Thinking with all of the pollution in the water, air, and in food sources, animal and vegetable, we are all at risk. The fluoride, chlorine, and any other industrial pollutants in our water cannot be good for us. The air we need to breathe is often full of pollutants from cars, industrial smoke stacks, and chemtrailing. The vegetation is also affected by all of these, as well as the herbicides, insecticides, and genetic manipulation in the gmos, like the roundup ready foods and the ones that have animal dna being spliced into. Also, the industrial farming practices that have been employed with the animals that we eat have lead to illness in the said animal populations, i.e. salmonella, listeria, e. coli, hoof and mouth, etc. These animals are often locked in sedentary lifestyles, given large amounts of antibiotics, and are given hormones to make them grown larger, faster. Beyond that, God had given us health laws that were to give us physical health. Many Christians want to say that these are ordinances no longer apply, but the reality is that nothing about our physical bodies has changed, and eating contrary to these laws will cause physical illness. If you eat of something that has died of itself, then you will likely get whatever illness or worms that killed that said animal. If you eat raw and uncooked meats, then if the animal had any bacteria within it’s body, you will become sick from not killing that said bacteria. If you eat scavengers, that often eat the bodies of dead other animals, then the diseases which the other animals died of could be passed onto you. With pork, the pig doesn’t have sweat glands, and that means that uric acid, sodium, and any pollutants that the pig ate will be within the flesh that you are partaking of. The blood ordinances were done away with in Christ, as He became the ultimate sacrifice. But, the health laws are applicable in that they were written for our health within the flesh body. Many will mention Paul, but they will fail to recognize that the subject matter was not meat, but it was that he was to call no man common, profane, or unclean.

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