is Ruining My Kid” – The Vigilant Citizen – Symbols Rule the World Disney’s ‘Frozen’ conspiracy theories This is Your Warning: Health Care Workers Forced To Take Vaccines or Get Fired – General Population Next?

Fake News = Fake Markets…MSM, Washington and Wall Street have burned their credibility …yet people still ask why the Dow is 19,000, gold is $1,175 or the dollar still spends …? So simple a caveman could figure this one out! Totalitarian Collectivism ‘Public opinion will be led to adopt, without knowing it, the proposals we dare not present to them directly. All the earlier proposals will be in the new text, but will be hidden and diguised’ Viral Image Shows Why The Global Elite Are Panicking – Former U.S. VP To Media ‘We Don’t Need You Guys Anymore’ New Zealand Prime Minister John Key in surprise resignation. Two PM’s announce their shocking resignations, Matteo Renzi and John Key, within 45 minutes of one another 15-Year-Old Allegedly Decapitated Missing Classmate in ‘Horrific, Horrific Murder’

START PUSHING BACK – THE FOUNDATIONS – Saved, C.I.N.Os, Unsaved and Reprobates;LOOK AT THE INSIPID SIGN, EQUATING CHRISTIANS WITH FASCISTS,RAY USED Most of these people are pure reprobates, and they are enemies of God. Comet Ping Pong Shooting HOAX EXPOSED! Edgar Maddison Welch Actor ‘Pizzagate’Explodes MSM PEDOPHILE COVER UP. Life In 2030 Smart City Promises Utopia;-”-Welcome to my city – or should I say,’our city’. I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes.’SHE FORGOT TO ADD OR HER BODY OR HER PARTS’-ZOMBIE STARE! The West’s Politically Correct Dictatorship It Has Blinded Us to the Real Danger: Radical Islam: HYPOCRISY ON STEROIDS IN THE DENIAL OF THE OBVIOUS’,’CLASH OF CIVILIZATION VERSUS BARBARISM, AS GLOBAL OVERTHROW OF NATION STATES BUILDS! Globalist war against humanity shifts into high gear: Cars, cash, literature and independent news all targeted for elimination

Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime :SQ,NOT WHEN IT INVOLVES KIDNAPPED AND MURDERED CHILDREN,SEXUALLY ABUSED AND SACRIFICED -SHAME ON THE NYT-‘DAMAGE CONTROL OF AND FOR THE DAMNED’ AND THE PTB’S-IN MY OPINION Leaked Files Show U.S. Armed And Trained Both Sides of War in Yemen:The documents were produced and exchanged during Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State, as well as during the first two years of John Kerry’s tenure, Artificial intelligence and the evolution of the fractal economy:NO MARKETS JUST MANIPULATIONS,RUN BY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WITH PRE-DETERMINED OUTCOMES AND ROBOTIC PICK POCKETS! Bikers for Trump secure space for inauguration amid several planned protests :Groups planning to protest President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration next month monopolized the National Park Service permits to use public spaces around Washington The reality behind Russia’s fake news:CNN HAS BEEN CAUGHT STAGING NEWS,FAKING NEWS,LYING ,INVENTING FALSE POLLS AND NEWS AND THEY ARE SEEING THEIR AD REVENUES DECLINE-AMERICANS ARE RESISTING THEIR SHOVING ‘NEWS-CRAP’ DOWN OUR THROATS!

Did the US-led coalition give the EXACT coordinates of Russian Aleppo hospital to Al-Qaeda for a missile attack? 5 mind-boggling Moon mysteries that science cannot explain Another step closer to artificial blood:Researchers have created an artificial red blood cell that effectively picks up oxygen in the lungs and delivers it to tissues throughout the body. ‘Fake News’ Vindicated (Again): New WikiLeaks Email Dump Details Erdogan’s Business Ties to ISIS WikiLeaks confirms what Russian government sources have been saying for months: Erdogan has shady business ties to ISIS oil smugglers in Syria. ‘Fake news’ s The Tide Is Turning Against the Oligarchs — Paul Craig Roberts:The ruling oligarchy and their presstitute media have become desperate now that they are losing control over explanations and Americans’ minds

Devastated Parents Speak Out After 1 Piece of Holiday Cake Killed Their Son Parents’ Warning After Son’s Peanut Allergy Death | POPSUGAR Moms SWITZERLAND – ‘Sexual’ antisemitic poster attacks Netanyahu in Swiss train stations | The Ugly Truth Scientists discover the universe grows like a Giant Brain : WOW WE LIVE INSIDE THE MIND OF GOD Ancient Archeology: Oldest Egyptian Hebrew Alphabet Discovered; Proves Biblical Account of the Exodus West’s truce bid seeks to prevent terrorists’ defeat in Aleppo: Analyst

