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Violent Crime Is Surging In Major U.S. Cities And The Economy Is Not Even Crashing Yet No One Is Safe: $300 Gadget Steals Encryption Keys out of the Air, and It’s Nearly Unstoppable Major Buyers Continue To Stockpile Silver As U.S. Silver Imports Surge In April : SRSrocco Report 4 Of The Most Shocking Charts Of Global Chaos In 2015, Including China’s Stock Market Crash! | King World News Nomi Prins | King World News “When Civilization Ends, It Ends Fast” – The Walking Dead In America – Zombie Drills And TV Warn Of Dark Times Ahead America Headed to the ‘Ash Heap of History?’ – US – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 – Pentagon Concludes America Not Safe Unless It Conquers The World — Paul Craig Roberts – Conspiracy Fact – How the Government Conducted 239 Secret Bioweapon Experiments on the American People | Liberty Blitzkrieg

Gerald Celente – Was The Suspicious NYSE Trading Halt An Attempt To Stop A Crash In U.S. Markets? | King World News Physical Gold And Silver Markets Are On Fire As People Around The World Begin To Lose Confidence In Central Planners | King World News China’s Stock Market Crash Rattles Confidence Across The Globe As NYSE Trading Halted! | King World News Richard Russell – China: The Black Swan That Will Shatter Confidence Around The World | King World News Paul Craig Roberts – A Shocking Behind The Scenes Look At What Is Now Unfolding In Greece | King World News Man Who First Predicted Greek Bank Deposits Would Be Stolen Now Says Another Terrifying Global Collapse Is Imminent | King World News Massive Contagion Will Lead To A Worldwide Financial Catastrophe – Will A Desperate U.S. Start World War III? | King World News KWN-Greyerz-II-4172015.jpg (JPEG Image, 802 × 448 pixels) Bill Fleckenstein – “There Is No Time Left” As Greek Crisis Is Poised To Go Global, Plus A Bonus Q&A | King World News

4 Decades of Government Lies – Father Inflicts ‘Absolute Torture’ On Infant, Then Mama Comes Home [PICS] 21 Million Exposed In Second Mass Hack Of Federal Government The CIA and Human Experiments « Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction Judge Sends 3 Siblings To Juvenile Detention Center For THIS “Shocking” Crime Flesh-Eating Culprit Found On East Coast Could Quickly Become Epidemic

Your Safe Deposit Box Isn’t Safe – Will American Christians Resist the State? – Wake-Up, People of the World – Can a Part-Time Customer Outsmart a Full-Time Salesman? – They Came Before Columbus – Russia Debuts ‘Straight Pride’ Flag, Kicks Militant Gay Crowd In The Teeth [Pic] 25 Facts About Walmart That Show How Big It Really Is McDonald’s toy for kids says “WTF” and “damned” | Fellowship of the Minds

Childhood biography forms adult health – Donna Jackson – Nakazawa Aeon Robot origami – Aeon Video Mich. Student Faces Felony Charge for Driving to Well-Lit Area to Pull Over – The Root Pastors Plan to Protest Unveiling of Satanic Statue in Detroit Scientists from Canada Discovered a Plant That Kills Cancer Cells in 48 Hours “If you like your religion, you can keep your religion.” – The Abortion Agenda | the four carpenters ▶ Life After Abortion.. The Story of Our Miracle Baby – YouTube

European Stocks, Chinese Stocks And Commodities Are All Crashing – Are U.S. Stocks Next? European Stocks, Chinese Stocks And Commodities Are All Crashing – Are U.S. Stocks Next? Heroin Use Reaches Epidemic Numbers ▶ 2004: The scream that doomed Howard Dean – YouTube ▶ Video of two men paying for others groceries goes viral – YouTube 23 Natural Alternatives for Depression | GreenMedInfo | Blog Entry Better Than Zoloft For Depression: Rhodiola | GreenMedInfo | Blog Early Bird Registration – Mental Wellness Summit [PICS] ‘Ordinary’ Church Holds STUNNING Secret: Can You See It? Look Closely! Florida Refuses to Return 7 Children to Loving Parents who are Not Accused of Any Crime

