Christ became our Passover and Sabbath. I know that Fall Fellowship was one of the times during the year that the Church had communion. The feasts that were kept were the feast of unleavened bread-Passover, the feast of weeks-Pentacost, and the feast of tabernacles/booths-Fall Festival. These were all represented in the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. When Christ had communion with his disciples, he stated this do ye in remembrance of me. The feasts were but a shadow/example of those things done in and through Christ. Christ became our ultimate sacrifice and Passover lamb, and he is thereby also our Sabbath and rest. Even in Biblical times though, any who were unable to attend at the appropriated times, were allowed to have a makeup feast, like a month later.  We ought to set aside a time for prayer, communion, and study with God. If we have the opportunity to attend a true church that teaches the truth, then blessed are we. If not, when we study, watch, or have communion with our family, Christian friends, or online or taped studies, we are considered by God to be in church. But, I want you to keep in mind, that Christ became our sabbath, rest, and Passover. Thus we partake of His rest any time we do these things, and truly we ought to spend time with Him daily, revering Him in our daily lives. Also, I know some that take communion with their families or only a handful of friends. Would say that we should open our hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us into the convictions that God has revealed to us through His Holy Word, Christ the living embodiment thereof.  Know it’s not always possible to have fellowship and communion with a group of like-minded Christians on the Biblical days, but I know that God recognizes when we try and also respects if we do later as a makeup day, even if we are alone in so doing.


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