‘MODERATE’ REBELS ADMIT AL-QAEDA TIES AS TRUMP DISCUSSES ENDING SUPPORT CIA-backed fighters further reveal ideological agreement with terror groups BREAKING: Dakota protesters WIN their bid to stop pipeline being built through Standing Rock Italy PM Renzi says he will resign following referendum defeat What You’re About To SEE CAN’T be UNSEEN! EXPLOSIVE Interview w/Lord Monckton Will END The NWO – YouTube Edward Snowden: ‘I would do it again’ The former NSA contractor says he has no regrets about his role as a whistleblower, even though he’s living in exile in Russia and facing sanctions. Yahoo News exclusive »

Britain BANS heroic bishops: Persecuted Christian leaders from war zones refused entry THREE archbishops from war-torn Iraq and Syria have been refused permission to enter the UK despite being invited to London to meet Prince Charles. New Obama vacation costs uncovered; They now exceed $70 million Biblical Pillar of Cloud Protects Israel From ISIS Over Golan Heights [VIDEO] Deutschland ist Kaput: Germany is Finished:An Afghan migrant has admitted the rape and murder of a medical student, who also worked voluntarily at a refugee centre. BREAKING: ITALY PM RENZI SAYS HE WILL RESIGN FOLLOWING REFERENDUM DEFEAT Yet another devastating defeat for EU globalism

A massive coronal hole is turning toward the Earth on our Sun: Large quakes could be in the offing this week! Secret US Terror Camps Revealed-Terrorist Camps Are Now In Locations Across America, ‘READY FOR JIHAD!’ Analysis of the Occult Symbols Found on the Bank of America Murals; IN MY OPINION EVERYONE READING THIS SHOULD BOYCOT THEM- I CANCELLED MY CREDIT CARD WITH ‘BOA’ ON FRIDAY ETERNAL LIFE THROUGH SCIENCE RATHER THAN GOD: CREATING SPIRITUAL BANKRUPTCY Snowden: Petraeus disclosed more ‘highly classified’ information than I did ‘He never spent a single day in jail, despite the type of classified information he exposed,’ Snowden said.

The mystery behind the 18 Giant skeletons found in Wisconsin Media Which Cheers on Syrian ‘Moderate Rebels’ Won’t Go Near Them, Why Is That? Something about not wanting to end up in the trunk of a car NGOs are smuggling immigrants into Europe on an industrial scale Make No Mistake: Russia Remains the Only Target Country of NATO’s Nuclear Weapons House Quietly Passes Bill Targeting ‘Russian Propaganda’ Websites:’Washington Post Disgracefully Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist From a New, Hidden, and Very Shady Group’

Ancient Book of Psalms Found in Irish Wetland; Did God Just Send Israel A 1200 Year Old Message? Obama administration fails to check immigrants against FBI databases, approves citizenship Protesters at Dakota Pipeline have noticed unidentified crop dusters spraying chemicals over them late at night 5 Things You Need To Know About The Pentagon’s Preparations For Conflict In Outer Space FBI’s New Hacking Powers Take Effect This Week– a significant change to how police conduct search and seizure, and that it may fall afoul of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.

‘These People Are Thieves and Monsters’ – U.S. Businessman and Philanthropist Gary Heavin on the Clintons and Clinton Foundation in Haiti – Gary Heavin & Steve Quayle on The Hagmann Report Monday 7:00 PM ET David Petraeus and Hillary Conspired to Have Ambassador Stevens Murdered- Trump Must Run From This Criminal Pence: Obama Can Reach Out to Cuban Dictator, But Trump Can’t Take Call From Taiwan’s Leader? Ancient Egyptian Queen Resurrected! Osiris Occult Symbology via Tom Cruise New Film The Mummy (Video):If you watch the trailer you will see Tom Cruise come back from the dead in typical Osiris resurrection fancy. ISIS DECLARES WAR ON TRUMP’S INAUGURATION DAY CALLING IT ‘BLOODY FRIDAY’ ISLAMIC STATE is planning a ‘Bloody Friday’ assault on the SAME DAY as Donald Trump is inaugurated as US president, it can be revealed

Snowden: Petraeus shared far more ‘classified’ secrets Kenny Rogers And Wynonna Judd – Mary Did You Know? | World Events and the Bible WHAT YOU’RE ABOUT TO SEE CAN’T BE UNSEEN! THIS EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH LORD MONCKTON WILL HAULT THE NWO’S FOR GOOD! WARNING IT WILL COME AT A PRICE! USGS records 5 earthquakes overnight in northern Oklahoma ‘Operation Mockingbird Part 2’ Has Been Set In Motion To Bombard The American People As Globalists Launch New War Against Truth In Their Empire Of Lies