Paul Craig Roberts – Historic Greek Vote To Reject More Austerity Is A Blow To The New World Order | King World News Gerald Celente | King World News Success Story: Taxol ‘Time for the Church to Rise Up’: Senator Preaches Against Homosexual ‘Abomination’ on Senate Floor Petition · HSCT for Julie · Watch And Learn What An Economic Collapse Looks Like: “I Hope You’re Taking Notes” Americans With Retirement Accounts Beware: If Our Government Does What China Just Did You’ll Be Wiped Out Lung Disease and cancer, natural treatment, diet, food, supplement herb vitamin

▶ Not Snake, its an Amazing bending river in Xinjiang, China Koktokay Scenic Spot – YouTube ▶ Ko Lipe Island | Thailand | Beautiful Place On Earth – YouTube Texas ‘Upskirt’ Law Ruled Unconstitutional: Anti-Creepshot Privacy Statutes Face Legal Challenges Massachusetts court says ‘upskirt’ photos are legal – Upskirt Photos Don’t Violate A Woman’s Privacy, Rules D.C. Judge Oregon Judge: Taking “Upskirt” Pictures Is Totally Legal   Puritan’s Pride – Search Results for Graviola Satanic Temple to unveil Pagan goat-headed statue in Detroit Blue Moon Herbs Essiac – Organic wholesale Essiac with Sheep sorrel roots included! – Rene Caisse Tea

graviola: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings – WebMD Graviola | Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Can graviola (soursop) cure cancer? | Cancer Research UK Micah 5:4 He will stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the LORD, in the majesty of the name of the LORD his God. And they will live securely, for then his greatness will reach to the ends of the earth. Micah 5 KJV

PAYROLL REPORT IS A DISASTER « The Burning Platform The CIA’s Creation of “Islamic Terrorism” on American Soil | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization Surviving the Jade Helm Era Depends On Taking Your Money Out of the Bank « Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction Baby Blinded After CARELESS Doctor Made One SIMPLE Mistake Vaccine Research Scientist Sent to Prison for Vaccine Fraud Dentists Take Advantage of Children on Medicaid Rise of the Machines: Robot Kills Man at Volkswagen Plant | Pakalert Press The medical link between EMF pollution and ‘unexplainable’ chronic disease symptoms | THE INTERNET POST The CIA: long-range planning for a drugged and debilitated society | Scoop Feed Five Banks Account For 96% Of $250 Trillion In Outstanding US Derivative Exposure | THE INTERNET POST Impossible chronology: History is wrong

September 28th 2015 The Event Horizon – YouTube .: Today temperatures in parts of the UK and Europe set to be the highest ever recorded as the whole planet bakes Red Chip Bloodbath Accelerates——-Chinese Market Now Down 29% Since June 12 Peak | David Stockman’s Contra Corner Gold Bullion Dealer Unexpectedly “Suspends Operations” Due To “Significant Transactional Delays” | Zero Hedge The Greatest Fairy Tale Is Becoming A Nightmare That Will End In Total Collapse | King World News Andrew Maguire Warns The Price Of Silver Is Set To Skyrocket In A Massive Short Squeeze | King World News Greek bank closures may deplete supermarket shelves – Yahoo News The Globalist Ten Point Plan to Destroy America | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

Whistleblower Andrew Maguire Says Short Selling Of Gold And Silver Was Done By Central Banks To Avoid Another Lehman Moment | King World News Andrew Maguire | King World News Michael Pento | King World News Dr. Paul Craig Roberts | King World News Rick Rule | King World News BMW reveals eco-friendly i8 batmobile that can go 300 miles on a tank | Daily Mail Online In A World Of Artificial Liquidity – Cash Is King | Peak Prosperity LEAKED: How the Biggest Banks Are Conspiring to Rip Up Financial Regulations around the World | Wolf Street

