Links 170-watchman’s cry, fish symbol, CERN, shadowstats, and Davos

The Watchman’s Cry Big Pharma’s Diabolical Plan to Destroy the Vitamin-Herbal Supplement Industry | Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction The United States Have Conducted Vast Experiments on Humans: A Forgotten Document | Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction The Origins of the Christian Fish Symbol – World Events and the Bible – Study, News, End Time Prophecy ▶ Mark13Records Interview CERN Biblical Prophecy being fulfilled?? – YouTube The Watchman’s Cry

Nigerian Christians Cry Out For World Intervention | ‘I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!’ Food Hoarding Becomes Winter Sport As Americans Get Taste Of Coming ‘Collapse’! Bowing to Monsanto, USDA Approves New GMO Soy and Cotton Crops | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community Wait! What? FCC ponders plan to route U.S. 911 calls through Russian satellites by Andrew Malcolm – Shadow Stats tells the real story on unemployment, inflation and GDP – Davos Elite Openly Push NWO And “One World” Agenda – Transhumanism, World Governance, Depopulation and More President Obama Justifies FEMA Camp Detention for Uncharged Americans | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show Grandmaster Putin’s Trap | Oriental Review ▶ CIA Asset News Reporter Admits All News is FAKE! Reporters are Bought Off! (Redsilverj) – YouTube MMR measles vaccine clinical trial results FAKED by Big Pharma – shocking U.S. court documents reveal all –

German scientists invent working teleporter, of sorts | Technology | The Guardian ‘We didn’t even really know who we were firing at’ – former US drone operator — RT News Robbers target food delivery trucks in shortage-hit Venezuela – Yahoo News Canada Volcanic Heat Flow and Sublimation Are Melting Mount Kilimanjaro Glaciers…Not Global Warming Biggest heist since Bernanke’s QE begins in Europe! « SURVIVE2THRIVE.NET – Total Health Freedom & Survival Talk Radio Now Begins The Greatest Heist Since Bernanke Bailed Out Wall Street In September 2008 | Zero Hedge This Is What Happens When We Lock Children in Solitary Confinement | Mother Jones 5 Huge Government Conspiracies Theories That Actually Happened | THE INTERNET POST How the UN Is Confiscating American Homes and Controlling All Food and Energy | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

Fearless Parent Radio Archived Shows Human Retrovirus, Chronic Illness & Scientific Prejudice Russia Warns Of ‘Bleeding Wound For Decades’ – US Deploying Military To Ukraine In Spring 2015 To Help ‘Maintain Rule Of Law’ The Shinar Directive – Part 11 » Bill Gates Pushes Cashless Society Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

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