John Pilger Raises a Question: Has There Ever Been a Government More Evil Than Washington? Erupting geysers, dramatic waterfalls and epic fjords: Stunning drone footage captures the breathtaking beauty of Norway and Iceland ISIS fighters returning from Syria and Iraq ‘are capable of using drones to carry out a chemical weapon attack in Britain’ HELL HOUSE: Dancing With the Devil In Oakland:WHEN YOU SEE THESE PHOTOS THOSE WHO WORSHIPPED HELL FIRE, WHICH THEY WORSHIPPED DESTROYED THEM! Major win for Dakota oil pipeline protesters

New report shows over 60% of all New Yorkers are just a paycheck away from being homeless Experimental Vaccines Unleashed on Public? Lame Duck Congress Fast Tracking Bill Supercell thunderstorms hit Queensland, 37,000 without power UN’s Agenda 2030 is Every Totalitarian’s Dream: MUST WATCH AND UNDERSTAND- The Coming War on China:Armed with American missiles, Taiwan is an enduring flashpoint between Washington and Beijing.

Indian Navy Increases Vigil as China Deploys Nuclear Submarine in Pak Waters Iran threatens to resume its nuclear activities Iran’s parliament threatens to approve resumption of nuclear activities, in response to the United States extending its sanctions on Iran. American football could fall like the gladiators of ancient Rome:SQ- WHEN THE NFL MADE WAR ON JESUS, AND PLAYED THEIR ANTI GOD HAND-THEY WERE DOOMED TO SELF DESTRUCT AND ARE DOING SO NOW! Preparing America for the Mark of the Beast One Nurse at a Time:The following is a story of a nurse who refuses to go down this unholy path of capitulation. She is a Christian profile in courage. I am please to introduce you to Lauren Atkinson. US Military Develops ‘Multi-Object Kill Vehicle’ to Blast Enemy Nukes

Is this weekend the EU DIES? Major votes in Italy and Austria could spark end of the bloc THE EUROPEAN UNION looks set to be shattered by a potential influx of Eurosceptic country leaders who refuse to toe the line of the Brussels elite. New Zealand rocked by ‘severe’ magnitude 5.5 earthquake – three weeks after quake killed two people ‘Fully Armed And Ready To Attack’ – Jihadi Compounds In The U.S. Stockpiling Weapons And Preparing For ‘End Times’ Battle FBI URGED TO PROBE DEATH THREATS ON TRUMP ELECTORS The ‘Battle of Berlin’ Will Be Last Stand of Globalism—That political struggle will determine not only the future of Europe but the entire world.

Prayer Request: Darkhorse Marine Battalion : 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines | Facebook ‘Darkhorse’ Battalion And The Afghan War : NPR Pray For The 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines Called “Darkhorse” In Afghanistan-Truth! Experts Warn Of ‘Global Unrest On A Scale We’ve Never Seen’ And An ‘Unprecedented Epidemic Of Food Riots’ As The World Goes Beyond The Tipping Point Earthquakes sequence animation for the last 15 years:AMAZING GRAPHIC HUUUGE NEVADA VOTER FRAUD UNCOVERED? WORSE THAN ACORN US Features John McAfee on the Erosion of Privacy and Freedom :McAfee views privacy as ‘the glue that holds our society together’

Incredible video shows jetpack daredevils flying alongside the French air force at 4,000ft while doing 160mph : (VERY COOL) Three Muslim pilots detained after near collision with Florida cop:THIS IS IN FRONT OF RICK WILES CHURCH!PRAY FOR HIS SAFETY AND HIS STAFFS SAFETY RAW VIDEO: Throng Of Alleged African Muslims Swarm Mexico Border Just Before Entering U.S. Up to 40 feared dead in Oakland warehouse fire Chains and branded skin: Sherri Papini kidnap case baffles copsKGO – San Francisco

JPMorgan Tells Investors: Ignore Mainstream Media After A ‘Run On The Pension Fund’ Dallas Mayor Demands Halt Of Withdrawals Tom Horn & Steve Quayle On Hagman & Hagman Monday Night Disclosed The Most Astonishing Connection Between Government & Entertainment Occultists And The Quest To “Summons” Abaddon (People Are Calling This ‘The Best Show EVER!’) Super Soldiers: The Era of Demonic Superhuman Enhancement has Begun, Starting With Synthetic Blood Transfusions NOAA forecasts major December cold blast for nearly all the USA:ONCE AGAIN ‘GEO-ENGINEERING’ AND ‘WEATHER WARFARE’ HAPPENING BEFORE OUR EYES-

1. COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation:MUST READ! So long, transistor: How the ‘memristor’ could revolutionize electronics Are Western Intelligence Services Involved With the ‘Fake News’ Would-Be Blacklist? A scary proposition but hopefully it won’t matter now that Trump, not Hillary, is going to be POTUS Welcome To The Currency War, Part 23: Europe Will Devalue Or Dissolve Neuroscience hasn’t been weaponized – it’s been a tool of war from the start