▶ Chip Henderson says ordinance could let men use women’s bathrooms – YouTube California Enacts Vaccine Law That Forces Parents to Choose Between Human Rights and Civil Rights | Scoop Feed After Same-Sex Marriage, Is Polygamy Next? ▶ Chuck Missler – Ancient Alien Nephilim Giants Mutants Genetic Engineering and Hybrids – YouTube ▶ Build Me A World: Conversation about MLK Street – YouTube WHERE ARE WE HEADED? Schools Implant IUDs in Girls as Young as 6th Grade Without Their Parents Knowing @drudgereportapp « ONE OF THE ELECTION OF GRACE

Aliens and Ancient Sumer Fifty teenagers storm Georgia Walmart at 2am causing thousands in damage and assault an elderly shopper for FUN | THE INTERNET POST Belgium’s culture of death: Woman, 24, granted right to die by euthanasia over suicidal thoughts: ‘Life, that’s not for me’ | Fellowship of the Minds The Link Between Nightshades, Chronic Pain and Inflammation Woman Digging At State Park Hits Pay Dirt, Finds Item Far From “Ordinary” Chattanoogan’s Selfie Raises Security Concerns in New York – YouTube Man’s Bug Spray Mishap Results In Painful Emergency Room Visit [PICS]

Christians kick out of Starbucks for representing Jesus Christ! – YouTube The Matrix Revealed Vol 1. MP3s/PDFs by Jon Rappoport (Mega Info) – These 35 Companies Just Told America Exactly What They Think About the SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling NASA cuts live feed as UFOs fly past Earth Activist Post: Out of Order: Thousands of ATMs have been Cleaned out In Greece Activist Post: The Chinese Market Detonation You’re Ignoring Tsipras Defiant as Banks Shut, Markets Rocked – The New York Times 11 Charts That Will Give You a Clear View of the Modern Diet – Waking Times : Waking Times My Questions Challenging the Human Caused Climate Change Claim

Prescriptions Drugs Now the Leading Cause Of Death By Overdose | Natural Society Juicing for Those with Cancer 16 Facts About The Tremendous Financial Devastation That We Are Seeing All Over The World « Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction The Definitive and Final Ranking of All 50 States Gardens by the Bay Super Grove Trees | Flickr – Photo Sharing! _paVan_ | Flickr – Photo Sharing! Erwin Soo | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Biden: Jewish leaders helped gay marriage succeed – The Washington Post Obama Issues 19 Classified Directives Changing Laws Passed by Congress | Pakalert Press Rebel Flag Parade Comes To Abrupt Halt After Man’s Prediction Comes True The Aspirin Alternative Your Doctor Never Told You About Ibuprofen Kills Thousands Each Year, So What Is The Alternative? The Truth Has Disappeared and People Will Believe in Anything « Memory Hole

Walmart Refused to Create Confederate Flag Cake. The Next Day Same Customer Asks Store for Cake With Islamic State Flag. Want to Guess How It Pans Out? | Video | Eugenics in the United States Today: Are We on the Same Path Nazi Germany Followed? ▶ Walid Shoebat Exposes Lies of Islam Allah is not God but Satan the deciever – YouTube Doctors Claim Women Caught STD From Everyday Object, Offer Warning The Watchman’s Cry

Matthew 23:27 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. Matthew 7:27 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.” Ezekiel 13 KJV Ezekiel 37:4 Then he said to me, “Prophesy to these bones and say to them, ‘Dry bones, hear the word of the LORD! Ezekiel 22:28 Her prophets whitewash these deeds for them by false visions and lying divinations. They say, ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says’–when the LORD has not spoken. Isaiah 65:4 who sit among the graves and spend their nights keeping secret vigil; who eat the flesh of pigs, and whose pots hold broth of impure meat; The Watchman’s Cry ▶ Where Are The Men of God? – YouTube A Chilling Message Was Sent to Christians from the ‘Islamic State in Palestine’ |

Judge blasts government for seizing $167,000 from man in Nevada who was driving too slow You’re not hallucinating — this 500-million-year-old creature is just extremely weird Why Most People Do Not Have to Pay Their Medical Bills | Conquer Fear and Live Free! HOMOSEXUALITY – “THE” SIGN OF THE COMING ANTICHRIST | thepropheticnews White House set aglow with rainbow pride – Adam B. Lerner – POLITICO Researcher discovers a 55.000 year old artifact made out of oxygen?

