The Meaning of Numbers

The Spiritual Significance of Numbers" Apx. 10 The Companion Bible by E. W. Bullinger.

just a few notes from:
1. unity, commencement
2. difference, opposition, division
3. completeness, divine perfection, resurrection
4. earthly creative works
5. divine grace
6. human number
7. spiritual perfection, God’s Word, Holy Spirit’s work
8. resurrection, regeneration, new beginning
9. finality of judgment…3X3=product of divine completeness
10. ordinal perfection, another new first
11. disorder, disorganization
12. governmental perfection
13. rebellion, apostasy, disintegration, revolution, defection
17. combination of spirit and order, seventh prime number
25. grace intensified
27. divinity intensified
28. earthly spiritual perfection
29. intensifying of divine judgment
…this is just a short summary of some of the numbers…

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  1. Hua says:

    good notes. 

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