NEW ZEALAND UPDATE–150 landslide dams, up to 100, 000 landslides after Kaikoura earthquake Amazing ‘Harbingers From God’ Received Within A Horrifying ‘Vision Of Hell’ – Is Prophecy Unfolding As ‘Apocalyptic Fires’ Burn America And Were They Caused By Terrorism Or ‘Enemies Within’? In 2012, Terror Mag Described How To ‘Unleash Hell’ Upon Amer CERN Will Open Up The Door To Tomorrowland & The REVEALING AND THE LOOSING OFTHE NEPHILIM SATIRE–Exposed As A’Putin Stooge’, Russia Obliges Paul Craig Roberts’s Request for Passport… Developing–‘They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as truth, rather than truth as authority.’ ― Gerald Massey 47 U.S. COMPANIES JOIN ANTI-TRUMP BREITBART BLACKLIST Leftist plot to attack top advertisers, blame ‘fake news’ for president-elect’s win

Planned Parenthood Referred for Criminal Prosecution :CMP’s videos exposed Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry’s barbaric, taxpayer-sponsored criminal scheme to harvest and sell tiny baby hearts, lungs, livers, and brains for profit Did Obama Just Arrange For The Destruction Of Non-GMO Agriculture in the US? Bioethicists Want To Purge Christian Doctors No more saying no to abortion, euthanasia and contraception :SQ REMEMBER MY WARNING ,FROM THE FORMER MURDERED RED ,BLUE,GREEN LIST SOURCE, THAT ALL THIS WAS COMING UNDER THE U.N.’S ‘CURATIVE PROCESS AGENDA’- 10 American Foods that are Banned in Other Countries Dear Donald Trump: Blockade the lying mainstream media! Socialized healthcare: Man forced to cut off own toes to save foot after being denied hospital treatment

Investors Push Gold Eagle Sales To Record High & Commentary On Precious Metals Sentiment Trump Ponders Petraeus(BETRAYUS) for Senior Job :Indeed, Petraeus, the epitome of a “political general,” represents some of the slimiest depths of the Washington ‘swamp’ that President-elect Trump has vowed to drain. The Real Reasons Why Another American Civil War Is Possible: What leftists do not know is that they have always been useful idiots for the global elites, and, they will be thrown in the garbage once the elites are finished with them. BILL TARGETING ‘RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA’ PASSES IN HOUSE :will it be used to shut down or curtail websites anonymously characterized as useful idiots or willing participants in disseminating supposed Russian propaganda? The Stealth Invasion of Somali Terrorists Coming Across the Mexican Border- Jobs Awaiting

The mystery of the glowing blue clouds over Antarctica: Nasa spots strangely early ‘night clouds’: GEO ENGINEERING AND WEATHER MODIFICATION IS ADVANCED BEYONG OUR WILDEST IMAGINATIONS AND THE ICE IS ACTING AS A COVER OVER THE ANTARCTIC CIVILIZATION! ISLAM-RELIGION: Slovakia Passes Law to BAN ISLAM from Being Registered as a Religion An Open Letter to Jennifer Palmieri–You lost because your party’s motto is ‘Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing and Blame Someone Else.-’I seriously doubt that the 62.6 million Americans who voted for Mr. Trump were all white supremacists. Celente Exposes the Real Losers of the Election SOMETHING IS GOING DOWN. MUSLIMS SWAMP US BORDER:Mexican Border suddenly sees massive increase in muslim men crossing.

THE SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE IS A STARK REALITY Evidence Scrubbed, Accounts Suspended As Citizen Researchers Delve Into the Hell That is ‘Pizzagate’:THE TITLE SHOULD BE ‘SNUFFGATE’ AS THESE LITTLE CHILDREN ARE RAPED,TORTURED AND CANNIBALIZED-‘SICK DEMONIC BASTARDS’-‘DEMON SPAWN’! Ditch the grass skirts! Hawaii’s Big Island gets set for the big freeze as more than two feet of snow is predicted to blanket summits in early winter storm EXCLUSIVE: ‘This could turn out to be a war zone.’ More than 6,000 protesters at Standing Rock brave subarctic conditions and 45 mph winds as they face eviction by the US government Iron Man suits, X ray detectors and a fake Facebook and Twitter for psychological operations: Pentagon reveals its ‘James Bond’ spy toy wishlist

Alleged ‘Consensus on Climate Change’ Is Actually Only 75 Hand-Picked US Scientists (Video) We Have Killed Capitalism–‘It’s Over’-Jim Sinclair : I am releasing this now (Saturday 12/3/16) because’ I think it is the most important interview of the year on’ USA HUNTER-MAKE AND TAKE VIRAL STOP ALL MUSLIM IMMIGRATION INTO THE USA:The more Muslims we import, the more terror events. It’s the nature of the religion. It’s not going to change, because, as their numbers grow, so does their push for Sharia Law. Spy Satellite Detects an Ancient 12,000-Year-Old Structure Under Antarctica Ice THE SYNTHETIC AGENDA: THE DISTORTED HEART OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER–Ultimately, this force is using the synthetic agenda to entrain us onto its frequency, and transform us into a hybrid species that will no longer be able to be called human.

