Random Questions

Q: I know its very important to eat in moderation, but is eating the same thing for breakfast everyday a bad thing?

A. 1. Simple answer on food. It is fine to eat the same or similar things for breakfast. Think of manna. The long answer though is that it would be bad to eat things that are unhealthy for you any day, though we sometimes still do it. Also, it’s bad for our health to eat things contrary to the health laws. Also, it can be a bad thing if we ignore certain nutrients and minerals in our daily lives, so it is good to make sure that you keep things as balanced as you can. Making sure to get enough protein, not too much fat, and healthier carbs can have direct impacts on our health.


Q. Was the Nuclear Bomb on Japan an act of God? 

A. 2. The nuclear bombs were directed to be dropped by men with free will. But, could have God influenced their minds and hearts as to timing and place? I’m going to say it may well be likely. Sort of like God knows men’s hearts, and he knew what they would do to our Christ. So, I wouldn’t really call it an act of God, as it wasn’t weather, earthquake, or volcano related, but it very well could have been God influenced.


Q. I am right now studying Judges.  I find it interesting that as soon as a judge pass away the children goes into Babylon. Many of our leaders seem to be passing or retiring, and it seems they are being replaced with people who don’t understand Father’s word. Does that make it easier for people to be deceived by the antichrist?

A. 3. Guess just thinking that a lot of men are of other religions and/or of false teachings in the Christian community. Thinking though that God does say that men wax worse and worse overall, and that may mean seeing worse and more dangerous false teachings and false teachers. Also, if our leaders are to become as babes, may mean that they are weak and unlearned in our Father’s word. They may have degrees and age, but not maturity in our Father’s word. As well, leaders that are of religious backgrounds will hold differing beliefs, therefore differing politics and differing judgments. The false teachings that are pervading our society are also pervading our leadership. Many have become lukewarm and wishy-washy. Rather than listening to God or the Bible, many are allowing popular culture to give them their morals. The combined effect of false teachings and the lukewarm weaklings will lead the majority, as in all those that don’t know when the coming of their Christ is, at the seventh/last trump, to follow the antichrist.

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