Armagedeon and the Apocalypse

-the gathering place of the crowd
Strong’s Concordance
-Gr. 717-see Heb. 2022 and 4023
-Heb. 2022-mountain, hills
-Heb. 4023-from Heb 1413
-Heb. 1413-crowd, assembly, gathering
"Apokalupsis=unveiling, revelation, manifestation. Hence Eng. ‘Apocalypse’"-Companion Bible

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2 Responses to Armagedeon and the Apocalypse

  1. Kenneth says:

    Thought I\’d stop by and thank you for you visit and should you ever be surfing
    and bored again well you know theirs always more to aa story
    Getting Better (it started here)
    Always looking for constructive critics
    Thanks again
    God be with you

  2. K. D. says:

    Thanks for your visit my wriiing is like moving forward I can get
    my feelings out and maybe just maybe someone will read and it helps
    if not I have been blessed with the ability to express myself and share
    my thoughts again thanks
    God be with you

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