Popular ‘Diet’ Ingredient Now Linked to Leukemia and Lymphoma in New Landmark Study on Humans:The most thorough study yet on aspartame – Over two million person-years Boycott of Kellogg’s, maker of processed junk foods made with GMOs, expands to massive reader base of Cerro Hudson volcano Chile, capable of a VEI 5 event which produced one of the largest eruptions in the of the 20th century has alert status raised. ‘If you love Jesus, you will die like Jesus’ ISIS savages crucify Christian for FIVE HOURS Italian referendum on Sunday bigger than Brexit

A rare ‘fog dome’ formed above north Wales on December 2, 2016. Cold weather alerts have been issued for much of the UK as temperatures plummet to -4 °C on the coldest weekend of the season. Death Is Hanging In The Air And Killing At An Alarming Rate – New Thunderstorm Asthma Warning Issued For Parts Of Australia This Weekend – What Is Really Going On There? US Islamist group arming up in anticipation of Trump, report claims :Muslims of America, which is headquartered in Hancock, N.Y., and run from Pakistan by leader Sheikh Gilani, operates 22 “Islamic villages” around the nation INSIDER DEMOCRAT ARRESTED FOR PEDOPHILIA, 2ND ONE WITH DIRECT TIES TO OBAMA AND HILLARY World’s Fastest Interceptor Enters Service With Russia’s Aerospace Forces :At the maximum speed, is faster than any similar aircraft in the world, by at least 500 kilometers per hour DARKNET SITE TAKES DONATIONS FOR TRUMP ASSASSINATION ‘We have to go further as it will require much more than cyber attack to defend ourselves…’ Threat to Alternative Media: House passes HR 6393 ‘Russian propaganda’ bill

Record cold coming to ‘almost entire USA’ – Low temperature records set to be SHATTERED NATO Now in Declared War With Russia! California Voters Approve Gun Control Measure-Proposition 63 will require most individuals to pass background checks and obtain Department of Justice authorization to purchase ammunition Al Azhar Rejects Reforming ‘Religious Discourse’–hostility and violence for the other, in a word, jihad—is the only “discourse” Muslims can accept. Russian troops in Crimea on high alert following Kiev’s missile launch preparations

MUST READ–Fidel Castro said he was going to Hell –and the nature of evil; SQ THESE COMMUNISTS DID BELIEVE IN HELL AND EVEN CHOSE WILLINGLY TO GO THERE WITH A ‘BOASTFUL ARROGANCE’ ,ONLY POSSESSED BY THE DAMNED- Proof Andrew Breitbart Was Actually Killed To Conceal PizzaGate Story!!! (Video) Flocks And Fire: MIND BLOWING BIBLE PASSAGE SPARED IN THE FIRE IN THE PIGEON FORD TENNESSEE FIRE :You best believe the content of this page was anything but random. DISCLOSURE: DO NOT BE DECEIVED-CERN & THE VATICAN ARE ONE w/ Anthony Patch: YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST SEE THIS VIDEO AND WHAT THIS ‘MIT SCIENTIST’ HAS DISCOVERED,NOW YOU KNOW WHY I REFER TO WORLD FIGURES AS ENTITIES! The potential now exists for large earthquake activity to develop in the West Pacific. A new round of deep earthquakes has struck below Fiji.. putting New Zealand and the Solomon Islands both at risk for large M6.0 to M7.0+ activity to strike this week.

Israel jets mark go-it-alone policy on Syria Europe Turns Towards Russia in Major Foreign Policy Change:There are NATO members who express their will to develop military cooperation with Russia. Turkey – a NATO member #Pizzagate Smoking Gun? Anonymous hacker gets into Comet Ping Pong Server; connects it to Austin Pizzeria Angry Mobs Lock Up Indian Bankers As Cash Chaos Soars: ‘We Are Fearing The Worst’Reserve Bank has asked us to push the use of digital channels to all our customers and ensure that we bring down use of cash in the economy, INTUITIVENESS AND THE UNSEEN WORLD–Almost half a million children ‘disappeared’ last year in America. None of them vanished. Child trafficking, ritual abuse, and sexual abuse are realities that we can no longer ignore

