Truth Fallen in the Street

Amos 8
-swear by the sin of Samaria
-calf worship-Dan and Bethel
=turn to the Anti-christ, the ultimate false god
-bread-false teachings vs. the word of God
-deceit-falsifying the Word
Mic 3
-make my people err-cry peace-therefore night-No Vision for the prophets that Deceive-seers ashamed, confounded, cover their lips-no answer of God to them
Is 13:6-
-burden of Babylon=confusion
-day of the Lord-destruction-comes to destroy evil-as a Woman that Travaileth-Destroy the Sinners-punish evil, wicked
-more precious than fine gold
Is 59:9-
-wait for light-spiritually blind
-desolate places AS dead men
-sins testify vs. us-lying vs. God-Words of Falsehood from the heart
-Truth fallen in the street
-depart from evil-maketh himself a prey
-righteousness sustained him
Mk 13:4-
-take heed lest any man deceive you-many in my name-deceive many
-Amos 8:11
-Deliver you to councils in synagogues
-no thought beforehand-given you in that hour-Holy Spirit
-Lk 21:12-18
Lk 12:10-
-blaspheme the Holy Spirit is only unpardonable sin
Lk 12:22-
-no thought[worry]
-life more than meat and raiment
-can worry add any more to you?
-Why worry? faith
-Seek the kingdom of God, and these things added to you
-fear not
-sell and give alms
-treasures in heaven-what are your real riches?-Word of God, works of God

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