Blot-forms of the word in the Bible-Strong’s Concordance
Neh 4:5-4229-to erase
Ps 69:28-4229
Ps 109:13-14-4229
Is 44:22-4229
Acts 3:19-1813-dripping-related to 1811-to weep, melt, pour out
Ex 32:32-33-4229
Num 5:23-4229
Deut 9:14; 29:20-4229
2 Kings 14:27-4229
Job 31:7-3971-to stain, a blemish
Ps 51:1, 9-4229
Prov 9:7-3971
Jer 18:23-4229
Rev 3:5-1813
Is 43:25-4229
Col 2:14-1813

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