‘Truth in news’ citizen offers $10,000 reward for names of PropOrNot news hoaxers behind the WashPo Russian conspiracy fabrication Physician assisted suicide to be legal in DC? ‘Mandatory euthanasia’ may soon follow – just like mandatory vaccines; SQ-IM SURE SOMEONE WILL PACKAGE THIS AND CALL IT ‘EXECUTIVE EXECUTIONS’-THEIR MOTTO IS,’ YOU BUY THEY DIE-SARCASM ON! ‘Ailing’ Buzz Aldrin in Emergency Evacuation from South Pole:The famed astronaut, 86, was apparently visiting Antarctica as a tourist Kelloggs Pulls Ads From Pro-Life News Web Site: It’s’Not Aligned With Our Values as a Company’ REPORT: 15 ELECTORS WILL REFUSE TO VOTE FOR TRUMP Sensational plot to sabotage president elect

SPECIAL REPORT:’“Pizzagate’ is Part of a Larger Picture–The veil is just beginning to be pulled back by some of the most tenacious and talented citizen journalists who are fighting against the odds – Connecting the Dots of Jihad:Why can’t (or won’t)the media and law enforcement connect the dots? The fox is not just in the hen house, the fox has now redecorated the hen house! SQ-(SINISTER CLUCKS NOT DUMB ONES) Russian Agent’ In America Sends The World A Message And $10,000 ‘Bounty’ Is Offered For Names Of ‘News Hoaxers PropOrNot’ – Are The Globalists Preparing To Go ‘Full Orwellian’ In Their Drive To Silence The Truth? The Future Is Deadly: Unbelievable SciFi Military’Weapons That Actually Exist’ Get Ready for the Easy Bake Oven of Homemade Body Parts

U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto arrive for a press conference at the Los Pinos residence in Mexico City, Mexico, August 31, 2016. Mexico to Trump: Those Carrier jobs… Dollywood employee discovers ‘divine warning’ on fire-ravaged Bible page in Tennessee – TheBlaze WILL GO VIRAL! Doug Hagmann Dumps BOMBSHELL Weaponized Attacks, Pizzagate & The UNTHINKABLE ‘There Will Be Swamp’: Trump Cabinet Picks Confirm Creatures of Washington Still Rule the Earth America Is Committing Suicide :I never thought I would see the day where the morons that run social media can thumb their noses at a President.

Service towers move towards the Soyuz-U carrier rocket with the cargo ship Progress MS-04 at the Russian-leased Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on November 29, 2016 Space cargo ship burns up tacoma.gif Cops: Kids used as shield <span style=”font-size:13px;”>Howard Schultz</span> Starbucks CEO to step down Trump assembling richest administration President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence watch as employees work during a visit to Carrier factory, Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016, in Indianapolis, Ind. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) Saving jobs: Trump salutes Carrier —…

Nicole Kirby looks over results during a statewide presidential election recount Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016, in Milwaukee. The first candidate-driven statewide recount of a presidential election in 16 years began Thursday in Wisconsin, a state that Donald Trump won by less than a percentage point over Hillary Clinton after polls long predicted a Clinton victory. (AP Photo/Morry Gash) Wisconsin recount begins; Michigan’s… The United States Capitol building in Washington, December 31, 2013. Senate passes 10-yr extension of Iran… Rebecca Bell sifts through the remains of her home in Gatlinburg, Tenn., on Dec. 1, 2016. Bell and her family evacuated on Monday when smoke started building up. Death toll from Tennessee wildfires… Cars burn in front of the main entrance of the Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort in Gatlinburg on Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016, during the middle of the wildfire that ravaged Sevier County. Gatlinburg fires: ‘Apocalyptic… Video still of Daniel Wesley, who was shot trying to help a woman. ‘You’re helping her? I’m going to kill you’…

How big will the average American’s Social Security check be in 2017? Grandma Gives Birth to Her Own Grandson, Fulfilling a Promise to Her Daughter President-elect Donald Trump calls out to media as he stands with retired Marine… Trump picks retired Gen. Mattis for secretary of defense The Washington Post Logo The Washington Post U.S. veterans arriving at pipeline protest camp in North Dakota House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in the Capitol on Jan. 8, 2015. Pelosi cedes some powers to Dems…

Chilling new details about abducted Calif. mom Sherri Papini was found with multiple bruises and chain marks, her long blond hair chopped off, and a message burned onto her skin.’Exertion of power and control’ » Without Enough Vitamin D, This Could Happen To Your Body Best Sources of Vitamin D in Foods – Vitamin D Foods Vitamin D FAQ: Vitamin D Food Sources, Deficiency, Recommendations, and More 5 Best Airports in the U.S.

