Kenite-Son of Cain
Num 24:22-Asshur carry away captive
Judg 1:16-Jethro/Raguel(Midianite)lived among Kenites
-dwelt among the people
1 Chr 2:55-scribes
Gen 15:18-21-of the people of the land
Ex 23:32-33-No covenant, No dwell with
Deut 7:16-Consume all the people
-no pity
-neither serve their gods
Judg 2:1-3-No league
-not obeyed
Josh 9:1-27-made into drawers of water for the house of God!?!?-league
Dan 11:23-45-league w/ Antichrist[work same as Josh 9]
-enter peaceably
-feed of his meat/word=dead spiritually
-the people that know God will do exploits
-when God’s people fall, they will be helped
-but many "cleave to them with flatteries"
-God’s people will be tried, purged, and made white
-Antichrist/abomination of desolation exalts self above God-Cp. 2 Thes 2:1-4
-power over riches
-his end will come and no one will help him

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One Response to Kenite

  1. Unknown says:

    Do you have any further knowledge about the Kenites you can share with others? I would like to learn more.

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