Alpha Bank in Greece is freezing funds, no transfers, no Internet Banking over this weekend. Lines forming at ATM’s! GREEKS LINING UP at ATM’S at the moment. Multiple Pics inside! $200 Million Went to House Members to Pass Fast Track – Here’s Who Took the Cash – The CON Trail Chinese Gold Standard Would be “Game Changer” – Bloomberg Intelligence Austrians launch petition to quit EU — RT News Chinese Gold Standard Would be “Game Changer” – Bloomberg Intelligence | Kitco News – YouTube Russia’s Advanced S-400 Systems Could ‘Neutralize NATO Airpower’ / Sputnik International

Greeks Line Up at Banks and Drain ATMs as Tsipras Calls Vote – Bloomberg Business Beast System – How They Are Creating The Future And Final Civil War – “A Purge Is Taking Place” Experts believe Tunisia, France and Kuwait attacks are part of ISIS masterplan | Daily Mail Online The Hidden Hand and Current Events | Jade Helm: Is This The Beginning Of Computers In Control Of Humanity? Human Cataloging System Able To Identify And Eliminate Threats To The NWO Muslims Issue A Bulletin Throughout The City Of Jerusalem Calling On Muslims To Massacre All Of The Christians In Jerusalem By The End Of Ramadan – Walid Shoebat Mysterious 150,000 Year-Old Pipework Discovered Under Chinese Pyramid NASA Experts: Southeast US hit by “anomalously high” levels of polonium from Fukushima — Never seen before, except during volcanic events — Fallout also detected in Mississippi river — Polonium releases kept secret in past nuclear disasters; Death estimates would skyrocket if included

Supreme Court Delivers Another Blow To States’ Rights & The American People Franklin Graham Just Slapped The Supreme Court With The One Thing About Marriage They Don’t Realize UN Report: Israel Committed Unprecedented Devastation and Killings in 2014 Gaza War | Scoop Feed The Watchman’s Cry White House opposes Palestine’s bid to sue Israel | THE INTERNET POST

There Is No Escape – Unprecedented Worldwide Panic And Economic Carnage Is Dead Ahead | King World News FLEE Babylon – The Steps To an Expat Life – MUST READ Hundreds of heavily-armed cops circle on second ‘Shawshank’ fugitive in New York woods after his accomplice was shot dead 47 miles from prison in dramatic gun-battle three weeks after escape | Daily Mail Online Tunisia ‘ISIS’ terrorist is arrested for killing 37 tourists on Sousse beach | Daily Mail Online Vatican Signs First Accord with ‘Palestine’ – Global Agenda – News – Arutz Sheva French police seize woman at home of ‘ISIS fanatic’ who beheaded man in attack | Daily Mail Online “Eerie new phenomenon” attacking sea creatures on West Coast — Marine life disappearing from tide pools — Fish, octopus, mussels, urchins, limpets, sea hares “seem to be leaving… there’s something going on” — “Experts have no idea what to expect next” (VIDEO) What’s Really Going On At Fukushima? | THE INTERNET POST

Declaring War On the New World Order and the TPP « Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction With Knife Murders Spiking After Gun Ban, UK Urges “Save a Life–Surrender Your Knife” 7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Civil War: “There were over 3,000 BLACK slave owners who lived in the south” | The Daily Sheeple The Economic Collapse Blog Has Issued A RED ALERT For The Last Six Months Of 2015 « Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction I fear judgment befalling America

Images: Amazing Shots of Storms Light Up Weather Photo Contest Galleries – Brad Goddard Photography Fine Art Storm and Landscape Photography Street View Treks: – About – Google Maps ▶ Scale Yosemite’s El Capitan in Google Maps with Alex Honnold, Lynn Hill, and Tommy Caldwell – YouTube

Explosive findings about the purpose and scope of Jade Helm 15 06/25 by Hagmann and Hagmann Report | News Podcasts Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Extends to all U.S. Military Bases – NBC News

The Church of Jesus Christ Gnostic Calvary Curriculum Remnant Fire MinistriesHome — shepherd’s hand

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