PizzaGate Traced to Fairfax County, Virginia–Dave Hodges Interviews Two Anonymous Former Virginia CPS Workers The 7km abyss deep under the ocean: Biggest fault on Earth found inside the deadly ‘ring of fire’ Aerial photos show trail of devastation left behind by raging Tennessee wildfires which have left three dead and destroyed more than 100 homes Massive hack in Germany sees nearly one million forced offline- and it could happen again anywhere, experts warn Fake News List Death Knell for MSM-Paul Craig Roberts

BREAKING: Sheriff’s Dept to Fine People $1K for Bringing in Food and Supplies to Standing Rock Fertility Rates Keep Dropping, And It’s Going To Hit The Economy Hard: SQ- PART OF MUSLIM CONQUEST, IS TO BREED THE WEST OUT OF EXISTENCE,USE THEIR WOM ENS WOMBS AS JIHADIST LAUNCH PADS AS THEIR IMANS HAVE SAID! Turkey Has Declared War On Syria – Does This Mean That World War 3 Is About To Erupt In The Middle East? Semper Fi! Enough Guns Sold On Black Friday To Outfit Entire US Marine Corp (and then some)!! The End Of Empires: Rome Vs. America

Julian Assange says CIA, Saudis created Daesh German intelligence officer ‘arrested over Islamist plot’ raising fears the spy agency has been infiltrated SQ- GERMANY IS LITTLE LEAGUE WITH INFILTRATION COMPARED TO THE U.S. INTEL AGENCIES !!! CERN Opens Portals to Search the Abyss for ‘Dark Matter’ SQ–TRUTH IS. THEY ARE LOOKING TO RELEASE THEIR ‘DARK PRINCE’ AND THE ARMIES OF DARKNESS- WHICH THE TUNNEL CEREMONY IN SWITZERLAND ILLUSTRATED Israeli warplanes launch 2 rockets across Syrian border that strike near Damascus BOSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT PLANS TO BUY $1.4M SOCIAL MEDIA SPYING TOOL

FTC orders homeopathy product manufacturers to claim their products don’t work: IMHO- BIG ‘PSYCHOCEUTICAL FIRMS’ BEHIND THIS,MOST LIKELY! Air Force: Hypersonic Missiles From China, Russia Pose Growing Danger to U.S. U.S. falling behind in race for high-speed maneuvering weapons French Election Hints at a European Shift Toward Russia:SQ -NO HINT SAID THIS 10 YEARS AGO ON TALK RADIO ,EVERYONE MOCKED ME- EXPECT GERMANY ALSO TO DO THE SAME! IS claims jihadist ‘soldier’ behind Ohio attack The Marines Are Building Robotic War Balls: SQ-BIBLICAL CHRISTENDOM NEED’S TO GROW THEM!


Carrier says it has deal with Trump on jobs The air-conditioning company says an agreement struck with the president-elect will keep almost 1,000 jobs in Indiana. Key campaign pledge » Kidnapped mom’s husband speaks out Sherri Papini’s Husband Reveals Her Horrific Condition After Release: Broken Nose, Hair Shaved and Weighing 87 Lbs. Ex-NFL star Sharper sentenced to 20 years

Why Our First Alien Encounter Could Happen Soon We could discover life on the nearest Earth-like planets within the next ten years.:PREDCICTIVE PROGRAMMING IS OFF THE CHARTS! Black Friday shoppers leave Tulalip Nike store trashed:More than 20,000 people visited the Nick factory store at the Seattle Premium outlets in Tulalip on Friday Black-Friday-Weekend Woes End ‘Trump Effect’ What Is #PizzaGate? :The Infowars crew breaks down #PizzaGate and what you need too know about it. ISIS Breaks into Christian Coffins, Desecrates Corpses and Crosses

Pre-Columbian Murals and Norse Sagas Suggest Vikings Met the Aztecs, and the Outcome Was Not Pretty Ancient Antarctic maps: A telltale sign of Advanced Ancient Civilizations? (Video) The Major Purveyor of ‘Fake News’ is the CIA-Corporate Complex :The Clinton cabal was more at home in the gatherings of the secretive syndicates of the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Club, and the Council on Foreign Relations than they were at labor union and At least eight dead and 58 injured in shootings in Chicago over the Thanksgiving weekend as the city’s homicide rate hits a ten-year high This Is Where I Get Off-It’s been said that the average person abandons his moral inhibitions after three days without food. After this time, an otherwise morally responsible man is literally prepared to kill his neighbour for a loaf of bread.

Forget entrance exams: Schools could someday test a student’s DNA to predict their success TONIGHT ON THE HAGMANN REPORT: Steve Quayle & Tom Horn DON’T MISS IT! The Western War On Truth–the governments of the so-called Western democracies have found it essential to align themselves firmly with lies in order to pursue their agendas. Now these Western governments are attempting to discredit the truthtellers Deepest water found 1000km down, a third of way to Earth’s core Mainstream Media is Dying — Declares War On Their Competition as “Fake News’-This is not a biased view coming from ‘alternative media,’ it is a fact borne out by metrics and opinion polls from within the establishment itself.

SHOCK PHOTO: BORDER AGENT SAVED BY GUN MAGAZINE, BULLETPROOF VEST Agent protected by spare M4 magazine, body armor after shots fired on Mexican border OSU Attack ISIS Inspired – Expect More–Recall the stabbing spree at a mall in Minnesota in September, also by a Somalian Muslim immigrant. Jihad at Ohio State University: Man who attacked with knife and car ‘tentatively identified’ as Somali Muslim Peak Silver & Continued Supply Deficits Warn Of Future Higher Prices The Pope is accused of ‘betraying Jesus Christ’ over possible deal with China that will allow the Communist government to select bishops

Skull and Bones Member Dana Milbank Directly Attacks Alex Jones in Washington Post Column :WASHINGTON POST IS SEWAGE CENTRAL! ‘THE VOMITORIOUM’ OF THE POLITICAL ASSASSINATION OF THE TRUTH TEAM! US Military Space War? Preparations Underway for Potential Attacks Scary ‘Face’ Photographed in Aurora Borealis:SQ -DIMENS IONAL DOORS ARE OPEN AND THE ‘SPIRITUAL ESSENCE’ OF EVILS FACE IS BECOMING MORE APPARENT AS THESE EVIL ENTITIES INSERT THEMSELVES INTO OUR DIMENSION! Ohio state knifeman ranted about how he was ‘sick and tired of seeing my fellow Muslim brothers being killed and tortured’ on social media hours before wounding 11 Egyptian Archaeologists Just Discovered a 7,000-Year-Old Lost City Along the Nile They uncovered houses, tools, utensils and at least 15 elaborate tombs belonging to royals.SQ NOTE SIZE OF SKELETON IN RELATION TO STEPS

Europe on ‘BRINK OF WAR’ as Turkey gathers boats to ship migrants to Greece over EU anger Julian Assange is Missing: Update:ALEX JONES-MOST CONTEMPORARY UPDATE Andrew Breitbart tweet before death adds fuel to online speculation of D.C. sex-trafficking ring:SEX TRAFFICKING RING IS THE BIGGEST STORY IN THE WORLD-70,000 PLUS WORLD’S ELITE AND POLITICIANS ARE INVOLVED-YET MSM SILENCE? ISIS Posted Training Video – 2 DAYS AGO – On How to Stab Westerners #OhioState The Great Smoky Mountains burn: Terrified guests are TRAPPED inside a burning Hilton hotel as huge wildfire engulfs Tennessee resort and threatens Dollywood, while thousands evacuate and escaping cars burst into flames driving through fire

150,000 antelope killed off by disease in just three days during filming of Planet Earth II, reveals producer The CLONED dogs of war: Russia unveils genetically-enhanced canines which will work with Putin’s Special Forces and were created by scientist attempting to restore woolly mammoths What a Dope=> Tim Kaine Tweets About Gun Violence at OSU After Islamist Knife Attack: JUST ANOTHER ‘DUMB UNTO DEATH’DEMON RAT-RANT’ Newer Chemtrails Smell Like Static Electricity, Metallic, Like A Hospital: Take Note Morons, Misconceptions & Misgivings;;Obviously, crude concepts such as honesty, morality, responsibility, accountability and law are virtues for only the uneducated in the esteem of the elite establishment today.

‘O Allah, Kill the Despicable Christians’: Muslim Persecution of Christians, August 2016 Big Pharma Wants to Vaccinate Unborn Babies in the Womb;SQ-OF COURSE THEY DO -NEW WORD ‘SATANACEUTICALS’-‘THESE ENTITIES’ ARE IN FULL SCALE DEPOPULATION MODE! Critical environmental collapse: Hundreds of millions of trees are dying in North America;SQ-COURTESY OF CHEMTRAILS AND GEO-ENGINEERING! LIVING ROBOT with ‘HUMAN BRAIN’ close to creation as super AI computer around the corner The great wall of New Zealand: Incredible aftermath of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that has created 15ft high natural barriers across the landscape


Evan Rachel Wood says she was raped twice Sethian Gnosticism – sethgnos.pdf Israel Elect – Sheldon Emry – Books & Studies Bible Law On Money IMPORTANT FLASH BACK:’Unleash Hell’: New Al Qaeda magazine describes in detail how to start huge forest fires across the U.S..with instructions on how to make ’ember bombs’

Truth Evangelism Truth Evangelism Messages with Stephen Shutt Resources Faith Music Missions OSU attacker identified as a Somali refugee Ten people were injured in the incident during which the now-dead suspect, an Ohio State student, drove into a crowd before stabbing victims. Motive still unclear »

Dancing Yoda – YouTube Star Wars Dance Battle – YouTube Dancing Yoda in mask- YouTube

Be Prepared – Home Security :Take good care. Use good common sense. Assess your risks. Be Prepared. Secure your home. ‘RAGE Rooms’ Spread Across America As Anger Grows After The ‘Pillaging And Plundering Of The Masses’ – Will ‘Rage’ Turn To ‘Fury’ If ‘The Thinning’ Begins? 19 volcanic eruptions last week – We are within a serious period of volcanic unrest The Timeline of the Tribulation | World Events and the Bible

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